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Caves and dungeons ( the higher the dHP the higher the dungeon). Green ones can also be found outdoors in the field and yellow ones can be found in the desert.



They are your regular snake enemies as they appear in any 2D Zelda game and especially MC. The most basic rope is green of color with a red belly. There are three other colors, but they are essentially the same enemy just a bit more health: 1) Reb skin and blue belly (2x HP), 2) Blue skin and yellow belly (3x HP), and 3) Yellow skin and green belly (4x HP).


They move either horizontal or vertical around an area. They move at a normal pace, but when Link is in direct line of sight the rope will dash at double speed towards Link until it hits an obstacle or Link. Direct line of sight means on the same horizontal tile row or vertical tile column and the rope is facing towards Link.

Weapons have their normal effect on ropes.



When Link physically hits these creatures he will sustain damage. (Damage 0.25)