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Caves, dungeons and dungeon like interiors. (starting from the Earth Temple) Also in places of the dead.



It follows the MC design. Garbbed in cloth and have a pointed hat with flames as its point. Their faces are mostly invisible except for two white blinking eyes. Their dark clawed hands are only visible when raised to the sky. This variation has red as its primary color and they look on fire.


These are some weird witches that are made of residual magic from long ago. Wrapped in cloth and with pointed hats, they scare any passerby. These creatures can suddenly appear on your path. They specialize in fire magic. They burn the burnable, such as the wooden shield, bushes and tall grass. And it can leave a trail of flames on the ground. When there is only one it appears on either the vertical height or horizontal width at a random distance that Link is on. With multiple wizzrobes (variations) one or two will position themselves on the same horizontal width or vertical height as the player, while the rest take a strategically back up position. When they appear they shoot a magic projectile in the horizontal or vertical direction of Link (depending on his position). They linger for a while before they disappear again. They stay gone for a random (between 5- 10 second) amount of time. Unlike the MC design they appear and disappear in a puff of smoke. The more damage they receive shorter the time is that they linger before disappearing and shorter the time is that they appear again. After it hits Link, it leaves Link in a burned state. Defeating: Weapons have their normal effect on wizzrobes. The ice arrows kill these bastards with one hit and fire arrows have no effect at all. A shadow clone has only 50% chances of distracting them.



They appear in a place and stay there visible for a while. If Link is there when they appear or he just walks into them he recieves damage. (Damage 0.25)


A flame of fire magic (projectile) shot in the direction of Link (Damage 0.5 HP). The projectile size is about 32 pixels. And the projectiles are not bothered by obstacles.