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Even without the Roc’s Cape, Link can jump in specific instances. If Link moves without stopping over specific “jump tiles”, he will automatically jump to a predetermined landing place. Similar to how Link can jump off ledges in 2D games, but he can jump horizontally besides just down.

Wall Climbing

Walls marked with a certain texture like brick or vines Link can climb to access higher areas.

Wall Running

Along certain walls, if Link is walking parallel to it and presses R, he can run along the wall to cross over a gap.

Hiding in a box

a la Wind Waker, Link can go up to a certain type of barrel or box and press the action button to put it over his head. Then he can walk and if he stops, won't be noticed until he moves again.

Thief Abilities

Pick Pocketing

Link can pickpocket certain people in the rich part of town. These people will be marked out graphically, either with a symbol on their clothes, or a money bag on their sprite. Link can pickpocket them by using the Thief Bracers when they aren't looking. A meter appears next to them and an arrow from the bottom to the top. The player releases the button when the bottom reaches the top. The rich person may notice if the player holds the button too long or lets go too soon. If the person notices, they call the guards, which respond with a red alert.