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Name: Aladdin

Age: 65

Race: Hylian

Description: laddin (the name obviously being a reference to the Arabian Nights) lives in Hyrule Slums with his monkey, Abu. Their names probably won't be mentioned in the game, they're just for my satisfaction :p He grew up in Hyrule Town back when there was a little more equality, but moved away during his youth to strike it rich and hopefully join the ranks of the aristocracy. He failed to secure any sources of income during his travels, and eventually moved back to Hyrule Town, where he's spent the remainder of his days doing odd jobs and sinking deeper into poverty. He has had terrible luck all his life.p

He currently vends soup from a cart in the slums most of the time, but he still has an accordion from when times were a little better. Sometimes he takes it to Hyrule Market and plays, drawing a very small, slightly disinterested crowd as he only plays melancholy songs. They don't often tip him, but Abu often pickpockets the audience anyway, so they still make some money.

Aladdin is actually pretty nice, but the dominant trait of his personality is beaten down. He would like to help people out when he can, but he never believes that he could make any sort of difference, or that things will get better. After Link defeats Ganon and peace is restored to Hyrule, Aladdin and Abu play happy songs in the market all the time, to everyone's delight.

Aladdin doesn't really serve any purpose in the plot or anything, he's just a filler NPC. Other unimportant facts include:

He found Abu when visiting the Kokori Forest. They were both attacked by Deku, and banded together to escape. They've been inseparable ever since. He is a masterful accordion player, he and the windmill guy have played together in the past. The soup he sells from his cart is spicy vegetable soup. He gets his vegetables from the farm out in Hyrule field. He walks there every Tuesday to get vegetables.