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Graveyard, Shiekah Temple



A Ghost Carrying a lantern.


  • Light, & Being hit with a fire arrow causes it to become solid and start to run away from link, allowing link to use weapons and items to damage it.
  • An Ice arrow Temporarily Freezes it, turning it into a pushable ice block.
  • When it is non-solid or phasing, it's lantern is its only weak point. if the lantern is hit twice it falls and makes a small fire on the ground.
  • the Thieve Bracelet Cog Abilities could effect it.(I'll look up their abilities)
    • Cog Effects:
      • Shadow Cog, allows yo to take control of it for a short time, allowing you to see what's up ahead. It slowly drains magic(Depending on how much you move, Idle magic consumption rate is lower than the Movement Consumption rate.) The effect lasts for a good 15 seconds Maximum(Idle) and 10 Seconds Minimal(Movement), (Also ends if it runs out faster.)
      • Forest Cog, it blows the Poe away.
      • Water Cog, it soaks the Poe and it's standing there trying to get the water out of it's cloak. You are able to attack during this time. Once it's dry it'll be pissed and start moving around faster, you'll also see a red anger mark on his head, and some steam will be coming off of his head. He's pissed for about 5-10 seconds.
      • Earth Cog, Prevents it from attacking link by blocking it.



2 HP If it's phasing and if it has it's lantern it'll try to ram you.


If it doesn't have it's lantern, It will fly at you and then when it touches you it disappears and causes the controls to be reversed for a short time.