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Name: Post man

Age: Early 20s

Description: The post man is not nearly as strange as he was in Twilight Princess. He runs the mail around for all of Hyrule Castle Town's rich side. He refuses to take any steps into the poor side out of fear of losing his job for mingling with the poor. Luckily for him, the poor don't get any mail. However, there may be a side quest which may involve sneaking him into the poor side undetected to deliver a letter. He works for the Hylian Postage and Trading Company, one of the most powerful corporations in Hyrule.

The mail must go through! That's his ideology and he sticks to it! He's worked for his company since he was 12 and has been rated employee of the month for 3 years in a row. Although he's a hard worker and does his job well, he can get very nervous under certain circumstances.