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Dungeons, caves or any interior with a dungeon setting.



These are rooms that close of when the player enters and start shooting a limited number of room tiles at Link. The rooms are themed by the dungeon. The tiles are also themed by the dungeon.


When the tile leaves the ground to be shot at Link it leaves a dirt patch behind. There are only a limited number of flying tiles in a room. The dirt pathes they leave behind have a pattern reminiscent of the dungeon.

The room is locked, preventing Link to leave. Tiles lift up from the ground and spin around their center. After a few seconds the tiles fly in the direction of Link's position. They do not change their direction after that. When the tiles hit Link or a solid obstacle they break. The tiles are sent one or two at the time.

  • Use a handheld weapon, a bomb or the shield to break them before they hit Link.
  • Magic, cog abilities and projectile weapons have no effect.
  • A shadow clone only makes the tiles come up two at the time, where one is shot at the clone and the other is shot at Link. (a clone expires after one or a couple of hits).
  • Avoid them.



A single tile just flies into Link. (0.25 damage)