Mal'Rocher, Reanimated Goron

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Mal'Rocher (Malus) is one of the bosses Link must defeat in order to retrieve a piece of the Dark Artifact Fragment, which is lodged in the former Goron theif's intestines.

Boss Fight

Link and friends are unable to defeat him at first, but when placed in the Trap Room inside the Goron ruins, they have no choice but to finally confront the monster in the maze like room full of dead ends and traps.


Hp: 400 (HP DOES NOT DROP, meaning infinite HP)

Def: 250

Str: 1.35


MP: 0

WoP=Cannot Flinch



If it gets too close to the player, mainly when the player isn't in Goron form, Mal'Rocher can grab you and it will be difficult to escape his grasp. If he holds the player for too long, he will start biting, which causes a major amount of damage and or instant death.


In an attempt to grab you, Mal'Rocher will punch or slap the player/ally randomly.


This ability is used only when Mal'Rocher appeared before the player, mainly in out of boss room events whereas the player and or allies must flee because they are unable to fight him yet.


A times his very presence and or where he walks causes some ooze or haze to form on the ground, causing the player to walk slowly, and eventually become jinxed if remaining in it for too long.


Mal'Rocher will attack Link and friends within the abandon Goron Ruins, and confronting him in combat is impossible, doing so will result in instant death. The player must regain their Goron Ability via Goron Trial, this form is also needed to face Mal'Rocher in the Trap Room, whereas there is no escape at all.


There is only one move the player can do to defeat Mal'Rocher.


  • Malus was a glutton, who eats alot and almost anything with taste, one of the primary functions he retains as Mal'Rocher.
  • Mal'Rocher was formerly known as Malus the Goron Wrestler, who was a Goron who turned to do bad and remained in a negative past.
  • Malus' brother is name is Tesh, who ws at the brink of death, forcing Malus to raise money somehow, however, turn to theivery to raise money, soon, Malus forgot about his brother and focused on riches.
  • In life, Malus has met with Blind, so the two may have known/confronted each other, there end were somewhat similar as well.
  • Mal'Rocher's name in french means Bad Rock, also going towards Rock gone bad for what he has become.
  • Mal'Rocher functions in a way similar to a zombie. His first victim was a human bounty hunter, and allegedly his former dead thief allies, who he killed before his transformation, this i probably why he/it preys on Link on the lower part of the Trap Room and areas within the Goron Ruins.
  • Mal'Rocher was trapped in the old Goron Ruins by Baron's Father, who was suffering from some unknown poison after being bitten by Mal'Rocher, this also caused Baron's father to suffer from hallucinations.