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Celestial Clock, Lake Hylia Temple



Heavy armored, slow moving brutes. They wield an axe as big as they are. They come in 2 flavors, one in silver armor and one in black. The black armored ones appear later in the game and have an additional 5 HP. The black variant carries a war hammer as opposed to an axe.


As they do in OoT, they move slowly towards the player. Should you come in range of the axe, they'll take a swing at you. They'll be wide open to a sword attack after swinging. This will slowly tear apart their armor. Additionally, the player can use the magnet gloves at a distance to take the armor apart (reverse the polarity to shoot it back for some humor) although this won't do any damage. This means that the charge mode (see below) is activated by the loss of their armor, not by damage taken.

Once the armor is gone, they begin to charge at the player. The Axe attack remains the same and they gain their lightning attack. This can either be dodged or reflected back with the magnet gloves (but make sure you use the right polarity, or you'll just attract it to yourself! Polarity will always be consistent, north reflects south attracts). This attack is used if the player gets too far away.


Axe Swing

4HP A powerful yet easy to dodge melee attack. Can be shield bashed, but it will also knock Link back (no damage will be taken). The player can use the pursuit slash to avoid it, however the armor protects their back from damage.

Ranged Lightning

A long range lightning attack similar to Agahnim's attack in lttp. This can be avoided either by dodging or by pushing it back with the magnet gloves. Does 2HP to the player, 1HP to the Iron Knuckle if reflected.

The sword will be the only weapon that can damage them, however the Kokiri Cog can be used to slow them down when charging.