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Game Information
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Zelda II: Adventure of Link:

Date Released: TBA
Genre: Adventure
Developer: TheForeshadower
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ESRB Rating: Everyone
Platform(s): PC

Game Story

After defeating Ganon at Death Mountain and rescuing Princess Zelda, Link returns to a normal life. Along with the princess, he helps with the rebuilding of Hyrule. However, the minions of Ganon continued to be restless and continued to attack the people of Hyrule with growing fervor.

This continued for many seasons until on Link's sixteenth birthday, a mark appeared on his left hand. He showed it to several sages and even Princess Zelda, but no one could understand what the mark was. Princess Zelda suggested that her maid, Impa, should look into it.

Upon seeing the mark on Link's hand, Impa immediately took Link to her private room in the palace. There, she explained the truth behind the Triforce: -Ganon had the Triforce of Power which Link had recovered -Link had the Triforce of Wisdom that he restored from it's pieces -There was a third piece hidden in a great palace somewhere forgotten

Once all three pieces are united, the true Princess of Hyrule could be reawakened and return Hyrule into a Golden Age just as her father had many ages ago. Impa sent Link on a journey to North Palace where he could meet this slumbering Princess of Destiny to truly understand.

Time was also of the essence. Ganon's minions could feel the power of the Hero and sought out his Triforce pieces to revive their fallen master...

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External link to Google Drive --->[1]

Contains Rauru, Saria(not finished), Parapa Palace(not finished,but can be beaten),starting center of Hyrule.

Arrow keys control Link || S uses Pegasus Boots(once found),continues dialogue,and swings the sword || D is the action key and Pegasus Boots(once found) || A uses the equipped item