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Sleep Paralysis

A young gifted man by the name of Leon St. Marc the 5th was dreaming. He woke up in a dark place, but was able to see images of a man fatally wounded around the abdomen area. He walked slowly towards this injured man and he sees another man appear in SWAT based uniform, with his gun lowered. Out of nowhere, the android that was in a resting state in the dream woke up and stood up. The android was so tall and it wore a symbolic Kabuki mask, covering it's face. It kneel down on one leg, besides the SWAT member and the injured man, and the two of them turned into dust, blowing between the hands of the android. It looked at St. Marc 5th, and it stood up slowly and destroyed everything in the lab with its long slander arms, then everything blacks out.

The next segment of the dream shows St. Marc 5th waking up in fear, he got up and peeked out his window, watching over New Kyushu City. He slowly walked towards his bathroom and witnessed an image of himself walking in the opposite way in a mirror-like fashion. Leon thought he was hallucinating and turned on all his lights, starting to feel uneasy about the dark. He went t the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He splashed water on his face and took another look at them mirror, and he had markings on his face, and a bit of a resemblance to the mask on the android. All of a sudden, his lights tinted green and a faint, black haze gas moved past him, he rushed out of the bathroom and started t punch his own face, trying to wake up. All the lights finally went out completely. this time, the android from his dream showed up out of the shadows, the mask of the android was glowing in the dark, it's whites were are to see,a s if it was faint white, the markings on it's mask resembled red tears and it was as if the android was actually crying out blood. the moment became more surreal when Leon couldn't move as fast to escape, as if everything went slow motion, the Android took minimum steps to reach Leon and it stretch out it's long arms to reach him, whispering the word legacy ominously in it's breathe. It grabbed Leon by his sides and took him by force, crushing his sides making it harder for him to breathe. The android used it second hand to fix Leon's face towards his and stare into Leon's eyes with its cold stare, Leon was so afraid and stun by the event and he was unable to breathe. It whispered under it's breathe again saying untrue, seek revenge, and it proceeded to toss Leon out of his own window. As Leon was falling he still could not breathe and as he started to blackout, all of New Kyushu City was covered in a black haze and his vision started to go green and as soon has he hits the ground, he blacks out.

Leon finally awoken from his nightmare, even coughing trying to catch his breathe, he felt as if there was something in the room with him, his hired bodyguard rushed into the room, and Leon being in complete shock that he is in, had his men sleep on the floor on his room, and he kept the lights on the entire night and had been doing so every since that nightmare. Leon's top bodyguard did not like what was happening at all, but in secret, this specific bodyguard was plotting to get rid of Yakyuza members who had been interrupting Leon's business, he even went as far as hiring outsiders to help him out.

Team Emerald vs. Happy Family

James and Company had to deal with the criminal family known as The Happy Family, a group of related criminals consisting of 4 people, 2 females, and 2 males, 2 of which being the parents of said teenagers. Once the bank robberies have been arrested in New York City, the true mastermind behind aiding the group, Walkner W.Vile, threaten James and company via hologram within the bank, saying a childish, cliche response of stating he will exact his revenge on James and the rest of the original Team Emerald(James, Garret, Cladd, Mia), ending the message with another meaningless childish response. The cops viewing the hologram along side games joked saying this Walkner character is so smart of completing school early, isn't smart enough to find a girlfriend.

James parting to Old Japan

After celebrating their victory over pizza at Garret’s headquarters, James was contacted by Ivan Illuton, who was away, telling him if Jordan Wayne (Dark Skull) has made any contact with him. James replied to Ivan stating he hasn’t heard from Jordan at all. Ivan told James that He picked up the signal of Jordan’s jet that had recently made its way to Japan, in addition, Ivan tells James about going to see if he was alright, for he thinks Jordan had a reason to go there. As for Garret and Mia, they were contacted by Noah for a mission of their own. Ivan have also contacted other allies who knew Jordan as well and those allies had immediately made their way to Old Japan by means necessary. As for James, it took him time to get there, however, he had to stop at South Korea, and he was to take a private plane to a safe port town off the coast of Japan. Once there, he had to use a small boat and sailed to The Gato Forest.

James and Makoshi The Huntress

James was immediately captured by a huntress by the name of Makoshi and he was sent to a small prison, for she thought of James as The White Dragon, reaching the forest village. During his time there, James had to persuade the guard to let him go, eventually, he got the guards attention and he told James he will make up a story to Makoshi in order to not be punished by her. James escapes the prison, but was quickly spotted by Makoshi and her hunters, which prompted the huntress to hunt down James in the forest, even going as far as using emergency force fields to prevent James from leaving the perimeter of the forest. She concerned James and called James a dog and insisted on chaining him up this time and she did not hesitate to fight James. James defeats without use of weapons, compared to Makoshi, who was using weapons in combat. Makoshi was furious at her defeat and had her men surround James, one man yelled for her to stop and she was told to let the boy go, this man happened to be her father, one of the village leaders. Makoshi’s father told James that he feels as though James came here for a reason, even adding that an American girl should up as well, days before James did and didn’t have trouble leaving here. At this, Makoshi’s men dropped the fields, giving James a chance to leave. James bows and thanks Makoshi’s father and told Makoshi he is sorry for the trouble, however, Makoshi was still angry had her defeat.

Mia's situation

While James was heading out further into Old Japan to find this girl, Garret and Mia were in Chicago, helping out with the case about the gangsters known as The Animal Pack, a group of released convicts who took over major parts of Chicago. The police needed all the help they could get, for because The Animal Pack was forcing people to submit to them, and actually killing off other gang members in the area. As described by police, people with bizarre eye contacts, and they wore a mask of various animals, they ID’d the head of the group as a man wearing ghostly lion mask wearing a red and black suit, in addition, they told the group that they only had this image from surveillance cameras. Garret, Noah and Mia were teamed up with a man who called himself Ghille, former navy seal, DJ, an apprentice to Ghille, and a few other high ranking police officers. As soon as they left from their briefing at TCPD, a black van rolled up, passing the police department and the faces of people with animal masks could be seen, glancing dead in the eyes of the cops standing outside, Mia, and the others. When cops tried to run for the van, a random build burst into flames and a fire started, distracting everyone from the van, and it got away. Mia did not want to continue with the mission if it means killing every one of these gangsters in sight, she insist that they go for the head gangster without shedding any violence. Garret gave Mia a stun gun and he went with Ghille, and Mia went and teamed up with DJ for the start of the mission.

Old Yakyuza isn't dead in the future

As for James, he had to deal with Yakyuza members of Old Japan who were stuck to their criminal routes. They had suppressed the locals and pretty much leeched off of them. To James surprise, they were pretty violent towards him and the group was led by some woman. James was able to take them down and it started to get risky when they took villagers hostage, in the end, James manages to save the hostages and take down the remainder of the Yakyuza gang. After this victory, the villagers told James that people are going crazy and the technology in Japan was going haywire by some virus, in addition, they told James that the Yakyuza just decided to take over, while another group known as White Dragon had taken most parts of Japan. The locals also told him of a crazy American girl dressed up in a way resembling a cat were running around. James ventured to the woods nearby to try to locate this American Cat and his first thought was his best friend, Miranda Katt. Eventually he finds Miranda arguing with a hooded figure, she was yelling at the hooded figure to return her goggles, high-tech goggles that were given to her by Ivan.

Finding Katt, Confronting Beast-Li (Lee Song)

James revealed himself and demanded the hooded figure to return the goggles, only to be taunted with minor to serious jokes, the figure even went on to say subjective jokes regarding Miranda’s custom. Eventually James confronts the hooded figure who revealed himself to be Beast-Li (Lee Song). Lee also showed his face to James and Miranda and insists that they should get to know each other by playing a game. 5 robots emerged behind the cornered Beast-Li and one of them quickly grabs Miranda and flies away. James was angered by this and Lee told James if he wants his girlfriend back, he has to try to save her, telling him to literally play hero. James didn’t sit around and had to fight off Lee and his robots while chasing down the one that has Miranda, whether James was successful or not, Miranda manages to break free and help James, and at this moment Lee confronted James and fought him, only to lose the fight. James snatched the goggles from him and told him who is he working for, and Lee, being a jokester that he is, taunted James and kept calling Miranda baby-doll, seconds later out of know where, the robot that held on to Miranda before, grabbed Lee and flew away recklessly because it was damaged. Lee’s last words to Miranda was that she was hot and that James wasn’t good enough for her, adding along the liens for her to call him. Miranda thanks James and kissed him, but in order to avoid an awkward situation, James told her what is in Tokyo, and that the two of them should go, telling Miranda that something serious is going on and it isn’t a time to mess around.

Aiding Tokyo's Finest, arrested

James and Miranda made their way to Tokyo only to find police trying to fend off gang members from the Yakyuza gang, the woman who James defeated earlier must have escape from captive, resulting in the Yakyuza being present in Northern Tokyo. James aided the cops using his skills, while Miranda used little devices that resemble flashbags to stun the gangsters and did a little fighting of her own. After the Yakuza had been defeated, the two were eventually arrested by the police. During their ride to Tokyo police HQ, a woman with sunglasses on, along with a SWAT team leader spoke to these two and told them where they came from. Miranda did the talking in Japanese; however, the woman adjusted her shades and smiled, saying they speak English in Japan as well, silencing Miranda. The woman told the two they will just keep them somewhere for it isn’t safe out there for them, calling them kids.

Proving their worth to Japanese police and SWAT

They were seated, uncuffed, next a few masked people who were captured hackers of an unknown group, and among them were a young man with pointy ears and half of his face was covered with a red scarf. He was chained up and sat in the corner of the cell, emotionless and quiet. The woman revealed herself to be Yula Steelbound, she also introduced the leader of Japanese SWAT, Hima Saito. They gave the two a quick brefing on what is going on and they did not think of James and Miranda to being members of White Dragon or that of Old Japan’s Yakyuza. Yula did see James differently, even calling him out to be of Japanese origin, to which James told her that he was born in New Japan. This caused Yula to be more focused on James. During their time there, James and Miranda had been released, and were about to be sent to a shelter. Before that could be done, Hima got a call about a large robot and a few White Dragon members entering Tokyo. To which everyone at the department started to prep for an incoming fight. James shouted that he is willing to help, but was told he was only a kid with a few tricks. James was told by Yula what is he trying do to, get himself killed out there, but James told her he needs to find his friend, a man named Jordan. They had no clue would this American man was, however, the young man in the cell with the red scarf was startled by that name. Yula didn’t like that fact that they were about to use James to fight with them, during the ride to the designated location, Yula insisted James to back down, but James and Miranda refused. At this, Yula told James he must be crazy or had balls to go into a fight with an enemy unknown to him.

Bulbot of the White Dragon, Central Tokyo Battle

The van stopped and Yula, James and Katt got out with other SWAT members inside. A random SWAT member pulled up a hologram, showing a basic blueprint of Bulbot's armor, even mentioning to everyone with a quick briefing, of Bulbot, who's reveal name is Kiro, who is the marker of such a military type armor.

James told Miranda to remain here with the police and SWAT members, and he went on ahead with Yula. During the fight, SWAT members ready their guns, however, they were stopped by an incoming transmitting from Hima, telling them to switch to rounds to disable the target, not using lethal force, for he had discovered the virus that affected machines and tech, is also present inside humans, forcing them to do someone's bidding. At hearing this, Yula did not hesitate to inform the others about this revelation Hima had made, moments later, Kiro in his Bulbot armor showed up with White Dragon members, including robots.

Lethal force was only used towards the robots, and Bulbot, the SWAT suspected him of using the virus on the people to go crazy. Kiro's armor was very strong and he was literally immune to bullets. He charged towards a few police cars, firing miniature rockets at random, causing wrecking havoc and chaos in his path. This forced SWAT and police to fall back slightly, as they were already overwhelmed by the robots and brainwashed White Dragon grunts. James rushed up behind Bulbot and held on to him, only to quickly be grabbed by the armored Kiro, he proceeded to throw James with force into a random convenient store, after this he continued to fire his rockets destroying things in his path, injuring a few police officers.

Yula managed to lead a hit on Kiro when she rushed him from the side. Kiro swung at her, however, she parried to the right and counter his attack, hitting him in the face. Kiro got back at her by pushing her to the ground with force. James emerged from the store and yelled at Kiro to surrender. Kiro stopped and looked at James and laughed. He told James what is a kid going to do to stop him, and he proceeded to aim at James. James told him he is capable of stopping him, but he was cut short, for Kiro had fired a rocket at James, destroying the car James was next to in the process. Unknown to him, James fell back behind the car and slides to the broken police cars to evade the rocket. James the proceed to pull out his sword and rushed head on into Kiro. Kiro was ready to punch James in the face, only to miss for James had slid right under Kiro and he managed to damage part of Kiro's armor by slashing him in the back. Kiro was angered by this and was focused on James, and SWAT and police had their sights aiming on Kiro, but did not fire just yet. James evaded the slow moving Kiro, who kept swinging at James, eventually he grabs James and throws him, he rushed towards James trying to body slam him, only for James to roll out of the way and grab a hold of Kiro from the back, slashing him again. He managed to grab James' leg and swung him around and throws him towards the police and SWAT that had their riot shields ready, but because of the force James was thrown in, James' body literally knocks down all 5 police officers with the shields. Kiro sent his robots in to finished off James, but the robots were easily shot down by Yula and the other cops fighting. Human White Dragon grunts were shot with stuns to prevent unnecessary casualties. Battle weary James continued to charge at Bulbot once again, but this time Kiro was aware, stating that same trick won't work again. So he had his hand lower and the other hand a bit higher to stop James. What Kiro did not realize was that Yula had slid right under him from behind, and James quickly realized this and jumped over the incoming Yula and over Bulbot, who was focused on Yula, James Slashed the armor's helmet twice while still in mid air and this damaged Kiro's suit to the point where it locks up, Yula took out a plasma rifle and shot Bulbot in the shoulder, destroying the right shoulder of Kiro's armor completely. Kiro was now vulnerable for his armor had been disabled and parts of him was showing, as if the ejection process in his suit was stunned as well.

Kiro moved his head up, sweating from the battle. He glanced at the police and the others and starts to laugh, saying they can't beat White Dragon. Yula walked up to Kiro and grabbed his face with one hand, she examined his face and noticed that he was infected by the virus, so his actions may not have been his own, ruling out that Kiro the convict was controlling the human White Dragon grunts.

SWAT and police rounded up the weary grunts of the gang, and managed to force Kiro out of his armor, confiscating it and placing Kiro under arrested, but he was taken by an EMT to be examined more.

Yula thanked James for his help, and she told him that she knew he was special, padding him on his shoulder saying that if it wasn't for him, they would probably retreat from Bulbot and his followers.

The Elf Boy

Kiro, who was slowly recovering from the viruses effects, was place in the Tokyo police department cell, a cell where he is kept there alone. Hima thanked James and everyone for their help in the process. Yula told Hima how did how know of the virus effecting humans and Hima told her that he managed to rescue a girl who was under White Dragon influence, and she had quickly recovered from the virus. Yula had in mind that only technology was effected, however, Hima told her that when he went to save the girl, the same time technology succumb to the virus, people started acting up too, assuming it is coming from the same source and it could be airborne. They tricked to question Kiro, however, he was laughing hysterically, as if he had lost his mind. His criminal record was pulled out stating he was a former military engineer who had a fetish for robots, that he was charged for battery, violence, theft and was also mentally sick.

James spoke to Hima and Yula, saying if they know about an American named Dark Skull, not trying to reveal Jordan's name by accident again. They did not know, but a voice was heard from a cell saying Dark Skull of South Dakota multiple times. James, and company moved towards the cell and saw the elish looking young man sitting in the corner, motionless, staring at the wall. Miranda asked them who is this young man, and Hima told them they found him days ago, the young man didn't want to talk and he was carrying weapons with him, a sword as well, but he easily surrendered to SWAT, in addition, SWAT did not trust him, for someone like this was capable of anything. James told them if he was capable of such, he would have broken out of his cell. James spoke to the young man, and he told James he is the same like him instantly. James told him what he met by that, and the young man continued to say that we are Red Dragnis, he struggled to move his hair off his face with his cuffed hands and showed James his red eyes. He introduced himself to be Kyuza Airelo. He told James they met before, but James would not remember. He continued to say that he met James about a year ago, when he was facing off against Lizardman, to which James tried to forget and forgive himself for what he did to him. Kyuza told James that it is okay, for he did not have full control of his power,naming the Dragni Rush ability itself, a last restore source of power of a full Dragni. Kyuza continued to tell James that Lizardman is alive and well, but it isn't too friendly.

Kyuza continued to speak again saying that he came to Old Japan when he was informed by Ivan about Jordan, that Ivan contacted him because he knew that Kyuza is friends with Jordan. He added that he came here and stopped a few Yakyuza members himself, even finding Jordan. He told James finally hours after finding Jordan, the two got separated during an ambush by White Dragon and soon he ended up being in a jail cell for being thinking he is a terrorist.

James told him if anyone else came with him, and Kyuza said to him yes, a boy named Jared, who is camping out in a tent not too far from here, awaiting his return.

At this, James told Yula and Hima to let him go, stating that Kyuza is one of them. They hesitated at first, but released Kyuza. Kyuza emerged from his cell slowly and looked around. He grabbed his sword and glanced at Hima and the rest of SWAT, saying you have been forgiven twice while nodding his head. Kyuza thanked James and Miranda then joins them to find Jared. James told Yula that they will be back in a few hours.

Enter Mr. St. Marc the 5th

Before they could leave the HQ, a man entered the room. This man was dressed in a dark gray suit, and wore a pink dress shirt. The man had long white-gray hair and light green eyes. As he walked in the room, everyone became silent as if they knew who he was, in truth they did know. The man’s name is Leon St. Marc the 5th. He even introduced himself to everyone, including James and company, even going as far has kissing the hand of Yula and Miranda who were next to him. Leon informed Hima and the rest of his force that rebels had broken into some of his vaults, stealing robots and other piece of technology and equipment. He even mentioned the confiscated armor Hiro (Bullbot) was using and he had gotten word of it in full use early that day. Hima told Leon that White Dragon probably stole the armor back for Hiro to use, in addition, he mentioned that Hiro is locked up, but is unable to answer question for certain reasons. Leon giggled at Hima and put his hand on his shoulder and told Hima what are these reasons he speak of. Hima replied to Leon saying that Hiro was known for his mental issues and it would be difficult for anyone on the force, even Yula to get some answers from him. Leon told Hima if he could do anything to stop White Dragon, or the rebels in support of them, but he was told to remain in New Kyushu City, one of the only safe zones in Japan at this point. Hima informed Leon that they are currently taking back Tokyo from White Dragon and The Yakuza, in addition, stated that the virus they discovered not only effects machines, but people as well. Leon found the talk about the virus interesting, saying that it may be the same virus he is thinking about at that moment, and started to glance at Yula. He added if they will offer him a bodyguard as well, with Yula replying to him as sir, saying that he has enough in the city itself. Leon the turned his attention to James and friends, he told them if these were children they rescued, as he focused on Miranda. Yula told Leon that these children are not from around here, and that they helped take down Hiro (Bullbot). Leon walked towards them, and looked towards James and spoke Japanese to him, he told James that what he did was a job well done, with James responding to him in Japanese, saying thank you. He then looked at Kyuza, who signaled that he did not want to talk, so Leon just patted him on the shoulder. When he got to Miranda, he focused a lot on her; he even said that he hasn't seen an American running around Japan in ages. To which Miranda started to blush and randomly said out loud she isn’t looking to date him, and Leon started to smile, and James was slightly provoked. Leon told Miranda he knows someone that is dying to meet her, even joking that he himself is sort of like a match maker. Before he could speak of this person, one of Leon’s guards called and told him that he has a meeting regarding stolen property from his vaults, and he told everyone he must go now. He waved at James and company, SWAT and police then took off. James told Miranda that he did not like Leon at all, only for Miranda to start joking with him. Kyuza cut them both off and told them that now is a good time to seek Jordan and other allies in Japan.

Kyuza ambushed, what happen to Jared

James spoke with Kyuza about his arrival to Old Japan, with Kyuza saying he had gotten separated from the group at some point. Kyuza told him that they were ambushed by Yakuza members, who thought of them as random Japanese villagers who were astray during the action, and after the fight, Jared was nowhere to be found, adding that White Dragon had probably taken him, seeing that a meta-human may be of use to them.

As for Jared himself, he was taken by White Dragon and was imprisoned by Zegma, who used Jared’s abilities to power up broken and nearly destroyed robots who were recovered for repairs. Jared was placed inside some metal container and was given small dosages of the virus, forcing him to use his electric powers in the process, which at times, take a toll on Jared, for his own powers causes him to pass out, for he isn’t use to his abilities yet.

The young man who is keeping Jared locked away is Zegma, an agent of White Dragon. Yoroshima’s men had discovered Jared and informed him about his abilities, to which Yoroshima took interest in; he put Zegma in charge of rebuilding the dead robots, using Jared’s abilities to speed up the process. Zegma often plays his guitar to ease Jared’s pain, and often threats him if he doesn't do what he says, he will turn him into a zombie. When Jared saw Zegma for the first time, he thought that he was serious, without hesitation, he was forced to use his abilities.

The Talk, confronting Rebels

Yula had been focusing on James since the fight against The Yakuza and Hiro (Bullbot) in parts of Tokyo. Now that Tokyo is safe and now has force-fields active. Yula confronted James and spoke with him. James questioned her if she knew what he was and Yula told James she probably does. She tells James that he is a Dragni, even though James knew this already, but she continued to throw basic information at James as if he did not know this already.

She also mentioned that Dragni’s are not invincible and they are capable of dying. James told her if this goes for all Dragnis, he added that his eyes are red, meaning that anything higher than that are more durable, tougher and tend to live longer than their lower Dragni counterparts. Yula told James that is true and continued to say that the Half-Dragnis are not capable such, considering James to be a Half-Dragni.

She added that her great-great grandmother’s friend shot and killed a Dragni hit man in the past, and warned James to be careful, for he isn’t a super-boy. James told Yula another question regarding her, he told her if she is a Dragni as well, to which she replied that she is not, nor does she feel as if she is one and she walked away.

The next day, Hima sent Yula and company to investigate San'ya (山谷 San'ya), Japan. He told her that the rebels Leon spoke of are moving in the area in large numbers, fighting off some of their own. Yula accepted this and went with James and members of SWAT.

During the right there, James kept asking Yula questions about herself, to which she kept trying to go around the question, eventually telling James that he is an interesting kid, and thought what it would be like if he never showed up to Old Japan.

Blue on Blue, attacking friendlies? (The rebels Are the good guys)

Yula, James and company made it to San'ya and confronted a few rebel members who were fighting using farmland tools and objects. They attacked Yula, however, Yula defended herself and pointed a plasma rifle at her attacker. The man said to her that they were supposed to protect them, why were they shooting at them. Yula became confused and told the man that they are here to calm the tension in San'ya, even mentioning that there wasn’t any word of SWAT activity until now. After hearing this, another man showed up and spoke with Yula. This man was the leader of the rebels and he goes by the name Kenji.

Kenji tells Yula that what they are doing is beyond a crime, with Yula arguing back saying why would SWAT attack those they are trying to protect. More SWAT members showed up and Kyuza and Miranda joined James and Yula. Kyuza spotted the augment between Kenji and Yula and stopped them. The angered Kenji spoke to Kyuza about the situation, and the two of them went to see what was up, while Yula and the others waited.

Yula received a call from Leon St. Marc 5th. He stated that his computers tells him that his devices were active and have been so for quite some time now, in addition, he asked her if her team was able to find them. Yula asked Leon what the devices were capable of, and judging by the news, Yula had briefed her team on what to do now, along with rebels, who listened to Yula’s briefing.

Kyuza and Kenji returned and discovered that drones are posing as SWAT members to try to trick them, even asking why the SWAT team, to which Yula told him that White Dragon likes to use illusions to trick people, even stating that the rebels were fighting an enemy who uses illusions for days now. SWAT allied themselves with the Japanese rebels and went after these drones. Yula mentioned for SWAT to have tranquilizers ready with heat signature goggles, for anyone in the area could be victim to the virus.

James took the imitative and went with Miranda to see if there was a White Dragon member of a higher rank running around, Kenji joined them, while Kyuza stayed to protect SWAT.

SWAT Guy using instincts, Enter Yoroshima

After searching, the group accompanied a SWAT member who was tracking a man named Yoroshima, and pin pointed his location. He mentioned he could give this information out to the others, for he was hit with emps, enough to show out all his devices. Eventually all of them found Yoroshima at his compound only to be ambushed by drones. James and company made it out; with Kenji assisting to bring Miranda back to the others, the SWAT member stayed with James until they confronted Yoroshima himself. Yoroshima was dusting off his all black suit when James and the SWAT member burst itno the room. Yoroshima told them that they are too late, for everyone thinks it is SWAT cuasing issues for the people of Japan; in addition, he stated that this test in San'ya (山谷 San'ya) was just the beginning. The SWAT member told him why and what the motives of White Dragon is, to which, Yoroshima turned around, with his gun in hand, saying that there is no reason, just old fashion revenege, she attempts to shoot James, however, The SWAT gun took the hit, falling down into the opening on the floor below. Yoroshima proceeded to flee, and James chased him. James manages to catch him and briefly fight him, only to nearly fall through the flooring of the building. Yoroshima joked, saying that San'ya slum buildings are like death traps, for you never know if were your standing is safe.

The end of Yoroshima

James was holding his own against Yoroshima. Yoroshima had James pinned by threatening to shoot out the flooring inside the building, he had a gun in one hand and a flash bag in the other. At the same time, Yoroshima shot the glass window and throw the flash bag at James, blinding him briefly. With James still trying to see, Yoroshima hopped out the broken window with his hover-board and started to escape above the old battered buildings in the slums. James recovered and gave chase, by running through the buildings and jumping out of a window, nearly tackling Yoroshima in the air, however, he landed on another building instead. James had to run through and hop from building to building in hopes of cutting Yoroshima off while avoiding fire-fights between White Dragon drones and SWAT, as he gave chase, a helicopter passed them both, calling out Yoroshima’s name, which revealed to James that this man was trying to escape from this area, which he could not let happen. James manages to knock Yoroshima off his hover broad and briefly fought him on the roof top of a weak building. Yoroshima took advantage of the building and sent James plummeting down below. Yula showed up later and tracked down James and joined him on the chase, they were also accompanied by a wounded SWAT member who was hiding out in the weak building, the same man who took a bullet for James, fall through the flooring, crawled out of harms way into an abandon building. The 3 of them managed to get to the next building over and went on to the 4 floor of that building, but this time, White Dragon drones were after them, so the weaken SWAT member told them to continue to the roof, while he tries to buy them some time.

James and Yula continued to the roof and spotted Yoroshima heading near the helicopter. James raced Yoroshima there and told Yoroshima to stop as he was a few feet away from the helicopter. The tired out Yoroshima turned to James and told him that it must take a lot to kill him, he pulled out his magnum gun and shot twice, the second shot hit James directly in the chest; the force from the gun was enough to push James back, knocking him into the ground. Yoroshima uttered the word shame, and rushed on the helicopter and yelled at the pilot to take off. The helicopter rose up and it was about to leave San'ya Slums. Yula rushed past James and had a special rifle ready and aimed at the pilot, she shot the pilot, killing him instantly, and this caused the helicopter to spin out of control, hitting the buildings in its way. Yoroshima attempted to jump out, but it was too late for the helicopter crashed and exploded before he could do that. Yula rushed to James and ripped the frontal part of his clothing, only to find out that the bullet didn’t not harm James, but dented on impact. James woke up and said that the gun shot only knocked him out briefly, and added that he was okay. The SWAT member who held off the droids survived and joined with James and Yula and he too was shocked that James survived that shot, claiming that James had a bullet proof vest under his skin.

Hours later, the crash site was investigated and it is confirmed that Yoroshima had truly perished in the crash for his charred up body was discovered within the wreckage. His death was quickly discovered by agents of White Dragon, forcing Danik to take over for Yoroshima, and his first action was to take a whole village hostage and wait for drones to show up and take the hostages away to be submerged into the White Dragon Virus project.

Eventually the group confronted Bianca Airesus, The Steel Maiden, and out of fear, thinking it was some high-tech White Dragon cyborg, Japanese police started to shoot at her. Even though she is literally immune to normal gunfire in her Exo-Battlesuit, she was able to beat down the police, leaving them with minor injuries, so literally she was just pushing them around in style, with her, there are 2 female figures in a Shinobi outfit, who watched The Steel Maiden from a distance. Thinking that Bianca was a threat, Yuna attempted to fight against Bianca, even holding her own, only for James to step in and the two actually fought, one of the Shinobi girls showed up and stopped the two of them. Bianca then stated what her purpose was in Old Japan, for she had received a distress signal and upon arrival she was ambushed herself. Yuna told her that the distress signal could be fake, or the source of it is still unknown, she added, if she is one of the good guys, why she attacked the police, Bianca looked at James and grinned to herself, that she wanted to see how tough Japan was, with James saying that her actions wasn’t necessary, the reason behind this was Bianca wanted to get a reaction out of James, for James do not know about her Steel Maiden persona. Hima told Bianca that he knows who she is, and could see why random fighting isn’t something new. He thanks her for what she had done in Hong Kong. Yuna asked what she had done, and Hima told her that this was the heroine who destroyed an underground gang and halted a majority of drug cartel trades in other Asian countries. Later that day, Bianca joined them on briefing and the 2 Shinobi that was with her, one of them revealing herself to be NeoxRose (Sakrua Katsumi). NeoxRose told the police about this signal being different, as when they arrived, they were ambushed by these robots when their jet went down, but their reason for being there is unknown. The group got bigger, and the effort reached out to Bianca and her allies, later that night, Darkskull himself ended up in Tokyo, but was injured badly.


Darkskull had been recovered and was in bed rest for hours, during that time, SWAT and police reached out to other parts of Japan that is either not protected or have little protection and informed them to keep up what they are doing Darkskull eventually woke up and Miranda was next to him as she was putting bandages on his arm. Mirdana tells Darkskull what has happen to him. Darkkull told her that he was in Old Japan for a while and was fighting off Yakuza members in a different part of Japan, and eventually he ran into White Dragon. After sometime, he said that he managed to find out where they are keeping Jared, for he witnessed Yoroshima days ago capture Jared, who was alone and his helicopter flew somewhere in the direction going to the beach. Darkskull tried to stand up, but Mirdana told him he needs rest, and Darkskull joked telling her that he was a navy seal, so pain isn’t something he isn’t use to. Darkuskull got up and marched into a briefing, interrupting them. Yuna stood up and told Darkuskull he should be resting, however, Darkskull told her that he respects her and demands to know what else is going on, adding that the spikey hair kids with red eyes are with him. Yuna played smart and told him that those kids do not have an American accent like him so they could not be his. James stood up and said to Yuna Darkskull is a cool guy, and Yuna stared at Darkskull’s arm, for his suit was baring the navy seals symbol. She questioned him about his standing with the navy seals, and Darkskull told her that it is nothing of her concern and walked to where Kyuza, Mirdana and James were sitting. As he sat down, he started to talk about what had happened and all eyes were on him, as he spoke, Hima took the initiative and translated what Darkskull said in Japanese.


Darkskull, also known as Jordan Wayne, told everyone what has happened to him:

He told them that he was with fellow heroes in the United States and after he took off to his home base, he witnessed an eerie computer signal. He managed to track it down, and saw that this signal was present for years now and just happen to hit his computer, causing it to glitch temporarily. Darkskull continued to say that a computer hacker (Ivan Illuton) aided him in tracking down the exact location of this signal, and the name that came up was Japan, in addition, he said since there’s 2 Japans, he knew exactly which one to go to. James turned to Darkskull and said that that was the reason he came to Old Japan, to look for him, but didn’t realize the stuff going on until he started to ask around. Kyuza also said that he should up with Jared to help Darkskull, but he had been ambushed and separated from Jared. Darkskull looked at Kyuza and told him he thinks he knows where Jared is and said that a man by the name Yoroshima kidnapped him and his helicopter went somewhere towards the Beach, somewhere near the broken shores. Yuna interrupted Darkskull and she put her hands on the table and said that Yoroshima is dead, adding that Jared is long gone. Darkskull told her if someone goes down, there is another guy waiting to pick up the sticks, informing her there could be someone else taking over for Yoroshima, even though he is dead. Darkskull tossed a cube on the table and a hologram showing Yoroshima popped up. He continues to say that he knows about this person and he was a former doctor turned engineer. He added when Yoroshima was a doctor, who spent ages dealing with patience in prisons that will never set foot outside of on until now, he uttered the name, Danikasharu Tomoshi. Darkskull proceed to tell Yuna and everyone else that Danikasharu Tomoshi, also known as Danik, was a criminal who was under the care of Yoroshima, and at some point when Yoroshima left his job, doctoring prisoners, Danik himself somehow escape, but Yoroshima was never address about the issue, leading one to think that Yoroshima, who cared for Danik in private, somehow got him out of life in prison.

Hima told Darkskull if there is a way to see where this Danik is, Yuna interrupted Hima and told Darkskull why he thinks a prisoner like Danik is capable of doing. Darkskull told her that he isn’t some ordinary bum, he said that once he got out, his records somehow vanished, so all the gruesome things Danik had done remained a mystery forever since his records were gone, he ended by saying he knew a good kid hacker that managed to pull up this information from old encrypted databases in Old Japan, the only copy of Danik’s records was on a dead, glitched-out computer. Bianca sat there with her arms crossed, saying that this Danik character must be slain, for there is enough trouble going on, Hima told everyone to calm down, telling James he has some crazy friends.

The Steel Maiden

Bianca Airesus, also known as the Steel Maiden had reasons of her own to be in Old Japan. Unknown to everyone else, she was doing some investigation work when Momoko informed her about The Yakuza, in addition, she also mentioned a Chinese familiar that happen to be in the zone, who was trying to get the attention of a Yakuza member. At the time, Bianca was visiting the hidden dojo of the Takeru family, the dojo of the Neox clan. After getting the message from Momoko, Bianca left with Sakrua, who wanted to see Old Japan for herself, when Jenji (NeoxNinja) had told her what it was like. Bianca had connected with Brian Whall, a European/American CIA rookie, friend and former guardian, to provide her with a jet to go there. She brought her Exo-Battle Armor, for she had not used it in a long time, since she was unable to use it in the United States, for it was literally a high grade military weapon.

Hours into the jet right to Old Japan, Tokyo, and Bianca’s jet was damaged by a forming force-field, causing the jet to crash, Bianca, was already geared up and awaken from her meditative state. Sakura grabbed the pilot and Bianca reached for them. Right before the crash, Bianca shot part of the jet to form an opening, grabbing Sakura and the pilot and glided them to safety.

They were stranded, however they were able to still contact Momoko, moments later, they were ambushed by robots, who happen to be searching the wreckage of the jet, stumbling upon Bianca and company resting by the trees nearby the beach area. Bianca and Sakrua easily defeated the robots and started to venture Old Japan.

They made it to San’Ya, during that time, James was already in pursuit of Yoroshima and Bianca was fighting off the rebels, believing them to be the enemy, and eventually going after SWAT members who were in her way. At this moment, Momoko was able to show up to help being, but she saw that Bianca was in one of those I want to fight anyone moods, and she tried to stop her. Bianca stopped for the time being, for her random acts of lashing out were caused by slight form of PTSD due to the eerie signal screwing her up mentally. Even though Bianca was immune to most attacks, this passive attack wasn’t any form of Necro-Bots, but it was strong enough to cause Bianca to act the way she did. In order to keep her cool, she acted and talked in a way, putting forth her bad girl attitude.

She eventually meets with James and in order to provoke him, she attempted to fight police who were shooting at her, thinking she was an enemy when she didn’t put her hands up. She eventually joined James temporarily, along with Sakrua and Momoko, and she remained at police HQ to do research on this virus that is spreading around Old Japan. This virus was capable of harming her and she is unsure if she is able to adapt to it, thinking it may kill her before she could adapt to it. However, she did remain behind to deal with random skirmish from enemies that lurked around Tokyo, eventually aiding in keeping Tokyo safe before moving on to help out in other areas, however, this initiative caused her to go M.I.A, along with Sakrua, however, she did tell Momoko to help out James as much as possible in her absence. When asked to how she knows James, Bianca told her she ran into him a number of times in America. Bianca shows up again to aid James in rescuing the hostages who were watched over Danik’s generals, threatening to kill them if anyone got close.

Group Briefing

The man who was seen as a leader among the rebels, Kenji, wanted to take the fight to Danik, now knowing that he is a agent of Yoroshima. But it wasn’t going to be easy, for Danik had a whole entire village on lockdown and a number of hostages in his wake. Kenji did not want to take the risk and jeopardies the lives of people in the area, however, Darkskull informed him that he will make a plan to help them out. Hima gathered everyone for a quick briefing, informing them about Danik, adding on by saying that Danik has 4 followers, information on USBs recovered from the corpse of Yoroshima. He told everyone the plan was to use the villagers as subjects to the new effective virus; previously, the effects were temporary. Leon St. Marc 5th entered the briefing via hologram. Hima continued to say that whoever is behind the White Dragon is someone who knows what he is doing, Yuna interrupted and said what they will do with The Yakuza trying to cover ground for power, Hima told her that the Yakuza will be dealt with during their mission to stop White Dragon, adding that Tokyo is practically safe now and a few areas outside of Tokyo. Leon St. Marc 5th joked about New Kyushu City, telling everyone if they want to go clubbing it will be on him after this victory. Kenji told St. Marc that now isn’t the time to joke around because there are a lot of serious things going on. Within seconds, a hologram message from Danik himself popped up, it was a broadcast.

You have 24 hours

Via hologram message, Danik threatened the people who were viewing the broadcast and told them that Old Japan has a better future ahead, and soon the world will see that the people of Japan had finally changed, adding that their Asian country had been will never been shunned again. Danik’s 4 generals walked up beside him. He continued to say he had learned of Yoroshima’s death and he blames the death of this White Dragon member on the rebels, adding kenji’s name to the list. He threatens Kenji to turn himself in to the White Dragon to make an example for what he had done. He then pulled a young girl by his side. The girl tried to fight and struggle away from him, however, Danik kept her close, by putting one of his hands on her neck as if he was choking her. Danik spoke again, saying that the villagers who joined White Dragon willingly have already succumb to the virus, and it is in full effect, in addition, he said that those who submit to White Dragon, revealed to him of Kenji’s existence. Kenji stood up in anger, clenching his jaw and his fists whispering the girl’s name, with a frustrated look, he continued to watch Danik’s hologram message. Danik ended the hologram by saying that Kenji must turn himself in to his generals within 24 hours. Danik began choking the girl again, adding that if he wants this girl (Rei Yokida) to live, Kenji would turn himself in. He also ended by saying if he doesn’t turn himself in, he will start killing people, even joking that he will shred the girl into pieces and feeding her to sea creatures, adding he wanted to see Frilled Sharks, for he hasn’t seen one in ages, the hologram transmission disconnected.

Go in like a Navy Seal (Stealthy Plan)

Kenji was in distraught. He didn’t know what to do with himself. He looked at everyone and told them that he is willing to turn himself in. Darkskull looked at him, saying what he is about to do is suicide, even if he goes; the girl may still die, along with a number of villagers. Kenji said to him and the rest of the people there that he is willing to die. Yuna told him that Danik is playing him, that he is using the girl to get to him. During the talk, Miranda poked Darkskull and told him if any stealth tactics would help. Darkskull told her that he has a plan. At hearing this Miranda yelled, having everyone focus on her, she said that they can safe everyone if they could rescue them without being seen. Darkskull looked at Miranda, and then at the others, he said that groups can be made to rescue the hostages and SWAT can go in and capture Danik and his followers. Some people agreed and Yuna said if they were to be compromised, it could mess up everything, Kenji, still angered, said that the girl means everything to him, if Danik kills her, he dies too, and he then said it again in Japanese. Darkskull then continue what he said earlier about his plan. The plan was to rescue the hostages from the village, while he was talking; Kenji showed him a map of where the village is. Using this map, Darkskull told everyone that this hillside village can be hit from all angles, and most likely Danik has those areas covered. He told them that each group will hit a different area, taking down any followers or Generals if they see them. The groups were formed, 4 groups:

  • Darkskull, James, Kyuza
  • Bianca, Sakura, Miranda, Momoko
  • Yuna, and 2 SWAT members on standby
  • Kenji, Hima, SWAT medic

The rest of SWAT and the Japanese police force will wait on standby for Yuna’s signal to attack. Bianca said if there will be any killing during the midnight stealth mission and smiled with her arms crossed, Yuna was about to say something, but James told Bianca that they do not know if the followers of White Dragon are under the effects of the virus, saying killing is unnecessary. Bianca padded James on his head and told him that’s cute, and walked away, and Sakrua, who was hiding her identity from James shrugged and walked away.

Gee, What are they up to?

The White Dragon themselves are a bit busy and a man by the name of Boshiku is calling the shots. Boshiku is an android made by the late Leona St. Marc 3rd, and he was tossed into the forgotten sea lab as if he was a piece of junk, however, in reality, Leona was aware of her family’s creation and got rid of Boshiku in hopes of him getting stronger. Boshiku was a weak, mangled android that was somehow reconstructed and improved while being at the sea lab for so long. He often talks to his followers about Leon St. Marc 2nd’s had renewed him and he chose to follow his purpose. He tells this story time and time again to mainly his younger followers, for he knew the only way to recruit more people is through using the youth to do it for him. He has a group, who were watched over by the late Yoroshima and this group was more attune to influence the younger crowd in some way or form.

He tasked Zegma, the zombie-looking Mexican guitarist (made fun of for being a zombie cosplayer by Beast-Li), to experiment the virus, for Zegma didn’t mind doing such a task, for he was in charge of scavenging robotic parts so that Hiro (Bullbot) could rebuild them. Since they were running low on robots, the virus had been improved, thanks to Boshiku and Zegma, who ran the tests for Boshiku; they wanted to use the improved virus to bluster their followers to be more on White Dragon’s side. Beast-Li did his own thing trying to get followers by luring them into a trap and DJ Nadi had her own interesting way of releasing the virus soon.

Zegma was stationed close to where Danik is, for Danik awaited him to do final bits of testing before injecting the virus to the hostages under Danik. Zegma, was also a lazy guy, for he spends more time playing a guitar, then doing actually work. He also likes playing his guitar to his mind slaves who are injected with the older virus of the virus. The zombifed fiend also has Jared captured and uses him to revive rebuilt robots, leftovers or ones that were scrapped.

Zegma was isolated in a cave so he isn’t aware of what is going on outside, for he himself was a bit careless and more focused on his own actions then others. A stealthy raid is about to take place and he is unaware of it and wasn’t even aware of it happening, even after Danik’s defeat. Beast-Li was more focused on monitoring the actions of police and SWAT, and literally took note on the events in Tokyo more thoroughly after Danik was defeated and when The Yakuza had been defeated again.

Nadila Domashevich (DJ Nadi) , the former punk band drummer with mental issues, who is aroused easily by her music, turned evil DJ, had her sights set on her place of business in New Kyushu City, for she was tasked to not only influence people there, but to kidnap Leon St. Marc 5th. She had everything planned out, to have him come into the club and to be extremely relaxed, she planned to subdue him and then kidnap him. Boshiku could have done this himself; however, he had to prepare something special for Leon St. Marc 2nd, which was a secret to everyone. As for Boshiku, he is awaiting for everything to go as plan, but he needed Hiro (Bullbot) to complete this plan. Unknown to everyone else, Boshiku had them under the effects of his virus, so even though these members worked for White Dragon, a special virus was placed upon them unknowingly to keep them in check, for example, when Beast-Li was acting up moments after fighting James, the virus kicked in to keep him in check. As for The leader of The Yukuza, this former J-pop star is extremely pissed off and planned to seize Danik's hillside hideout for herself because she feels as though she is losing ground from police and SWAT and now the White Dragon.

Downing the Generals, saving the hostages

Darkskull himself knows that it isn’t going to be easy, that they had to be fast and the time to strike is at night. The hillside village itself had hostages huddled up in small straw huts, the generals remained inside their tent and awaited orders and there are White Dragon members both human and robot guarding the premises. Yuna had her men ready sniper rifles that had tranquiller bullets, and secondary rounds to disable the robot guards, not wanting to risk casualties because some people are under the effects of this virus. Yuna covered the other 3 groups as they headed in to save the hostages, and Darkskull was able to down one of the generals with ease, for these generals were weak grunts of Danik who wore suits resembling samurai.

The groups, including Yuna and her group, had to go back and forth into the hillside village to rescue the hostages. Kyuza spoke up and told James that something wasn’t right, saving the hostages is way too easy and it wasn’t burdensome at all. After the last bit of hostages were saved, Kenji himself made his way to the isolated hut far from the huts once holding hostages. The sun was rising, as Danik came out of his hut with the girl.

It’s a Trap

Danik confronted Kenji applauding him for saving the hostages, and from behind Danik, the real generals emerged and stood there. Kenji threated Danik and told him that he isn’t going back to prison this time, and in Japanese he told Danik that he will die here and now. Danik laughed and taunted Kenji, and told him that he will make sure Kenji will suffer a horrific death; he then opens the door more to show Kenji the tied up Rei. She was tied up in a way with swords nearly coming close to her neck, she screamed Kenji’s name, telling him that Danik is going to kill them both. Danik told Kenji to come with him, but Kenji refused, knowing that he wasn’t going to make it out alive. Yuna and the others, who were trying to calm down the hostages, noticed that Kenji was missing, at this James took the initiative to go and find Kenji, along with Kyuza, who followed him, Darkskull and Hima joined as well with a few SWAT members.

To their surprise, they spotted Kenji and Danik. Danik spotted them as well and told his generals to attack them, leaving Danik and Kenji, who started to fight each other. James and company were left to fight with these 4 generals at once, and as they were fighting, they could hear the grunting of Kenji and Danik fighting, and the screams of Rei in the background. The fight took some time and James and company were able to defeat the 4 generals of Danik, as they were trying to catch their breath, James rushed to where Kenji was, with Kyuza right behind him.

Brothers by bloodline

Kenji was defeated by Danik, and Danik walked over Kenji and placed his foot on his head, and he taunted him once again. Kenji and Rei stare at each other and Kenji closed his eyes, before Danik could execute Kenji, Danik was hit with a staff that Kyuza was wielding. Danik recovered and look at the two, and Kenji rolled out of the way. Danik laughed and said that Japanese’ finest sent children to fight him. He pulled out his Zanbanto swords and licked them. Kyuza told Kenji it is best for him to go save the hostages, that they will defeat Danik and save the girl. James himself yelled at Danik saying that he doesn’t know who he is dealing with, and the 3 of them engaged into combat, with James and Kyuza attempting to defeat the brutal convict, Danik.

To James’ and Kyuza’s, Danik was underestimated. Kyuza began to tell James that Danik could be what he one of them. He stared into Danik’s eyes while he evaded the incoming attacks from Danik. James informed Kyuza if people like them are able to withstand sword strikes like they are able to withstand gunfire. Kyuza told James that only if a Dragni is developed, they could take hits from the strongest blade, however, they themselves are not that strong yet. As the fight continues, Kyuza told James that they are just the underdogs, The Red Dragni, and Danik is above them. James was confused, for he thought that all Dragnis were the same despite the eye color. Kyuza, nearly being hit by Danik told James that the eye color means a lot; it could mean life or death, who is strong and who is weak. James, countering Danik’s strikes said what did he met by that. Danik grabbed Kyuza and throw him at James, and Kyuza yelled as he was hurled, that Danik is a half White Dragni. The fight was one-sided for Danik was tossing James and Kyuza around while taunting them. James, who is a bit injured from the fight explain to Kyuza and joked that this is the first time in a while that he had felt pain like this, with Kyuza uttering if it is fire against fire, they are bounded to feel the heat, he continued to say that they won’t be able to defeat Danik because they are inexperienced Dragnis, the cubs of the pack. Kyuza was then cut off by Danik who grabbed him. James tried to free Kyuza, but he was pushed away. Angered by this, James picked up one of Danik’s swords off the ground and charged at him, stabbing him in the leg, freeing Kyuza in the process, however, Danik had slightly broken Kyuza’s arm. James told Kyuza if he was alright, and Kyuza said it is a scar and nothing more, it will heal.

The young red Dragni fought Danik and tried to immobilize him the best way they can by impaling him with his own weapons. Danik collapse from the fight and the fight was quite over. James went to Kyuza and tried to help him stand up, and how of nowhere, James was hit in the face by Danik, and Kyuza was kicked back on the ground. The boys tried to counter Danik’s attacks, but he was in a Dragni type state of mind mopped the floor with James and Kyuza. Kyuza collapses from the fight, and then Danik took one of his own swords out of his body and tried to cut Kyuza in too. He swung his sword with so much force, however, James rushed in and stopped Kyuza from being killed. James held Danik’s sword with his hands, as the blade was cutting his dense skin. Danik continued to force the sword down, telling James that his friend is already dead, however, James eyed down Danik in anger, and Danik continued to push the sword into James’ hands. Eventually James got down on his needs, still blocking the blow, and then he broken Danik’s sword. Danik enraged jabbed James twice and picked up Kyuza and throw him at James, however, James caught him. Danik charged at the two like a raging bull, and was stopped by a trip wire that got caught on his neck, slowing him down.

Danik stopped and looked around, only to be kicked in the face, he looked down and a girl in black was beneath him, she kicked him in the groan, and Danik went down on one knee. He yelled and said if now they are sending worthless women to fight him, he added he wants a real fight. The 2 figures happen to be Bianca (TSM) and NeoxRose. TSM used an auto injector on Kyuza, to speed up his recovery. She told James that she knew he’d need help. Kyuza, was okay, but his arm was still broken and he told TSM that Danik is also a Dragni, a powerful one. Kyuza then added that the Dragni rage that he used up probably depleted so they may have a chance. James healed up as well and told Kyuza that if it is the same rage that he had suffered a while back, to which Kyuza told James yes, that it is something that most Dragni cannot control once it is trigger, however, it leaves them vulnerable for a period of time. Rose told James that he needs to stand up and fight Danik, and seconds later Danik started to charge at all of them calling them bowling pins. As he charged at them, everyone evaded his attack, and James and Kyzua took another shot at fighting Danik, along with TSM and Rose.

The fight was still tough, for TSM armor had been damaged slightly, stating her armor isn’t Dragni proof yet, and Rose was becoming exhausted. Eventually the 4 of them managed to defeat Danik, and he started to be under so much pain from his wounds and bruises. He even stated that he knows what he is, and this should not be happening. TSM took it to another level, even though Danik was defeated; she jumped not the air and dove right into Danik’s neck, breaking it. Danik stumbled around and tried to grab one of them but everyone was far from his reach, his vision got blurring and he collapse, nearly falling off from the platform he was fighting on.

James was shocked that TSM killed a Dragni right in front of him. Kyuza said that Danik has passed and the village is safe, however, James was annoyed by Danik’s death. He complained to TSM and stated his honor code. TSM didn’t care and put her finger on James’ chest, pushing him a way saying that if his kind goes rogue, she will be the one to end them, even James himself. James then told TSM that she didn’t have to kill him, to which she said back to him that if Danik were to live, he’d break out and do it again, probably worse. She then pointed at James, mocking him about the United Kingdom man who is now a Lizard. To which James told her how did she know, and TSM replied that she knows people from the CIA herself. James told her that it wasn’t his fault, he couldn’t see anything and was fighting robots in the warehouse Kaddak was in, and not knowing there was a person there, eh continued to say that he lives with that guilt now, and doesn’t let it bother him because things like this happens. Since James know a bit of TSM he said that she was responsible for killing bystanders herself, this information pissed her off and she told James that the next time they meet, she will not be friendly towards him, at this moment the ptsd kicked in and she was holding it in, for another eerie signal from Japan had hit her.

TSM took her leave, and Rose told James that she is just not feeling well today. James told her why is she here. Rose had to make up a lie, which was sort of true, saying that NeoxNinja’s father’s dojo. James then asked her about Sakrua, to which, Rose, who was Sakrua, told James that she is doing well. TSM called Rose and the two of them left the scene. James and Kyuza went to rescue Rei and as soon as they left the hut with her, they noticed Danik’s body was missing, assuming that his corpse had slid off the ledge for it he collapses next to the edge, nearly falling down.

Rei thanked James and Kyuza, and she pulled down Kyuza’s scarf and kissed him on the cheek. Kyuza, with a neutral facial expression said thank you, and James himself started gigging at kyuza’s reaction.

Danik is defeated, taking back the Village

Danik’s body was nowhere to be found and people began to wonder if Danik was alive and had fled the scene, as for his generals, they were all arrested. Kenji thanked James and Kyuza and he was reunited with Rei. He told them that Rei is like a daughter to her and he would suffer if anything were to happen to her. The villagers were able to take back the village and remove the huts that Danik had forced them to build, bringing the land back to how it was before, a wonderful garden.

Darkskull told them the fight isn’t over yet, that there is an activity mile away from hillside village that is now a campsite for SWAT and police.

Wait, we’re dealing with the living dead all of a sudden?

Darkskull told them that Danik was getting his men from somewhere, and that there is footstep trails leading to the place that is called the Broken Beach. A random SWAT member stated that he was scouting the area before, and spotted a guy with a red hood, accompanied by a person, he went into detail, that this person’s skin looked decomposed, that the person had white hair, the SWAT member started to shake, and continued to say in fear, that the person had black lifeless eyes and looked dead, adding that this undead figure had a guitar strapped to his back. Hima made an odd look on his face and put his gun down and crossed his arms, he said if they are dealing with undead now, adding that robots was hard enough to bring down on some occasions, now the living dead. The SWAT member stated that everyone wore white hoods expect one, and they moved about in such a way as if they were shambling. Darkskull told them that he will go and investigate the matter, as he was saying that, James said he would accompany him.

The Broken Beaches

James and Jordan went together to the broken beaches that are located far from San’Ya Japan in the West. Jordan told James that this was an opportunity to work on his stealth due to him being a swordsman. James asks Jordan what it was like when he was a navy seal, to which Jordan tells him that he was crazy for him, adding that his final mission resulted in the loss of his friend, who risk his life to save everyone on a fallen carrier. The two of them slowly made their way to the beach land, where they heard a guitar playing from a distance. They peeked through the bushes to witness the event and they spotted a ghoulish looking figure playing a guitar, while sitting on a standing chair. In front of him were figures hooded in white all moving their heads left to right in unison. The guitarist told them that their leader, Yoroshima, had perished, but his work is not in vain. He stood up and told the hooded figures that he will continue his work, putting a peace sign in the air with his hands. He then walked away and the hooded figures slowly moved in behind him, leaving behind 3 figures with hoods watching the area.

Yuna contacted Jordan, asking him about the status so far on the mission, he told her that he got it covered; however, she told Jordan she can send in men to help him, however, Jordan refused, stating that Jared is his responsibility, and he doesn’t want to risk anything because of the nature of this villain.

Angry Yakuza pop-star's return

Back at HQ, Yuna and the others were contacted by St. Marc 5th. He told everyone that he will invite them briefly to follow up on the situation at hand because of the efforts of the people in Tokyo, his vaults containing various technologies haven’t been raided; the stealing had stopped. After receiving this transmission. Moments later, as everyone was packing up to return to Tokyo, they were attacked by Yakuza members, who attempted to get a shot at revenge, with their leader fighting alongside them. The Yakuza were defeated easily, however, their leader had fled before the fight was over, knowing the fact that they lost, however, she was able to take a piece of information with her, which she recovered during the fight.

A Disguise,Thank you Japan

As for Jordan and James, they were able to take out the 3 hooded figures, then take their robes to use as a disguise. They entered the cave where the other hooded figures were and pretended to be among them. Inside, they had to find a way to gain access into a sealed room by getting a key card to grant them access. They were able to retrieve one after downing an armed hooded figure that had one in possession. With the key card, they were able to access a room where they saw Jared, who was chained up in a metal cage. The chains around his hands literally sucks up any of Jared’s abilities when he tries to use them, however, inside the ghoulish figure was nowhere to be found.

They attempted to reach Jared, however, to their surprise, the ghoulish man himself emerged from behind the cage, stating that he had been paranoid about people following him, stating that his gut tells him so.

Usted viene al barrio equivocado, mi amigo (confront Zegma)

James removed his hood and tells him to let Jared go. Jared wakes up and sees James, uttering his name under his breathe. The ghoulish figure introduced himself to be Zegma. He talked over Jared’s cage and threatens to bite him, saying that his bites can turn someone into the undead, like his followers. Jared told Zegma to back off; however, he was scared of Zegma’s appearance. 3 Hooded men entered the room with guns. Zegma told them that they would make wonderful slaves; he also added that he knows who James is, stating that one of his buddies fought him earlier (Beast-LI). He pulled out a phone and took a photo of James who was angry. He then went back next to Jared and threaten him with how the virus can be used on him for the greater good. After this, he told his men to get them.

James and Jordan were easily able to take out Zegma’s men; however, the unarmed ones kept entering the room by groups trying to slow down the two of them. James fought his way close to Jared’s cage and manages to destroy it with his sword, and he cut the chains that kept Jared bounded. James was then hit in the face with Zegma’s guitar, pushing him back. Jared broke free, only to be bitten by Zegma. Jared started to freak out, but realized that Zegma wasn’t really a zombie, for he noticed Zegma’s ears were a normal skin tone, and the green skin tone seem to be realistic paint. At this he pushed Zegma and aided James and Jordan in combat. The 3 of them combined were able to overpower Zegma and his men. Zegma still tried to fight back, trying to hit Jordan with his guitar, however, Jordan saw this coming, took his guitar and broke it right in front of him. Zegma looked dumbfounded, and had a stupid smile on his face, saying that it doesn’t look like he can escape when he is cornered in a dark cave, then he shrugs. Jordan handcuffed Zegma and put a chain on his cuffs and had him walk, as if he was being pulled.

Zegma arrested, returning to base

While walking back to HQ in the rebel camp, Zegma was being extremely annoying, singing, coming up with threats, making fun of James stating that the White Dragon knows who he is. Zegma’s goal was trying to strike someone’s nerve; however, he had failed to do this. Jordan got a call from Yuna telling him that they are about to leave the area, that they should hurry up. Once they got there, a swarm of White Dragon drones appeared. With Jared now part of the team, he was able to help out, easily beating the drones. Yuna told everyone that they have to go back to Tokyo as quick as possible.

It is almost over

Everyone else, including Zegma was transported back to Tokyo, even the defeated Yakuza members. At the base, they met with St. Marc 5th, as for Zegma, he was placed into a cell and he started laughing. Hima told Zegma that he will be interrogated right as soon as possible, however, Zegma told them what is there to speak about. He told them all he ever did was take orders, when asked who gave him the orders, Zegma said he doesn’t know, adding he chooses to reveal himself when he wants, whenever he wants. Zegma got him and put his face against the cell door, and in a deep dark tone, he said that they will always come for the ones they’ve lost. He told Hima that it isn’t over until the boss is beaten and the only way to see the boss is through the virus, which he calls himself a magically drug that makes a lot of people and machines happy.

St Marc likes to go clubbing

While Hima was busy with Zegma, Yuna confronted St. Marc 5th and she told him what he needs. St. Marc 5th told her he needs a bodyguard or two, one’s that do not look obvious to join him on his night of clubbing. Yuna told him why does he want to do such in a time like this, however, he told her that there is a time to relax, and many Japanese people are party right now, knowing that White Dragon is coming to an end, along with The Yukaza who wanted power. He then grabbed Yuna’s hand and kissed it, saying if she is willing to go with him. Yuna, who was worried about him decided to go with him, and Jordan accompanied them as well. St. Marc 5th then turned his attention to Miranda, saying if she wishing to come with him as well, for he knows someone that is dying to meet her. Miranda asks of who this person was, he states a charming young man who wants to meet people from other lands. Miranda was happy, but this made James uneasy, because he feared for her safety. James did try to stop Miranda, but she told him she’d be safe because Jordan and Yuna will be around as well. At this, Miranda and the others accompanied St. Marc 5th.

Enter Momoko, a plan to trespass

Momoko, who was present at the time wanted to see if St. Marc 5th was protected, for she speculated that he may be or was a target the whole time after discovering some robots carrying some of the weaponry made by his company. Momoko urged James to come with her just to investigate, Kyuza and Jared followed. They all went into Momoko’s car and she drove to her place at New Kyushu City’s downtown. Momoko explained the situation to them, stating that during their fight against White Dragon, they were using some tech from Leon’s CTF, stolen property; she told them she didn’t realize this until they were in San’Ya where most of the weapons were used during the fight.

They went to Momoko’s house and she gave them a briefing on what she thinks is about to happen, she told them White Dragon members could already be in the city, and they may be at the club without anyone knowing, adding that most of White Dragons attacks are more subtle. James told her that Yuna and the others are at the place they went to, he asked if they could get inside. Momoko told them that they can be dressed for that place, but it is impossible for them to go in through the front door. Kyuza told them he’d rather go in from the roof, for he doesn’t like to dress up, Jared told Momoko if she could make up a lie about him being her boyfriend, to whom Momoko stated that Jared is just a kid, and could only remain at the lobby. James and Jared had to dress up a bit to blend in inside, however, Kyuza choose to cover himself with a black sweater, awkwardly covering what he is wearing now.

Breaking in

Momoko, James and the others left in her car. James asked her about TSM and what is it about her. Momoko told him that she knows about her counterpart in the States, with James being that counterpart. She adds she is a nice person, but can easily be anger because she has been through so much heart ache, revealing her personality. James started to put two and two together, and he utters the name, Bianca Ariesus. Momoko was shocked, and he told him to not tell anyone who she is, for she has many enemies in the criminal underworld, she added someone almost killed Bianca’s father because of it. James told Momoko that he didn’t like Bianca’s attitude, but will honor by not revealing her identity to anyone.

They made it to the Blacklight Club and there were lights everywhere, a crowd outside and inside and the holographic broad sparks messages about the White Dragon will soon be defeated, adding, Japan is winning. James was interested in the lights only to be stopped by a bouncer. The bouncer pushed him back, yelling at him in Japanese. James could easily bring this guy down, but Momoko walked past him, whispering to him to use the vents, as she entered with Jared.

Inside, St. Marc 5th and the others were at a private table, and the young man who is Miranda’s age was a United Kingdom teen. He was well dressed and groomed and he smelled like he was wearing the most expensive cologne ever. This young gentlemen is called Dale, and he is a young intern working with St. Marc 5th in the robotic engineering department. He tried to show off and tell Miranda that they build things to change the world, to help people and so forth, even adding that the war effort is supported. Jordan, who was wearing a disguise with dark sunglasses instead of his armor, told Yuna that the kid is annoying, to which Yuna said that he is trying to wow her and nothing more. Jordan grin saying knowing that girl (Miranda) and her old man, she can’t easily be wowed by anyone. As they were together, Jordan eyed down an ominous looking United Kingdom man walking past a few tables across the club, he was with other men and they were wearing all black and grey. Yuna told Jordan that the man over there is a rich, well known man from United Kingdom and his name is Charles Maximus Shreck Sheer. As Jordan was about to ask more about him, Dale yelled saying he sees the DJ, who happen to be standing by the stairway, taking pictures with fans. As for Kyuza, he literally met he was climbing the building and so he did, he went from the back ally where it was dark and did just that, Momoko and Jared were able to get into the lobby, and await James and Kyuza, as for James, he had to go through a vent, ending up in the first floor bathroom.

James regrouped with Momoko and Jared; however, Jared himself had to sneak to the upper floors, so Momoko tried to conceal him. James was able to use the vents again, with Momoko and Jared to access the upper floors. James managed to get ahead only to bump into the DJ herself. She stood there with a smile and her hands on her hips calling James if he was a frisky one, to which James told her he wasn’t that kind of person, that it was by accident. She then grabbed James’ hair and lean into his face with a crazy look on her face. She told him normally she doesn’t meet good looking boys like him, and stated she may have seen him somewhere before. She added that James should not bump into girls like her again because what could happen next could upset mommy, she patted James on his head and walked away. Momoko told James that the DJ’s name is Nadlia Domashevich (DJ NaDi). She said that she was a DJ in Russia and decent to move on to other countries, eventually becoming a DJ in Japan. Momoko also stated that the place used to be a large fish bizarre, which explains the water in certain areas and added that the robots with her are literally her bodyguards, not of St. Marc 5th design.

That’s my DJ

Eventually DJ Nadi figured out who James was, thanks to Zegma and Beast-Li, and just to be safe, she had some of her robots scan the outer parts of the building for police. She went to her turntables and began to work her magic. James and the others made it to the 3rd floor and James walked past the table with the Englishmen Maximus Shreck Sheer. He stopped James and told him what he doing here, to which James is told him he is a young rebel looking for some fun. Shreck laughed and told James he used to be like him in his days, and he complimented James on his clothing for it was a mix of modern and traditional Japanese design. James thanked him. He also continued to say he recognize those eyes of his. He stood up and James told him how he knows, to which he tells James, he knows everything. Shreck told James he is now leaving for his meeting with the men he was with was over, he shook James’ hand and took off. James stood there still confused about how he knew about his eyes, and then looked around and spotted Miranda looking at him. The two of them stared each other down as if they felt sorry for each other. As for Kyuza he made it directly above the night club, only to be confronted by 2 robots. He was able to beat them; however, a 3rd robot impaled him, causing Kyuza to break through a glass ceiling, falling directly onto the dance floor.

Broken Glass

James and Jared rushed towards Kyuza, who was still recovering from the fight with Danik, however he was unable to get up due to his injuries. Jared told James he thought Dragnis could heal up fast, but James told him some of them heal slowly and do not have this fast heal ability until they are stronger. Jordan witnessed this and hopped the tables reaching James and the others, and Momoko rushed in as well. DJ Nadi began to laugh saying it reminds her of a family reunion, in addition, her mood started to change. James told her that he could have been hurt and that there is nothing to laugh about. DJ Nadi then lean on her turntable, and she mad a fake frowning facial expression to make him mad. As she was doing this, she told James she remembers him, she was joking with James as the kid that bumped right in front of her earlier. She started to mock James saying that his friend was trespassing on her night club and she does not prohibit that.

She stood up and crossed her arms, starting to mock James even more, telling him how cute he is, stating that he had a balls of steel to drop in her Russian turf uninvited. As James tried to defend himself, Jordan put his arm on James' shoulder and told him to stand down. Jordan told DJ Nadi that he saw a number of people trespass the nightclub, yet she did not do anything against them, he added, that DJ Nadi even took photos with the uninvited guest that had other ways og coming in. DJ Nadi tried to defend herself saying that she didn't know they trespassed, however, Jordan cut her off, saying that she knew, he was watching.

A Crazy Woman, is really crazy as hell Woman

Now pissed off and could not defend herself, she put her hands on her head in confusion. The crowd began to look at Nadi, saying that she is having one of her spazy mood swings, she began to laugh maniacally. Within brief seconds, she closed her eyes and put her hands on her earphones and started biting her lips. She said in a calm voice, she is the most badass DJ in Japan right now. She put her hands on her hips and opened her eyes, saying that she will play a raving toon that everyone will never forget. As she glance at James and company, she glanced at Leon St. Marc 5th, who was more focused on trying to finish up in frustration the remainder his pink lemonade. She uttered under her breathe, so childish, yet having the looks to put a girl into cardiac arrest, a mind of a genius, what does he want with him.

She changed the music and people started to party, however, the floor where James and the others were clear. DJ Nadi's RRG robots appeared behind her and were staring at James. She crossed her arms and started biting her lips, she said to James that she doesn't like people like him messing around her club and continued to say that if James was her age, she couldn't mind making out with him, saying this to only provoke James. Jordan called her crazy. DJ Nadi told him they are in Japan and the laws or whatever is left of them is different, adding she would mind once James submits to her, then she said she was joking and started to laugh, but went into a calm tone and stated she is about to kick all of their asses.

She pointed at James and company with both hands with a maniacal look on her face and her eyes open wide. 3 robots flew into the center of the dance floor, surrounding James and company. Someone in the crowd hopped on a table with a cup in hand yelled that DJ is about to kick ass, filled with laughter, the man stumbled over and fell on the floor and everyone was cheering for the DJ.

Vs. DJ Nadi (Robots on teh dance floor)

3 Robots surrounded James and company. They moved fairly slow, and started to try and grab Miranda, and one of them grabbed Jared. Jared was able to use his powers and harm the robot, forcing the other robot to let go of Miranda and focus on Jared. James lunged at the robot that was pursuing Jared and started to beat it down; Jordan took out dagger and a steel knuckle and fought the 3rd robot. Yuna was across from the fight and could only watch, she was about to jump the railing, but Leon St. Marc 5th told her that it is best to remain here to avoid all the attention. Dale just nodded his head in fear for Miranda, and Yuna looked at Leon St. Marc 5th in anger, telling him how he can be so calm in a situation like this. Leon St. Marc 5th began think about one of his nightmares, and he saw the giant robot reach out to grab him, he was hallucinating as the robot’s hand reach past Yuna in attempt to grab him. He yelled at Yuna and grabbed her, thinking he had saved her. As he was holding her, Yuna stared at him saying if he is alright. Leon St. Marc 5th was sweating and was confused of the situation, he glance at James and the others fighting the robots and said that it is best to leave right now. Dale asked St. Marc 5th about the others, he told Dale that they have been through trial and error, saying they could handle themselves, adding that Miranda isn’t one of those kinds of girls, she is very tough, he said.

The 3 of them started to push through a crowd to leave, as St. Marc 5th was calling for his chauffeur to pull up in front of the club. DJ Nadi kept sending in robots to fight James and company, and this time, Kyuza was able to recover to help them fight. Each robot that went down in defeat pissed off Nadi even more and caused her to making rude gestures towards James and company. She clicked on something under her turn table and summon a bigger robot, that was green, and it’s presence caused the lights and flooring to turn green. Nadi told James and company that everyone here is subjected to something even greater. She started look at everyone crazy as she pulled up a sphere (basically a high-tech record in sphere form). The green robot jumped over Nadi and landed on the dance floor. Nadi sat on her turntables and licked the sphere in her hand, as she was doing it; she said that this next song will make people lose themselves in the musical trance she has prepared. The robot began fighting James and company, as for the crowd, some watched, others wanted to leave and some took selfies with the fight behind them. Nadi looked at the crowd with a sinister grind, and her eyes were glowing green, she then put the sphere in the turn table and anyone close to the dance floor started to looks their minds. James and his friends were almost subjected to it, until Jared, because he was sort of immune to the virus due to Zegma experimenting on him, he didn’t want to fight off a crowd and his friends, knowing that he will be ripped apart, so as a last ditch effort electrocuted all of them before they could submit to Nadi’s influence, which was revealed to be the virus that was spreading all of Japan. After they recovered, the robot started to charge at them and fought them. The goal was for them to destroy this robot and protect the virus-infused club-goers who were fighting James and Company as well. Because the robot recognized James, most of its attacks were directed towards him. Finally it turned its attention on Miranda, who as fighting off the somewhat possessed club-goers, as she defeated them; she spotted the giant robot closing in. It was moving with a force, enough to kill her on one blow. Miranda was caught off guard and couldn’t move because she didn’t expect the robot to target her. James seeing this knew what the outcome would be; he rushed towards Miranda and was fatally hit by the robot, taking the killing blow instead of Miranda. James was able to take the damage, however it is just him and the robot in the next room, leaving the others to fight off the club-goers.

Hijacked Russian Robot

Ironically, the robot began to speak, saying to James that he could have let her die, adding to why James had saved her. As it began to look for James as he was recovering, the fire sprinklers turned on because the wiring from where the robot busted James through the wall was messed up. He continued to talk, saying that Nadi isn’t in control of this robot, saying that it has temporary control over this Russian robot. James lunged at the robot with his sword, only to be punched away; however, James damaged its eye. The robot enabled heat vision to easily track James, saying all of Japan will see its rage very soon. James lunged at it again and fought it. He told James that Japan will be under new management, saying that in order to do this, it must purge all of Japan for the White Dragon, and for it is the only way for peace. It grabbed James and tried to choke him, James struggled to say why go through all that trouble for peace, the White Dragon were the ones ruining towns with takeovers. The robot throws James and said that they were the ones to help it. James then stabbed the robot 2 twice, and told it why the virus. It took the sword out of its side and impaled James, saying the virus is what will drive the sheep into the pens for purging. He stares at James and noticed James did not die so easily. The robot then stated that James was unkillable from his own blade and still mobile, it ended by saying if James is a Dragni, to which James removed his own sword, saying yes and charged at the robot. The robot said he is of its kind, only to be knocked down by James, and somewhat becomes disabled. James stared at the robot and wnt to aid his friends. James aided his friends defeat the club-goers but it seems as if the effects of the virus wore off for now, as DJ Nadi could be seen, passed out, sleeping on her turntables.

Party’s over, Japan purging threat

As James and his friends attempted to leave the dance floor, the same robot appeared again. It told James that next time they meet, it will rip him atom from atom, for it knows how to kill anyone with Dragni DNA, adding with enough force, they are no different from a meta human or a normal human. Jared tried to electrode the robot, but it failed, it grabbed Nadi and a troop of RRG robots appeared with Leon St. Marc 5th captured. James yelled at the Robot to let him go, to which the robot told James who gave him the right to make feeble commands, adding that Mr. St. Marc 5th is the key to this cleansing. Before it took it’s leave, it told James and everyone within 72 hours, all of Japan will be purged, those that chooses to be on its side must remain in Tokyo, and those who remain outside of Tokyo will be destroyed, it was able to hacking into the networks and send out this ominous message.

People started to go crazy saying that The White Dragon are not just gangsters, but terrorist, others already high-tailed it out and headed for Tokyo.

James told Jordan that what the robot said about Tokyo is a trap, it wants to gather everyone to eradicate them. Jordan asks how does he know, James replied that the robot seem possess, as if it was hijacked somehow. Momoko told him if it had anything to do with the virus, and James told her the virus was just a tool to around up everyone who is against White Dragon. Jordan added who ever this person or entity is might not have it's sights only for Japan if what it is implying isn't stopped. Jared questioned if Nadi was in control of the robot, James said probably not, for it changed he saved Miranda. Yuna appeared stating that Nadi's robots have kidnapped St. Marc 5th and she couldn't fight off against them, for the robots ambushed the limo, destroying it. As the group was trying to figure things out, Hima contacted Yuna via hologram. He looked beaten up. Yuna asked him what happen, and Hima told her that the Japanese police HQ in Tokyo had been attacked, adding that they were after Zegma and Hiro (Bulbot). Yuna told Hima who attacked the HQ, Hima told her it was a man dressed in a crisp white suit, single handled beat everyone, killing 4 in the process, Hima added if this "man" was the same as James, to which James had no idea, telling Hima he doesn't know.

Jordan told everyone that the best thing to do right now is to regroup. Before Hima's tranmission was over, he told Jordan where to meet.

Rundown, The masked men against the government

While James and the others were dealing with DJ Nadi, White Dragon members had already made preparations to recover Hiro and Zegma.

The jailed masked men kept telling police that the government is corrupt and that White Dragon is the result of their corruption, adding that their misuse of power had revived them, adding Yakuza into the mix. These masked young adults were called the Nobodys. They station themselves around most parts of Asia and Europe, making protest and attempt to go against government officials, a group started by a college drop out by the name Fawkes Payton, who had been jailed in United Kingdom for almost 2 years now. The Nobodys were arrested in Japan since they were suspects to vandalism in order to get their message across, with 2 out of the dozen of them being arrested. Prior to the events of Japan’s problems, they were committing acts of Vandalism and protest, having people side with them.

Right now, 2 of them are jailed for a few days, and they either kept silent or kept repeating how Japanese police had failed, that Japan is doom to White Dragon who is now suspected to be terrorist after that ominous message was broadcast via hijack from DJ Nadi’s robot, after the battle with her in New Kyushu City.

Tokyo HQ attacked by White Dragon

Hima was busy trying to do research on what has been found so far and the information he had gather thanks to the efforts of his SWAT team and police force. Outside of HQ, Beast-Li, who was acting more stranger than ever, was scaling the walls, trying to break an entering.

He was successful in doing this, and managed to tackle and knock out a few unaware police officers. Prior to his breaking in, A man in a White Suit entered the HQ, who some mistaken for Leon St. Marc 5th himself. One of Hima’s officers informed Hima about this man, and Hima didn’t hesitate to meet this man. The man stood there, with his hands in his pockets, He wore a clean white suit and sported thick black shades, his head was slightly down, looking at the floor. Hima asked if he could help the man, to whom the man slowly moved his head up, telling Hima and his men that he is sorry for not introducing himself properly, he introduced himself to be Boshiku. Hima then asked him again if he is endanger or in need of assistance, to which Boshiku replied, if he was in any danger, he wouldn’t be on such a calm mood. As he grinned at Hima and the police, 2 men entered the room, wearing the cloaks representing themselves to be part of White Dragon. At this, Hima’s men raised their guns, and Hima told Boshiku if he was the leader of the White Dragon, to which Boshiku stated yes, saying "Gentlemen, gentlemen... I am in a bit of a rush, and it seems you possess a small pieces of property of mine..." Hima glanced at the cells and now realized tha he was here for Zegma and Hiro. One of Hima’s men used a real gun to shoot Boshiku, however, the bullet barely scratched Boshiku. He then started to laugh, saying he loves when people prefer the hard way, that way he is able to work.

Boshiku raise is arm and had his palm face the officer who shot him. He told them that guns are so primitive, and doesn’t see why a majority of people still uses them. He unleashed some sonic-wave attack from his hand, which hit the officer, knocking him into the wall, which caused him to break his arm and fracture his leg. The 2 men that were with Boshiku marched towards the jail cell and fought off any police or SWAT member in their way, as for Boshiku, he fought off any one who was nearby, even took a few jabs at Hima. Beast-Li showed up and used one of the stolen keys to unlock the cell doors, freeing now just Zegma and Hiro, but other criminals and alleged criminals as well. Boshiku did not leave just yet, he destroyed parts of the HQ, and fought more police officers, killing a few of them in the process, and leaving more severely injured from his attacks. When he was down, he brushed off his suit and walked towards Hima with his hands in his pocket.

He picked up Hima with one hand and held him against the wall. Hima, was struggling and said that Boshiku killed some of his men, to which Boshiku replied that they got way to close to him and he smiled. He removed his shades and stared at Hima, to which Hima was scared and called him a monster. Boshiku told Hima that he’s no monster, just reborn into a perfect sentinel of peace. He told Hima that this damage will be expensive to fix and added that he is here to send a message, for anyone who continues down this path to confront the White Dragon will suffer from a fate far worse. Hima told Boshiku that they will stop him, the boy will stop him. Boshiku told him if he was referring to the Dragni child, and grins, saying that it would be great to experiment a stronger version of the virus on him. Finally, the message from the hijacked robot who fought for DJ Nadi appeared, Boshiku told Hima that he should be leaving, with Beast-Li walking past him saying that Hima got his butt kicked, Hiro spit at Hima’s face, and Zegma kneeled down and said “Si sólo usted sabe lo que se trataba todo esto, my friend.” Patting the beaten Hima’s cheek and he walks away. Hima, with the last bit of energy he had went into the briefing room to contact Yuna about the situation.

Doomed Odyssey

The right back to Tokyo wasn’t a good one. As the crew looked out of the tinted windows the carrier, they saw the people below , rioting, looting, people hiding, even some being victimized by others. Yuna looked down and said to her men if they had failed Japan, adding that they thought of White Dragon as typical gangsters, compared to the revived Yakuza, ending with she didn’t know the group were terrorist at all. Jordan, wearing his Darkskull uniform once again, told her that if could be something else that he didn’t expect someone like DJ Nadi to have control of that robot, she was busy controlling the minor ones. James told Jordan that “someone” took control of that robot, and whoever this person was wanted him separated from the fight, hence the reason why most of its attacks are directed to James, even the near death experience of Miranda. Yuna utters something under her breathe, and James told her if she had something to say. She looked at James and looked back down at the ground again. James told her if she knew something, to tell everyone, but she did not. Dale, who was with them, told Yuna that going back to HQ may not be the brightest idea, for they are potential targets to White Dragon and or the rioters around the area. At this Yuna looked like she had an idea, and she contacted Hima, who was still able to command. She told Hima to go to the old National Museum in Tokyo, a SWAT member asked her why there, why the abandon museum. She told him that it is the last place anyone would find them, she that she knows a bunker there enough to hold a lot of people. He continued to say, why bunkers, to which Yuna replied there is something there she needs to carefully view hidden there.

Relic of the Past

The carrier landed in a forest area, next to the abandon museum. It was dark and gloomy there, and it was empty. The place looked like it was hit by a bomb or caught on fire years ago, and it was boarded up. Hima and the reminder of his men arrived, and they started to take down the wooden walls blocking the entrance. When asked what happen there, Yuna told everyone that the place was supposed to be torn down for no one wanted to buy the land, however, protesters saw the museum as a historic place and fought to keep it up, she added that the protesters have won, however, the place was left there and vegetation and grew group around it.

Yuna took beige jean jacket off and said that it would only slow her down. Miranda asked where she is headed; she told James, Kyuza, Miranda, Jared, Momoko and Darkskull to come with her, saying to them that they are not the typical America dwellers she had ever seen. They followed Yuna into the museum, as the SWAT and police around them were settling in. Yuna brought them into a library, where inside, she pulled a trigger, revealing a hidden path. Darkskull asked her if there is anything new they didn’t know, to which she told them that her grandfather told her about this place, and said to her only seek this place out if she needed answers.

They followed her down various hidden paths, until they made it to a sealed away library. She told everyone to look up data on the still working computers for androids or The St. Marcs. She then went into a room alone, to which James and Kyuza went after here. James asked her that there is something she isn’t telling them besides this museum. She crossed her arms and turned around, in tears. She said she admired James and Kyuza, adding that she feared them. She continued to say that she Dragnis is either a blessing or a curse, to which she removed her sunglasses, revealing to the two of them she is a Half White Dragni. As she was crying, she was smiling, she said that she is one of them due to her father’s mother, saying that she didn’t know she was one until she found out she was capable of pushing her limits.

Kyuza interrupted and said that the reason for crying isn’t because of the Dragni heritage; he added that it is something else. Kyuza walked up to Yuna and put his hand on her shoulder, Yuna looked at Kyuza. Kyuza told her that it is okay for her to feel fear, even towards other Dragni, he continued, and that her fear was because of something else, the fear that she had failed her country to The White Dragon. Yuna started to cry on Kyuza shoulder.

From my point of view (Old Visor Video Feed)

Darkskull and Miranda, they found out about the covered up conspiracies regarding Leon St. Marc 2nd, that he was injured during a firefight from SWAT weaponry. They also discovered that he was also the creator of The White Dragon. A gloomy, yet frighten image of a dying Leon St. Marc 2nd was found, with a human like figure looking at the SWAT member, however, the glow of its eyes was seen, as the rest of its body and face was in the shadows. These black and White images were taken from the SWAT member’s visor.

The same SWAT member was also administering the events that unfold next, with all of what was in that White Dragon estate was covered in black synthetic bags and bundled in plastic wrappings, were being transported out through the back on to a boat. Even small black and white clips were found, of a man in a Hazmat suit, explaining to the SWAT member that all of what the items inside the estate were weaponry beyond understanding, and it was best for it to be destroyed, for they were unable to comprehend what St. Marc 2nd was allegedly forced to do. The man continued to say that the SWAT member did a fine job, from the SWAT member’s POV, he turned to his side and a beautiful battled worn woman was at his side, telling the man that everything will be okay. The clips were rewind back hours, revealing the rest of the SWAT group, even the American woman who said that everything was going to be okay, name indicators only showed one name, Ayumi Saito, a late relative to Hima Saito. The clip was fast-forwarded slightly, showing the SWAT member, from his POV, fighting, alongside his team, against the twins, even showing their deaths, and how the dying Vitarius was on his knees, exacting his revenge as he died, with Ayumi paying her respects to her fallen enemies, destroying their corpses on the spot, due to the former law in those days whereas regardless of who the person is, their public will can be produced, if it isn't something crazy and or outlandish, Vitarius wishes was to have his body and that of his sister's terminated.

Miranda asked Darkskull what does that all mean, but Darkskull didn’t understand, he fast-forwarded the video again. He saw through the eyes of the SWAT member once again, he was with a few others and people in hazmat suits, it seems as if they were returning, going up an elevator that seems to be underwater. Ayumi was present again, she patted the SWAT member on his shoulder, however, she had a sad facial expression on her face, she said that what happen today should never be known to anyone, and it is between them and their sector. Ayumi then looked around and commanded everyone to give them their video cards on their helmets., The SWAT member looked at the woman again, this time her name was blurred out, she was revealed to be Yula Steelbound, and Yula told him that it is best that the people shouldn’t know of this. She removed her video card from her helmet and said that if the people knew, Japan’s troubles would never be over. He then looked to his right; the three to his right were Zanato, Brutus, and Barret Steelbound. Barret told the SWAT member, calling him “Lance” that they have to do what they are told, he removed his video card, along with Zanato, who spoke in Japanese, telling Lance that even thought this should not get out, someone should know about what has happen. He pointed and poked at Lance’s chest, he continued to say in Japanese, that the Shinobi are always right, ending by saying that a key should be left for our descendants to save themselves in case something goes wrong.

Lance hesitated, and Ayumi ‘s attention was towards him. She told him that they must destroy these cards; they are instructed to do so. Lance looked around and everyone nodded, even Tanaka, who was revealed to be another member. Lance looked out of the elevator behind Ayumi and looked at the city of Japan, which seems to be a place far from New Kyushu City; for Lance was staring at the city from a distance. Lance pulled out an unused card and gave it to Ayumi. To which Ayumi flared the card in his face, saying that orders are orders, adding that stopping more dangerous riots will be prevented, she broke the video card and began to contact SAT HQ, the clip had ended.

Another clip was recovered, and saved by an unknown person. He showed a SAWT member fighting Vitarius’ men when everyone was separated inside the estate. As the men was taking shots, a glitched-out image blurred out his visor, showing random numbers and letters, to which the SWAT member was cussing out his visor/helmet, thinking that it was broken, however, he was shortly killed off by Vitarius, this man was revealed to be one of Zanato’s men, so Zanato could have been the one who saved that clip, even when re-winded, it showed Zanato and Tanaka together after everyone was separate and this SWAT member happen to be with them, Darkskull wasn’t able to understand for all of them spoke Japanese this time and not English. Jared said if those guys were still around, to which Darkskull said that they are probably dust by now. Momoko told Darkskull that the other clip of the members going up an elevator, she saw New Kyushu City right across from it, she added if there was some sort of base under the sea.

Yuna, James and Kyuza re-entered the room, to which Darkskull called them over. Yuna quickly got up-to-date with what they had found. Darkskull told her if Leon St. Marc was afflicted with The White Dragon from the very beginning, adding that his relative was in the same situation, and acted as if he was helping them. She said that Leon St. Marc 5th can’t be with them for it wouldn’t make sense because he was fighting against the White Dragon. More of the clips were showed to her, and she revealed that Barret Steelbound and Yula Steelbound were siblings, late relatives of hers. She stated that in her father often tells her that his mother was in love with one of the SWAT member team at the time, and this man was unique. Yuna looked down and look at James, she said she knew that the man was a Dragni, hence the reason why she is half Dragni. Darkskull told her that there isn’t anything wrong about that. However, Yuna stated that even though she has slight enhanced abilities, she still finds herself as a non-human, even saying she doesn’t consider herself a meta-human. James tells her why she feels so bothered by this, to which she stated that Dragnis in the past were violent, people were lucky to find a nice one. She continued to say that their kinds are considered weapons due to some old Japanese folk tale. Momoko cut everyone off by saying that they need to act quickly, stood on the table and pointed at the screen of the computer, saying that the source is under the sea, for that was the only unusual location those people were in, in addition, she added that they were coming back from somewhere.

Hima and the others, who took guard patrol outside of the museum, were attacked by The Yukuza, who was using robot parts as armor to punch around Hima and his men, which Ryuka Jezaku leading the charge.

Career ending fall into the unknown

Ryuka claimed that she was following SWAT in order to exact revenge and free her men from their captors. She fought were way inside, beating down Hima and his men with 2 of her remaining followers.

Yuna and the others got the information they needed and had to travel back to the surface to connect with Hima, when they got there, they discovered Ryuka throwing SWAT members around, injuring them. She spotted Yuna and the others running, but stops them, she attempted to shoot them, with Darkskull taking a hit to the arm while saving Miranda. Momoko threw ninja stars at Ryuka and Jared tried to shock her, but this failed. Yuna confronted Ryuka and told her that enough is enough. Ryuka laughed and took out a sword and held a gun to Yuna, Yuna recalled what Kyuza told her that Half Dragnis are capable of dying to normal means, and after seeing the clip with the twins, Yuna prepared herself. She fought Ryuka, taking the fight into a the old cafeteria, Hima showed up and tried to help Yuna with the remainder of his men. They downed both of Ryuka’s followers with he help from James and the others, and they managed to disable her armor, causing the armor Ryuka was using to be depleted of energy.

However, Ryuka was persistent, she started to run and shoot at SWAT members, to which Yuna and Hima gave her a chase. Since there was vegetation inside the building as well, there was puddles of watery liquid shattered throughout the area. Ryuka managed to shoot and injured severely SWAT members inside the building, and when cornered by Hima and Yuna, she started to shoot and run. She shot at Yuna, hitting her in the leg, Hima shot back, disabling Ryuka’s arm, telling her that it is over. She still continued to run, with Yuna not too far behind. She was close to an abandon elevator and slipped, with Yuna catching her.

She tried to pull Ryuka up; however, Ryuka told her she is a singer no more, and a Yakuza leader to the end. She pulled out a gun and pointed directly at Yuna’s face, and Yuna was in shock. Hima managed to shoot the gun off of Ryukza’s hand, injured her hand in the process, and she fell to her death. Yuna looked down the shaft and told Hima that she heard that Ryuka stopped screaming, but didn’t hear her hit the ground. Hima told her that at this point, the shaft could be deeper then they think, adding that it was either her or Ryuka that would have died, and Hima helped her up. As Hima carried the injured Yuna back outside to the carrier, she told Hima that they have one destination they must go to and they will need a lot of help. James and the others showed up and the rest of SWAT.

Madness in Tokyo, The broadcast

Yuna, James and everyone else were on the carrier. Darkskull was being treated for his wound, however, he told the medic he had been through worse, so it wasn’t a shot to him. Yuna, looked at James and Kyuza. She told them that she is only a half Dragni, comparing herself to them, saying that she could easily be harmed by anyone or anything. Kyuza told her that the heritage is a blessing; he added he would not have been able to save the Egyptian from danger when he was in Egypt. James looked at Kyuza, and with a confused expression, he told Kyuza what he was doing in Egypt. Kyuza told him that he is Egyptian and Japanese, however, he was under the care of the Sōhei, who stationed somewhere in Egypt up northeast of Cairo. James told Kyuza he didn’t know Japanese people liked outside of Japan. Yuna told James that the world is like a rainbow, a mix of colors, in a sense she told him that you can find any race of people anywhere. She leaned her head on the carrier’s window. She told James that she is Japanese American that her family moved to Japan in order to help the police force, adding that it is in her blood to do this. She said that most Japanese people here speak English, to which James repeated what Yuna had said before about this. Dale tried to talk to Miranda, however, Miranda told Dale that she isn’t interested in dating him, for she has her eyes set on someone else, still feeling a bit sadden because she liked James a lot, however, she is trying to move on. Dale told her that he isn’t here to talk about that. He told her that if going to Tokyo would be the best idea. Miranda said that she doesn’t know. Momoko overheard and told them that it was indeed a trap, saying that it’s easier to make a lie to round up as many people as possible, even the ones who were against The White Dragon. Hima was talking to people who were stationed elsewhere in Japan, when he was cut-off by an incoming radio message, everything on the carrier went haywire, and a broadcast was played.

The broadcast was hosted by Boshiku himself, who is accompanied by a masked stranger at his side, along with the other obvious members, who wore masks. Boshiku told everyone that Japan will be purged, that Japan had fallen into corruption and it needs saving. He continued to say that we trusted the police, yet the rebels are causing us trouble, when in truth it was the other way around, whereas White Dragon framed both sides. He continued to say that if anyone wants to survive this purge that they must submit to White Dragon’s leader. The masked man appeared and put his fist in the air. He told the people that a new Japan will rise again under the White Dragon flag and he ordered everyone to side with him. The people viewing this broadcast was either cheering for White Dragon or against them, which sprinted countless brawls among the people there. The anti-government group tried to reason with the people, only to be beaten by them and tied up and made an example of. Momoko told Hima that the broadcast could have been done anywhere; she told them if they kidnapped St. Marc, they’d be at his estate back in Kyushu City. Hima told the pilot to re-route to go to Kyushu City instead of Tokyo, for if they’d go, they would be jumping into madness like no other and it would only delay them. As for the rebels, they were told by police officers about what happen and they were already well on their way to St. Marc 5th’s estate, the primary target is Boshiku.

Vs. Boshiku

Once the carrier touched down the estate, everyone got off and instantly engaged in combat with upgraded cyborgs using CTF technology. The rebels made their way into the estate as well, taking the fight from the opposite side. Yuna thought that this fight would be dangerous and instructed Dale and the others to remain hidden inside the carrier. James wanted to go help them, but went with Darkskull to go for Boshiku himself. Miranda, Jared, Momoko and Kenji, who showed up, joined them. They fought their way inside the estate and tried to locate Boshiku himself. After the search, they found Boshiku inside of the recording room, but they were only able to find a dummy there instead. Boshiku showed up out of nowhere and grabbed Miranda, and he stood on the railing outside of the room with Miranda in hand. James told him to let her go, to which Boshiku said to him that if he truly desires the girl’s friendship, then he’d have to take her from him. Boshiku jumped away and robots attacked James and company. As they fought, Boshiku locked Miranda away in an empty room, the room where he made the real recording. Boshiku returned to find his robots beaten and he engaged in combat with James and company. Boshiku was easily beaten because he did not know that kyuza was a Dragni, he had only focused on James, and due to Jared’s meta-human abilities, Boshiku was often weaken by electricity slowing him down.

Boshiku was downed; however, he attempted to cut at Kyuza neck, only injuring him. He looked at Kyuza and said that he now knows what Kyuza is, saying the eyes were a dead giveaway, and the placement of his heart (Full Dragnis have their heart on the opposite side of the body). Kyuza grabbed Boshiku’s blade and arm and broke it. Boshiku hopped out of his way and stood on a railing, placing his able arm on his broken one. He told James and company, that the time is nearly here, and he will not be the one finally destroying them, but the entity itself. At that very moment, the eerie signal hit again, but the force was stronger this time. Boshiku told them for years this signal was so minor, so faint that even people with a brain weren’t able to figure out what it was, in addition, consider it a small glitch. He laughed saying since the signal is stronger, that “he” will be waking up soon, physically, he also added for their victory, the young girl is in one of the rooms, and he took off fleeing in laughter.

Boshiku was spotted by Hima, flying out of the estate, and all remaining robots followed him, but most were shot down by patrolling jets. Out of anger, Boshiku counter-shot an incoming jet, causing it to plummeted down into the water below.

James was able to rescues Miranda, and Miranda was okay. She hugged James then told him to look at the screen, she told him that it shows where Boshiku is headed, she also made note of the drawings next to the monitor, of a masked figure. She told James, and the rest of her friends coming into the room, the childish drawings resembled the masked man. Darkskull said that he had already put 2 and 2 together. He told Miranda and Momoko if they recall the old pov videos from the museum, he added that this Boshiku wanted St. Marc 5th to lead the charge. Darkskull went on to say that the late SWAT member named Lance knew about St. Marc 2nd being part of White Dragon, adding why else wouldn’t St. Marc 2nd escape, let alone was in the process of forming what seems to be an android. James and company regroup at the carrier, and they gave Hima and the pilot coordinates of the sea lab, they told him that Boshiku may have gone there and that this could be ended by before the sun comes up.

Technological Graveyard, SLi117 (Sea Level i1-17)

The place they were headed to was SLi117. A Sea Level that was acts as a physical archive that housed documents, books, and a large amount of technology, some even with unknown data inside them. The lab is located 117.117 feet below sea level, and the place is strong enough to withstand and or prevent the pressure to crush the walls of such a place. The walling, flooring and ceilings are made by a special type of metal and steel so that even a large force was unable to break the walls, however, the platforms and objects inside can easily be destroyed.

The place was built by Leon St. Marc 1st and his friends. The place was made to be a fallout zone in case Japan was in trouble from a disaster, terrorist attack, natural event, etc. It was pretty much the Atlantis that Leon St. Marc 1st envisioned when he was alive, however, the project was abandon, and the place served as storage, or a place to get rid of anything from the public. Its known humanoid population as about 7 people, including St. Marc 1st, those people planned out the Sea Lab and had many aids helping to build it during that time between the years 2018-2025

The hallways were long and there is an unknown amount of large doors that could lead into anywhere. The monitors do show a large amount of activity going on at the last floor of the lab.

James, Miranda, Darkskull, Momoko, Jared, Kyuza, Hima, Yuna, Kenji and a number of SWAT members entered the elevator down into the technical graveyard. Dale communicated with them, using his surveillance skills to watch over them and help them out.

The Squad Returns (again,Rematch)

As soon as they got down, Hima was leading the charge, he told everyone that the focus is what is shown on the monitors, and they made their way to the location the map was pointing towards. As for Boshiku, he was unaware of Yuna and the others inside SLi, he had already injected the virus into Best-Li and the others, and made use of DJ Nadi’s robots once again, after this he headed into another room inside SLi. To once James and company entered the room, they spotted Beast-Li and the others, this time Hiro was leading the charge. He directed DJ Nadi’s robots to attack and the virus used on the others forced them to fight back relentlessly. They were easily able to down Hiro and the others, but the large green robot took time to finally be taken down and this time it wasn’t under some unknown influence, making the fight easier.

At this, the masked man walked into the room, and told them why they came to ruin his plans, to which Yuna told him that they are here to stop him. The masked man looked up and told them that St. Marc 5th was the key that they needed to make this happen, he continued to say why are they fighting against a making Japan anew. Yuna yelled at the man, telling him why prepare a mass genocide to rebuild Japan, she said it wasn’t necessary to do this. The masked man looked at Yuna and said that Japan wasn’t going to clean itself; he then continued to say that they took his family away, and his brother. Yuna tried to go to the masked man, only to be stopped by Darkskull. Kenji tried to go to him as well and he too is stopped. Darkskull told them that this man is Leon St. Marc 5th. He added it was obvious from the videos he had seen, however, the events are in reverse this time. The masked man clapped and applauded Darkskull, saying that his he thought no one would notice. He took off his masked and revealed himself to be Leon St. Marc 5th. He had green markings around his face and his eyes were pure white.

Leon St. Marc 5th wasn’t himself. The virus and the embedded A.I. in the mask had changed him. Leon stated that he now sees what he must do to save his country. He said that he will not let anyone stop him because his legacy was planned years ago. Kyuza glared at Leon, and said Dragni. James looked at him saying if it is true or not. Kyuza told James probably his abilities had awakened. Because of this Kyuza, had James and Yuna help him to take down Leon St. Marc 5th.

Mask off, gloves off

The fight wasn’t easy, since, like Danik, Leon St. Marc 5th is a half-white Dragni, so he was on par with Yuna during the fight, and since James and Kyuza were still young, it was harder for them because White Dragni are the most superior of the Dragni people. Kenji knew what Leon was and he was angry, and he decided to jump into the fight. His actions caused him to get severely injured. The fight was harder because virus injected into Leon triggered data inside the mask he was wearing, this same mask worn by Leon St. Marc 2nd, this caused Leon to gain and or quickly adapt to any skills or traits St. Marc 2nd had, along with encrypted data within the mask, having St. Marc bare memories, of even his father and that before. What was an even bigger shock was as he pushed Kenji around like a rag-doll, he kept referring to him as brother, revealing that Kenji was the brother of St. Marc 4th, who was believed to have died.

Sudden Day Dreaming

Kenji himself was told that his brother had died, he same story which was told to St. Marc, however, the roles were in reserve. Kenji grew up in a remote village off in Old Japan. The village stuck to 21 century roots, and did not rely heavily on technology, robots, etc. Kenji himself was an orphan child, and he was told that not only his brother, but his parents had died, which was partially correct. Kenji at a young age was a farmer in those lands, and look up to as a leader and mentor as he grew older, even gaining the favor of a girl in the village whom he cares for a lot. Kenji had developed guerrilla type fighting styles, so when not using his bare hands, making use of items around him to fight and or weapons of his enemies.Eventually over time, The Yakuza started to cause trouble for his village, to which he drove them out, causing them to hit other areas like Tokyo and the Gato Forest. Eventually he is confronted by a second group known as The White Dragon, which dubbed Kenji and his people as "rebels", causing people caught in between to think this as well, this prompted police and SWAT to think of Kenji and his people as such, however after the death of Yoroshima, it is revealed that Kenji and his people were actually the good guys, the people fighting back, this lea to a quick team up with SWAT/police, eventually leading up to the raid against Danik who took Kenji's village hostage, and the likes of Zegma who was injecting the virus into captured villagers who were temporarily zombified. Kenji quickly befriends SWAT/police and James and friends, and he continues to aid them to the end.

What are you?

In the fight, Kenji recovers after he was dazed and began dreaming, waking up to the corrupt St. Marc giving a speech of what he thinks is right for Old Japan, stating that the cleansing of the Japanese is only a start to what else is to come, calling this action of genocide as an act of vengeance. St. Marc walked towards Kenji and kneels down, telling his brother to join him. St. Marc pulled a syringe out of his pocket. He told Kenji that the airborne virus is stronger when in liquid form, telling him once it flows into his system, he will see things his way, stating that their is no resist, claiming to save everyone from the corrupt Japan for good.

Before he could inject Kenji, James and Kyuza grabbed arms and pulled him back, causing him to drop the syringe with the virus in it. The syringe breaks, causing St. Marc to be pissed off, yelling "You baboons, what have you done"? He charged at James, pushing him away, he then grabs and throws Kyuza at James, causing the both of them to fall. St. Marc pushed Kenji and picked up his sword and walked towards James. He yell that James is the start of those who cross the white Dragon and prepares to behead James, causing everyone to scream his name. Surprisingly, the sword breaks on impact as it collides with James neck, making St. Marc question to what James was. James looked at St. Marc telling him if it is his turn to make a move, and St. Marc pulled out a gun and fired several shots at James, which only caused him to cover himself, James was able to take little to no pain from these shots. As St. Marc utters what James is, he then points the gun at Kenji and fires, only to have Kyuza block the shot, unlike James, Kyuza feels a bit of pain, but is literally unharmed. Kyuza stood there and told St. Marc what they are is unknown to him.

St. Marc tried to tap into the mask to discover what they are, only to be knocked around by the two boys, and Kenji, with Yuna trying to remove the mask from St. Marc. Even while getting pummeled, St. Marc was laughing, stating that he knows that they are Dragnis, in addition, saying that all Red Dragnis are rare and should be terminated from the face of the earth.

Eventually St. Marc is defeated and flees deeper into the abandon facility.

Boshiku's leader

The fight was far from over. The White Dragon team had rewaken after being betaen and DJ Nadi handcuffed and questioned on the spot, same could be said for Zegma, as for Beast-Li he was paranoid and kept saying "Not Coll, Bro"!

Hima tried to question DJ Nadi, who was still unaware of what just went down, she kept trying to flirt with Hima, calling him a Japanese sailor, to which one of the SWAT members chuckled to. However, Hima was serious, Hima told Nadi that everyone on Old Japan could die if she does not cooperate. Nadi kept going on with her jokes, making a facial expression as if she was kissing someone. Momoko confronted Nadi and because she knew a bit of Bianca's past, she stated that she will be sent back to an asylum to be locked up for good, no escape, and she mocked KGB Rusko, to which Nadi had retaliated, and actually started to confess, stating she does not want to go back to the crazy house ever again. Zegma was questioned too, and during this time, James, Kyuza, Jordan and Miranda took off to the next room, with Kenji and Yuna leading the way, and Momoko was behind them. For Hima and the others had the area they were in on lock-down.

As they were running, multiple versions of some ghostly humanoid figure, with it's hands behind it's back kept telling James and company that their efforts are futile, and when this figure spoke, another eerie signal was pushed out, and it was so close, that it shook anyone or anything inside the facility. Now the hallway, they spotted the robot that was used by Nadi, it was charging towards them, going faster as it used it's hands against the walls, to push itself as it ran. It hit the ground in front of James and company, causing them to fall. The hologram appeared once again and asked them why are they fighting back, adding that the fight is already lose and they must accept the purge of Japan. To which Yuna told the hologram that she is here for St. Marc, not him. The hologram told Yuna, and referred to the others are the ones that did not hold back, telling them if they survive, they will live to see the Japan it will create. the robot tried to grab Yuna, only for Yuna to use her both her hands to prevent the robot from grabbing her. Jordan lunged at the robot and placed explosive metal magnets on the robot, causing it to stumble slightly. It stated to swing, missing every shot at James and Company, the hologram told them that it isn't even worth the effort to fight, for it is referring to James and company as a waste of time, in addition, it is just toying with them. Behind them, DJ Nadi appeared with her robots. She told everyone that if Japan is destroy and soon places like Russia, how else will she make a living, she had Zegma behind her and Beast-Li followed. Hima and his men showed up too and started to shoot the robot. From behind the robot, a swarm of small drones appeared, exiting behind James and everyone else. The drones, however, were stopped by Steel Maiden and NeoxRose before they could spread into Old Japan.

The robot, this time around, was overwhelmed, and out of the crowd of people, it managed to grab James and threw him. James managed to recover and impaled the robot, destroying it once and for all. James continued ahead, alone, while the others went on to fight the remainder of the drones swarming around the facility.

As James ran deeper into the hallway, turns our he was accompanied by Kenji and Yuna, who are going to help him catch St. Marc. The hologram attempted to stop the 3 of them by activating a false path, leading the 3 of them to St. Marc on purpose, the reason being whoever this figure is plans to terminate the 3 of them itself.

My True self

James, Kenji and Yuna confronted both Boshiku and St. Marc trying to activate some large capsule-like object, with St. Marc's hands touching the bio-senors on the panel as he was working on it. Boshiku attempted to fight James and company to buy St. Marc some time, however, Boshiku was defeated this time. St. Marc was successful in activating the capsule, which will open up in the next 4 minutes, giving him time to fight James and company another time, however, he was defeated as well. St. Marc fell to his needs and started to tear up a little bit, and began yelling Japanese something from his nightmares, speculated to be something from his so-called sleep paralysis. A voice spoke back to him, in Japanese, telling him that they will finally get their revenge for the the SWAT had done, for what the police has done, in addition, adding that they will have vengeance on all of Japan for their father.

The capsule opened up, and a cloud of chilling smoke emerged from the capsule, blowing passed everyone in that room. St. Marc looked behind him and continued to yell in Japanese, as Boshiku went to get him. Boshiku took St. Marc and tried to fly away. James told Yuna and Kenji to go after him, however, they did not want to leave James, but James told them Boshiku might get away. As he was saying this, 2 large hands emerged from the capsule, and James yelled at the two of them to go.

The Entity Revealed, prevent it's advance

James stood there, with his sword, detracting it to dual wield them. The freakish humanoid figure came out of the capsule and applauded James for his courageous actions, telling James that he reminds him of the SWAT member who it saw years ago. The figure stood tall at a distance, towering the Dragni swordsman, standing at 9.3 ft. tall. It introduced itself as Shoboku, and it stated that like James, he was created through different means, mocking humans of their way of creation. James attempted to speak, only to be cut off by the android, it told James that Old Japan is a mess, that the only way to fix it was to purge it from it's corruption, it continues to say that it will do this by using it's charged up power to set a blaze to all of Japan before the day cycle is over. James yelled, telling the android that mass genocide isn't the way to go, that it is too far, even to avenge someone. The android, stare dead in James' face, telling him it is the only solution, that if it isn't able to do it, someone else will, and it added that as long as Old Japan has been punished, it shall be satisfied. James started to charge at the android, and Shoboku started to speak about James and Dragnis.

As it counter and evaded James attacks, it told James that the Dragnis were more of a mistake than meta-humans, adding that they think of themselves as superior among the humans, suppressing them, and it began to mock that of late Dragni heroes. James told the android to shut up, only to be smacked across the room.

Shoboku continued, stating that james is a Red Dragni, stating that this Red Dragni clan is the worse of them all, and should be extinct among the Dragni bloodline. As it was saying this, James manages to injury the android, however, it was able to heal up instantly. James again attempted to cut it's arm off, as it was about to be dismember, it healed up quickly as if nothing happen. Shoboku told James that even though it is an android, it has a bit of Dragni DNA, however, because Dragni DNA cannot be replicated, a frankinsteinish procedure turned it into a supreme android.

It picked James up and held him as if he was some toy doll, James tried to slash Shoboku with his free hand, but Shoboku grabbed James' hand and held it. James came face to face with the android itself, and he told Shoboku if he is going to kill him, and James spit at it's face, saying it it will be stopped. Shouboku told James that he is a specimen and nothing more, and told James that he will shred him atom from atom to discover more about Dragnis then just history along. It put James inside the capsule of where it was held and sealed him there and the Android slowly walked towards the hallway.

James was enraged and tried to break out but failed. Now remembering what Kyuza had told him about his abilities, James tapped into a dangerous ability that Dragnis are capable of, which could even kill them. He was in a mental state of focus and summed up all his energy and carved through the capsule with his bare hands, which slightly exhausted him. He picked up his swords and rushed down the hallway. James still had a headset on him, with Jordan informing him that they were out long time ago when they spotted Boshiku rushing out of the base, adding that they are on a goose chase to find him, James heard the message, however, he was more focused on Shoboku.

Jams was able to reach the android, spotting it climbing up the larg elevator shaft, and James charge towards the android.

It seeks revenge on all of Japan

James charged into Shoboku, only to be fooled by a hologram, and Shoboku grabbed him and slammed him against the wall, and proceeded to toss him down the elevator shaft. James, still enraged, recovered, and wall-jumped to prevent himself from falling deeper, and charged directly into Shoboku's masked face, knocking the giant android down. James told the android enough is enough, only for the android to get back up, telling him that it needs to do this, that it wants to do this to avenge St. Marc 2nd. James now focused on the Androids face, and told it that it isn't worth taking revenge on someone who had past ages ago, only to be grabbed and slammed into the wall again. Shoboku told James that it needs to be done, and proceeded to climb the shaft this time, only for James to comeback and slow it down, James was able to wall-jump most of the time to attack Shoboku, who kept covering it's face, and it is now angered by James repetitive actions and it halted it's climb to the surface to try to deal with James.

James figure out the monster kept covering it's face, so he used this to his advantage, and he noticed that it can be removed, for it was slightly cracked from the back. Shoboku then lunged at the James only to miss, clawing into the walls to hold itself. With one hand it tried to hit James, hitting him, causing James to drop one of his swords, and unknown to the android, James have these special magnets to pull back his sword, as if he had some control over them, to which Shoboku said interesting. James held on to the wall on the opposite side from Shoboku, holding himself up with his swords. Shoboku lunged again, only to miss when James evaded to the opposite side and magnetized his swords, which impaled Shoboku in the process, one through the abdomen and the other shattering part of it's head. The two went at it with James starting to become weary, and Shoboku's head falling apart. Shoboku then proceeded to use lasers, hurting James. Shoboku told James that it is surprised a Dragni like James wasn't able to adapt to such type of pain. Shoboku attempted to grab James with it's long reach, only for James purposely letting himself fall down a few feet and he started to run on the walls, coming up behind Shoboku. Shoboku yelled at James, telling him play time is over, and it savagely started to climb the elevator shaft and, ripping the walls apart as it did, causing water to come in, having the pressure of the water damage the walls. It managed to reach the surface through the elevator, only for James to come up behind it. Shoboku cheapshotted James. harming him once again. It stated Dragnis are not invincible because of their attributes, adding that in a way, they are still human. Finally grabbing James and holding him to prevent him from harming it.

Shoboku started to speak now that it had caught James. It told him that Dragnis are extremely unique over the common meta-humans, for they show no signs of weakness at all, it continued to say, that they are not invincible. Shoboku stated that there are only a few elements capable of destroying any Dragni, and it added that these objects are not easy to come by, so as a workaround, get a Dragni to kill members of it's own kind. The android managed to break James' left arm. It told James that eventually the broken arm will heal, telling him that only way to kill a Dragni is to severely disable them. James struggled only to had Shoboku wrestle him tot he ground, to which, James was able to use the floor and the strength he has left to break free from Shoboku's grasp. James was able to ready his sword with the only arm he has.

Shoboku applauded James and told him that the Red Dragni are interesting. James dropped his sword and went down on one knee and acted as if he was in pain. Shoboku slowed walked towards James and told him that he will break his other arm and carry him to the outside for him to witness all of Old Japan go up in smoke. James grinned, and looked at Shoboku with a serious smile on his face, he told Shoboku if losing his mask was like losing glasses. To which Shoboku stood there and told James if a joke is a shot to buy him time to heal, it was a failed attempted. James put his unbroken arm up and made a fist, pointing at Shoboku and uttered the word "jinkies". Out of nowhere, the other part of James sword impaled Shoboku in the back of it's head, loosing the mask it wears. James grabbed his sword and with one workable arm, he charged into Shoboku, knocking off the mask from it's face, revealing the ominous face of the android. James was able to recover and took a good look at the android. James stated that the Shoboku is something else, something different, to which it yelled at James, calling him a pain. It grabbed the mask and escaped to the roof. James attempted to chase Shoboku only to be shot by random lasers from the android. It made it to the roof tops, however, was in no condition to unleash its power at that moment. Boshiku and St. Marc were around and decided to buy Shoboku some time to recover, for it's mask was removed, it was extremely vulnerable to any attack.

Boshiku terminated for good

Boshiku confronted James, alongside St. Marc. James spotted the two of them and told them how are they still here, for his friends were chasing them. Boshiku laughed and told James they are chasing a bomb that will detonate once the timer goes off. At this James yelled into his headset to Jordan and the others, that the so called Boshiku they were chasing was a dud, a bomb, James uttered this multiple times until Boshiku smacked him, destroying the headset. Jordan was able to make out hat James had mentioned, and ask Hima and the others to have whatever they are chasing disarmed.

As for James, he started to fight the two followers of Shoboku and was able to defeat them. Boshiku did not give up. He stated that Old Japan will pay, for he had waited for a long time to see this day. James proceeded to tell Boshiku who he really is. Boshiku laughed and told James that he was formerly like him, a Dragni with only half the abilities. He continued to say that after his death, his DNA was stored away inside the android, Shoboku. He stated that an android was build and the following blueprints were given to future successor to send over to Shoboku to rebuild him. Boshiku smiled and crossed his arms, saying here I am, reborn as a stronger being.

Boshiku started to laugh and began to really fight James, unleashing what it is really capable of. He sated that he didn't need the others, for they were pawns in the kidnapping of St. Marc, adding that this is the St. Marc Legacy and vengeance, for the goal is simple, to take back Old Japan and avenge St. Marc II. James called Boshiku a madman and overpowered him. James had him where he wants him, however, Boshiku was insane and had the flying bomb re-direct to his position. He shouted at James saying that in the past, Dragnis were easily killed by explosives, saying what makes James any different. St. Marc took cover and the bomb was headed full speed at James and Boshiku. James attempted to shield Boshiku and the two were hit by the bomb. James survived the blast, however, the blast caused Boshiku to be thrown into a corner, allegedly broken down and unable to speak, he was in act left twitching. James stood up and stared at Boshiku, saying that all Dragnis are not the same, nor are they equal even though they share the title. St. Marc merged out of nowhere to try and stop James, however, Yuna made her way in confront St. Marc via helicopter. James told her that it is still dangerous for the android was still around, however, Yuna cared for St. Marc's safety. She tried to snap him out of it, but she failed, and St. Marc rushed towards the higher level to get to Shoboku. James rushed after him, along with Yuna behind him.

Cannon Backfire

St. Marc confronted Shoboku and observed the android. The Android spotted St. Marc and told him that this has to b done, for it was an oath by it when it saw St. Marc II die. St. Marc who was starting to recover from the virus pretended to act as if he was still in confront, for the effects began to wear off. He told Shoboku that this isn't necessary. To which the android stood up and told him that Japan took everything away from it, it's creator, it's mother, everything. St. Marc uttered "mother?", only to be confronted by James and Yuna.

James told Shoboku to stop the madness, however, it proceeded to say that Old Japan has taken everything away from it, and it stated on how it is going to destroy the city. The android detached itself and the upper body was floating, the lower body turned into some sort of panel and rotated around the upper body. Shoboku told James and Yuna that it is capable of using it's energy in conjunction with solar power, and it is capable using 't lower body as a cannon. Shoboku continued to say that it will hit the plants first and any sort of gas or electrical power, putting everyone in the dark and it will deploy cannons from the sea lab to draw in solar power and eradicate everything and everyone on the soil of Old Japan. Saying that will teach the Japanese gun down those it cares about, and with the destruction of Old Japan it stated it will be satisfied. Yuna yelled at Shoboku and told it what they if it succeeds, Shoboku replied by saying that the plan will be anew, and the un-corrupt will be under his command and the land will be in a state of peace, no guns, no death, only fairness, and justice unlike the corrupt government ruined by Japan's Prime Minister.

Yuna in fear told Shoboku it doesn't have to be this way, people are different now. Shoboku told Yuna if that was true, for the governments are still corrupt, it's people are in fear, adding that the White Dragon will lead to freedom. Shoboku did mention that only a few humans will live to see "its" world. St. Marc, who finally snapped out of the viral mind control told Shoboku that Yuna is right, thousands of people should not die for the sake of people who suffered int he past. James engaged unsuspectingly at Shoboku and the two began fighting once again. St. Marc yelled at Shoboku telling it that humans will be humans for no one can change that. Shoboku, while holding of James, told him that the Japanese murdered their people, to which St. Marc in tears stated he saw the tapes in the museum in private, adding that it was the cause of his sleep paralysis involving Shoboku.

As the two fought, the android, Yuna and James listened. St. Marc told Shoboku it wasn't SWAT who killed St. Marc II, it was a member from White Dragon, who accidentally shot him. Shoboku did not want to believe this, however, he was so caring of St. Marc, hiding it by calling him a lair. He continued to say what of the mother, stating that the SWAT teams gunned her down, to which St. Marc stated it was indeed true, but her actions lead to the deaths of man, for she herself was a criminal, a convict, adding that she was uncontrollable, for SWAT had no choice. Shoboku was still phased by what St. Marc had said and had it's guard down, giving James more time to dish out attacks. Shoboku was defeated, however, it still wants to change Old Japan it's way. It got back up and held it's mask up with one hand, covering it's face. It a calmer tone, it told everyone that it will change the land and it will make Japan remember what it stands for. It proceeded to aim at a major power plant and proceeded to fire, only for St. Marc to get in the way. Shoboku halted it's cannon, which backfire on to itself, damaging parts of it's body and since it was detached from its lower body, it was limited in healing.

Destroy Me or Let Me Destroy (Suicide)

Shoboku was injured badly and this time it tried to rush towards the elevator, with St. Marc behind it. James told Yuna that the android is so connected to St. Marc and it's family for some reason, but hes unsure why this connected, even though they created him. St. Marc told Shoboku that now is a time to call of White Dragon, that things do not have to go this way. Shoboku told St. Marc that he wants to see it's purpose come to fruition and that the only way to stop is through death. James and Yuna confronted the two only for Shoboku to look at them. Shoboku told them that it does not see why they care for Old Japan, in addition, he said that there will be others who share it's view, and it they can do it a whole lot worse, at a grander scale. Yuna told Shoboku that taking over Old Japan and places outside of it was the best idea, to which Shoboku, who is now in pain and guilt, told her that it only had it's eyes on Old Japan, for it did not care for outside counties unless they harm it's vision of Japan.

The remains of Boshiku was nearby and with one hand, Shoboku picked it up, telling them that the body may be destroyed, however, the sub-conscious is still active, to which was unknown to James and company. St. Marc continued to talk things out with Shoboku, however, the android was angered, telling St. Marc that it will not stop until it dies, however, knowing that it had failed, it purposely harmed itself with it's own laser, performing somewhat of an act of Seppuku. The android plummeted down the elevator shaft with the broken Boshiku in hand. The drones that had escaped had re-routed back to the sea lab, down the elevator shaft. St. Marc, who was a bit teared up, picked up the mask of the android and told the others to bring him home. Yuna called in a helicopter and told everyone St. Marc is safe. As they flew away, they spotted a horde of robots, who were somewhat under Shoboku control running, swimming, flying to the sea lab. News Anchors started to film this, only to have an incoming message from St. Marc stating that the robots are going to the abandon lab, which is like a city for them. He stated as long as he is alive, no man or untapped robot should access such a place, ever, in addition, St. Marc told the anchor to consider this part of his will.

A Change in Plan

St. Marc was still shocked about the android, it kept the mask as a reminder of what happen. Yuna told him if he think everything is going to change, to which St. Marc stated if a change is to be made, it has to be executed, adding that the people need to take action, to impeach the prime minister, who, in St. Marc's eyes, was blinded by her, this goes for everyone. He continued to say he didn't blame the android, for it had a point, however, its way of resolving it was utter craziness. James told St. Marc if anyone is going back to that lab, to which St. Marc said that it could be sealed off by the robots, adding it could be city for them.

Everyone reunited with each other, and St. Marc was interviewed. As for the White Dragon, all their members had recovered from the virus, but they were still under strict supervision. Changes were made, The Prime Minister was impeach and was later arrested, for she had used her power unjustly, even making small business with groups such as Black China, a criminal organization and also made some small exchanges with North Korea, in addition, had no regard for Yakuza members causing trouble, same could be said for when White Dragon was active. St. Marc reunited with his long lost brother, and the two caught up on what they missed, as for James and company they were prepared to go back to America. Momoko told everyone she is going to continue her watch over Old Japan to keep peace since she is part of The Steel Maiden Group. Yuna confronted Jordan and thanked him for everything, she then proceeded to go to James.

She told James to continue being the little hero that he is and to discover more of what he is, she kissed him on the cheek, she also did the same for Kyuza, however, Kyuza was always neutral so it was hard to tell what he was thinking, however, he did mention that the whole experience sort of changed him. Thanks to Miranda, she got everyone to hang out with each other at HQ for the last time, ironically, the ex-White Dragon members: Zegma, Nadi and Beast-Li showed up and told them that despite what has happen, to not consider them friends. Nadi herself stated that they will being bringing themselves back to their own country, however, Beast-Li himself had nowhere to go, so Nadi insisted to take him in, thinking that Hima or the others would detain him. Momoko, with Miranda confronted Beast-Li and told him to not show up again and stir up trouble. Beast-Li promised, but literally kissed her and Miranda quickly without noticed, saying that this memory of him will forever be with them, as he left with the others, he said if anyone is looking for a furry, be sure to contact DJ Furball.

The next day, everyone parted ways, and went back to the usually, some had to re-adjust themselves after what happen. St. Marc became more of a mentor to his internship partner, Dale, who was like a brother to him.

Home sweet Home

James managed to get back home around midnight and sneaks into the apartment. The first thing that came to mind was to take a shower for he haven't bath in the days he was out of state. He went into the bathroom and discovered Mikhaela in the tub, with bubbles, she had candles lit all over and a towel covering her face. Apparently she feel a sleep and spoke in her sleep, mentioning something about a man in steel armor coming to save her. After hearing this, James started to giggle, not only because the weird dream Mikhaela was having, but that his cousin was safe. Mikhaela woke up and noticed James in the dark and screamed. James told her to calm down and that it is late. She quickly grabbed a towel to cover herself and started smacking James around saying she is not going to raise a peeing tom, and as always, the neighbor on her grammar when she goes on an uncontrollable rant, with him ending it by saying it is midnight, that Mikhaela is loud and he needs to finish up grading papers in peace.

Mikhaela and James said with each other that night, watching TV. James questioned her why is it a CIA agent get so lazy by eating and watching TV for hours. Mikhaela, with a bored and tired look on her face told James she is trying to forget. James told her what she is trying to forget. Mikhaela told him while he was being heroic in Old Japan, she and the others had to deal with a crazed group of criminals who are masked as animals. She started to feel worried, stating that the group was made by some rogue CIA agent a while back, in addition, told James this group did something bad in the past, causing someone she knows to leave the CIA, ending it by saying that James would not understand. She told James to go to sleep that night.

James could not sleep that night, same could be said about the others who ventured into Old Japan. They were thinking that going after petty criminals or being part of the army was tough, but was never in a situation where a sole android was hellbent on destroying all of Old Japan. As for James, he had a bad feeling about someone who he ran into, and this man was the one who he confronted in Old Japan. In his mind he sees the man as a bad guy, to which the words of Shoboku echoed in his head, for these others the android had mentioned, probably have the same motive. As for the people of Old Japan, these have changed thanks to SWAT, St. Marc and others who partook in the event, for The Cybernetic Threat in Japan was no more, the robots, the virus, White Dragon, etc, are gone.