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Name: Takam

Race: Zora

Age: 20

Description: Runs a potion shop along the river. He's much less expensive than the Hyrule Castle Town shop and carries much stranger potions, although he doesn't carry the proprietary blue potion. You can tell this guy is much more laid back as he sits there smoking his pipe, which has bubbles coming out of it. As more of an experimenter than a business man, he can make you some much more effective potions based on the chu jelly you bring him. Although cheaper, he never actually has the needed jelly in stock for the odd potions and so you'll need to bring it to him.

Red Potion - 10 rupees Green Potion - 10 rupees Funky Potion - 5 rupees + Yellow and Green chu jelly. Using magic items won't drain your magic for a short time. Colorless Potion - Black + White + Grey chu jelly. Certain NPCs won't be able to see you for a short time. May be useful if the cloak for any reason can't be used. Linguist Potion - Stone + Stone + yellow chu jelly. Lets you talk to animals for a short time (yes, this is totally a reference to being stoned to the point to where you think animals can talk) Shockers Potion - Yellow + Grey chu jelly. Electrifies your sword for a brief moment. Resistor Potion - Yellow + Black chu jelly. Makes you immune to electricity for a short time. Knock off blue potion - Blue + white chu jelly. Restores HP and MP to full and keeps it full for a short time, but may have a random negative side effect after a while (small HP loss, poison, or small MP loss. The side effect becomes more likely each time you use this. The probability of it occurring however is lowered slightly each time you drink a normal blue potion) Sexy potion - Black + stone + yellow + blue chu jelly. Makes your sword 2x as strong and long (looool) and gives you 2x defense power (like the fairy fountain power up in OoT) for a short time. Annoying Potion - Red + grey chu jelly. Player will constantly hear annoying music for a short time as opposed to the music of the area they're in. Has absolutely no use otherwise.