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Name: Anton

Age: 11

Race: Zora

Location: Hyrule Castle Town

Description: One of the older gangmates and the only one of Zora descent. He was taken in by Farin at a young age when he was found along the river stuck under a fishermen net with a hook in his mouth. He's very good at navigating and knows the Castle Town very well, including where to go to avoid guards. As such, he's typically the navigator when running errands for the gang. He knows the thief skills very well for his age and is looked up to by Link. He's Link's closest friend in the gang and typically spends a lot of time with him. Farin has chosen him to be the mentor of the thieves once he's no longer able to do the job himself. As such, Link's Rival is jealous of him and typically tries to get him in trouble as well as ruining his friendship with Link. He can be a little absent minded at times, as is seen while he's showing Link some thief skills and runs ahead of him or quickly dives underwater, leaving Link to find a way to him.