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Sheikah Dungeon, Celestial Clock



Small skeletal bat creatures similar to those in MC, though these ones are always releasing black smoke.


They move around in a bit of irregular pattern from spot to spot, if they touch link, link will be unable to use items for a short time. Description: These are bat like creatures that like the darkest of places, and are only found in the Sheikah Temple and the Last Dungeon. They are not particularly strong or though to defeat. Their strength lies in numbers as they there is always more than one Keese in a room.

They move around from one spot to the next in a bit of an irregular pattern. The never really fly in a straight line. Except when really close to the player, they will make a straight line towards him, before continuing to the destination spot. There they will sit still for a while and start the pattern again. Defeating: Just hit them with any weapon you have, even the boomerang kills them.



1 HP