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ZFGC a.k.a. Zordon's Funky Grass Cutters (formed May 17th, 2003), is a famous band consiting of over 500 people, and only about 100 or so actually appear at concerts. The most famous ones are known to kill the other ones for making a single mistake on their notes. Their most famous songs are "WTF I SUMMOND KUESHI INSTEAD OF CAPTAIN PLANET" and "DEMO 4 IS OUT". What exactly Demo 4 is, is never explained in the song, but we can guess it has something to do with becoming more than a walking engine. Whatever that means.


The Members

The Regular Members

  • Your Mom - One of the oldest, wisest of ZFGC, she fought in the great ZFGC war and she fu**ing owns Retro.
  • DYLAN623!!! - Jacks off to MC sprites, sucks at spriting and life. He also found new porn called "gay porno's" men on men stuff. Dylan soon went to jail just to get some.
  • Silverlink (moffermn) - Joined when zfgc was 2 weeks old. but got banned in the third week :p and unbanned the day after that. Was a mod at the Invisionfree forum.
  • Knives - Proud owner of... DJVENOM'S PHONE NUMBER! *gasp* Doesn't have enough minutes.
  • InvaderLupus - He lives in Iowa. May God have mercy on his soul. Then again, he's the one who scared God away from the band, so he's screwed.
  • MaJoRa - Proud owner of the MaJoRa wOot Link song album, moderator and frequent visitor for Tubgirl.com
  • Pedlya - He is not da master king of hyrule, but a small furry animal, somewhat like a squirell.
  • halotank - Awesomeness getting hit by a car.
  • Michael Jackson - "Hello boys!"
  • Hero of Fire ZFGC's only source of heat, Hero of Fire is often known as "HoF". liek pie etc lolz
  • Moldorma - He was once a very good global mod but someone killed him. He's been rumored to get fairly far into development of millions of fangames and never finish a single one.
  • Regile - One of the oldest, wisest and meanest ZFGCers. Aka Count Chocula.
  • Penguin - penguin the squeeks at Pedlya's call.
  • Fox: Was the first mascot for ZFGC and supposed to be on the album-cover. On a live-concert from 2004, some minors and their parents felt offended by his "Barrel Roll". He got sued and didn't made it on the cover. His current location is unknown. Fox has leet skills to making graphics. Him and his leet graphics pwn all of juu. Fox lost touch with pepper hair when andross stole peppys barrel roll line and put a copyright on it.
  • Hikij - Now a regular member, Hikij enjoys touching childrens ding-dongs in the bathroom stalls at Walmart. He gets reeeal good action next Friday's's'ss.
  • Issac_Amisov - He used to be samware. Then he died, and he was ressurected as Issac_Amisov. Rumours are that he is the evil spawn of the flying spaghetti monster.
  • Source - Arguably the greatest user to ever join ZFGC, Source began as a humble newbie named Cronian. Finding the community to be somewhat immature, he left, only to get laid before returning as Source. He gained popularity due to his arrogance and complete disregard for the rules, which he was never punished for. He somehow amassed a following that has since moved on to less amazing things. During his tenure at ZFGC, he coined the concept of masculinity, which had been lost among the ZFGCers. So great was his manliness and so massive was his dick that he beat out resident forum viking Chesu during an impromptu contest of macho, thus allowing him to retain his title. Chesu then disappeared. Nowadays, Source is a high school teacher, a married man, and father-to-be.
  • EliteJason - Registered since 2004 and was on regulery, but other than participating in Gaveno's 0ot2d project as a level designer and posting a few threads and replies, was most likely lurking the rest of the time.

The Legendary LUEnin

  • walnut100 - Last seen in a pool in Utah. (Who the fuck goes there?) Rumored to wield the power of LUEshi and champion smiter of mormons. Medical ninja of the legendary LUEnin. Summons LUEshi and a walnut that can become 100 smaller walnuts. walnut100 stands to win a 400 dollar shopping spree if he keeps playing the GameFAQs Best Series Ever poll right. walnut100 is the only actual active LUEser of the LUEnin and therefore led many of their endeavors. He is known for occaisonally employing the weapon known as Speedy_G, now codenamed Winnar. He was last seen teaching a whiney kid to swim for a grand total of $15 (for the whole day).
  • DJvenom - Chef on the almighty pir8 ship Mayo, he is often seen with his silly blue hat and glasses(he doesnt even need them, he thinks they're sexy). Computer died and now uses is step brothers shitty laptop. Has been known to eat hairy gummy bears. DJ enjoys his job at RiteAid and is sometimes known for his temper. He is famous for his farting Behemoth sprite. DJvenom pulled several large pranks with Mamjo including the fake OOT2D Demo. After this he sang Gunic Heroes with Pyrazor and sprited some guns. He was involved in many miscellaneous pranks and assisted wally and Pyra when needed. DJ currently resides in the Pixeltendo forums where he produces sprites when he can with HUMOROUS avatars.
  • Mamoruanime - Codenamed "Mamjo", this woman is known for defiling the Dan Barraz way by releasing a fake version of the Album "Demo 4". This move sparked much controversy, as the only track on the record was a .midi (The hell is that?) version of Gunic Heroes, and a repeating track saying "Pawned by DJ and Mamjo". But other than that, shes a sweet lay, just put the bag over her face. Mamo was often partnered with DJvenom, the sly devils. He was last seen on ZFGC IRC chatting in a private channel with the other LUEnin. Mamo left ZFGC long long ago and was eventually replaced by Pyrazor who also went AWOL (LOL Defense against the Dark Arts). He is not an official LUEnin but totally could be if wanted to.
  • Kirby - Kirby first joined wally and Pyra's alliance when it was intended to repair and restore ZFGC. After TRM set back nearly all they had worked for, Kirby continued to work and left the LUEnin. Kirby participated in such events as the Starfox Spamathon playing the role of Slippy. He is a whore of php an pcp and is actually kinda fat. Though Kirby left, he never interfered with the other LUEnin and respected their abilities. His whereabouts are often unknown to even the LUEnin though they still consider him fat.
  • Pyrazor - Though a self-proclaimed ass who viewed ZFGC as an "inferior forum" that acted rather n00bishly, Pyrazor is in fact a professional moderator at neoseeker.com (what shawk) and is extremely intelligent as he is attending Cornell University. He was last seen asking CommanderStabby for a ban hammer image. Pyra is often partnered with walnut in their idiotic plans to do stupid things that lack intelligence. Their plans included Box3, changing wally's name to Artificer (an ex member) and Pyra's name to walnut100, the I AM A SUCK competition, and the great Star Fox spamathon. He is probably the least liked LUEnin (and possibly member) because of his attitude held towards many of the ZFGCers. The LUEnin agreed with some of his dislike of other members but did not publically display it due to their forum positions. He is currently developing of an army of owls. h00t
  • Delko/Darklink - Captain of the Pirate ship Mayo. He pwns noobs with his Golden Axe that he got from Pascal by trading in a white scallop. He leads the PiR8z fearlessly on their voyage to rid the seas of fux0r-n00bs!

Other Members

        • olo penis lol****
  • Q.K. - Apparently wrote some book while he was on an acid trip that had to do with a place called Binary Phoenix. The book then supposedly devoured some people. It was fun. Goes by his alias, Itoh.
  • Helios - He fell down a hole in the remote mountain regions of Iraq some time in 2003, some say he's been arrested and accused of being a facist dictator, some even say he's died and gone to a strange new world called Binary Phoenix. One thing is for sure, the band will never be the same again. That damn helios stole my cheerios and never returned them.
  • Americanto - By the way, hes gay. Very gay
  • Sol - Made the Frider Waves album with some other ex-band members. Kicks serious ass. Is also the sun, and lord of all things. Tends to whine now and again without cheese. Serious Business. *Mod Edit: This profile didn't include enough information. Please change that.
  • Lord Spaztic - retarded ass fag who cant sprite for shit. He can't spell and doesnt know how to even appear intelligent. he Capitalizes random Letters and puts apostro'phes in word's that doe's not need thm'e.
  • Ripped - The ultra cool member who should never been forgotten.
  • Regulus - A twit who lies abot his age and name to try and sound cool.
  • Zackdude23 - The idiot who used the account "Acboy555" to harrass TRM and pissed everyone off. Also a rampant trouble maker, but damn does he rock. ACBOY?!! LIEK ACGUY! LOL ACGUY
  • Ishdarian - Thinks he is "1337", but it turns out he's just a poser. Frequently seen insulting/messing around with other band member's mothers. Biggest pet peev: LiNk1090. "He needs to die" (Quote from Ishdarian.)
  • abcgum09 - The Best 3D modeler Ther ever was on zfgc. (SYKE)
  • araknidkid - has herpes LOL
  • Streblo - Formerly known as Hylian Hero, not involved in many forum activities very often but he still been a ZFGCer since EZ boards.
  • cb43569 - A bird-boy who used to think he could fly, and used to cry "Weena!" at regular intervals. Now is utterly depressed and likes to pee in the toilet. Also made ZFGC what it is today with his amazing 3D Ghoma engine for Blitz3D and a 32-day gameplay length cool MMORPG called Diputsosgniebrofpukcifaruoyknihti, but also called Diput for short. Also, none of the two things exist. Rofl, visit ZFGC and my forum, GMRealm (http://gmrealm.uni.cc).
  • Retro - Teh OWNZORS of all souls. Damn.
  • Torchie* - THE BULLA'S DRY NOW
  • Pyru* - lol, haxed? Very clearly NOT Pyro, Pyru undertook a seperation from the band, with a few others such as Helios and Indy Blue Vuples, releasing the 'Nexus Chat' album. Not selling enough copies, it was back to zfgc from then on. Called a knock-off by LUEnin Pyrazor for having a remotely similar name.
  • Shiro* - 1337 h4x0r \|/h0 41\|/4y$ t41k$ 1337 101zz111!1
  • MegaworM - Amazing small worm with a brain the size of a rock...a BIG rock :D. Nuf sed. Created the Potato. 'nuff said. Is a black man in disguise. Nuf sed. Likes big butts and he cannot lie. THATS FUCKING ENOUGH SAID.
  • MrBubbles - A scandal broke out with young Bubbles when he did not appear in May 2004 and ended up in a hotel with a 16 year old girl. He had no idea how he landed there and said he was intoxicated and was raped by an European girl. The rapest only comments were, "got any mor jellor thar11?". He also enjoys GunNRoses music and short walks on the beaches with a sweetheart and a Chicago Typewriter on the other hand to pwnarize all. His favorite past times include but not limited to: Tingle hunting, EZD slap fight, playing the kiddiecube and crapstation 2. Most memorable quote: "You know...if fapping makes you stronger and healthier...I'm completely set for the next 1000 years. Biatch".
  • Winnar - Highest CS:S score was 3 and 35 in De_Dust2. Currently perfecting the LOLOLOL p90 rush.
  • Peppy Hare - Once escaped from the clutches of Andross, Peppy steered out of Venom, and headed back to Corneria. He warned General Pepper of the evil, and they started a revolt against the crime lord. He soon taught Fox McCloud how to do the Barrel Roll (Press Z and R twice!) and saved the day. Known ally to DJvenom.
  • Dayjo - Ruler of the Star Wars universe and everything outside, has afro, is officially; the man.
  • Mamoruanime - The ancient demon himself, created over 30,000 worthless songs that were never used by the band. He was killed personally by Metal, who was banned afterwards and plans to ressurect him began immediately. This is the second time he is mentioned in this uncyclo article.
  • Naz - A guy with 3 heads, 3 eyes, and a website O.o.o
  • halotank - a PWNIN guy that's a ZFGC Vet been here since EZBoard, we all love 'em :D Commonly reffered to as halu, tanku, tanky, HAWWWUUUUUUU(Tabu n.n)
  • FISSURE - Master poet specialising in repetition
  • DBRalph - Resident communist and ZFGC's own President, himself, with plans for world domination. Has plans to take over ZFGC that nobody has ever seen. Actually, his head explode!
  • Piers - Is the most amazing guy ever. and still no one figured out who I am.
  • Bizarro Phil - With over 10,000 alternate names and counting, he yells at everybody for no reason. M I RITE? M I RITE?
  • Gourry Inverse - Known for making ZFGC Serious Business. Very, serious business. Also the forum LUElinks representitive. VIVA LA REVOLUETION!
  • LttS (aka LinkToTheSpam, The Fabled One) - Known for spamming ZFGC and #zfgc on many, many, many occasions. Known for repeating random sayings. Pedlya is his bitch. LttS is Hikij's bitch.
  • StarReaver - After fapping to furry porn, this little nova goes home and listens to japanese porn music, shortly before he steals my fucking chips.
  • Hero of Fire - He likes to burn you. He burnt my face once... Mamoruanime beat him up, which explains why he is so firey. Lol he is awesome and is also ZoraFan89's favorite bitch. A dedicated member of the band, he once made a pwnsome encylopedia of fangames, including even reviews of those that rest in peace.
  • Mastergohan Zero - With his hideous rant about Jack Thompson, Jack Thompson is so seskie sweet though. he was sent to hell with the demon Mamoruanime, and also closed down the sector of the band known as the incoherentescence.
  • Psylocke - An easy target for n00bs to hate on. 'Nuff said. -_-;
  • alspal - This guy is an insane human, dont get to close to him... omfg gonna be done coding demo 2 soon, alspal?
  • Alex2539 - He's Canadian, he's got 4 numbers, don't mess. Is officially the best admin. ;)
  • Limecat - The coolest guy ever. Infact the coolest guy on zfgc. everyone wants to be like limecat. Because, Limecat is the coolest guy ever. He has a picture of a freakin cat with a limepeel on his head as his avatar. thats right. a cat. with a lime peel. Limecat rox. he roxorz your boxorz.
  • Hyperhal - Being black, he has an extra bone in his ankle, allowing him to steal TVs like an expert, and hide them under his shirt.
  • HK - HK rocks the house with songs like "I look like a lady", "Pwn me baby one more time", and the band's all-time favorite song, "Trapped On The Banlist(Parts 1-5)"(This list was later expanded to parts 1-30). HK then quit the band to join rivaling band "The ZeldaPowers", but they had no success so he went right back to ZFGC. 5 years later, HK died of a bandwidth addiction, and we all miss him greatly.
  • ZeAlMo- A.K.A Dr_ZeAlMo, known for being a Doctor and having an asassination list which sorta voids his promise of saving people as a doctor. Known for asking 'Dmaybe hios hamster tyoed this?'
  • bran371- He likes cereal? (Word 2 yo mutha)
  • Tippz - self proclaimed 'educated fanboy', has written many a song with the sole purpose of proving a point. Occasional inappropriateness has led to little respect from higher ups in the band...
  • Srehpog - Quit the band to start his own. He made famous songs like "I love you, by the way check out Ark22", "Let's dance...and play Ark22", "Hands in the air...Ark22 on the pc" and "Bohemian Arksody 22". In his free time, Srehpog plays/develops Ark22. His name can be manipulated to Srephiroth. I'm gunna play pogs and eat a sammich with mayo. LOTS OF MAYO.
  • Nintendo Maniac 64 - Joined the band thinking he'd be able to download free RAM. He was suspicious about it at first, but after all his MILLIONS of questions were answered, he believed them. He told others about it but they called him a n00b. Eventually he found out that the other band members were joking and they thought he was joking along with them. NM64 then held a grudge against iamme123 after that for fooling him into thinking there's free RAM to download. Many see him as the most questioning and gullible member of the band. Wrote the single "It was FAKE?!"
  • The MAZZTer - After gaining absolute power 10 years ago, he ceeded it, and proceeded to lower himself through the ranks back to that of an ordinary member. Unbeknownst to the others, while he was in power, he established a puppet government, and so now controls ZFGC even as a normal member. Often confused with MegaworM for no apparant reason. His last name is Buggins, he phails at life.
  • Some_Damn_Canadian - Some damn person from Canada.
  • Tendo - A huge fan of the band Pink Floyd, he strongly believes that Halo 1 is much better than Halo 2. Of course, everyone knows that this is complete blasphemy as Halo 2 was voted as "liek teh best gaem evah!!!11" in the 2006 "liek 1337 g4m1ng 4w4rd5", and Halo 1 is just myth. We have all heard tales of the legendary game, but nobody over the age of 5 believes it ever existed.
  • BPM - Assumed not to truly exist at all. And if it does, it is assumed that BPM looks like Link, but a female with large breasts. BPM's favorite instrument is the cowbell.
  • Acid Rain - Plays the guitar in the band. He's the cause of many of the classic songs, such as: "OMFGBBQ!!!I"M A MOD!!!11!111" and "Dude, check out PotS! It's l33t!". The only thing we know about this "PotS" is that it's something he likes to smoke. We have idea why....
  • Blackl3232 - LOL HAY DO YOU COME HERE OFTEN??!1?
  • JesseTyler - *Currently running from the pedobear. OSHT HES HERE
  • Joeshmo- Joeshmo>ZFGC. Also the founder of ZFCOSBY. ZFGCOSBY>zfgc, I'm cereal. EXCELSIOR
  • bob23 - Band member that goes by the name bob23, no one is sure of his real name but we all know its not bob.
  • shadow_calibur - ZOMG! BEST PURPLE EVER!
  • legofreak - This band member is a lazy SOB... its a good thing he was put into management
  • Kren - He likes to kick monkeys.
  • Linkdude - Despite the n00bish nickname, he's not a n00b, and he hates everybody else because he's the only important one.
  • Yoshi - One of t3h oldest band members. He bothers to bitch about Sonic and crap. WHOMG SONIC CD TIME!!!111oneoneone
  • Sterlin254 - One-Hundred-Post Wonder...
  • goroneater - if ur a goron get away from me cuz ill eat ur face, I R WEENAH I SUCK MAH muMz dick itz hary, grroons taste good ssSEXING TEHM good. The previous was so not in a song. He was kicked out for insulting the backup singers.
  • Chaos Master - Due to mass internal explosions, Chaos Master hasn't come to many of the recent concerts. When the bleeding stops, he's been known to attend.
  • Chaotic_Death - Just some random person.
  • Takuthehedgehog - Pillaged on many occasions by the pir8s of the mayo, but defeated them with the legendary ban hammer.
  • TP - A roll of toilet paper. Or at least that's what his brain seems like n_n
  • Brethren - Your friendly neighbourhood fanboy. He likes to refer to himself as the 'Nintendork'. He is also popular for unexpectedly starting debates with the band.
  • Hero of Vortex: Who is he? Where does he come from? Why does light bend when it gets to the area around his head?? This mysterious band member seems to be an astronaut that was saved from a black hole. It is unknown why he got shorter. His current song, "Pokemon Tan Walking Demo", seems to actually be a cover-up, a place holder, something to hide his possibly evil intentions. It is rumored that he hitched a ride when Buckaroo Bonzai broke into the eigth dimension.
  • 'Digi - EX: - That dude, thats in the corner watching, and then gets involved, then hides again and comes out to show some stuff he made in shadows. He likes Sonic games, and...stuff, he likes Good Charllotte and Greenday, he loves Grahmmmaaarrrr.
  • Zombiebaron - bitches
  • -=Limey=- - steals images for sig
  • aab* Claimed he wanted to be "done" by Pyru. Pyru refused, leading to great tension within the band. Was involved in a number of side-projects, including "LOL I B SMARTUR THAN ALL OF U PUT TOGETHER" which was scarily true. AAB IS A PINK BUNNY WHO RUNS FROM PEOPLE THEN TURNS INTO GIGANTOR AND HAVES THEM FOR LUNCH!!!!!!
  • DugOLas - Nobody can forget that weird dumb ass Dug. With his spammy posts and such, Dug was well known for being banned "Liek a jilli0n times". Nowdays, dug is the troll under the off-topic bridge...Man it smells down here o.o;
  • ZeldaFN - his stil hre
  • Potato - He took on the Wanderer in the character comp. It's also rumored that he has an awesome power to make carbohydrates.
  • NeoGeo-x: - Likes to be an ass and GET AWAY WITH IT. Though, he doesn't take the people serious who flame him. They can't even spell his goddamn name right.
  • LiNk1090 - The biggest n00b and liar of all time. He made OOT2D in MC-style with his uncle, but he left it on a disk and lost it. He also made Halo and Super Mario Bros.
  • XdragonSB - The one who uses Zelda Classic instead of the ol' Gamemaker. HAVE FUN ZELDACLASSICING! he says.
  • Hyrule_boy - Do u speka any engrish?
  • TomPel - Also known as "Master Of Disaster", was the quiet little fella in the old days. Later he learned the secret art of spriting and his powers grew. Later, he grew as a member and many people started to respect this guy
  • gm112 - A former programmer/random guy of ZFGC. gm112 came from when he used Game Maker, so he tried to register as "gm", but that was too short, so gm decided to put in random numbers. Recently it was announced that gm released the album "Zelda III Prototype Rom" which allegedely turned to another kind of music, but it turned out to be a prank. A completly random prank. That my friends is the story of the member who is O_o......wtf mate!?!
  • Shawn - One of those guys that are kinda cool and only come online sometimes and but yeah hes pretty cool for a guy with no arms
  • OSM - Cooler than OMGFossil and Batman put together
  • Four Sword - Never posted once
  • tommy_boy283/Sir Cyurs/Hanshi/Uber-Leet-British-God - Thinks he's well-pro because he posts that he thinks he's well-pro on the ZFGC Uncyclopedia article.

ZaC-UK - Maker of MMGB. Then he quit.... LOL DRACON - posted by Limey.

  • AtomicD1 - Not very active member, slowly programming zelda games which are unknown to most members.

Former Members

  • Lunar - Shutup Lunar.
  • Daniel Barras - Some guy who made the albums Demo 1, Demo 2, Demo 3, Demo 3a, Demo 3b and Demo 3c. Demo 4 was never completed, because its a myth. :D Currently working on "packs" for "guitars" that let you play them in different languages, and they also make them look different. Though, progress is slowing down because of his ho, Amanda.
  • TylerRusselMackenzie - Commonly confused with Daniel Barras. But this guy is nothing like him: TylerRusselMackenzie's a cheat, a liar, a theif, a fake; nothing like Daniel >_>
  • Kleaver - Simply known as 'THE ADMININSTRATOR'. He lost this title when he got angry at the other members for crazy decisions, one including ressurecting the ancient demon Mamoruanime.
  • Satan - See "Drewdelz"
  • ZServ - They kicked him out because they thought he was a whiney emo kid, in a time when the band focuses solely on country music. They did not let him back in after they returned to rock, however.
  • cpprograms - Leader of ZFGC's private army of penguins and old producer, helped the band avoid numerous copyright violations by producing all of the music on a boat in the middle of international waters.
  • God - Has never resided in zfgc :(
  • Drewdelz Is next to GOD on this list
  • General O'Neil: Previously one of the lead members, he left because he got an Ancient Library in his head while on another planet.
  • Richard Dean Anderson: Thought to be the same person as O'Neil, he left around the same time.
  • therabidwombat - omg t3h rabies I will get uz...lol rabid review: 10/10 good job I am global mod ph34r my post count!
  • ArcticFerret A master of crap spriting and is known to the community as tara the gender bender goddess.
  • Written in Loving Memory - I miss you very much - I will not mention your or my name here, but when I find a peanut under my couch, I'll remember you forever... *sniff*. I'm actually crying now...
  • Tet - Fuck Tet. Hal, stop messing with my FUCKING UNCLYCLOPEDIA stuff. I'M FUCKING SERIOUS this FUCKING time, MAN. Don't FUCK it UP this TIME.
  • ??? says Don't fucking worry, Tet, nobody's gonna fuck with your fucking stuff.

Sweet Computers

  • Pedlya's Computer - He just formatted his computer, so he lost all his porn. Poor, poor soul.
  • MegaworM's Computer - 3.8 OC'ed to 4.2 GHZ, 27" Widescreen monitor, 21" CRT, 2048 MB DDR2, 430 Gb combined storage, Dual-boot Windows XP/Mac OS X, 7.2 Surround sound (12" and double 6" subs), webcam security system, over $4000 in 'borrowed' software >_>
  • Snoopy - Max's 14 processor cluster, named after Our favorite beagle, runs completely on FreeBSD, some are dual-boot Solaris. Slackware is better
  • Shiro's Future Computer - 2 3.4 gHz AMD 64 X2 Dual Core Processors, socket 939 for upgrades, with an SLI Motherboard, 32" plasma TV monitor, 21" CRT monitor, 5000+ GB DDR3, 400 GB + 180 GB hard drive, Dual booting Microsoft Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux, 7.3 surround sound speakers, 2 512 mb DDR3 Nvidea Video cards. Code named = Mana; Estimated Price (CAD) = $4237.49; Duration = 5-10 years until it becomes obsolete; When I'm buying it = 1-2 years. But he REALLY can't buy it because hes black. Don't deny your inner nigger.
  • Nintendo Maniac 64's Laptop - 700 MHz Pentium 3, 1024 x 768 LCD screen with a max color depth of 32 bit, 128 MB of RAM, 10 GB harddrive, and Windows 2000 as OS. Not a sweet computer until you add in... IT ONLY COST $20!
  • cb43569's Desktop Hewlett Packard - Yay! Everybody should run a 850Mhz Windows 2000 machine with 256MB of RAM, a 27GB hard drive, a 1280x1024+ resolution, using an NVidia TnT2 Model 64 Pro graphics card on an AGP slot, and remember 32MB texture memory is ggoooooodd...
  • MasterGoan Zero's black box of hardware - Dual Core Processors intel Xeon 2.8 ghz, 19" flatscreen monitor, 1 gig of ram, Nvidia quadrofx500 128mb (hate it..) directX8 (i want my all-in wonder 9600 back =( ), 80 gig hdd + 40 gig hdd + 30 gig ipod, Cd reader, 250 zip reader/writer, Windows XP proffesional, logitech webcam, HP photo printer, Epson 3490 photo scanner, DSL at 220kb/sec /w a linksys 2.4 ghz wireless router for teh wifi. Price: nfc, it was free... (Aka he stole it AKA his dad got it from work AKA he got it for free AKA objection)
  • Torchie's 448 MHz Pentium III PC running Windows XP, with 256 MB RAM, an 8.0 MB video card, always in 1600x1200. You know how awesome this computer is? It's 10 years old and it runs playstation games at an amazingly badass 40 FPS! AND it can play japanese porn games without a hitch! Sweet!
  • Linky's Computer - 2.01 gHz AMD 64 X2 Dual Core Processors 3800+, ePox Motherboard S939 NF4 ULTRA+, 2000MT/s PCI Express DDR400 Audio (8-channel) S/PDIF-in/out Serial ATA 3 Gb/s RAID 0/1/0+1 Gigabit LAN and 10 USB, 17" LCD TFT flatscreen Monitor, Corsair Dual Channel 1024 MB (512 MBx2) PC3200 CL2.5, Western Digital Caviar 250 GB S-ATA II (2G) HDD 7200 rpm/8 MB, Windows XP Home Swe, nVIDIA GeForce 7900GT 256 MB (256Bit) TV DVI PCI-E, Samsung DVD+-RW DS 16X LightScribe, Xion II Miditower ATF 420W, Logitech ULTRA-X Flat keyboard, Razer Copperhead Chaos Green, Razer Mantis Control mousepad, and a hell lot of neons!
  • dylan623's computer - Do you really think I'm going to tell YOU about it? BECAUSE I GOT GAY PORNOS ON IT!!!111

The Females

Rumored to not even exist amongst us, there are only a few who have 'willingly'(harassed in other words) revelealed themselves.

  • Mogrymillian - What, another girl!? GIRLS DON'T EXIST ON ZE INTRANET. And with the legendary words..."How's the view up there on your throne of lies?" ~Swiftu. Well, she IS a girl. Fox approves. And damn, that guy's one cool fox.
  • Sukarusun - Who the fuck is this?
  • Angela - "I LOVE ANGELA"; most famous girl on ZFGC, never to exist.
  • Tabby - Swedish person who doesnt want to show her pic.
  • Cally - AKA Valentine. A deadly and dangerous hybrid combo of a squirrel and a chipmunk, Valentine can be seen in her natural environment nibbling on JesseTylers.

• Valentine eats JesseTyler

• JesseTyler returns the favor. ;_;

  • Angelwolf - The nicest internet whore since sliced paint thinner.
  • Tedy_Bear05 - tits or GTFO
  • Kiriona777 - "I LOVE KIRIONA777"... or something Nebetsu said.
  • - Is going to be removed by his ISP when his computer slows the entire Internet Service Provider to a halt.
  • Briannabo - Something never to exist in Lunar's future. Lunar phails
  • CrystalAngel04 - Some people just think of her as just the ZFGC girl; I think of her as awesome. She's the nicest person on ZFGC, closely followed by aab, and she's always happy to help someone out.
  • TerrificTara - Not a girl, and YOU flirted with him, GG XD
  • xMiNalienx - Not a female O_O GG HF DD
  • Super-Zelda-Kiwi-whatever - Keeps getting new accounts. sh always tlks in "chatspeak" lik ths
  • Starforsaken10 - Guitars, beyatches.
  • OniNekoChan - What? When did she get here? Last we checked, MG had her tied up with Ed Elric's coat to keep her sanity in check. But whatever, don't disturb her, she's thinking.

P.S: Females. Serious business.

Crappy Computers

  • TRM's Computer - Where the fuck is OoT2d? I don't see it anywhere.
  • Drewdelz's Computer - Completely fucked up this page. It should burn in hell and be put in a wheel chair and roll down the longest hill in the world.
  • Max's old SPARCs - 53 MHz? These badboys could play graphically challenged games like F.E.A.R., or Doom 3.
  • DJvenom's Computer - The CPU is actually a Pterodactyl, and when you open up the case he pops out and says "It's a living!"*RIP* -2006
  • Hyperhal's HDD - Its just a Hard drive. You jack any computer you see and put it in. Instant access.
  • ZServ's Family Computer - The shit doesn't even work. He tried to put some RAM in and melted the entire room. His Mom then proceeded to beat the fuck out of him with a sledgehammer. Pretty hawt Mom.
  • Nintendo Maniac 64's family desktop computer - come on, 533 MHz?! And it's running Windows 98 SE?!?! And get this, a 20 GB HDD for the entire family?! Not to mention the monitor is dark and getting blurry, so sometimes 1024x768 isn't very good because of the blurriness! OLD'D-D-D-D-D!!!!
  • Nintendo Maniac 64's really old computer It's so old, I don't know all the specs. Runs Mac and Windows 3.1, I think 8 MB of RAM for DOS, 10MB RAM for Mac, less than a GB HDD for the entire PC.
  • Sterlin254's Server(but not his laptop) - 400Mhz Pentium II. Has a nice monitor though, resoultions up to 1600x1200, with acceptable refresh rates. For some wild reason, I recently(well actually in 2003, and early 2004) installed a new Radeon 9000 64MB AGP 2x/4x, and a 5.1 Surround Card(only $15, but suprisingly good). Which is ironic, since I barely use the thing for anything besides HD Space, and a Web Server. And aside from that, my Laptop totally pwns it in all ways.
  • MasterGohan Zero's "new" junk box - 1.8 ghz pentium 4, what the crap is this??? and a 40 gig hdd??? c'mon, i'm using that much space now! AND WTH IS AN ATI RAGE 28 PRO UBER?? FREAKIN PRIMITIVE!! ME CAVEMAN PROBABLY MADE THE STUPID THING!! I MEAN, DIRECTX 1.2??? WHAT???? I expect the thing to turn off and say "your winblows has exploded" everytime he plays HL2!
  • The MAZZTer's POS - An ordinary computer, until MAZZ's freshman year in college, where he was across the hall from the laundry room. So close, his computer developed the power of DUST MAGNET, and to this day regularly either attracts or produces dust/lint to a startling degree. I mean really, I still don't know where the hell it comes from.
  • Drandula's Computer - "You found the Old Computer" Someone threw his computer away and it got picked up by Drandula. It could barely run BF 1942 before he started upgrading it, now-days it almost runs TF 2.

The Mothers

  • Max - is cool....NOT!!!!
  • Pedobear - "Hello ladies!"
  • Mamouranime - The old 'ex-member-ex-admin-ex-moderator-ex-gaylover-ex-whore-ex-assassin'. It is also rumored has has tea parties with the Italian mafia.
  • Ray Charles - A man said to be playing Doom 3 his entire life.
  • Vash - lol samoa

The Music

Their music is world renowned and has been translated into every relevant language*!

* - Relevant languages include English and... uh... American English.

Unfortunately, someone copyrighted the music and sent them to ZServ, who then proceeded to blow our shit up.

New Jersey

The_Mega_ZZTer lives here. God have mercy on his sad, confused soul.

z3(Zebra WHAT?)

At the moment, z3 is a secret name being used by the fake LUEnin of ZFGC. We don't really know what kind of shit they're planning, or smoking while planning it, but who the fuck really cares. Terrorists win.

Whoracle Of Life

The most recent project yet, funded by the proceeds of albums 1 through 4. Little is known of this project or it's progress, some rumours say it's a freakish quest to find the Oracle Of Life, a diety known to be able to give life to the dead, and to beseach her to put some life back into the band. We all hope it goes well for the good of the band. Rumors are, that the hairball prevention system, closes cIRM. Because of that, AODC (aka. An Old Dead Cat) had to sleep in the crack house next Wednesday. LAWLK >.>

Hero of Fire is supposed to be really good at drawing up "good quality whores", which is why he got the job as the Spriter.

Ripped his Sig

Yes, now I see it

What I've felt What I've known Turn the pages Turn the stone Behind the door Should I open it for you?

Yeah What I've felt What I've known So sick and tired I stand alone Could you be there cause I'm the one who waits The one who waits for you

Oh What I've felt What I've known Turn the pages Turn the stone Behind the door Should I open it for you? So I dub thee unforgiven

The Future arrived and the past hated it! Project X came and turned into a merge with DSrevolution.com but ZFGC's fake veterans took cover in a makeshift shelter known as "ZFGC-X"GANGSTA YO (ripping off both zfgc and the shunned project x) eventually the complaints landed on sympathetic/strategic ears and the original ZFGC was put back up.

In doing this ZFGC X won the following awards (yes seriously) "Most cowardly members 2006" "Most repetitive members 2006" "Most Fissure members 2006" "Biggest Wigger on internet 2006*

Now DSR peacefully resides in the same URL with plans of eventually becoming the highly acclaimed gamersadvanced, just very slowly

and ZFGC is back to its sty where it can become an even more disrespected community than before *YAY FOR SHITTY STAFF*

The Stuff

This is an assortment of the stuff some of the ZFGC'ers are on.

Beginner's Guide

  • Hay, Dirge of Cerberus??

Change of subject

This topic sucks and is now about ZFGC the movie of the band of the book.

Retro, Damn

  • attn Fox: If you're there, I have your secks money


This section is too cool for words. WHOOPS.

The ZFGC Gameshow

Recently, a new type of paint thinner was revealed. This allowed puffguards like the ZFGCers to come up with the brilliant ZFGC game show. The game show was only ran once, and the end results forced the band to split up, but come back under "new managment" (sounds hawt!). The first band was called DSRevolution, while the second was called ZFGC. Ironically, both these bands just sat around and yelled at each other about Demo4.

The mighty LUEnin are planning on bombing both of the band's locations with radioactive rubber sausage DDR RAM. What the fuck?


  • Corner- Get the HELL in there Shiro. NOW!
  • Snicker's Castle- Hide out of the LUEnin, meow ha ha.
  • LOL! IN DA BUTT- The memorial park in southern Maine named by the ZFGC Community. Many dogs are walked here including MiN and FISSURE.
  • Box 3- Located between Box 2 and Box 4. You'll never find it, seriously.
  • FISSURE's House- Sommmewheeeereee over the rainbow!
  • The Way Out- This place connects the ZFGC community and Maturity. Sadly, it only works for about a week. Blame ZeldaFN.
  • Germany- What the.


Roflamzo! lik3 t3h new3st and c001 F4d! LAwozor!

hey you know what you know what you know what.