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Name: Seare

Age: Unkown, could easily pass for at least 100

Race: Sheikah

Location: Valley of Death

Description: A man mostly concealed beneath a cloak, Seare is the oldest of the Sheikah elders. In the past he was known for his great wisdom, but in recent years his age has finally caught up to him. He now generally keeps to himself, quietly mumbling about various “visions” he claims to have.

Upon first meeting Seare, he will randomly say one of several statements concerning the visions he has. These statements, though somewhat cryptic, are actually clues towards retrieving the Shadow Cog. His statements range from foreshadowing the Shadow Cloak to hints on defeating enemies within the Sheikah dungeon to even information on the boss of the dungeon!

After retrieving the Shadow Cog, Seare will then have visions of Link’s triumph over Ganondorf (though he does not specifically call Ganondorf by name). After finally defeating Ganondorf, Seare’s visions will cease and he will speak to Link in a more open manner. At this time, he will offer for Link to take a “spiritual challenge”, AKA a boss rush minigame!