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Game Information
About The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2D FSA:
Date Released: TBA
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Xfixium
Publisher: {{{publisher}}}
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Platform(s): PC

Technical Data: Resolution: 336 X 240 Dev Tool: Game Maker 8.0 Style: Four Swords Adventure

Story: Before time was time, three great goddesses decended upon the chaos that was and created the land of Hyrule; Din, goddess of power, Nayru, goddess of wisdom and Farore, the goddess of courage.Din, using great magical flames, created the land, the sea, and all the minerals which would be scattered along the length, breadth and height of this new world; in doing so, she gave this new world the materials it could exist with. Nayru poured out her rich soul and gave the Spirit of Law onto the world, so that rivers would flow and the sun and moon would rise and fall with each day; this allowed Hyrule to have the knowledge by which it could exist. And finally, Farore then created all the lifeforms which would uphold the law, from the tiniest of insects to the largest and most powerful of animals; this gave Hyrule the will to exist.

The three great Goddesses, their labors completed, then departed for the Heavens. However, at the point where the Goddesses left their new creation, they each left behind a golden triangle which contained the essence of their power. This mighty artifact, called the Triforce, though able to grant extremely powerful magic to whoever touched it, was infinitely delicate: if one who did not hold all three aspects of the Triforce - power, wisdom and courage - within perfect balance, the Triforce would split into its three aspects and the person who first touched the Triforce would be left and only one force would remain in his hand: the force which he most believed in. The remaining two aspects would take refuge within the hearts and minds of two who best personified the remaining aspects of the Triforce.

It was for this reason that seven Ancient Sages, at least one representing each of Hyrule's races, decided to hide the Triforce within a hidden Sacred Realm using a complex magical seal. Firstly, the only gate to the Sacred Realm would be the magnificent Temple of Time within Hyrule Town. In order for the magical door to be opened, one would have to hold the three Spiritual Stones of Fire, Water and the Forest. Then, they would have to play the sacred Song of Time on a magical instrument, the Ocarina of Time. Only then would the great stone Door of Time open, to reveal.....the Master Sword, standing within the Pedastal of Time. This was the final key needed to open he gate to the Sacred Realm; only one with a heart and mind devoid of any evil would be able to lift such a blade. This complex seal ensured only the most determined of seekers could have a hope of obtaining the Triforce, and that those who did enter the Sacred Realm could only do so with entirely good intentions.

Though complex, this seal was necessary due to an age-old prophecy: if one with a pure heart obtains the Triforce, Hyrule would be led into a new age of peace and prosperity. But if an evil-hearted person obtained the Triforce, then he would begin a Great Cataclysm. Only the one who held the Master Sword would be able to stand against the man who began the Great Cataclysm.

Current WIP: Proof Of Concept Download (Old Engine) Controls Console = F1 Screen Size = F2 Right Button = D Up Button = W Left Button = A Down Button = S C Button Up = I (Navi) C Button Right = L (Item Right) C Button Left = J (Item Left) C Button Down = K (Item Down) Button A = N (Sword) Button B = M (Context Action) Button L = Q (Mini-map) Button R = E (Shield) Button Start = Enter (Menu)

Console Press F1 to open and close the console. Type desired commands to execute. Press Enter to execute command.

Console Commands goto: <room name> eg: goto: kokiri forest Rooms so far: ocarina test, kokiri shop, kokiri forest, hyrule field, temple of time, lost woods, sarias house, links house, deku tree 01, deku tree 02, deku tree 03, deku tree 04

navi color: <color> eg: navi color: red available colors: red, blue, green, light blue, purple, yellow

lower layer: on lower layer: off upper layer: on upper layer: off rain: on rain: off

Download http://www.pyxosoft.com/downloads/oot2d_12_01_01_binaries.zip

Team Dekunutz Xfixium Cypras Ethelon TomPel Mamoruanime DJvenom noseblunt3 SinkinDevil darklink45 dotyue Jeod

Credits: Cypras - Programmer Ethelon - Sprites, Room Designer, Concepts TomPel - Sprites, Room Designer noseblunt3 - Sprites DJvenom - Sprites SinkinDevil - Sprites Soulja - Sprites aab - Sprites .Takam - Sprites Infini - FSA Graphics Brown - FSA Tilesets MaJora - Room Design Reference Daz123 - Room Design Reference HelpTheWretched - Sounds

Scripts: ZFGC GM Minish Cap Engine - 4Sword, Niek ZFGC Logo - drandula

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