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Welcome to ZFGCpedia
The Official ZFGC Wiki
There are currently 50 articles in ZFGCpedia!

The Basics

ZFGCpedia is fully integrated with ZFGC

Being useful

  • Read the Help and Rules sections to learn the How's, Do's, and Don't's of ZFGCpedia editing.
  • Help expand and improve ZFGCpedia! Create relevant pages, or improve stub articles. Know a lot about pingas? Make some edits!
  • Format your articles. ZFGCpedia is more than just a text dump!

The Community Portal

If you have a comment or suggestion, make yourself known at the Community Portal!

Useful Templates



  • We.. should have a public discussion about this. Also gm112 is a lazy guy.

Helping out

Interested in helping out on Zelda Fan Game Central?


  • Write more articles for the Wiki(add your own {{ZFGCProject}} or help out with King Of Thieves)!
  • Expand on articles; Many are stubs and need to be fleshed out
  • Create more functions to make editing easier for users
  • Have fun!

ZFGCCP: King Of Thieves News

The King Of Thieves Team is now announcing the port of the King Of Thieves Design Document to ZFGCpedia!

  • Accepted entries now require a tag specifying wiki status
    • NODOC stands for NO DOCUMENTATION AVAIL, which just means we hadn't gotten around to porting given entry to the wiki.
    • INCOM stands for the existence of a wiki entry being present, but the wiki port isn't 100% finished.
    • COMPLETED is as what the name implies. Entry exists completely on the wiki.
  • New developer-geared document teaching users how to get involved. Check it out here! Developer's Bible


Featured Project: Dark Ages

Link to the Past style!