A Hero's Destiny

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Game Information
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The Legend of Zelda: A Hero's Destiny:

Date Released: TBA
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Zeldafan2100
Publisher: {{{publisher}}}
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Platform(s): PC

Game Story

After the Hero of Time defeated Ganon and Before The Great Flood happend. People in Hyrule start to see visions of a great darkness descending upon Hyrule. In fear Zelda calls on her childhood friend Link to go check the Temple of Light. In Arrival Link is unable to reach the temple cause of a Dark Force. When Zelda finds out she tells Link to come to her Castle and talk to her. On Links arrival Zelda gives Link a necklace with a gossip stone attached to the bottom so Zelda can communicate with Link. Zelda tells Link the Darkness is caused by Ganondorf and she sends Link to find the 3 Spiritual Stones. So he can pull the Master Sword. But asoon as Link leaves Zeldas Room. Ganondorf takes Zelda. And The King comes in to find Zelda gone and accuses Link of taking the Princess And sends him to the Dungeon. And the First Dungeon Starts!

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