BellBrooke Province

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The BellBrooke Province is the first location the player themselves in. However this is unknown to the player unless they have been told by the natives in the province.


Orlo Gale Forest

The first and beginning location Link finds himself in.

Deku Village

The Deku Village is an area inside the forest, where it is populated by the Dekus, however, at rare times, Humans or other races occasionally visit this area. The Village leader name is Kor'ri Woodfall, a former deku warrior, who watches over his friends and family that live there.

Quite Wood

Beyond the higher hills of Orlo Gale Forest is Quite Wood. It use to be a place for dekus, Gorons and humans, however, as the years went by, this area became vacant. There was a rumor of a thief who hid here, however, this is uncertain.

The Forest Cavern

Item: Hero's Bow

Mini Boss: Mutated Deku (Hallow Deku)

Main Boss: Thief's Ghost (Blind Jr.)

Story and History:

The Cavern use to be a home and training grounds for the Gorons, and soon Deku who end up being lost, become good friends with the Gorons. After the war days, the area collapsed housing the Pendant used in the war inside. The Gorons had moved into BlackRock with their families and the dekus took up residence in Orlo Gale.

A lone thief heard of this pendant and grew obsessed with such an item and ended up dying in the old cavern when he managed to get himself trapped. It wasn't long until a Deku went inside to discover what has happen, realizing items left behind by the thief inside, and eventually he is trapped there too.

When Link is tasked to find Leafosa, Link has no choice but to help him find Ralts, and soon the Pendant. The ghost revealed itself to Link and Leafosa, speaking to itself in 3rd person until it engages in combat with them. After it's defeat, the ghost drops the pendant and vanishes.


Orlo Gale Pass

Flora Town

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