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Story of Bianca Airesus, The Steel Maiden (鋼鐵少女)


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Present Day

Bianca Ariesus, also officially known as The Steel Maiden, is a crime fighting heroine who originated from Bangkok, Thailand, and has impacted a majority of other countries such as Malaysia and Thailand, China, Russia, European countries, and even parts of the Middle East. Bianca’s primary focus was that of the group who calls themselves The Black Shadow, as well as drug, human and child trafficking that takes place by their hands, in addition, to thwarting the plans of the gang’s allies in China and Thailand. Unlike some of the other heroes in America, she is a self-employed mercenary who isn’t afraid of killing for the greater good when the situation calls for it, but since she is bounded by the laws in America, she had to learn how to restrain herself and has not been using the full capabilities of her suit of armor while in the West due to possible enemies in the far East that could surface when word of not being present begins to circulate.

She has been called many names due to her alias used: Thailand Ninja, The Modern Day Lady Cho, The Valkyrie, Arabian Ghost, etc. But regardless she is and forever will be the one and only, Steel Maiden. She resides in the Americas to help her new allies; one of groups she accompanies herself with is the Neo-x Foot Clan, eventually helping them become stronger while in parts of Asia and Africa, her team who aided her put a massive blow to the drug and human trafficking rings, covering those areas as well as stopping other potential crimes.


Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses


Alias - Qin Liangyu, Byainko, Xain, The Steel Maiden (鋼鐵少女), Steel Valkyre/ The Valkyrie, Arabian Ghost of the Desert, Thailand Ninja, The Modern Day Lady Cho

Information – Born in the Spring of March 22XX

Place of Origin - Bangkok, Thailand.

Height 5.4 (164 cm)

Weight 148 lbs (Athletic Physique)

Reach 68.0 in (173 cm)

Theme - Varien - The Valkyrie Trilogy

Family/Close Family Members – Wei Airesus (Father and mentor), Shen Airesus (Uncle), Yona Airesus (Biological Mother, Deceased), Jenji Airesus (Biological Brother, Deceased), Kenneth Airesus (Biological Older Brother, Deceased), Brian Whall (Friend, Guardian, Surrogate Brother, mentor), Trex (pet dog), Beepz (Companion), Lenn (Family Friend, mentor), Hanz Shu (Family Friend, mentor)

Personality – Bianca is the tough girl, the badass in the group and is confident and collected when it comes to battle. Truly, Bianca is a caring, yet serious person, and does whatever she can to help those who are in trouble, taking the intuitive to come to the call of others or taking one for the team. At times, her emotions do get the best of her resulting in her taking matters in her own hands, often going into some battles alone. Rare moments Bianca shows sadness, and other times it is anger, if pushed to her absolute limits she can become an unstoppable force unless calmed down. Bianca calms herself by use of constant meditation to maintain her cool and collected attitude.

Appearance – Bianca is Thai, and of Chinese descent. She has a far skin tone, with a light tan. Her pupils are hazel colored just like her father’s eyes and her natural hair tone is black for her mother’s hair color is also black. Bianca’s uniform is a white tank-top made of cotton mixed with synthetic fibers, which is water-resistant and black light-weight pants made up of the same material, Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Socks with straps and black Tai-chi with rubber soles. Bianca also has arm wrappings on her hands and forearms, as well as on her ankles and calves, with part of her pants wrapped underneath it. The wrappings are really an extension to Bianca’s armor, which can merge on to her body at will and form her iconic set of armor. The remainder of Bianca’s armor, when not in use, is bonded to her body invisibly, when she has to use it, it immediately forms on to her. Other uniforms Bianca uses is usually the same thing she wears now, but in all black, a Kung Fu uniform, a blue dress, and urban street wear when she was with the Triad.

Athleticism – When Bianca began training, she kept going at it until she got stronger and or bested her previous results, regardless; she keeps on going to improve constantly. Her strength, agility and speed have been improved. Bianca’s training had led her to be near Olympic levels of athleticism.

Excellent Marksmanship – Bianca was trained to the point where focus is key to solving problems and maintaining complete concentration; this also comes into play when she learned to throw objects on to a target. She is trained in archery, which easily transition to being able to use firearms, as well as disarming and removing clips or cores from hand weapons. Bianca has enough marksmanship to get a hit on a target or to tag someone with relative ease.

Highly Intelligent – Bianca has a high genius level of intelligence due to how she was raised by her mother, in addition, the Mozart Effect was used on her and her older brother prior to their birth. Bianca began speaking when she was just age 2, and was introduced to orchestrated music and was learning an instrument when she was young, as age 3, she learned very early on basic to advanced level math and literature. As she grew older, Bianca was deemed too smart for the schools in Thailand, hence why she was moved to a school in China, but it still wasn’t enough. Bianca was smart enough to go to an advanced university or school by the age 12, but despite how smart she is, she thinks that schooling is a waste if you know everything you need to know and improve on it, hence why Bianca didn’t continue going to school months after she had escaped Black Shadow. Bianca is an accelerated learner, and she is able to pick up things and learn them in a shorter amount of time. Her accelerated Development played a role in her picked up things easily when exposed to Robotics, Engineering, mechanical studies and other studies technologies. Bianca persistent focus comes from her mother, the drive that pushes her to be mentally strong.

She is quick and nimble for her height and has been training non-stop to reach. Her signature moves: Flying Drop Kick, Roundhouse Kick, and Palm Strike. Bianca uses several fighting styles, swiftly shifting into these styles or mixing them up to created her own fighting style; Hybrid Martial Arts, several styles which she has learned before she turned 11.

Styles learned/known childhood and onward: Muay Thai (Primary and stance), Krav Maga, Boxing/Kickboxing, Judo, Wing Chun, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Thai Chi, Mix of Militarized Training (Lerdrit), Silat, Shorin Ryu, Bojutsu, Kung Fu, Karate, Bagua Zhang, Ansatsuken, Variation of Shaolin Monk fighting style

Equipment, Upgrades, Enhancements and Gadgets


Operating as The Thailand Ninja

Prior to becoming The Thailand Ninja, Bianca had gadgets that were used to strategically deal with situations, tactfully takedown opponents or by force. Created/Acquired Gadgets.

The Cat’s Eye (single eye goggle visors) – A multifunctional visor created by her, which she calls The Cat’s Eye. It covers the just a single eye. It acts as a scanner, a terminal computer, an encrypted personal communicator that has the ability to contact and connect with other communication devices, and detection of specific objects (usually weapons) and a lite heat signature scanner in order for the wearer to see their opponent from several feet away; even through walls if said target is close to the wall as well as the user who is on the opponent side. The Ghost Belt – A devices that uses three-dimensional fields, high-refractive-index polymer (HRIP) Technology that Renders the user nearly invisible, provides Camouflage, but isn’t immune to heat signatures. It generates a small force-field around the wearer’s body. The device also has panels to collect solar energy. When there is power in the belt it will render its wearer completely invisible, however if low or out of energy, the wearer will still be invisible, but will be slightly visible when moving, showing somewhat of a rippled bubble effect. Modified Smoke Pellets – Used to provide cover or to stop opponents in their tracks, when used it dissolves. Bianca has also crafted a modified version of the smoke pellets whereas not only it provides a blinding smoke, but causes several blinding flashes momentarily when impacting a solid surface or object (similar to a flash bag) before the instantly smoke goes off. The smoke pellets are stored in compartments of The Ghost Belt. Combat Knife – A common, military grade dagger. She carries it with her whenever she goes just in case. It was given to her by Brian, who helped her improve on being a marksman and to track people.

Holo-Ball (Hologram projector) – A tactical device created with Holography Technology. It is a device that uses recorded movements of the user of the device that will generate a life-like hologram of the user. The device also has a unique axis indicator that can cause the hologram of the user to act out various movements, for example, if the ball is thrown down a hallway, the hologram of the user will be shown running in the direction the ball is going. The Holo Ball has 3 functions that can be recorded by the user: movement (running, walking, etc), idling (either standing up right or sitting), and or other posing (lying on the floor, dead, etc.) Anything the user can record on to the device, it can be used. When it is activated, it will last for a short time before overheating and breaking apart, in doing so, it causes a small concussive explosion. Holograms of the user appear almost life-like of an actual person; the motive is to effectively device the opponent. This device is still used by Bianca after her transition to becoming The Steel Maiden and onward, and she continues to create these devices.

Magnetic-Chain – As an on use disruptor/teaser to common guns or firearms, plasma or energy based firearms or weapons. When used on energy weapons, it caused the energy based weapon to malfunction; at times to a degree where when it discharges it destroys the targeted weapon in a burst of energy. The destruction of energy or plasma weapons only works when the chain is over clocked when used. It is also used to tease or restrain opponents when used.

Electromagnetic Force-Field Device - Basic Electromagnetic Force-Field device, created by Bianca with the aid of Hanz that straps to the wearer’s wrists. When activated, it generates a wall of energy, in a shape of a shield, in front of the user’s direction, for a short time. It is capable of absorbing energy based attacks, which gives this device a small charge to remain longer, as well as block/deflecting normal gunfire, as well as plasma or any projectile, as long as it is not close range, for the device has to react. If it is hit by a heavy projectile attack or a constant barrage of attacks, the energy for this device will be depleted faster.

Thailand Ninja Armor – The suit that she uses is made up of leather, integrated with kevlar martial to make the armor sturdy enough to endure punishment, but it only covers the upper and mid section of the body. Other parts of the suit is normal leather, with rubber padding on the wearer’s elbows and knees, while the wearer’s gloves and boots are leather. Dark Red Under Armor is what keeps the suit intact, as well as a dark red mask that covers half the wearer’s face. The suit is later upgraded with a few padding around the abdomen part of the wearer’s body; the reason for this is because Bianca took an extremely lethal stab from her accidental confrontation with a Russian Drug Lord. The only parts of the body that is not really cover is parts of the upper and lower part arms.

Tri-Serum (Perfect version) – The Tri-Serum is super solider serum that is liquefied nanotechnology, 3 injections that must be completed from start to finish simultaneously or else it will fail, hinder results. Not only it grants irreversible enhancements, improves common human sense, Visual acuity, and makes the user immune to all forms of sicknesses, caners and aliments. This also provides one with a natural healing factor that heals a person faster than normal people. When Hanz Shu’s blueprints were given to his colleagues to create the serum for the super solider project, they could not perfect it, which ended up killing several soldiers, expect for one, who went insane and became violent before escaping. Hanz himself he could improve the serum himself, and perfected it after users of altering specific algorithm on a biological level. The last ever created Tri-Serum was made to perfection and was used on Bianca Airesus, who was just 14 years of age at the time. The Serum started out as something merely to cure sicknesses and cancer until others in the 21 century tried to replicate a perfect cure and used it for military only purposes, at times to rich and wealthy people who want to buy the cure, which doesn’t work the first time used. The idea was continued into 22XX whereas the idea to make the perfect solider was brought up, resulting in advanced improvements of the serum with liquefying nanotechnology, which in turn will merge with every living tissue and organs of the person. In these years, there are many scientists who were in fields of Robotics, Energy; however, not many have been admitted to bio-tech studies for it was the toughest of fields to enter. Hanz Shu was an intellectual genius and has been in this field, but chooses to work close to home instead of leaving Asia. His blueprints were later used by his colleagues, but he himself knew he could make a better serum. This led to the events that took place in China and Thailand. Enhancements – The person’s strength, durability, agility, speed are improved, making them more capable than the average person. Enhanced Senses and Vision – The person has extremely accurate senses, allowing them to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch better than an average member of their species. The person’s vision is improved to a visual acuity level. Healing Factor – The serum provides the person with a healing factor that slightly speeds up normal human healing. Cells will heal at an accelerated rate over time.

Immunity to common illnesses, diseases, etc. – The person is immune to effects of illness, cannot be sick or suffer from diseases, and cannot succumb to cancer. The person is also unfazed by effects of drugs; however, if the person was drugged or poisoned, the person’s body will successfully fight back whatever negative aliments that enter the body. To a degree, this immunity is considered perfection.

Operating as The Steel Maiden


After being injected with the true form of the Tri-Serum, Bianca is stronger and faster than she was before, making her one of the most lethal fighters from Asia. This also allows her to be the heir to a powerful set of armor that binds with her human anatomy in every way possible. When Bianca binds with the suit for the first time, the suit of armor resembles that of a futuristic Valkyre shrouded in steel, which Bianca feels that this persona fits her, hence why the set of armor is also code-named Valkyre Armor and it’s project name: Project Valkyre, which is depicted to be shown differently compared to how it looks on Bianca.

Valkyre Armor/Battle Suit (VARM) – Sprtsm1.gif Engineered from same Nanotechnology that was used to make the Tri-Serum, a symbiotic shape-shifting suit of armor that can merge with the user, intervenes with the user’s body structure on contact, in addition, this armor also works on a biological algorithm, technically bonding with the user resulting in the user gaining complete control of the armor mentally. What makes the armor so special is that it is capable of adapting over time with the user and the environment, for example, it was not immune to thermal and x-ray detection until later on when the armor was able to adapt as well as it being upgraded. The armor is said to be beyond it’s time and was met for soldiers, who survived grueling training, admitted to the Super Solider project (injected with the Tri-Serum), and are to lead in combat situation in nuclear world troubling conflicts. The armor was in its prototype for nearly two decades and has been upgraded several times by a man named Hanz Shu, a Chinese scientist genius. Hanz has been working on this suit of armor in secret before any word of the Super Solider Project was made known. The plan was to unveil this suit of armor to a worthy solider who would use this armor for the greater good. After the failure of the project, Hanz continued to work on this armor in secret, even moving in away from China into Thailand where his private studies, located in Bangkok. The armor is quite heavy due to not being connected with a host and it remains in a liquid state in stasis mirroring that of nickel-titanium alloy (nitinol), but when adjusted to fit the user’s needs, the armor is very lite, becoming one with the user. The technology used to create the armor was government bought from various engineering and robotics firms, as well as bio tech companies worldwide since Hanz and his R&D colleagues had a good amount of money to use when it came to creating things. Hanz utilized these resources with the idea of creating the perfect battle suit to assist a heavily disciplined solider. Later on, Hanz’s good friend had a daughter who had taken interest in the R&D firm of the company, and he mentors the girl. Eventually the girl becomes worthy of using said armor, becoming one of the many powerful crime fighters to ever live.

Mental Link – The suit of armor and the user of the armor are one, linked together. The gives the user absolute control of the armor, gaining access the abilities the suit of armor provides.

Symbiosis – The armor or suit is capable of bonding with the user. The armor matches the user’s body structure and constructs itself automatically when the user’s simply thinks it, when it constructs or forms it is in liquid form turning into the foundation of the suit and armor on to the user, and solidifies itself afterwards. When not in use, the armor intervenes itself with whatever the user is wearing, weaving into the user’s clothing waiting to be used again, and energy reserves are stored and compressed when the armor is on standby or not in use.

Durability – The nigh indestructible armor was built to endure harsh military punishment and beyond that, made to protect the user at all cost. The armor is in an active harden state, it provides extra durability to protect the user and is capable of taking heavy attacks while the user barely feels anything. Most attacks are often absorbed by the armor and can be directed back to the sender used or any opponent when the user attacks. It is strong enough to stand attacks from super powered opponents, with its endless supply of energy reserves; said energy can be used as an extra defense if the situation calls for it.

Flight/Hovering – The user is able to fly or hover using the thrusters’ on the armor. This also gives the user the ability to dash short distances. The armor uses its endless supply of energy for these kinds of capabilities. The user’s jumping is increased and also allows for faster mobility. Dead-Wave Algorithm – A passive ability that prevents the armor from being hacked in to and or taken over. An ability that can not only block those who attempts, to some degree it can counter hack a hacker, and if it can’t it will give off Denial of Service like Algorithm that will send an endless wave of complex dead code that will keep overwriting itself until said hacker stops. This makes the armor dangerous if this was attempted. Adaptability – The armor is able to build up some resistance to unknown attacks for a short time. The more punishment it takes from a certain source, it makes the armor more durable, however, this only affects energy, plasma, bombs, EMPs, etc based attacks.

Gauntlets/Arm Wrappings – Whether the wearer is armored up or not, a set of gauntlets are formed on the user’s hands as well 2 harden shell-sized coverings that are formed above the knuckles. In Bianca’s case, when not in use, the technology mirrors that of hand wrappings commonly used by Muay Thai fighters. Small burst of kinetic force is expelled from the gauntlets when used.

Ever Seeing Visor (ESV) – The armor is capable of forming a visor on the user’s face in shape that looks like a shield. The visor does almost everything The Cat’s Eye does, but to a greater scale. It also acts as a computer to some degree, allowing the wearer to detect and find information on a target just by scanning them; i.e. can easily find recent or late records regarding a target just by looking at them. It can also pick up weaken areas on opponents and or objects, giving the user an idea on how to dealing with a foes or any obstacle they face. This feature is immune to any jammers used against the user.

Dreadlock Tendrils – These hang from the back of the user’s helmet/head. They mirror that of one’s hair or the dreadlock hair style. These dreadlock appendages are actually part of the armor and taking in energy constantly, as well as the whole armor used by the user. Among all components and functions of the armor, these dreadlock tendrils take in more energy from all sources. The tendrils are also thick and if one, with tech on them, were to grab a hold of them, it will just siphon energy sources from the opponent to the user of the armor. The tendrils also have a jellyfish like feel to them so anyone attempting to grab the tendrils will lose their grip.

Shape-Shifting Capabilities – The armor is capable of shape-shifting. It can take form of everyday clothing, within seconds; it can form into Bianca’s iconic armor. The nano tech that forms is weaved into Bianca’s clothing, so when she needs to use it, it forms on to her at will. In combination with the gauntlet ability, the armor itself can be as soft as a cloth or become as hard as titanium at will if the user chooses. The armor is capable of shape-shifting into actual weapons on the user’s hands, arms, or feet should they choose, and it is intervened with any energy based weaponry the user is using, example being making blades with overlaying energy blades above them. The armor is also capable of causing a spiky effect. Absorption- Capable of absorbing its energy source being Solar or Lunar based rays. If the user is attacked by energy or plasma based weaponry, it is capable of absorbing portions of the attack. The energy absorbed by the armor cannot be taken or sapped. Kinetic energy can be absorbed as well and it is intertwined with energy reserves of the armor. Attacks made by the user can hit even harder when expelling collected Kinetic energy. Energy sources from the armor can be used in Nano-Shifting, but with added Kinetic energy into the mix, makes the move more devastating, since it is the only ability to really use up a great deal of energy. Only the suit of armor is capable of this, the user cannot shape-shift.

Indestructibility – Bianca’s armor cannot be penetrated by anything or really take a scratch from a powerful attack. The suit of armor is shock proof, allowing the user to take in shocks from landing from a big distance, and it protects against water pressure, allowing the user to go deep into the water. The suit of armor adds heat and cold resistance while using the energy sources maintain a moderate temperature within the suit of armor when in use. Since the armor is made to protect the user at all cause, it can sustain damage from a nuclear blast and prevent the user from succumbing to the effects of radiation of any kind. Despite these feats of defense, the user, while inside the armor, can still be knocked around as would anyone, especially when it comes to fights with heavy hitter, the user may feel light-weighted, but the suit of armor in solid form tense to be quite heavy to others, but this does not hinder the user’s movement at all. The defensive capabilities of the suit stems from the endless energy supplies the suit takes in on a 24/7 daily basis are slightly increased. Even without the energy, the suit of armor will protect the user still without the added benefits.

Enhanced Attributes - The armor can increase the user’s attributes greatly, making the user become extremely lethal in situations that prompt the user to fight. In combination with absorption, the armor can be buffed for a period of time, making the user nearly an unstoppable force when pushed to the limits.

Power Drain Disc – The disc that can be thrown on to objects or an opponent and will pulse an energy sapping EMP, as well as transfer energy to the user of the device if they are close by. The disc will send endlessly EMP waves for 20 seconds than it will overheat and destroy it. It can also by shut down anywhere within the 20 second range should the user choose to do so. The user can also carry an activated disc around; even conceal it, which will still affect any nearby opponents or objects. If the opponent does not have tech on them, the disc makes an echoing sound that rings continuously at 7000 Hz, which is capable of hindering some opponents. This disc is also capable of jamming unrecognized signals in a 35 yard radius, recognized signals however will pin point the exact location of the device, should ever it is to be traced.

Artificial Healing – An artificial healing factor component on the armor that can repair any injuries or damages sustain by the user. It detects and repairs the targeted location of said injury while the user is inside the suit. If the user is unidentified or unauthorized, the suit will disable this ability; this is usually the case when the user uses the Lockdown Ability. Parts of the armor being on the user can also heal, since the user doesn’t have to be completely armored up for the effect to be active. Should the user remain stationary momentarily, the healing process is sped up.

Force-Field – The user is able to generate an energy force field around their body and or generate a large energy shield that take up a few yards to cover an area. It is able to cover at least several other people, including the user, more people if armor’s energy capabilities are pushed, since the energy gain is somewhat endless, this makes the force field a strong defensive ability, however, the user is unable to fight back if they’re covering more people. If the user uses it on them self during a fight, they cannot use any high powered ability as long as the shield is up. This ability was later tweaked by Bianca, making her able to use it in any situation she is in, as long as it is herself and herself only. Nano-Storm – An attack that happens for a brief amount of time whereas the user is able to cause parts of the armor to come off, shape-shifting into small ball particles that will proceed to rotate around the users for a short time before immediately connecting back into the armor. A move used normally to knock opponents down or prevent them from getting near the user.

Siphoning Jab – This ability causes the user’s palm/fist strikes to generate and non-lethal discharge of energy without physically making contact with the opponent, but the splash of white energy, if close to the opponent can affect them. It is capable of sapping a great deal of energy from the opponent’s equipment. This move cannot be evaded if the users actual makes contact with the energy based attack. It causes the opponent to be temporarily stunned while a portion of their energy is sapped from them in an instant.

Nano-Shifting – Sprtsm2.gif A powerful charge attack that can send targeted enemies or objects flying backwards. The user will use this ability while dashing before an object or enemy. The user doesn’t have to touch the enemy, but the force generated from the user push anything back with great force. If done while in air, the user can hit the ground causing nearby enemies to be thrown a few feet into the air. This move alone is the most powerful of the armor’s abilities due being strong if should the user takes in kinetic energy resulting in devastating results; which is also stored in the armor if it is in use. Energy/Plasma Based arsenal –There are openings on the user when armored him, as well as small wrist cannons about the hand. The user is able to shoot energy projectiles and or generate a energy blades. The same use of energy is what enables the user to fly, hover, dash, or move faster in whichever direction they’re going in, including increasing their height of jumping several feet.

Muscle Memory – A clever ability that causes the user to mentally control the armor when they are not occupying the armor. This gives the illusion that the armor has a mind of its own when really it is being controlled remotely due to the user’s thought patterns. As long as any part of the armor is still on the user while outside of the armor, the user is able to maintain this function for as long as they desire. This feature was met for the user, if he or she is in the military and at war, to go in and takedown hostiles and or save civilians. However, if the user somehow breaks connection the armor, it is programmed to go into auto-pilot to return to the user, using abilities if it needs to accomplish this. Teleportation – The user is able to give off the illusion of teleportation when using dashing, jumping, running, hovering, etc in combination to cloaking abilities in unison.

Advanced Cloaking – The user is able to cloak, turning invisible instantly. This also causes the user to seamlessly blend in with their surroundings to a greater degree. The user is also immune to effects of heat signatures while using this ability and cannot be detected by any means. Lockdown – A move used to force nearly any opponent into submission and it is rarely used unless the situation calls for it. When use close to the opponent, it is able to latch on to the opponent, removing itself from the main user to do a number of things to the opponent. The armor can lockdown itself on the opponent, preventing them from moving or using any of their gadgets systematically anchoring the opponent down, it can protect the opponent even granting them access to the armor’s abilities for a short time despite the actual user still able to control it, or it can burst itself, coming off the opponent and all energy sources hit the opponent as soon as the armor comes off, a quick attack that doesn’t give time for the opponent to react.

Bianca’s Weaknesses

As powerful as this armor is, it still has a few weaknesses that can slow it down.

Being Human – Anything that can inflict harm or kill, can also affect Bianca. She is capable of healing from injuries over time with or without her armor, even faster while rested.

Android Based Enemies (High Level Threats) – Bianca can go toe to toe with Android enemies, however, these self-aware humanoids are capable of going on par with her or anyone else, meta-human or not. Bianca’s armor is indestructible but with enough force she can be knocked around like a rag doll by these enemies. Some Androids also unitize Nanotechnology and can effectively use their attacks against her or any opponent.

Counter Man (Terrace Parker) – A young man who eventually joins the ranks of heroes including Bianca. Counter Man’s ability is pretty much what defines him. Anything Bianca does to him will result in the same damage sent back her way, 5 times stronger, enough to send Bianca flying if the situation calls for it. Counter Man is known to counter anything or anyone one, including making use of his opponent’s weaknesses and strengths, combined, against them. Bianca can only beat Counter Man if his abilities are temporarily halted when he loses focus, rendering him 100% vulnerable.

Shadow Technology aka (Shad-Tech/ST) – Powerful Tech that is usually sold illegal and or within the criminal underground. It is strong enough to put Bianca on the defense. Energy cannot be siphoned off of Shadow Tech. Shadow Tech also cannot be scanned or locked on no matter what one does, however, Shadow Tech can be destroyed like any other piece of technology, expect when it is used by Android based enemies. Technology That could counter her – Bianca has the most high-tech armor ever to exist in the year 22XX, however, technology in the current era can be used against her. Her armor can take the damage obviously, but it is enough to keep her at bay even though the current tech isn’t enough to cause much of a difference in a fight against her. Without her armor, she can be seriously injured by any other tech that can inflict pain or kill any other human.

Vs. Super/Meta-Humans – As strong as Bianca is, depending on what powers someone else has, it can still harm her, however, with her armor, she is able to go toe to toe with most super powered opponents, especially against any alpha from the Dragni clans. When dealing with James Konta, she is capable of fighting him with or without her armor, but without her armor, she can easily be harmed by James or any other Dragni should they attack with intent to cause fatal injury.

Becoming Blood lusted – Bianca is already someone who is willing to kill for the greater good. If pushed too far, Bianca can be blood lusted and be rendered to a killing machine, leaving her completely vulnerable when she is pure brawn and less brains while in this state. She can only be calmed down by friends and allies or if there is no one to fight or attack, she will snap out of this state.

EMP’d when at low Energy (Rare) – EMPs cannot shut Bianca down, however, it does affect her if her armor’s energy is low, which does almost the same thing Necro-Bots can do, but even without the abilities of her armor, she is still able to fight. EMPs are not powerful enough to force her armor to revert back into civilian clothing. When she operated as the Thailand Ninja, EMPs would render her gear unusable for a short amount of time.

Necro-Bots – A nanotechnology byproduct that is said to be harmful to anything, humans, objects, machines, etc, Necro-Bots react to anything it touches, weakening said target. It is the primary weakness to Bianca and her armor, for not only it is a painful burning sensation it gives when it makes contact with the human body, for tech or machines, it will screw up its circuits. Bianca’s armor locks up because Necro-Bots can be absorbed by the armor, and too much of it will cause the armor to detect it and attempt to flush it out. When the armor locks up, it cannot use any of its abilities, however, the user is still able to move with the armor on, at times, Necro-Bots can render the armor to revert its previous state (example, clothing, objects, etc) if under the effects for too long. Bianca herself is still human; contact with the substance will give an agonizing burning sensation that will not go away so easily. For other humans and meta humans, it has the same effect, but can drastically alter one’s inter organs or body tissue, and prone to leaving scars. To Full Dragnis, Necro-Bots can harm them just as it does Bianca, however, those with such DNA can take a good deal of this pain and survive fatal effects of this substance due to how durable they are, as Half-Dragnis do not have such durability compared to their alpha counterparts. Necro-Bots as also capable of killing the average human being, if it consumes/destroys body tissues and entering deep into the body of the victim.

Main Protagonists

Bianca Airesus is the main protagonist of this side storyline, aside from the main Dragon Diarys story. Before she was the self-employed mercenary that pressured both her rival James Konta and his enemies, she was the famous hero of China, who eventually went out to other lands to purge Human Trafficking Rings before heading to America to relax, only to be part of other growing conflicts. She became a fighter, following her father and older brother’s footsteps, and the example of her mother and younger brother. She became a crime fighter with the focus of stopping Human Trafficking, mainly the group known as Black Shadow, who is not only the focus to takedown, but played a role in her becoming a fearsome heroine. She eventually became stronger on a near superhuman level when she underwent a procedure met for super soldiers, and obtaining a powerful set of Military Armor that was way ahead of its time, resulting in her becoming intimidating crime fighter called The Steel Maiden.

Trex is Bianca’s dog. Trex is a rescued black German Shepherd that from a shelter, he was given to Bianca, who had lost her siblings and her mother at a young age in order to help her cope. Trex is also a strong obedient dog and eventually took a major role in Bianca’s missions. Trex had been shot during a mission an undercover Hong Kong, however, was saved due to prosthetics when Bianca performed a procedure using her own battle suit to save the dog. To this day, Trex remains by his master’s side. He also has some cybernetics on his body that enables him to process speech, hence, becoming a talking dog. Trex is also dubbed T-Rex, for that is Bianca’s favorite dinosaur.

Brian Whall, a CIA agent who is inactive until when needed, who befriended Bianca at a young age and even trained with her father. He resides in China and often helps Bianca with information he is able to dig up. He moved to Thailand immediately after Operation Ice Drive, even though he wasn’t directly involved, his main squad was, resulting in them being discharged (Garret, Lelia, Deejay, Aaron,), leaving him and Noah Terwillinger the last two active members from the squad. He is an excellent marksman than a fighter, and he has taught Bianca a bit of marksmanship at a young age in order to help with visual perception, balance, focus, timing and anticipation, as well as many other things. Brian Whall is also the big brother figure to Bianca, their bound makes them family.

Sara Chun was a bully and a rival to Bianca and May Li, but eventually Bianca’s victory over her in an archery contest, shifted her attitude towards the both of them. As she started to befriend Bianca and May Li, she ended up kidnapped at some point. She was also present when Bianca and May Li were about to get kidnapped, but was drugged at the time, dazed and confused because Black Shadow was testing drugs on some of their captives. Sara played a part in Bianca’s escape, afterwards she was taken to another location and was in captivity ever since. She has not been abused like the others, but was subjected to the lingering effects from forced drug overdose that should have killed her, and slight malnutrition due to being treated like dirt while in captivity. Bianca frees her with the other girls and boys from Yuk’s Estate, and she joins Bianca in stopping Black Shadow. She doesn’t reveal much of what happen to her, but she explains this to her parents. Sara also revealed some information on how badly May Li was abused.

May Li Yun is Bianca’s shy friend, who is like a sister to her. She befriends Bianca while she attends school in Beijing China. She and Bianca eventually become victims of the mass kidnapping happening in parts of China. May Li was someone who is fearful and unable to defend herself, despite Bianca trying to save her. She aids Bianca on escaping, but once Black Shadow began moving their victims, May Li was considered “unique” and was subjected to a long path to gruesome forms of abuse, which played a role in her mental malfunction. Despite suffering for so long, she awaits for her friend to come to help her, like the many times Bianca have when before they were kidnapped. She is the primary focus of Bianca’s conquest to destroy Black Shadow’s trafficking foundation.

Hanz Shu is a Chinese scientist who works in the R&D branch in an Engineering Robotics and Energy firm in Beijing. He is also good friends with Wei Ariesus, and Lenn, a high ranking marine. Hanz also played a huge role in secret program conducted by him and a joint operation from the Chinese government. This program was met to turn healthy, strong, enduring soldiers to be enhanced by a revolutionized tri-serum procedure using nanotechnology in liquid form that combines with one’s DNA, also giving the user the ability to a powerful beyond it’s time nano battle suit that can form on to and off the user, linked with the user’s mind. The project became a failure when several soldiers crazy and died, one solider survived, but was said to be dead, but this lone solider escaped the facility without notice, taking with him information and recourses and defected nano-tech that is called Necro-Bots; leaving the scientists to believe said resources was destroyed, when it was really stolen. Even though the project failed and cost millions, Hanz worked years to perfect the final form of the Tri-Serum, and upgraded the prototype battle suit into a stronger version, one that can adapt. Eventually this final version of the serum was given to a new host years later, Bianca Airesus, who was actually dying from her injuries, surviving long enough to make it to one of Hanz small R&D facilities located in Thailand, where he stored the Serum and armor. He continues to help Bianca improve, despite nearly being killed by Black Shadow’s Jallen, he wants to see China free from the gang’s control.

Tala Tomack-Agbaje is a seasoned huntress from Uganda. She has fought against techo-terrorist rebels known as The Frust Kongo Fighters, who has plagued Uganda villages and cities with violence, eventually they took on poaching to deprive the people of food and resources, this led to Tala’s village being affected and she chose to do something about it. She crippled the Frust Kongo Fighters by destroying and using their tech against them, an item she calls viper-stingers, which were salvaged by a large robotic anaconda after fighting it in the White Nile. She became recognized by African officials when she exposed the whereabouts of Frust Kongo compounds, landing her a bodyguard job since she was a strong fighter, eventually becoming a bodyguard for an African Diplomat named Palpert Oladele. She was among the many women kidnapped in China while protecting the Palpert’s daughter, only for both of them to be taken by cloaked Black Shadow members, allowing herself to be captured in hopes of saving the daughter of African politician. The Black Shadow gang kept her close because she is the only one able to speak Swahili to the young African girl in captivity. Tala played a role in Bianca’s escape before she had been moved to Hong Kong, and even then she remained steadfast, rescuing the African girl, only to be re-captured herself again as a trophy of Master Yuk and profit for Frust Kongo, who seeks to take and kill an unarmed Tala. Tala had eventually been rescued by Bianca, revealing she only stuck around to see Black Shadow end as well as give Bianca small information on what became of May Li.

Yuna Momoko Hong, Bianca’s protégé and student. Momoko was at an orphan home until Black Shadow came in, killed the owners of the orphan home and burned it to the ground, kidnapping all the girls from the orphanage who tried to flee. Since the world believed Momoko and friends were killed in the massive fire,but really they survived, but forced into Human Trafficking. She was taken to Hong Kong, a country riddled with corruption during the time, to be sold as a slave to a wealthy man from India. She had been rescued by Bianca when she was about to be raped by a man who had bought them through Black Shadow’s human trafficking ring on a Super Yacht that was hosting a luxurious party to hide what was really going on. Momoko learned everything from Tala, Brian and Bianca, becoming stronger by the day. She grew close to Bianca, seeing her as inspiring mentor, and shared her views on wanting to takedown Black Shadow and the rest of the Human Trafficking underworld.

Yashki and Lydia Khrushchev are siblings who ran away from their family in Russia due to a troubling situation. They reside in Hong Kong illegally, but were taken in by Tonz, the leader of the newly recreated Triad of Hong Kong (consisting of 3 unified factions). Lydia introduces Bianca and Brian to her brother, Yashki, and the rest of the Triad when she was saved by Bianca when the Hong Kong police confronted her. During a massive fight in Western Hong Kong, Lydia was kidnapped, resulting in Bianca going to save her, along with others who were held at an island Estate. The rescue of Lydia made Yashki and the members of the Triad have the highest respect for Bianca and Brian, since they played a major whole in purging the corruption from Hong Kong.

Gardano Saimato Uzaki is a Japanese man who was forced to work for Black Shadow, who took advantage of him for he was a single father who was dealing with hard times. He eventually grew fearful of the group and tried to escape, but fails, so he ends up secretly helping the captives attempt escape or delay being sold. He suffers heavy consequences when he literally failed to capture Bianca who escaped one of the warehouses; his emotions for her resulted in him telling the girl to run far, to seek help. This action caused Cyberpunk of Black Shadow to forcefully amputate his arm, later on, the same man went to destroy the hotel where Gardano’s son was in, allegedly killing him and the babysitter when a remote grenade was tossed into the window. This gave Gardano to submit to the gang, but his emotions continue to get him later on by helping the victims, namely Momoko, where he tried to delay the buyer from taking her, but only for a short time and briefly helping Bianca, not knowing it is her, with information when he surrendered to her. He changes sides after Bianca went to the island Estate to defeat Yuk and his followers, Cyberpunk, and members of Frust Kongo who came for Tala, who helped him once she was freed. After this, he joins Bianca, revealing who he is and seek forgiveness from her, to which she accepts.

Faceless Fanatic (The Iranian Girl) is an unknown figure who appears to Bianca and company while they are in Shanghai. The girl is revealed to be Iranian for the words marked on her visor. She is shrouded in a dark grey hood and is conceal so well one would not know who the person is. Knowing who Bianca is, she is helped by Bianca, Lydia and the others when she tells her about her cousin who is captured by Kane, being drugged and forced to fight in an illegal underground Fight Club; she also tricked Bianca to fight in her place, telling her it is undercover work. When Bianca defeated the fighters, and Treen, with the aid of The Triad, she was able to expose Kane for being part of the Black Shadow and tricking his loyal members, resulting in Treen turning against Kane. The Iranian Girl entrusted important data to Lydia, who led to Bianca and company going to Russia. When Bianca was captured, the Iranian Girl teams up with Momoko and Trex to save her because she knew the exact location, telling Momoko to inform her friends. The woman mingling with the group also caused the other members of The Faceless to linger about Bianca and the group, looking from the distance, waiting to help and or take action, which they have, visibly or away from conflicts. The girl hinted only her nickname, Afef, to Lydia, however, it is forbidden by Faceless members to show their face or reveal names or private matters in public, for Faceless members are forever bounded to show tribute to what took place in the UK until justice is served.

Beepz is a small worn out android that doesn’t speak, but responds by making a beeping sound due to its voice functions being disabled purposely. Beepz immediately befriends Bianca in New York during the late hours after Bianca arrives from a big fight; Beepz moved Bianca’s motorcycle a few feet from where she left it. The day after, Beepz literally trespass into Bianca’s home, and cleans up the house and even putting a cast on Bianca’s broken arm, despite her being able to heal from the injury, even going as far as changing her clothing. Beepz can enable its voice at anytime, but chooses not to for some unknown reason, revealed that it prefers to be silent.

Chrono is a Meta Human, possibly an entity that resides in a dream world like state; her or its real name is unknown. She is able to get into the dreams of those she knows personally. In the dream world she is located in a small empty down that is home to a large cemetery that symbolizes her memories, which she is able to call forth in form of holograms that appear above the tombstones. She carries a book called The Dragon Dairys, which contains endless pages of events she witnessed or experience in her own eyes, wanting to right some wrongs or persuade others to do it for her. Sadly everything she speaks of, the person she connects with in her dreams has no recollection of it, only scrambled information of an unknown dream when they wake up.

Main Antagonists

Borojei Imai is head of Black Shadow, the mastermind behind the operations in Russia and China that was done by his gang. Borojei is Japanese solider who went under a different alias at the time for his information was false, something he did to join the military. He was admitted to a super solider program, ordering himself to be tested, but had planned to use the newfound power for his own gains. Borojei entered the procedure and was the only survivor, but he went insane and escaped, but not without taking sealed away resources along with him. He came back with the aid of The Bear in Russia, forming Black Shadow, who profited from Human Trafficking, as well as purchased drugs from The Bear. For several years Borojei held on to power until Bianca was among the kidnapped, and her escape is what sealed his gang’s fate. After word got out about an android causing trouble for the group, Borojei began to investigate and gather Intel from his men while conducting business matters with his parts around Europe, especially the United Kingdom. Later on a video feed revealed the so called anroid to be a woman, deducing Bianca’s identity, so he planned ahead to order to have her captured, changing the route of other members of Black Shadow to capture instead of kill. Borojei’s interest in Bianca is due to her being like him, the perfect outcome of the procedure that was used to enhance him, wanting to harvest her DNA in order to make an army of his own, for The New World Order.

Sun Lee Yuk (Master Yuk) is Borojei’s right hand man, the only person to strategically plan out successful kidnappings and evade any detection when doing so. Yuk was also key in helping criminals escape from prison, which in turn were recruited to be high ranking guards of the Black Shadow, and made contact with Elrina a second time, who offered some of her men. Yuk considers some girls he captures as Trophy, loving to see them and pamper them while forcing them to remain loyal to him by torture and brainwashing. Yuk has followers who aid him, one being A Meat Clerk at a corner store in Beijing. He was the one responsible for kidnapping Bianca, Sara, and May Li, as well as playing a role in Tala and the African Diplomat’s daughter being kidnapped, by direction of Borojei. Before and after Bianca’s capture and escape, Yuk has displayed major interest in from the get go, wanting to claim Bianca as his trophy.

Kane Kakasho is part of Black Shadow, and in the public eye, he is a wealthy business man in Shanghai, China. He owns and hosts, while masked, an illegal Fight Club at night, with the fighters being kidnapped victims of Black Shadow and drugged to the point where they don’t recall anything, but fighting for show, as if they are a star. He has bodyguards, who he pays, but not giving them the actual amount, making claims and contracts in order to keep his people employed. He’s underground Fight Club runs on a single network that can easily be hacked if someone gained access to the sole computer system inside the facility. Kane often pays Borojei or Yuk for new fighters since some were rumored to have died under his abusive care, and were buried under concrete somewhere in Shanghai. All things Kane has hidden eventually become exposed when Bianca and friends came along.

Cyberpunk (Trask Zuka) is an convicted murderer and Techo-Maniac who is employed by Black Shadow and works under Sun Lee Yuk. Trask had done some crazy crimes while working for Yuk and Borojei, he was the one who apparently killed Gardano’s son, along with his babysitter using a remote grenade at a hotel in China, he amputated Gardano’s arm, and he destroyed and burned down an orphanage, as well as killed some of the captives deemed weak. Cyberpunk has no legs, hence why a reinforced exo-skeleton, that’s connected to his back, stretches down to his legs to help him walk, and he has a third robotic hand that is also connected to his back. He uses drones to a great deal and can detect if any of them have been tampered with. He is the type of person who likes a challenge and often let’s his opponents come to him, wanting to “play” with them before executing them.

Elrina Sokolov is a Russian Drug Lord, leader of the group known as The Bear. Elrina controls majority of Thailand and Malaysia, using those lands as a focal point for shipping and receiving of drugs, as well as creation of the drugs in the country, which has led to crimes of forced drug testing of innocent victims, making some victims addicted to it, causing crime to gain access to these drugs. Elrina give discount to Black Shadow and their contacts, in return, Elrina is supplied with resources and Technology, resulting to use of Exo-Skeleton Tech, resulting in Elrina robbing independent robotic research firms in Thailand and Malaysia. Her actions led to the increase of violence and petty gangs to run rampant in the streets of Thailand, as well as Malaysia. She is one of the first tough enemies Bianca while operating as the Thailand Ninja, and the only one to nearly kill her.

Rolon (Lee Rylander) is a Meta Human who originated from the United Kingdom. He is an Asian Brit who had moved out of the UK when pressured by members of the Freedom Fighters, his move to Shanghai got him recruited by Black Shadow at a young age. Rolon has the ability to run at high speeds, but since he is inexperienced, he runs at a moderate speed, enough to get around and fight his opponents. His speed also played a role in the kidnappings when cloaked Black shadow kidnappers were not available, being quick to take someone or a group of people without being seen, if anything a blur. He aids contacts and supporters of Black Shadow, eventually getting him into a confrontation with Bianca when a bus full of children vanished.

La Shoky (Sabrina García) is a Meta Human who originated from Dominican Republic, who lived in Japan with her cousin. From a petty argument, she leaves her cousin and went to live in the streets, eventually was taken by Black Shadow, but was given a chance to fight for them due to her abilities to manipulate electricity. She becomes a high ranking fighter among Black Shadow and is known for her vicious fighting style combined with her abilities to sap electrical resources and use it against her opponents. She connects with Black Shadow supporters and acts as a lookout or a bodyguard for them, and is the point of contact to Jallen and Borojei.

Jallen (Ayuki Tenshi-Daraku) is a Meta Human who had been recruited by Black Shadow. She is also the only assassin in the group, next to Cyberpunk, Sun Lee Yuk, Borojei and Elrina, other assassins are either high ranked Black Shadow members or just never mentioned. Jallen has the ability to use her hands to form large black knife like constructs using the air that looks like her fingers. Jallen’s has pale white skin, and looks like a Geisha with or without the markings on her face, and sports a jet black leather suit. She is named Jallen due to a mix of urban legends in Japan and other Asian countries because of how she looks or her actions. She holds a grudge against Bianca due to being present when Bianca’s brother was killed. She is loyal to Borojei and will do anything to see that he and Black Shadow members succeed.

Developing Villain (Nemesis)



Black Steel (Terrai Hong) is similar to Bianca Airesus, even to the point of looking nearly identical to her, but with a darker complexion and slightly taller. She is victim of Black Shadow when Jallen tricked her into being friends with her, resulting in her kidnapping when she went to visit China. She was taken to Yuk and had since remained by Yuk’s side, as his trophy, whereas she is treated like a queen by Yuk. Despite this, she was still tortured by Jallen prior to and after, resulting in her being mentally unstable, even despising a plan to kill Jallen herself out of her own insanity. Even though is clearly insane, she helps care for the others in captivity by Yuk at his Estate, including people like Sara, Tala and Lydia. After Bianca triumphs over Yuk and his men, Terrai is left with nothing to do and was taken to a shelter with the other captives, but since Bianca, who was armored up as The Steel Maiden, Terrai began to take interest in her, even envy her, wanting to be like her. Parallel to Bianca, Yuk had taught Terrai to be cunning and more savage than him, if she is to ever serve Black Shadow, in a sense; she was groomed to destroy the Bianca in secret. She eventually escaped the shelter and was never found again. She surfaces again after Black Shadow’s fall, salvaging all she could from Borojei’s plans and blueprints, making gadgets of her own, and eventually to parts of Asia to make hideouts and bases, recruiting people of her own. She eventually confronts Bianca in Japan, but posed as a secretary to St. Marc, using Bianca to take resources for her, and when she was done, she tried to kill Bianca using Necro-Bots, revealing herself to The Steel Maiden. After The Neo Yakuza fell, some of their members joined her, going by the name of Black Steel; she wants Bianca to fail and wants to see parts of Japan get destroyed in order to mock Bianca.

Origin and Story

Bianca’s Father, Wei Airesus

Bianca and Brian had learned many forms of mixed martial arts ranging from basic to the most advanced, even lethal techniques. The reason for this was because of Wei Ariesus. Wei was a fighter since the day he was born and did not hold back from anything thrown his way. His family had a strong military background, which also backed into his determination to help his people.

While growing up, Wei had participated in fighting tournaments. What made Wei stand out was the fight that he mixed in fighting styles such as Judo, Kuk-Sool-Won, jujitsu, with various military combat techniques he had learned from his father from there on, Wei went to learn basic to advanced fighting techniques from other styles to mix it into his own. This made Wei gain fame due coming out on top through many of his matches at such a young age. Even after this he was always learning more ways to improve his fighting and to learn more forms. Wei was destined to join the military as he grew older, but eventually took interest in engineering around the age of 14. He furthered his education on engineering, eventually getting into advanced robotics; soon he was accepted into Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (University of Technology in Malaysia). The university at the time had highly advanced professor wanted to bring the next generation of learners valuable information to help them improve things in the world.


He eventually met his wife when his friends took him to a restaurant after his team nearly won first place, only to be second in a robotics competition. Yona Leong, a gorgeous Chinese woman, working as a waitress at this restaurant she became someone whom Wei wanted to be with. Despite Wei’s career in science, as a side hobby, he has a personal dojo whereas he trains many in his ways, with one of his students being young Brian Whall, who was in a recruitment process with the CIA.

Wei graduated with high honors from the university and pursued his Ph.D. in robot engineering and resources. Wei’s graduating class also received congratulations from other high engineering firms; mainly the one from Japan ran by the St. Marc family. He eventually married Yona afterwards, the woman of his dreams who had always pushed him to do better since the day they met. Wei began working with a Malaysian Engineering firm in Thailand, and eventually went to China to help out, reunited with his brother, Shen Airesus, who was assisting the Chinese robotics firm. At the time, Yona gave birth to a son, and named him Kenneth, prior to his birth, Yona felt that music helps children to improve, hence why she had been using The Mozart effect for Kenneth, and if she is to give life to more children, she will continue to use this method. Yona herself worked as a music instructor, and has been working on cooking projects on the side.

Unknown to him, the company was working on a joint operation with Malaysian Engineers for a secret nano-machine operation, the intention was to create a powerful nano-machine agent to stop any new forms of cancers or sicknesses before they infect the host, clearing the host of harmful agents, however, the true motive unknown to many, but few scientist was to create this powerful agent to be used to make super soldiers for an unknown benefactor. When Wei went back to Bangkok, Thailand, months afterwards, Yona had become pregnant with their second child, being a girl, naming the baby girl Bianca. Wei wanted Kenneth to be strong and smart like him, and this led to him training in his father’s dojo. As for Bianca, she spent more time learning the arts of music, with Yona, who was teaching Bianca how to play instruments such as the violin and the piano, being the center of Bianca’s prefect focus and concentration when it came to these activities. Despite learning, Bianca had always had some interest in her father’s dojo when she was a child thinking the activity is fun. Yona insist that one day Bianca will have a go at what her brother and father are doing, but right now she needs to be mentally strong by learning what she is being taught now. Yona continued to help Bianca be strong mentally and be positively focused.

After the birth of their 3rd child, Jenji Airesus, tragedy began to take place. In China, there had been alleged reports of a man who had gone berserk from the nano-machine operation that took place. This information was only known among the scientist in china and instead of trying to tell people about the situation, they tried to cover it up with false reports, attempting to contain this information, which Shen had told Wei about. This caused Wei to keep away from China, who had no idea, at least what he thinks, is military involvement with Chinese Robotic firms.

Months later, crime has gone up in China, as well as the young juvenile teens forming gangs. This led to the death of Kenneth Airesus, who died a hero when he stopped the teens from robbing some of the people in the vicinity, inside and outside of a store. They assumed Kenneth was armed after the fight, trying to run away, however, one of the teens, who appears to have a mental issue, was scared of Kenneth, pulling out an illegal firearm, pulling the trigger, effectively killing himself in the process after realizing what he just done, the teen placed the gun on his head and pulled the trigger, committing suicide. Chinese police was able to apprehend some of the teens while several others ran off, one of them being a girl screaming and crying. Despite him being killed for fending off troublemakers, Kenneth was considered a hero; however, this news caused the Airesus family pain. After Kenneth’s death, Jenji had succumb to an illness and had eventually died as well, only for Yona herself to be hurting, which weakened her heart, which led to her passing a year later. The Airesus family had suffered from losses, but due to all this, Bianca did not understand, but did not want to see her family members cry or her father cry. She did everything she could to help her father cope by playing the piano and the violin.

2 years after these tragedies, Wei had only brief and rare appearances with his work, sometimes being at work without making known his presence to others, only to a small few he does. He still continues with his martial arts family, for they not only came in everyday to learn, but to help Wei cope after all this time, this activity is what helped Wei to cope with the losses. One night, Wei took Bianca with him to his dojo, and there she became interested in it. Wei didn’t want her to learn it and insist she continued to learn about musical arts, however, Bianca was eager to learn, telling her father she wants to be strong like him, this comment reminded Wei about his late son Kenneth.

This eventually led to Bianca training, being the only girl in the group who is learning. She eventually meets one of Wei’s star students, Brian Whall, who had returned from America to teach alongside his mentor, and to learn. Brian knew the situation Wei was in and became an older brother figure to Bianca. Meanwhile, there was breaking news about a prison break in several Chinese facilities, some criminals were rounded up, however, and some manage to escape, causing the country to be on high alert.

Following in her Father and Brother’s Footsteps and her Mother’s examples


Bianca started to flourish and becoming more of an intermediate fighter at the age of 7. She was quick and nimble, and had learned some moves that will make one question where did she learn it from. Wei did not teach his daughter the more advanced stuff, but she insisted. Unknown to Wei, Bianca always questioned Kenneth when he was alive. Kenneth had always told her that the more you learn the smarter you become, and the more you learn to train your body, the stronger you become, adding he wanted to be a fighting hero like their father, this inspired Bianca when she was younger, and this caused her to even join her father’s dojo. This caused her to learn other forms of fighting, with her favorite being Muay Thai.

Brian told Bianca the only way her father will teach her the more advanced stuff is to participate in tournaments. Bianca, in a span of 4 months, had been in more than 18 ranked matches. In most of her matches she had always been mocked due to being a girl, but utterly destroys her opponents afterwards in a fight. Other fighters heard about Bianca’s older brother, and had the utmost respect for her due to her older brother being a hero. Her advancement caused her to enter into more of the harder fights whereas she came out on top, even beating another girl who was a year older than her and had been champion for about a year. With this final win, Bianca had been known to be the only kid fighter to break a record, and kept at it for 3 years, she was also given the name the Qin Liangyu of fighting in Thailand.

While this was all happening, Bianca had been attending school as well. As she got older, she had been deemed as a straight-A student and was considered way to advance for the school, for secretly, they tried to challenge her, only for her to conquer these challenges. Taking into consideration of what her mother use to tell her about trying to best her own achievements, to improve constantly to be better, but in doing so, to humble herself and meditate on what she’s learned or accomplished.

After Bianca won her fighting tournaments, the school’s principle, who is a longtime friend of Wei, insisted that Bianca should be going to a school that is well suited for her level in the coming years, adding that soon there will be nothing to teach her. This information got out to other students and they pushed Bianca to represent them if she does indeed go to a better school.

As Bianca got older, her father had taught her the more advanced fighting styles, even some elite ones due to him wanting the girl to defend herself. He does this because he planned to send her off to China to live with his brother, adding that she will get a better education in China, adding she could return to go to the same university he went to when he was younger. He did not just send his daughter alone, he took some time off from his work, and left Brian Whall, along with his well-trained students to watch his dojo.

Living in Beijing

Bianca had lived in China for about 2 years and had been attending a Middle School at the time, but eventually she had been moved back to China after a certain event took place. Wei and Bianca had gone to Beijing to meet with Shen, who had become a gardener after the incident that happened a while ago. Despite him not doing what he did before, he taught Bianca about the basics of robotic engineering and how things like this can help people, even showing her some things he made himself to help with his gardening work.

Bianca had begun to attend Tsinghua University Affiliated Middle School in Beijing. This school had Middle School students attend for more advanced programs at the time. Bianca herself proved to be way too smart for her own good while she attended the school, put purposely took things slow. During her time there, Bianca noticed a shy girl who had been looking at her. The girl stares and looks at Bianca when she isn’t looking, but as soon as Bianca looks her way or supposedly looks at her, the girl covers her face (Similar to how Boos react in Super Mario Games). Bianca does not pay any mind to other students, and she kept to herself when it comes to homework, studying, etc. She is shown to be quite the athlete when it comes to gymnastics, swimming, and various sports the students partake in school.

There was a school bully who was known to being the best archer in the school. During one gym class, she defeated everyone; however, Bianca attempted, and eventually shattered the girl’s victory. The mean girl didn’t want to bully Bianca because Bianca was not the type of person to get into drama, and she insisted Bianca to hang out with her sometime, only for Bianca to deny her, telling her she has more important things to do like study, however, the girl who was always looking at Bianca was cause cheering at Bianca’s victory causing her to become the mean girl’s target. Soon, Bianca managed to see the mean girl take action on the girl and tells her to stop, which caused the mean girl to lash out at Bianca, however, Bianca was one to not be messed around with, for that day, Bianca’s hair was shorter and when the kids saw her, they knew exactly who she was. This caused the mean girl to not mess with her or the girl, and tells Bianca of why she became a bully, only for Bianca to tell her that there is always room to make changes.

The girl Bianca had saved is named May Li Yun, Chinese student from a middle-class family who is the biggest bookworm in the school. May Li always hung out with Bianca, and eventually the two became best of friends, the mean girl from before was revealed Sara Chun, who had changed her life around after the talk Bianca gave her. Eventually Wei had gone back to Thailand to handle business matters, leaving his daughter in Shen’s care. Before he departed, he confronted his daughter, in addition, to meeting her friends. Wei had left, however, he is always worried about his daughter, and he thinks to himself that what Bianca had accomplished, she should be able to defend herself when she gets older, that she will be smart and cunning to get herself out of any situation, as he thinks about this, he thinks about those who had passed away in his family, adding that if Bianca had been lost back then, he’d be a broken man instead of having a bit of optimism outlook on his life now.

May Li, who had known Bianca for some time now, looked up to Bianca as an older sister and always questioned or ask her for advice. May Li told Bianca about where she learned to be a marksman and why the other peers at school reacted to Bianca looked with short hair. Bianca explained to her that she learned to be a marksman from one of her father’s students (Brian). She added that Brian had taught her how to be coordinated and did a demonstration on aiming by using pebbles to hit a target. She was the only one among her father’s students who didn’t have good aim, however, she kept training to conquer her marksmanship during day and night, whether the dojo is open or closed, she kept at it until she got it right. She also added that she didn’t stop at pebbles. She practice to throw various objects at targets, and even had other students throw things at her, so she could practice, in addition, mentioned that at her school in Thailand, the kids loved a game called Dodge ball, which she considers training, in a fun way. Bianca eventually explained to May Li about how she had been training to be the best of the best when it comes to fighting in Thailand, adding she wanted to continue what her older brother started, in addition, to represent her family. May Li ask her if she ever had plans to enter tournaments around China, only for Bianca to tell her she might be thinking about entering. May Li state that it is not easy nowadays because of the crime and craziness going about, and the only known area that hosts tournaments was in Defeng, China.


With the help of her uncle Shen, Bianca was able to get a shot at this tournament, however, these tournaments were for male only fighters, but she managed to take part in them anyways. As tough as Bianca is, she had a hard time dealing with the young monks of Defeng. She did not win and was defeated by a really tough monk who was called Yecho, who is the son of the grand master. Despite losing, she had been consider to be the only opponent that caused the monks to talk about her, even one of the grand-masters, Jheo Yuanjia (whose son defeated Bianca) made a remark about her, joking that despite the rules of the tournament, Bianca had out performed some of the monks present. Before she went back to Beijing with Shen and May Li’s family, Jheo gave Bianca counsel and gave her a device that contains hologram footage of monk history of fighting; hoping for Bianca to take in what she could and apply it to her growing list of fighting style.

It had been a year since the tournament and Bianca, despite being a pre-teen, had become grounded as ever when it comes to training, she learned to keep her emotions in check and enabling her push her strength without worry. During this time, China crime has went up by 6% and a spike in kidnappings had taken place, for the rates suddenly went up. The news had always reported the kidnappings, young male and female Asian children, ages 8 and up ended up missing, dubbing the unknown kidnappers as ghost, for when they strike, no one is able to see or heard them or the victim. It didn’t stop at Asians either, but other races who visit the country end up being missing to, with some cases stating that Americans, Russians, and other groups became targets to an unknown human trafficking ring that began several years ago.

Due to this, Shen had always told Bianca to be careful when she is going to school, that she must always be vigilante and remain by officials who watch over the children as they travel. The things happening right now made Bianca questioned: Who is doing this? What is being done to stop this or preventing this from happening? Many question started to run around Bianca’s head. It was not long until news about 3 teenagers ended up missing from Bianca’s school, among them being Sara Chun, the former bully Bianca confronted some time ago. As this was going on, Thailand had been caught in several gang booms, whereas groups started to rise up and cause trouble, with drugs entering the country.

As tough as Bianca is, she felt anger and fear. She kept thinking about Sara Chun saying to herself that something has to be done, someone has to do something. At the time Brian had went to China to visit on Bianca, for Wei knew about what is going on and entrusted Brian to act as his eyes for both him and Shen. Brian tells Bianca that the Chinese will see to it that they find out who is doing this until they saw a news report later that day with a Chinese woman frantically crying out that her son was next to her and he suddenly disappeared without a trace, no sound was made and no one had seen anything. Camera footage was shown, and in the footage the boy just suddenly vanished without a trace. Brian was shocked when he saw this and mumbled to himself the word, meta-humans, to which Bianca heard and she asked him what does that mean.

At this, Brian informs Bianca that stories from comic books and cartoons are possibly real, since he was close with Bianca, he stated that there are things that not many know, mainly in parts of Asia unlike the other parts of the world. That special people with special abilities exist. At this Bianca tells Brian if she is like this too, adding she wants to save these people and as she said this, she started to tear up a bit. Brian tried to comfort her and tells her that he will get in touch with his old friends to find out what is going on, adding, not everyone has powers to save people.

African Diplomat’s daughter ends up missing

The next day, an African Politician and diplomat by the name of Palpert Oladele had arrived to China. He came from South Africa, not aware of the situation going on in Beijing, and he came to give a talk to future Chinese interns about Energy resolutions that can impact the world, as well as those who wanted partake in international politics, for this talks will benefit both groups. Mr.Oladele was accompanied by teenage daughter, Isabis Oladele, who is a science major in her country. Mr. Oladele was also accompanied by several friends and guards, among them being TalaTomack-Agbaje, a skilled huntress turned bodyguard.

While within the lobby of where her father’s meeting is taking place, Isabis was in the crowd and had been called over by a reporter, who wanted to speak to her. The young girl was with Tala and two guards at the time, but suddenly the reporters attacked them in the hallway. Tala put up a fight, however, she had blacked out due to being hit from behind. As she began to close her eyes, she sees that the so-called reporters were shimmering in and out of view, as if they were using cloaking devices. She saw Isabis for a split second and she disappeared, then Tala blacked out, only to be taken immediately afterwards. After the talk, Palpert was greeting some people and doing small interviews over the microphone until he went to go to the lobby where he thinks his daughter is waiting for him. He did not see her and thinks she had gone to the bathroom; however, he didn’t start to panic when his guards came back into the room along with Chinese police, realizing that something had happened to his daughter. Palpert asked about Tala, if she was able to do something, only for the guard to state that Tala was able to fight back with them, but they had been knocked out, not knowing what happen to Tala, adding that when they woke up, Tala and Isabis were gone, prompting them to seek aid from Chinese police.

As what happened before where there are cameras, mobile sentries with cameras, etc, the same end result, in addition to security within the facility, they weren’t able to trace anything. After what has happened, Palpert worked closely with Chinese officials to figure out what is going on, adding that the kidnappers are probably using devices to hide themselves from the cameras, adding probably cloaking devices were used. He also added if any heat signature sentries can pick up any movement or anything left behind from the area where his daughter and Tala were last seen, only for Chinese officials to say they tried this before, only to find nothing, as if the criminals who cause these crimes are ghost, possibly bypassing any known tech with hacks, with that said, this news caused Palpert to sadden, thinking about what his wife and children in South Africa would react to this news, as well as to knowing if his friend and daughter are alive and okay.

Eventually Palpert lets them know that he will remain in China to help them solve this issue, and had joined forces with Asian and non-Asian families living or residing in Beijing to figure out what can be done to save those missing and to resolve the problem, for the situation is getting worse day by day. This was also the time they let the African politician know about the ongoing problem that has plagued them for a while now. Since no information about who or what is committing these kidnappings, the Chinese dubbed this as case: Shadow Abduction.

The Kidnapping of Bianca and May Li Yun


With all this going on, Beijing had been on high alert, as well as several other countries in China that are affected. Schools and public areas were filled to the brim with Chinese police and military forces. Drones were sent to fly about and scan some areas, constantly rescan areas for anything suspicious. The problem here is that police and military forces were focused on overly populated areas, disregarding other soft target areas that have middle-low class families, who were also victims in this. Officials stated they do not have enough men and women to spare to cover areas, but they’re trying their best. The kidnappings still continue and some official started to become paranoid with the whole ordeal, at times accusing people of crimes in order to see if they can force an answer. Palpert himself worked closely with Chinese police and the military to run background checks on people within the vicinity and eventually through other affected and non-affected areas. With all this going on, Shen wanted to send Bianca back to Thailand; however, Bianca insisted she spend her final week in China. She grew too close to May Li and wants to protect her until all that is happening ends. As for May Li’s family, they were thinking about moving back to The United States for the time being until things start to settle down, and they took this time to begin packing, waiting for the week to be over. As they went to school that day, they see the school littered with police, some with dogs, others armed and standing by almost every entrance and possible exits. The school also had robots that roam the hallways that are constantly scanning the area for unknown persons who is not part of the school. May Li made a remark that the school isn’t so cheerful as it was before, the other students were not as optimistic as they have always been, some students began to cry, and others were literally going crazy with paranoia, despite all this, the teachers were trying to calm them down until the day was over. Instead of actual lessons, the teachers comforted the students and provide to them food and water until it was time to go. When school ended, few buses were used to send off several students at a time. For Bianca and May Li, the bus had dropped them in the wrong spot, when they realized this; the bus had already gone rushing to the next stop. What they did was they just followed the other students who were on that stop until a random car that happened to be rushing had crashed into incoming traffic, causing the roads to be backed up. The kids had to cut through to the other side of the area via alleyway. The other kids managed to get home this way; however, May Li and Bianca were somewhat lost, several blocks away from home. Bianca knew where they lived and she tried to calm May Li down because she began to panic, telling her they will be safe, that they will go home safely. The more areas they passed, the lesser police and military forces were seen. Eventually they saw another kid outside of a corner store, and to their surprise, this kid, this girl, was Sara Chun herself, who had been missing for days now. Something was odd and the girls notice this, that Sara was not herself, she had no idea who Bianca and May Li were as if she had lost her memory and went back into the store. The shop owner who is also a meat clerk greeted the girls. At this point May Li was starting to tremble, as for Bianca; she was angry, thinking the meat clerk was the one responsible for what happened to Sara, adding he probably drugged her to make her like this. The clerk tried to calm Bianca down and insisted that if they are lost, he can take them home if they’d like, he said. At this Bianca wasn’t buying it at all, while May Li who was scared, tried to reason with Sara. The more the girls tried to evade him while trying to get Sara to go with them, the more the man insists to help them. Sara wasn’t moving when the girls tried to take her, for she struggled to remain in the store. The man stated he is trying to be nice, especially with all that is going on, and he grabbed May Li’s arm, only for Bianca slap his hand away, telling him to back off. After about 3 minutes of the harassment, a black vehicle rolled up to the store, and the tone of the meat clerk changed as he began to smile wickedly. He stated a good friend of his is here, if they want a ride, now is the time. The man tried to put his hand on May Li again, attempting to calm her down, only for Bianca to push his hand away for the second time. Bianca took May Li and told her they’re leaving, that she is going to contact the police. She tried to pull Sara to her as well, but Sara’s mind was already lost to whatever she had been drugged with, with the same result of her actions occurring again. Bianca rushed May Li out of the store, telling her they have to go, nothing could be done for Sara, and May Li was panicking unable to move for she was stunned in fear.

The car that pulled up in front of the store had several men come out of it, all of them dressed in black and they are Chinese. One man could be seen throwing a police vest inside the black vehicle. Another man came out, greeting the girls who were attempting to leave the area as soon as they got out of the store. The man that spoke was a tall slender Chinese man, who had black hair and a small green Mohawk at the center. He was in black, but had a red dress shirt, along with black rubber gloves. The meat clerk came out telling the man that the meat is fresh, two teenage girls ready for picking including a 3rd inside, adding that he had kept Sara locked away for a while until this man came. As this was heard, Bianca tried to make a break for it, but stops, for when she pulled May Li she was still stunned in fear and frantically telling herself that she will never see her family and friends again. As she said this over and over again, the men began to chuckle, stating that the girl needs to be dealt with. Bianca, who had bottled her emotions, yelled at the man telling them she will not allow them to do anything to them, that they have to get over her dead body. The man with the Mohawk removed his glasses and pretended to be shocked, adding that he likes a girl who is feisty. Bianca slightly cringed at the thought of what the man said, calling him sick, only for the man to tell her that he isn’t like that, but sees Bianca as a beautiful young girl. He introduced himself: Sun Lee Yuk (Master Yuk) of the Black Shadow gang. He tells Bianca that she will be taken to their HQ for evaluation by their boss, adding that he hopes he can take her afterwards as a trophy. Yuk then signaled his men, by nodding, to take the girls, the meat clerk grabs May Li, which caused May Li to scream, and Bianca freed her from the grab by hitting the clerk’s shin, injuring him as well as breaking the fingers on his left hand. He lets go, calling Bianca a little B!#%h, only for Bianca to taunt him. Bianca tried to get May Li out of there, only for the men in black to start trying to grab her. They managed to grab May Li again, but by the waist this time, causing her to being kicking and screaming as she cried. Bianca was able to put up a fight, causing Yuk to take an interest in her more as he watched. Eventually Bianca was overwhelmed and was pinned down while trying to save May Li. As she watched from the ground, she saw both May Li and Sara being put into the vehicle, Yuk came to her and kneel down, smirking at Bianca who is struggling to break free as he pats is hand on her head. Yuk lifted Bianca’s head gently off the floor as she was down. She tells her it is okay to be afraid of the current situation, telling her that she will soon embrace of what she will become in the future. Yuk tells his men to move Bianca to the vehicle, and he goes to the injured meat clerk and pays him money. Oddly enough drones had past the area, but were nullified by a device inside the vehicle, causing the drone to be unknowingly blind to what took place. Yuk’s vehicle was not just a normal car, it had high tech devices inside of it to prevent detection and sound from inside the car.. He added they could scream all they want, their screams cannot be heard at all. Police and Military won’t be able to stop them due to the uniform and paperwork the men have with them. May Li and Bianca had cuffs placed on their hands so they couldn’t really move as much, and they were surrounded by men in black, seated next to them, inside the vehicle.

Yuk was sitting directly across from Bianca, smiling. Bianca stared at him with a cold look on her face. Yuk questioned her that she has some pretty great moves for someone so young. He began to talk to her, telling her that she is also beautiful, only for Bianca to question him, telling him if he is the one behind the kidnappings or his boss is conducting everything. Yuk chuckled and tells her that information is private and he doesn’t want to talk about such, that he wants to talk about something else. As he said this, he tried to touch her, only for Bianca to nearly hit him with her cuffs, telling him don’t you dare. Yuk laughed and stated that she is pure, a genuine trophy he would like to have for himself, and that is if his boss allows it. Yuk continues to sit with his legs crossed and admiring Bianca, who is beginning to lose her composure. Yuk wanted Bianca to break, constantly telling her that it is okay to show fear, and that everything is going to be alright, wanting Bianca to look at him. Bianca didn’t look at him and she kept her eyes shut while trying to hold back a tear due to May Li’s whimpering. She angrily calls Yuk a monster under her breathe in a way for Yuk to hear it, and out of a small fit of anger, threatens Yuk that she will destroy his gang, and bring down all of its members, Yuk himself and his boss, adding she will do it even if it means she has to kill to free her friends. The other men were startled about Bianca’s threat, but realized that Bianca will not or ever do such a thing. Yuk then mocks Bianca, even using what she had said before, saying over his dead body, smiling about it too. Meanwhile, Bianca ending up missing caused Shen to panic and Brian had begun to further assist officials locate the children, including Bianca. When Wei caught word of this he began to sadden, however, when he thinks of his daughter, he knew to himself that she was different, that all the learning and training could help her defend herself and possibly escape from her captors. Despite thinking of the negatives as well, he still holds on the faith he has in his daughter. Wei had also contacted Brian and Shen to not give up on looking for her, as well as the others.

The Black Shadow Gang

The girls were taken to an unknown steel warehouse that was near a large swampland like area, which is in that state due to not being treated for so long. The Warehouse also had drones, stolen technology that had been override and hacked, being used to shield the area, preventing anyone from looking for the children. As they walked inside, they witnessed the children, teens and even some young adults. They saw that the members of Black Shadow don these masks to resemble that of a ghost while working all in black. They were also armed as well. The girls were greeted by the mastermind himself, Borojei Imai. Yuk explained the situation to him, stating if they have enough to start moving things along, to which Borojei stated that they have enough to start auctioning off and selling. As the two were talking, Bianca looked at the other individuals that were with Borojei. She sees a man that had gas literally stemming from his body, she then sees a woman who is Hispanic, appearing to have small bursts of light coming out of her hands from time to time, and another woman who is of Asian origin, but this woman does not look normal at all and gives off a chilling vibe for her skin was white as snow, her eyes were black and her face had markings similar to that of someone of geisha traditions. (Rolon, Shoky, and Jallen). The Asian young woman looked at Bianca and made eye contact, only for Bianca to look away.

Enter Tala


The girls were then placed in a cell, with Yuk telling Bianca that if things go his way, Bianca will be his in the next few hours. After Yuk left, the girls heard a faint voice saying “Jambo”. May Li, who is still crying stated what does that mean, and they saw an African girl sitting neat the opposite side of the cell door against a wall, she was a little bit bruised up and she introduced herself as Tala. Tala said that what she said is hello in her bantu language, which is Kiswahili (Swahili). She stated that she was protecting an important man’s daughter only to be captured alongside with her. She continued to explain the only reason they have not done anything to her yet is that there are enemies of hers that want her for themselves, for she overheard the hit was done on purpose to get Palpert’s daughter, and as a bonus, herself. Bianca asked Tala, for she knew and read about Palpert in the past, what happened to his daughter, only for Tala to state that she had been taken somewhere North of Beijing, and soon she will be moved there too. Tala stated that her objective is to rescue Palpert’s daughter, but couldn’t bear to watch the others who are captured in suffering. Tala mentioned during her time here, some people have attempted to escape only to be apprehended again and brought back here. Some time had went on by while they were there and Sara began to regain consciousness and was surprised to see Bianca and May Li here, who were sitting by a calm Tala. May Li was scared, and it caused Tala to sing a Kenyan lullaby to calm May Li, telling her in her language: “ Kilakitukitakuwasawa, kidogomoja”. Meaning (Everything will be all right, little one.)

Sara tells them that there is no way out, that they’ll be trapped here forever. Sara started to think of what is to happen to them, adding she read about human trafficking before, telling them what they will do to them, as she stated this, she started to gain a headache because of the drug that was used on her. She explained when she had been taken, she was kept in a dark room with one light and an unclean bathroom, but didn’t know what took place after, fearing that someone did something to her. Tala insist for Sara to relax a bit, only for Sara to tell her that it makes no sense to relax when they’ll be in bigger trouble soon, adding that they’re helpless, no one is coming to save them. Tala says she knows the fear she has, but nothing can be done. Tala added that these men had been drugging their victims; they wouldn’t lay a hand on any of them for they are merchandise to them. She began to talk about parts in Africa where she herself know about the trafficking of people, whether it is for sex, slave labor, fighting, etc. As they talked, Bianca was looking up at the only window within the cell, which was about 8ft-12ft up, giving her an idea. She asked Tala that those who tried to escape, were they able to get out of the high windows in the cell, to which Tala stated yes, but those windows are quite narrow she said. She continued saying that someone small needs to fit through that hole to get out, adding that it is solid ground behind the walls, so whomever is to get through needs to be able to resist the shock of that drop in order to avoid injury. Tala added that those who escape end up getting injured first before attempting to run. Bianca asked Tala that one of them can try to escape. Tala insisted that one of them attempt this because she needs to eavesdrop on the guards keeping them here, despite being on the same athletic level as Bianca.

She adds that her leaving will prevent her from saving Palpert’s daughter by taking in the information the guards are sharing amongst each other. So the girls insisted Bianca should go, for not only she was the one who brought up the idea, but she was more athletic and able. So when the guards weren’t looking, they helped Bianca escape by forming a human ladder. They helped lift her to the window as she climbed on top of them, as they did this, the others who have been captured watched as this was going on, knowing what this attempt means. The guard managed to see Bianca get out the window and was on high alert by yelling, eventually contacting the other guards. At this information, Borojei, who was already gone from the scene, was contacted and insisted the cleanup protocol, and he sent Rolon to assist in this process. As all this is happening, the captured began to get loud and Tala said under her breathe as she sat back down, everyone is counting on you, little one. Bianca managed to get out the window and was about to hit the ground, she angled herself so she wouldn’t get injured when making contact with the solid pavement. In order for her to run better, she removed her dress shoes and began running in her socks, running in the direction of the moon.

Bianca’s Escape


At least 8 Black Shadow grunts were dispatched to hunt down and capture Bianca. Thinking it will be like before; however, they had never encountered someone like Bianca. Not only did Bianca attempt to escape, she also brought down some of the grunts using the swampland area and the darkness to her advantage, with nothing but her hands to take them down. 2 grunts were left. One grunt insisted they should fall back, however, the more angered grunt stated they should bring the girl back in a body bag, for it isn’t the first time he had attempted to kill one of the captives, adding he will tell the boss what happen from his point of view.

As they continued the search, the knocked out grunts decided to just partake in the cleanup protocol by taking their belongings and any trace of Bianca out of the swampland. Eventually Bianca was cornered and the angered grunt started to aim at Bianca as she ran into the waters of the swamp. Bianca took a dive and went underwater in the swampy pond, only for the guard to start shooting the plasma pistol into the water. He managed to graze Bianca twice, on her upper shoulder, and on her right leg causing scars on her body, and a bit of bleeding. The other grunt tells him to stop, grabbing his shoulder, and the angered grunt believes he had killed Bianca and decided to go get the cleanup crew. He left, but the concerned grunt watched and panic, only to witness Bianca resurfacing on the other side of the pond.

He raised his plasma gun, telling Bianca to stand down or be taken down. Bianca was in pain, but tried to suppress how it felt, she was tired of the running and was breathing hard, and she had an angry facial expression only for it to slowly show saddens afterwards. The grunt continues to tell her not to move, but he was stunned too as he looked into the girl’s eyes. Bianca looked like she was about to speak, but said nothing, and the grunt slowly lowered his plasma gun and just stood there. After a few moments, Bianca ran away and the grunt stood there and was a bit distraught about the ordeal and started rubbing the back of his head in disbelief of what was going on and what he was about to do with his gun, unknown to him he was being watched. Bianca ran and continues to run and believe she was being followed, as she ran she thought of her friends and everyone in that was held captive, she began to tear up a bit, only to hold back her tears, running faster. Bianca had to rest and she took shelter near a few garbage bins. She rested for nearly an hour and had woken up to a mere nightmare and a few flashbacks about her mother and her brothers. Bianca only had some money on her and used it on a nearby robot that had a call station on it, and she contacted Brian. Brian, as well as shen who was with him, was in shock and was happy to hear Bianca’s voice. They soon found Bianca and gave her some clothing and some food to help her out. Later on, news broke out about a girl who escaped her kidnappers. This news became big because everyone who had been kidnapped was never seen again, but Bianca had surfaced. Bianca told Shen and Brian all she knew, but she did not tell them the name of the gang who took her or the names of her captures, for she began to hallucinate, having visions of Borojei and Yuk killing her friends if she said anything. So all she said that the others are alive, Palpert’s daughter, along with Tala is alive and they were all being kept in a warehouse. With this information, Brian was able to speak anonymously in Bianca’s behave, and this information gave Palpert some hope that his daughter and good friend is still alive.

People wanted to question the girl and find out who she is, however, she was immediately taken home before anyone could figure out who she was or who spoke for her, and eventually Shen and Brian traveled back to Thailand with Bianca just so news anchors and or her kidnappers do not confront her again. She had been reunited with her father, who stated that he has believed in his daughter because she is strong; adding that Yona, Kenneth, and Jenji would be proud of her, her being back also relieved Wei of his depression. Meanwhile, since Bianca was the only one to truly escape, Borojei was furious, stating that his operation will have to halt temporarily. The grunt who didn’t take the shot at Bianca suffered major consequence when the one grunt who shouts and exposed him, the other grunt who was angry and shot at Bianca was the one who witness and later expose his fellow man. This resulted in gruesome punishment for the grunt who is revealed to be Gardano Saimato Uzaki.

The Man who has fallen on Hard Times (Gardano Saimato Uzaki)

All that is known of Gardano is that in his past, he had a loving wife who supported him, despite him losing his job as contractor for a landscaping and civil engineering company. Gardano's wife, Mimi Saimato was a house wife who suddenly became very sick and Gardano did all he could to care for her despite their economic situation. Mimi soon passed away with the revealing factor of her sickness being an abnormal heart problem; this caused Gardano to blame himself for not having a job for months and the money to save his wife. Mimi's last words to Gardano were to do the best for their son despite the circumstances, and to be happy for her.

As days went by, Benny, who was just a 10 year old child, tries to comfort his father, saying the same words of Mimi to keep him on his feet. Gardano continued looking for a job, but found nothing, eventually he did dirty jobs on the side to help support Benny and himself. It was not long until he ran into members of Black Shadow during his stay in China, who forced him into their ranks for they took advantage of his need for income. Despite the job he was doing, which resulted in kidnappings and a bit o blood on his hands, he used this money as a desperate attempted to support Benny, with heavy regret of his actions.

Gardano wanted out of Black Shadow, but feared for his life and had no choice but to summit to Borojei and his elites. When they had to go to Beijing China, Gardano had Benny stay in a Hotel there and wait for him. After a few days, The Black Shadow captured May Li, Bianca Airesus and a few others and made a quick holding of all the captives in an abandon warehouse, which used to house furniture and clothing nearby the woods that is somewhat of a swampland in the present day. During that night, Bianca Airesus successfully escaped through a window, and an order was given to capture her, with everyone rushing to clean up the warehouse if Bianca were to successfully escape from the gang. Gardano and another armed grunt chased Bianca into the woods and Bianca swiftly dived into a large pond of water. Gardano was about to go in after her, but the other gunmen shot into the water instead, telling Gardano that they can make something up and to get the cleanup crew. Blood rose from the pond and the shooter said Bianca is most likely dead and they should get out of the area fast and someone to retrieve the body. Despite this conclusion, Gardano felt sick about the whole situation.

To Gardano's surprise, Bianca was alive, just surfacing on the other side of the pond, with a slight graze to her arm and leg due to plasmas gunfire, staring at him from the other side of the pond. Gardano yelled at Bianca and aimed his gun at her, telling her to stand down or else. Gardano and Bianca began staring at each other, with the fear, pain and sadness in Bianca's gaze stunning Gardano. He began to think about his son and lowered his gun slowly, motioning his head for Bianca to go. Bianca slowly backed away while looking at him and ran away. Gardano thought to himself that he no one has to know what just went down when he was to get back to the warehouse. He returns to help in the cleanup process, only to be exposed by the other grunt that was with him, resulting in upcoming punishment for Gardano. This led to Gardano to be punished twice. The first was his arm being cut off completely by a man called Cyberpunk. The next punishment was witnessing his son being allegedly assassinated by one of Borojei's men, this drove Gardano mad, and despite this, he was treated badly by other grunts and armed gunmen in Black Shadow while being force to continue to work for them.

Ever since these events happened, and after the cleanup, Gardano had lost himself in his own depression and submitted to Black Shadow, however, what he did was took more risk, not wanting the other young ones to suffer so he played along long enough to help whomever he can, at least trying to. His first act was informing the captive African bodyguard, Tala, about the whereabouts of Palpert’s daughter in Hong Kong, as she wasbeing moved with the others out of the warehouse. Eventually Gardano offers his help inside the criminal organization, but this time being as careful, calculated and extremely careful. Some people he was able to save, giving them a couple of days or weeks before anything is done to them, other times he fails to help someone, at times, watching them suffer in the world that is human trafficking.

Bianca’s Revelation

Bianca had moved back to Bangkok, Thailand, accompanied by Shen, Brian, as well as her father. Meanwhile in Beijing search parties have been given hope about finding their missing loved ones, thinking if Bianca, which the news had dubbed the “Kidnapped Girl who Got Away”, that the others are still safe and alright, Palpert had some support coming from African when he broke the news to his family back home. As for Bianca, she still remained traumatized about the whole ordeal, knowing her friends are alive and well, but she is powerless to do anything about it. Sometime after this, she had been given a puppy by her father, wanting her to recover, and this dog she named as Trex. Despite being home, it still wasn’t safe in some areas of Thailand, for gangsters had taken up residence in the area for some time now, and during the nighttime, more crimes are committed compared to daytime crime.

In the morning, Bianca shared more information with Brian, about everything she had witnessed, she mentioned if he could use any tools or talk with anyone from the CIA about a group known as the Black Shadow. Brian made a promise to Bianca that he will do his best to see what he could do. Wei, Bianca’s father, decided to just take Bianca to work with him this time until she returns back to her normal happy state. While at her father’s job, Bianca, who was still a bit depressed, saw and got to know a bit more about what her father does and improve her intelligence in the field by asking scientists and technicians some questions on what they’re doing, since she currently does not go to school, she considers this knowledge far more important than the everyday book work she is use to. Overtime, Bianca started doing some small projects of her own, for Brian himself was using the facility as well to conduct research of his own, which he had been doing for quite some time.

One day, Bianca had asked one scientist who worked in nano-machine technology a question. This scientist was named Hanz Shu. Hanz was frustrated at the time because of the research he was doing, but calm down a bit when Bianca had some questions. Hanz was known for saying some sensitive things about his work, revealing to Bianca about a nanotechnology program that had been ceased for some time after an incident took place. He continued saying that what they had developed was one of its kind, nano-technology tri-serum that adapts becomes one with the host, in a sense, turning said host into a super solider, in addition, giving said host some interesting traits beyond normal. This information caused Bianca to become interested in this project, and she continued to ask questions, as what does one have to do to be qualified for such a procedure. Hanz told Bianca that she is too young for such a producer if that is what she is asking, he continues to tell her that those who are not strong enough to survive the producer ends up dying, adding, that only one man had survived this when the tri-serum was in it’s less pure form, a prototype. Hanz even joked that if Bianca insist in joining the military and prove herself, she will probably be contacted if said program were to be opened again. With this information in mind, Bianca informs Brian about what she had learned and insisted Brian to train her some more. Brian told Bianca that she is still a bit flustered due to what happen in Beijing, however, Bianca’s talk with Hanz had motivated her. She recalled Brian uttering the word “meta-human” and thinks that this tri-serum will turn her into one.

The Thailand Ninja

Bianca had begun to recover and had continued to grow in her education by home schooling herself. She had been training more than ever and at her age of 13, she continued to push herself to the limit. Bianca had been building some gadgets in secret at her father’s job. She also made a ninja-like suit in black and red to fit her body. Brian started to catch on to what Bianca was trying to do, and when he did, Bianca wanted Brian to keep it a secret and to not tell her father or uncle what she is attempting to do. Brian told her what if something bad happens to her, only for her to respond that if anything were to happen to her as she begins her campaign on becoming stronger, to tell her family members she was doing this for them and for those kidnapped by Black Shadow. However, Brian was still not convinced, despite how strong and skilled Bianca is. Bianca took on the mantle she had created for herself and went after petty criminals for the first month. Eventually she started sneaking out at night when breaking news about gang violence started to occur. She was still new at what she was doing, eventually even confronting a few armed men and women along the way.

The Thailand Ninja (Equipment & Gadgets)

She built more tech in secret, learning more from Hanz, who spoke to her about cloaking in three-dimensional fields, high-refractive-index polymer (HRIP) and multidirectional, in addition to high tech advancements that could make such a thing a reality for today’s military and or armed forces, tech beyond it’s time. Bianca used this information and the resources at her father’s job to create a cloaking device in form of an everyday belt. She called this device The Ghost Belt. It is able to generate a small force-field around the wearer’s body. The device also has panels to collect solar energy. When there is power in the belt it will render its wearer completely invisible, however if low or out of energy, the wearer will still be invisible, but will be slightly visible when moving, showing somewhat of a rippled bubble effect.

She later created a multifunctional visor, which she calls The Cat’s Eye, which covers just one eye. It acts as a scanner, a terminal computer, an encrypted personal communicator that has the ability to contact and connect with other communication devices, and detection of specific objects (usually weapons) and a lite heat signature scanner in order for the wearer to see their opponent from several feet away; even through walls if said target is close to the wall.

Bianca also carries specific weapons such as short-hand daggers and a magnetic-chain she uses as a weapon, in addition, it has the ability to generate a concentrated Taser jolt to anyone who comes into contact with it when it’s deployed. She also carries smoke pellets that dissolve when used, these were not only given to her by Brian, but she was able to create a modified version of it at her father’s job, which causes a small blinding flash when it makes impact with a solid surface or object.

As she works on these devices, she starts to do some work at night, only going to where the danger is from the news information she is getting. Brian soon joined her, for he didn’t want her to be alone and decides to help her, for Bianca was already making quick work of some gangsters and criminals in Thailand. Brian wasn’t with her physically at times, but he makes a control center of his own in his car and his house. Bianca was able to get around in a motorbike that was customized and stocked by a good friend of Brian, slightly on par with current Light-Cycle builds (popular motorcycles in the year 21XX to 22XX).

Rescuing her Father, Wei Airesus

Wei had no idea what Bianca was doing, nor did he have any idea that some resources that lay dormant in the Malaysian Robotics and Technology firm had been used; resources that had been collecting dust for decades, as well as other firms that were under the same condition with some tech that should be scrapped, but kept in storage.

As for Bianca, she had always came back from her missions slightly bruised and or just smelling like her Thailand Ninja suit, that consist of rubber and leather. She is always taking a shower, her appetite for food was huge and she started to eat a lot more than usual. Wei, who witnessed this, was thinking that his little girl is becoming a woman, for she was about to be 14 soon, whereas the reality is Bianca knew she was going through puberty, however, she was extremely focused becoming strong. She is, for her age, extremely athletic, but kept pushing herself, an example of this is when she trained with Brian some more, showcasing some of her fighting styles with different variations of shaolin monk fighting styles. This shocked Brian and made him questioned where she learned how to fight like this, to where Bianca tells him she had been given a very educational training hologram after her trip from Defeng a while back.

Meanwhile, Wei was preparing to join his fellow co-workers in a small 8pm presentation on revealing an osmosis device that cleans and detoxifies water, not only in homes, but through most water networks in the country, and soon other areas in need of it. As the event was going to start soon, some gangsters who caught wind of this information, thanks to the news talking about it, they planned to raid the place and rob those in attendance, and probably steal these devices to sell off to the black market. During this time, their conversation was regarding the “ninja” running around in their turf. A group that resided in the area became more cautious with their operations because of Bianca’s actions; this group was also responsible for the drugs going into the country, using the rise in crime as their cover to get their deals done, this group is called The Bear. Later that evening, Wei and his co-workers went to this event and spent time greeting people, one person asked how Wei was doing since the tragedy in his family, and he replied saying what is keeping him strong right now is his wonderful daughter and the support from his friends and co-workers. Within 30 minutes, the presentation for the event began. It was supposed to last for an hour, but after 25 minutes in, the gangster struck the area, and since they were armed, they were able to capture and bind the guards, making their way inside a cake walk.

Wei saw this and told one of his co-workers to call the police; however, the lines were distorted due to an EMP that was used by the armed gangsters. They boasted that they had stolen not just guns, but also special technology from the police and wanted to test it out for the first time. They told the people, who are now hostages, to give them everything that owned if they valued their lives. As this was happening, Bianca, who was with Brian, witnessed this when they were going back to the car from a small store they parked right in front of, that all the guards had suddenly vanished. Bianca worried for her father and without hesitation, ran into a back alleyway with her backpack full of gadgets, as for her suit, she was wearing it under her casual clothing the whole time.

Inside, one of the armed men noticed Wei and recognized him as a former kick-boxer, the man forced Wei on his feet and wanted to fight him in hand to hand combat, to which Wei told him if he was joking, telling him to take what they want and leave. But this man refused to leave early, he had his men point guns at a few of the hostages and demanded Wei to fight him, telling Wei he wants a bit of amusement before they leave, which left Wei no choice, either to fight or witness hostages being shot in cold blood. So the fight started, with the man grabbing Wei by the waist and tackling him to the ground, only for Wei to break from his hold and fight back.

Bianca was scaling the roof of the building and had to break inside from the top through an open window that had a small room with a locked door, Brian contacted her via communicator, telling her if she managed to get inside, to which Bianca replied yes, after destroying a locked door, enabling her to infiltrate the building. She made her way inside and was about to scan the area, 58 attendees and 4 armed men, a 5th one, unarmed, who is fighting her father.

Wei was nearly victorious in the fight until the man injected himself with a steroid-like substance that temporarily made him immune to pain, and he taunted Wei in Russian, completely turning the tides of the fight, winning against the exhausted Wei. The Russian fighter called Wei an old man, saying it is a shame he is not in his prime. After this remark, Wei had passed out. As for Bianca, she did not go down there just yet due to an EMP nearby, so she located the EMP in the room and kept that as her focus. She went down there and kept her eyes on the armed gunmen, taking them all down with her magnetic chains, which not only shocked them, but also disabled their guns. At this The Russian man applauded Bianca (calling her the Ninja) for coming, for he had the feeling that the kid causing trouble for his friends had arrived only to be made an example of.

Without hesitation, the Russian had his men attempt to dog pile Bianca, only for her to use a smoke pellet to distort the men, and taking them down with a small metal rod. As this was going on, the Russian Man was laughing and clapping as this was going on, for he was amused at seeing Bianca in action. After Bianca took down the last of the thugs, she directed her attention to the Russian Man and walked to him, picking up the EMP on the way, crushing it with her hands. The man asked her how capable of a fighter is she, to which she stated for him to come and find out.

Rescuing her Father, Wei Airesus(vs. Bhoskell)

Bianca was about to scan the man that stood before her, and the information was sent to Brian, who revealed to Bianca that this man she is facing right now is a criminal who tried to kill people back in the day, often leaves them near death in a critical condition; A Russian man with Asian descent named Bhoskell. He added that this guy looks like he is pumped up on drugs and won’t be easy to bring down.

Bhoskell rushed at Bianca, yelling “Get ready little ninja”. Bhoskell missed and Bianca countered with a few hits to Bhoskell’s back and side, which had little to no effect. Bhoskell laughed and said to Bianca that she hits like a girl, then stood there confused for 2 seconds, remembering that he is fighting a girl, followed by a chuckle. He tried to smash his fits into Bianca, only for her to dodge two incoming blows, but the third nearly hit her, instead, she caught the hit and uses this momentum to get under Bhoskell, hitting his legs as she evaded. Bhoskell laughed some more, stating that anything she does can’t harm him, this led Bianca to use a few objects in the area that had some effect on Bhoskell, even using the butt of the disabled guns to harm him. Eventually the fight caused the drug to wear off from Bhoskell and it became clear to Bianca that Bhoskell is now vulnerable due to him fighting as if he is dazed. Bianca landed a barrage of attacks, that crippled her opponent’s left leg, and she grabbed and used up her energy to slightly lift the 290 lbs. man and quickly do a takedown throw on Bhoskell, who was thrown into a nearby table. Bhoskell was angered and tried to get back up, only to stumble back down due to his busted leg. Bianca lowers her stance and points at him, and she tells the man that the fight is over, that he will get all the prescription and medical help in prison, only for Bhoskell to chuckle, telling Bianca that he will go to prison and she will be in a body bag, he quickly took out a pistol and tried to shoot at Bianca, however, Bianca reacted quickly and she used her dagger by throwing it in Bhsokell’s direction, causing him to miss his target, enabling Bianca dodge the bullet. The dagger hit Bhoskell in the arm he is using for the pistol, causing him to drop it. He tried to grab the gun with his other hand while working through the pain, only for Bianca hold him back, and soon, injuring his wounded arm with a powerful jab to his deltoid muscle. Brian who witnessed this from Bianca’s visor said under his voice, that what Bianca did, was savage.

Bhoskell was battered and defeating unable to fight back as he was laid out, moaning in pain. Bianca demanded answers regarding if this was a random hit or if anyone hired him. Bhoskell didn’t respond, and then Bianca punched him in the face, it was then Bianca began to hallucinate due to her anger, she didn’t see Bhoskell, but she saw Sun Lee Yuk, smiling. She started to have flashbacks about how she had been kidnapped, how Yuk tried to touch her, making remarks about her being a trophy, and then she remembered her friends, Sara, Tala, May Li, whom she consider her sister. She paused with her fist in the air. Bhoskell thought she was going to hit him again, only for Bhoskell to reveal that this was a random hit, adding that a group known as The Bear will make sure she does not exist. Bianca snapped out of it and punched him two more times. One of Bhoskell’s men regain consciousness and took up a gun and tried to shoot Bianca from behind, however, it was engulf with a magnetic chain that disabled the gun, using it caused it to shock the man, rendering him unconscious again. Bianca flinched slightly and thanked herself for creating that chain after she witnessed how it worked so well and that she didn’t have to remotely enable them from time to time for it to work, in addition, the device saved her just now.

Wei woke up and sees his co-workers helping the hostages stand, then he sees the beaten up guards and eventually he sees the Thailand ninja, in his eyes, as well as to others, they consider Bianca to be a cyborg of some sort, built to go after criminals, for something of a similar effect had been done before in other nations. When Bianca sees everything that is going on, Brian radioed in; telling her it is time to come home ASAP before her father gets back. Before they could question the so called cyborg, Bianca used a smoke pellet and escaped the facility.

Brian and Bianca rushed back to the house, as the news about the event has already hit the television and holo-cams throughout the city. On the way there, Brian came talking about how epic that was, but still kind of dangerous, adding that Bianca would do better than him years back when he was more active with the CIA. When they got back, Brian remained downstairs; pretending to be watching a movie, as well as keeping watch for Wei’s return, while Bianca went upstairs to take a shower. As she stood there, all she thought about is Black Shadow, thinking that there is a probable connection with The Bear and Black Shadow gangsters. After she was done, she returned to her room. She begins to touch the marked scars on her arm and leg, marks she received when she escaped her captors in Beijing, and then she began to think. She knew that when she fought Bhoskell’s men, they were Japanese, however, Bianca was just thinking about theories and connections without possible evidence. She went to bed after she took a shower, but was still in pain, despite how skilled she was, she knew she could not heal fast enough from her minor injuries. Wei eventually came home that around midnight. He sees Brian sleeping on the chair, seeing that the Television was open, he turned it off, then he went to check on his daughter, who was sound asleep.

In the morning, Wei’s co-workers decided to do another presentation, but this time during the day and in a more secured setting, not only will they present the device again, but they will honor the person who created a highly advanced robot to fight crime, for they think of Bianca as a robot built to fight criminals, as some believe it is a woman behind the armored jumpsuit, despite these claims, the public who had witnessed this and or read this story began to call Bianca The Thailand Ninja (Ninja of Thailand). Elsewhere in Thailand, drugs were being ported over, and Bianca’s actions got the attention of a Russian criminal known as Elrina Sokolov, the leader of the group known as The Bear (Медведь).

The Origins of The Bear/Elrina Sokolov

Bear Logo.jpeg

Elrina Sokolov is the leader of the group known as The Bear (Медведь) and she operates in a small area in Russia, pushing her drug plants in Thailand. She was formerly a political Kremlin official who went by another alias instead of using her official name. Her business took advantage of areas having a massive amount of buildings not having a UIDN (Unique Identifier Number), which is used to keep somewhat of a census of buildings and facilities in many parts of Asia and Europe. Areas without a UIDN are often referring to old and or ancient buildings from the 20th century that had not really been used or taken care of since 1900s to 2XXXs.

As for Elrina Sokolov herself, she functioned in Russia and worked under a ruthless Russian drug lord who had a lot of power and influence. It was not long until the drug lord started to branch out to areas in Asia; however, doing so caused the drug lord to gain some allies. Elrina herself wanted all his power, for she was stronger, more intelligent, and better than her own leader. So she devised a setup to get her boss and his close allies exposed by pushing them to take actions that caused risk, which they did so without thinking, and in doing so, she seizes all the power from the drug lord, including his assets after they were arrested, tried and sent off to prison. She rebranded the gang as The Bear and continued the drug operation her way as subtle as possible. She used her drug plans in Thailand to make her money from people there were willing to buy what she is selling, and this made her rich because she exploited those inside the countries of where she sells. She then began continuing the trade in areas of China, as well as more areas inside Russia. After sometime she gain a connection with the group known as Black Shadow, who bought various drugs from here in order to suit the needs of their buyers and contacts, as well as to deal with those that they’ve captured. Black Shadow themselves had connections outside of Russia and Asia and did business with them.

As a valuable contact, Black Shadow offered her anything her men needs, and in doing so, she used the human trafficking skills of Black Shadow to make prostitution brothels and labor camps and at times auction off the captured in courtesy of Black Shadow as profit. Elrina was not shy of blood either. She is known to be a ruthless murderer whether she uses weapons or her bare hands, hence why she is called The Bear, once she gets her hands on someone, they will surely die. For someone who wears a clean and pressed dark suits daily, she is someone who fights dirty and without remorse, despite her innocent and calm nature coupled with her seductive looks. As powerful as she is, those she went up against in the past see her as a potential enemy and for this, Elrina has tight protection. The grunts who were connected with The Bear, had spread out throughout parts of Asia, especially Thailand, and due to Bianca’s meddling, Elrina wanted to know more about The Thailand Ninja, who or what he or she is, if Bianca is an actual person or a robot.

Battle against Exo-Skeleton Hitmen

Despite how strong Bianca is, she is still just an average human girl. She had to put up with bad guys on a daily basis without her father knowing while trying to uncover Black Shadow’s small presence in Thailand, for news about a few kidnappings and killings began to start in cities and towns within Bangkok. But this time, Black Shadow made use of thugs from The Bear, and had access to Exo-Skeleton technology, which was revealed to be stolen files from a branch in China who produces these devices and place in storage in Thailand; resulting in these gangs making their own technology using the tech and resources within Thailand.

On some occasions, Bianca had a hard time dealing with these thugs for they were known to use EMPs and energy based guns instead of the normal standard guns. This forced Bianca in create more defensive tech to use against them, eventually created, with the aid of Hanz, a basic Electromagnetic Force-Field device, which she straps to her wrists, that generate a wall of energy, in a shape of a shield for a short time. It is capable of absorbing energy based attacks, which gives this device a small charge to remain longer, as well as block/deflecting normal gunfire, as long as it is not close range, for the device has to react.

Bianca has always been victorious in these fights, even when some of these fights happen to be concentrated ambushes with lures or use of hostages; she has always found a way to stop these criminals causing trouble. She managed to get a phone off one of the men fought, who didn’t destroy his device before being arrested. She used this to get information on The Bear and decides you use this as a way to map out The Bear and their connection to Black Shadow, not giving this information to the police for she thinks someone on the inside could be working with the gang and hide this information. Brian has stated that it is best they get the police involved on what they have found, only for Bianca wanting to make this personal, telling Brian about possible traitors inside the police force who could easily delete this information they have.

During her fights with the criminals who plague Thailand, Bianca had busted a drug compound in Bang Rak’s abandon building, this time, confronting Elrina by accident when she broke into one of the large main rooms of the building, getting herself into a fight she wasn’t prepared for after leaving Brian’s side, who was on the opposite side of the abandon building, investigating the place.

Russian gunmen from the gang wanted to takedown Bianca immediately, but they were stopped by their boss, for she wanted to know if Bianca is a robot or not and or her identity, mocking Bianca for hiding her face, while Elrina herself rubbed her hand on her face, saying one showing their beautiful face is good for greeting.

Vs. Elrina (First Encounter)


Elrina had her men clear out with the drugs, telling them, this will not take long. Elrina introduced herself, and asked a question to Bianca, telling her of who she is, if she is indeed an advanced robot, and who made her. In Elrina’s mind, she wanted to reprogram the alleged robot to do her bidding, in this attempt, she began fighting with Bianca. During the fight, when she used a special EMP used to disable the main system robot level humanoids, she expected it to work against Bianca, only to realize that it didn’t work, coming to the conclusion that the skilled fighter is actually human. Elrina was amazed that Bianca is actually human and had given her a chance to surrender, only for Bianca to tell her she will not stop until she dismantles her group, as well as Black Shadow. Elrina told her that Borojei is a busy man and threatening someone of a high importance is only going to get her killed. She continues to say that no one will ruin her business, especially someone like Bianca, adding she really liked Bianca and respects her skill, but she will be the one to end her career. She then took out a gun and started to fire it at Bianca, only to witness the bullets being deflected as Bianca was side-stepping into Elrina’s direction.

Bianca started to beat down on Elrina, only for Elrina to land in a few attacks of her own. Bianca was hit hard by two counters thrown by Elrina, realizing that the drug lord is using an Exo-Skeleton, which is hidden under her suit. Elrina laughed, asking Bianca if she expected that, then she picks up a dazed Bianca and threw her around, eventually tossing her into some old wooden boxes, which broke when Bianca came into contact with it. Bianca tried to cloak to get a sneak attack in, however, Elrina was smart, quickly shooting at the fire sprinkler heads on the ceiling in order to activate them, making Bianca somewhat visible, with Elrina knocking her out of her cloak.

When Brian radioed in telling Bianca if she is alright, only for Bianca to tell him she isn’t doing well right now, adding that she has accidentally encountered a strong opponent. At this information, Brian began to drive his car to where Bianca is located, but is prepared for a fire fight in case one goes down. Elrina lifted Bianca up, telling her that she can easily put a bullet in her head, but prefers to make an example out of Bianca, with this opportunity of Erlina taunting Bianca and letting her guard down, Bianca used a magnetic chain and lashed it around Elrina, shocking her, forcing Elrina’s Exo-Skeleton to disable temporarily.

With the small amount of energy she has left, Bianca started to hit Elrina harder, with each attack being successful; however, this was not enough to bring this Russian drug lord down. Even without the Exo-Skeleton, Elrina is still tough, she revealed to Bianca that it was not just the Exo-Skeleton that made her strong, but the special drug, which she made for herself and only for herself, she uses it to gain her power for a short time. Before it wears off, Elrina grabbed Bianca by the neck, and starts to press her into the wall.

She then proceeded to take out a small dagger. She kept saying that killing Bianca is way too easy, but kept hesitating because she wanted to fight her more, for she never fought someone who was able to keep up with her for this long. She then asked Bianca if she is scared, only for Bianca, who was struggling, telling her, forcing out the words, she has no fear, grinning and grunting as she said it, Elrina smiled, giggling under her breathe, and then she proceeded to stab Bianca in her abdomen. Bianca was about to shriek in pain, but Elrina covered her mouth while pinning her down. She begins to drag Bianca; however, Bianca was not done yet, despite bleeding out. She used smoke pellet and jammed into Elrina’s face, causing the pellet to go off, scarring Elrina’s face. She was in so much pain and heard Bianca struggling out words, saying an eye for an eye; for Elrina stabbed Bianca only for Bianca to scar half of Elrina’s face and possibly damaging her eye.

Elrina was enraged, as her men called out to her, she picked up a defeated Bianca and in a fit of rage, tossed her out of the window into a muddy cliff, resulting in her rolling down a few feet into a muddy puddle of water. As Bianca laid there, motionless and in pain, Elrina then used her gun and shot three times into the water due to her anger, missing Bianca, only for one of her men calmed her down, then she back hand slapped him, coming to her sense and begins fleeing the area, Bianca’s glove in hand; marking it as a trophy for herself thinking she finally she slain Bianca, The Thailand Ninja. As for Bianca, she was unable to move as she was submerged in the muddy water, for she was hurt badly and exhausted, thinking to herself that she is meeting with her old friend again, referring to the puddle of water (because she was shot and left for dead in a water before). She was eventually pulled out to safety by Brian, who was shocked about Bianca’s condition.

Recovery and the Nanotechnology Project

Brian had some first aid items around his car and did what he could to stop the bleeding temporarily, telling her that he is going to rush her to a hospital. As he put her in the car and started to drive, Bianca was telling him to contact Hanz. Brian said that now isn’t the time to build or get information on tech, she is critically injured, adding that she is lucky to be alive. Bianca tried to persuade him again, telling Brian that Hanz talked to her about an experiment that had been dormant for a long time, for such a produce is capable of helping her heal faster and more efficiently, stating that even if she goes to a hospital to deal with doctors and surgeons, it won’t really do anything to save her.

Brian was concerned and worried about Bianca’s decision, and tells her fine, that he will contact Hanz, adding that she is the craziness 14 year old he has ever known. Hanz was informed about the situation and tells them to come to his facility that is not too far from where they are, adding he can help treat Bianca, not knowing what she has in mind. When they got to Hanz’s facility in several miles away from the abandon Bang Rak building they were in, Brian was able to get inside to meet with Hanz, as for Bianca, she had cloaked herself and piggybacked on Brian’s back.

When they met with Hanz, Brian had explained everything to him and what has happened. Hanz himself knew about Bianca’s secret and will do anything in his power to help her succeeded and survive. While treating Bianca with the pleura of medical supplies at his disposal, he tells the both of them that since the ordeal in China, the Tri-Serum had been moved to Thailand for safe keeping at his request. Hanz continued that this serum is in its purist form and can save Bianca, however, if Bianca’s body is capable of enduring the producer itself, let alone able to survive it. Bianca wanted to do it anyways, adding, if she is to die, despite dying anyways, she wants the both of them to tell her father that all that is going on is on her, not them, for she merely had them to assist her.

Bianca was placed in water chamber in stasis, having wires tapped on her arms, waist and legs. Hanz, who is accompanied by others who knew about this serum, has stated that this water contains some healing properties for basic injuries, added that it will keep Bianca stable for the producer. So it began, the chamber started to fill up a secondary liquid, and robot controlled hooks holding the serum, had been injected into Bianca’s body. Eventually the final serum was injected into Bianca, causing her to twitch inside the chamber she was kept in for Bianca’s body was actually reacting immediately to the serum producer. She was eventually taken out, and had seemingly died, causing Brian to feel guilty, thinking Bianca had passed, and however, the other scientist told Brian she still has a pulse, but she is in a coma-like state, adding usually after the producer, they will know if the patient will survive or not within several hours.

During this time, Wei, who was in Japan for business (Meeting with the young St. Marc V and his guardian), called Brian to tell him how Bianca is doing, only for Brian, who was still feeling bad about the situation, tells him that she’s alright, that she is sleeping right now. Several hours had passed (5 hours), during that time, Bianca’s body was being checked and tested, and surprisingly, she didn’t pass away due to the strong producer. She had been out of coma for a good hour and is sleeping normally.

What the scientist notice is that Bianca’s injuries had healed on its own; the nanotechnology serum had merged and became intertwined with all the blood vessels and organs in Bianca’s body, as if it was something natural; and it was irreversible. The serum had also strengthened her muscles and body tissues, as well as other parts of her body.

Bianca had awakened, recovering and she felt different. She surprised Brian, for Brian was worried that Bianca had died from the intense procedure. She tells Brian she wants to be put to the test. For she felt different and want to see what she is capable of and this is when Hanz had Bianca connect with one of her father’s friends in Asian Military, but tells her to wait a day so she is able to feel a bit better before contacting this man. Once Bianca recovered, she contacted Lenn, a friend of her father, and informs him that she wants to some military training. Lenn was shocked about Bianca’s request, but knowing how tough she is and her father, she decides to give Bianca a chance, thinking to himself that it is good to see a strong young teenager who is a skilled fighter wanting to try the military core. In a span of 3 months, she had been training and pushing herself with the military. She wanted to improve her skills constantly, non-stop. She was able convince her father that she went back into training, and this time is learning more military based combat from a friend of his, to his surprise he was informed by Lenn about the situation. The military had no idea as to why a little girl is learning from them, however, Lenn, Wei’s old friend, only knew that Bianca is wanting to learn because she wants to improve her skills, but he does not know about Bianca’s enhancements.

After the 3 months, Bianca returned to being the Thailand Ninja, only for Hanz to inform her about more nanotechnology that may interest her whenever she returns to China, adding that since the Tri-Serum worked for her, for she was the second to survive such from the final product, that this new tech will aid her greatly.

As for the gangs and Elrina herself, they believed Bianca to be dead, until they read headlines about The return of the Thailand Ninja, despite Elrina using Bianca’s glove to indicate she had been slain Bianca; spoils of battle, in her eyes. Elrina was angered and happy that Bianca had survived, for she had grown more in power for 3-4 months and the absence of Bianca’s crime fighting work. Bianca’s return led some gangsters to flee the streets of Bangkok.

Her Abilities: The serum had enhanced her strength greatly, speed, agility and evasiveness has been enhanced, along with her reflexes. She also now has accelerated healing whereas her body is able to adapt new pains, sicknesses and heal from it, healing faster, as long as she is rested. This also causes the person to connect easily with nano tech of the same origin. She is immune to illness and her senses have been improved.

Dealing with The Bear For the Last Time

Bianca was more of a dangerous opponent for the gangs to handle, even with Exo-Skeleton and tech they possess, Bianca had left some of her foes battered and broken, at time seen surrendering to her. Other times they hear stories about The Thailand Ninja and became fearful of her from what they have heard. Over time, Bianca worked her way to taking down members of The Bear one by one, even some among them that had been given the meta-drug, but still, didn’t stand a chance against Bianca. Bianca’s skill, coupled with her newfound abilities, make her one of the most dangerous fighters in all of Thailand, and due to her actions, it forced Elrina into a corner. For she needed to bolster up her forces and get more help from her allies to deal with the threat. More Russian gunmen were hired and moved to Thailand to help Elrina.

Taking down The Head (Vs. Elrina, Second Encounter)

After about a month of taking out members of The Bear and their allies, Bianca and Brian were able to pinpoint and confiscate a list about Elrina’s connections after they took down a petty thief who sold drugs to the Thai people, the list including a few Black Shadow contacts such as Rolon and Cyberpunk. Bianca was able to use this information to infiltrate an abandon building complex in a woodland area in Eastern Bangkok, with a few buildings, all of them not having a UIDN, among the buildings was a warehouse that looked like a mansion located a few feet away from the others. It such in bad shape, that Bianca considers it a haunted, only for Brian to communicate to her, telling her the areas has not been taking care of or visited by people for about 12 years.

Bianca was able to get inside from an opening on the side of the building that led her into the vents, eventually into one of the attics inside the building. After a bit of exploring she discovers that there are members of The Bear inside, then she moves in to takedown the armed Russian gunmen, as well as a few sentry robots and snipers. Elrina knew Bianca was here and forced her men to be more aggressive with her until the buyer gets to them. But it didn’t take long for Bianca to drop every gunman Elrina sent to kill her. She then confronts Elrina for the second time, this time not accidental, and she was prepared.


Bianca told Elrina that this time, is the last time, for she will not win and that her drug operation will stop infecting Bangkok and other areas within the Malay Peninsula. At this Elrina laughed, stating that nothing will stop her, for she will be able to kill Bianca herself, still angered by how Bianca destroyed her beautiful face months ago. She stated that this time when she pins her down, she will unmask Bianca, and strangle her with her bare hands, wanting to watch her die, calling it a greater reward that will leave a lasting memory, but only if Bianca survives a round of bullets first. Elrina took out a mini-uzi, shouting that this is the main course, and shots wildly at Bianca, only for her to block them, when she ran out of bullets, she made a joke about old school weapons not always getting the job done, so she pulled out a plasma pistol instead, she took a few shots at Bianca using the weapon, who stood at a distance from Elrina. Bianca was not playing around herself. She used an energy disc projectile to knock the gun out of Elrina’s hand, and sprints in her direction before the plasma pistol hits the ground.

Both girls went at it, and a vicious fight took place. Both of them trading blows, despite Bianca being hit a few times, she is able to hold her own against Elrina this time around, and was hitting even harder than before. Elrina seeing that she is unable to exhaust Bianca tried to take out a dagger and try to stab her as she did before, yelling she will repeat history. She took a stab at Bianca’s side again; however, Bianca’s armor was stronger as well because it had been upgraded, making Elrina surprised that this attempt failed, complementing on Bianca’s preparedness. Bianca took Elrina’s hand that had the dagger and she crushed her hand, and then proceeded to Judo-Flip Elrina. She then pinned Elrina down, only for Elrina to counter, flipping her over and pin Bianca down on her back.

Elrina told Bianca when she’s done with her, no one will ever see her again, adding that Thailand is hers to conquer and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Bianca taunts Elrina, saying that the people here are strong and they will never let drug lords like Elrina take their country, adding, that ever since she came back, the police has been encouraged to do more, for she inspired them to fight against Elrina’s forces even more as well as getting rid of her followers inside the police force. Elrina then unmasked Bianca and sees her face. Shocked that The Thailand Ninja is just a teenage girl, Elrina stated, with a stupid look on her face, that a little girl had been causing her so much trouble, thinking all this time it was a grown woman, and then she picked up her plasma pistol that was nearby and placed it on Bianca’s forehead, saying that she has had enough of her, she tried to shoot only for nothing to happen, prompting a smiling Bianca to say she disabled the gun during the fight, adding she knows Elrina’s tricks. She hit Elrina in the face and lifts her up off the ground and throws her, and the two continued to fight.

Elrina heard police sirens in the area, and tells Bianca that even though she will be sent to prison, nothing she can do to stop her from getting out again, adding that Bianca is no killer and nothing she could do to stop her when she does escape. Bianca then states that yes she isn’t the one to be an assassin, but mocks Elrina about information about her exposing her former leaders, who will do anything to take a shot at her, in addition, stated that all the information about her drug plants will be exposed as of tonight, and her career will be over. Elrina now thinks about her former leaders and grew fearful of going to prison in Russia instead of Thailand.

Elrina was angered at this and said a slur to Bianca’s face and attempted to charge at Bianca, only for Bianca to roundhouse kick her to the skull, the force of the kicking literally taking her off the ground and causing her shoes to come off, leaving Elrina unconscious with a fractured jaw, as well as a slightly broken collar bone, all from one kick. The buyer had eventually shown up at the time this was happening, and Bianca caught him, and the police had finally arrived, arresting the buyer’s driver and started to clean up the area. The buyer said to Bianca that he is just a guy who they said to buy the drugs from Elrina, for he had nothing big to do with these gangsters, then he mentioned that if Black Shadow knew about what happen tonight, they’d be pissed. With The Bear out of the picture, Bianca set out to finish what she wanted to do from the start, deal with Black Shadow.

Bianca told the police everything and gave them all the extra information regarding the group, which led to the shutdown of any business Elrina had open, her drug rings, etc. After this information was given, crimes went down in Thailand and other parts, for the first time in a while, Thailand was at peace. Since the Bear is gone, Brian asked Bianca what she wants to do next, and she tells Brian that she wants to return to China, to deal with those who had kidnapped her. Brian stated that the situation there hasn’t got any better, however, the African Diplomat had been reunited with his daughter and 2 Chinese girls managed to escape due to someone by the name of Tala. This information gave Bianca hope, and decided that she wants to find and help Tala, as well as finding Sara and her good friend, May Li.

At the age of 15, Bianca had returned to China to continue her schooling, telling her father that home schooling is good, but she wants to return to school. Wei tells her that it is good she wants to return, but the area is still dangerous, only for Bianca to tell her father, she’s been training to prevent herself from being taken again, telling her father not to worry this time.

She continues visits Shen; however, she does not live with him. She ends up living in a house that Brian had access to due to CIA connections, which is located in a safe and secured community in southeast Beijing, which is also a home to many young ones as well. She uses this home as her base of operation. Hanz and his colleagues went to China to continue working in the facility there, and Hanz had promised Bianca about some technology that is highly advanced and wishes her to use it, for she was the second person to survive such the injection and the tech will be compatible with her, adding it is a gift from him and his colleagues; beyond it’s time military tech.

Project Valkyrie (Highly Advanced Battle Armor)

Eventually Bianca went on to see what this promise that Hanz speak of. She went with Brian to see this battle Armor Hanz hinted at. They were in awe when they saw this locked away armor. Hanz explained that they had been working on militarized armor in secret for some time now for those who were perfectly enhanced by the serum. He adds that the armor is powerful and seems limitless because of the numerous power sources it generates energy from. The armor, VARM, practically is a living suit once it bonds with its user, for every bit of it is of nano machine technology that is liquefied and can become a solid that is seemingly indestructible. Brian joked if it can survive explosions and whatnot, to which Hanz said yes, which made Brian’s jaw drop. Hanz said that if a normal person were to use this armor, it will lock up or be way too heavy for them; however, those that have been under the condition of the serum, the suit will react normally to the worthy soul of is able to use it.

He begins to List the several armor abilities in short summaries: It’s able to shape and form with the user, can hide on the very fabric of the user’s clothing and or body. When it is in use, it can form into its titanium-like armor state at will, becoming hard as diamonds and sea snail teeth. It’s able to mimic the user’s movements, even if the user is not in the suit. So Bianca can literally have the suit fight alongside her if she wishes. A charge-like ability that is capable of making the user literally charge at great speeds toward a target and or object; also making the user appear as if they are phasing/teleporting. The charge abilities function because of the thrusters on the suit of armor, which also grants the user hovering and flight. It generates its power from solar and lunar forces; however, it is known to absorb other energy sources as well. Almost every part of the armor can absorb these sources, but when in use, the hair like tendrils and or part of the helmet takes in a large amount of energy, making energy consumption nearly infinite.

Immunity to EMPs, and anything greater, however rare instances of low energy result in EMPs taking brief effects on the user, causing the suit to lock up a bit, but the user is still able to move to some degree, the suit is extremely durable and capable of eating any form of EMP, immediately adapting. Energy based attacks is generate from the energy the suit gets from resources and kinetic energy, even absorbing the strongest attack to protect the user or itself. Hanz added that the suit is impenetrable and can endure the nastiest attacks as well as siphon energy from other pieces of tech. Shape-shifting capacities whereas parts of the armor can be used as weapons. Adding if Bianca wanted, she can turn the arm cannon above her hands into actual blades, with the bonus of energy blades being used at the same time if she wants. Hanz added the list goes on, adding there is more to the suit for the user to find out for themselves.

Brian stated that this armor is like the ultimate cheat code, and questions Hanz again, how was one able to think of such or develop such a piece of armor, to which Hanz revealed himself to be a very talented engineer and programmer with a strangely vast intelligence, also hinting his surgical history, hence why he knows how to treat various injuries. He added that ever since such programs began, he wanted to push himself and his co-workers to achieve something that others have not done before, adding that after the incident with the first serum, which was not administered by him, he wanted to make up for it, and design this armor for whomever will be the next subject for the program. He added that when he saw Bianca at first, he knew she was smart like Wei, but didn’t think she’d be strong enough to have the serum used on her and was surprised, guaranteeing the procedure would be successful. He then stated that the armor was met for those to aid the military for future use, however, sees Bianca as a literal hero, and decides that she can use this armor to help those in need in China and probably around the world. Hanz knew that Bianca is smart and she will figure out how to use this technology. Hanz added that even if the suit were to break down, it will reconstruct itself and or on to the user, regardless, it is still capable of absorbing energy for practically an unlimited use. The only weakness known to the armor is a byproduct nano tech known as Necro-Bots, nano machines that were failed and were affected by a program virus that will damage any machine or person.

The Steel Maiden Is Born

Black Shadow was still present in Beijing and most of China, regardless of Tala’s actions, it was not enough for, including Bianca, 4 kidnapped victims the only ones to be reported to have escaped, 3 Asians (2 Japanese, 1 Thai-Chinese), 1 African girl (Palpert’s daughter).

During one of Black Shadows transfers on a rainy afternoon, Tala was about to use a small opportunity to get the girls off the aircraft by jumping onto a building, the 3 girls manage to get away thanks to Tala, who put up a fight before being defeated again. The aircraft carrying Tala had to reroute back to where it came from, resulting in Tala eavesdropping on the whereabouts of Sara and May Li before being restrained again. Now without any chance of doing anything, Black Shadow was able to transfer girls and this time boys, while Tala is among them, but restrained. This event happened in span of 6 hours during the afternoon into evening hours, air bound in China. This happen 3 weeks before Bianca came back to China.

In a small town down in southern Beijing (Nangong Village in Daxing District) There was an attack taking place by the Black Shadow, for they, now revealed to be using technology that made them invisible along with masking their heat signatures, were attempting to kidnap a 22 year old Japanese woman who lived in Beijing. The woman was unable to see or identify her attackers and people, who had given up hope and accepted that Black shadow is an entity that takes children, they did not do a thing to stop them or figure out what the girl was dealing with because those who confront end up getting injured. The Japanese woman fled for she knew she was being followed, she ran frantically into an empty part of town only to be surrounded by her unseen attackers.

The woman was cornered by a dumpster, and she felt a cold hand grab her leg, and they began dragging her into what seems to be an invisible container, however, the dragging stopped moments before she was taken. They saw a sliver like being staring at them. The silver-being’s visor was glaring scarlet red as it eyed them down, seeing through their invisibility tech. The men tried to fight what they call an android, only for the alleged android to make quick work of them, disabling their invisibility tech before laying a beating. The girl was in shock of what stood before her. The being was Bianca. After the easy fight, she confronted the scared woman and told her that she is safe now, but the woman was still afraid, at this, Bianca’s suit removed the protected nano covering from her hand, and this time Bianca reached out to her, to grab her hand. The girl gave her hand to Bianca and said thank you in Japanese. The woman was then brought to a police station, as well as the thugs who worked for Black Shadow, for they had been exposed for attempted kidnapping, and since this big reveal, angry mobs started to emerge, storming the police station, for they wanted these men and demanded, what has happen to the many months of kidnappings, they wanted information. As this was going on, the Japanese woman told the police that an android saved her and defeated her apparently kidnappers. The Japanese woman assumed that Bianca was just and advanced android and went along with it. At this, everyone started to question what is going on.

As Bianca had improved and bonded with the armor, she discovered more abilities that the suit has to offer. On one instance, when some enemies of hers used energy based weapons trying to kill her, only for the energy to be passing right through her, not harming her at all, thinking of the experience similar to light passing through paper or a cloth. Soon, Bianca began to improve the suit, using all that she’s learned with using nanotechnology. The armor itself was way ahead of its time, however, Bianca was able to use current nanotechnology available to her to create weapons and gadgets that is usable with the same energy source as the armor, and adding that the energy powering the suit is limitless and she give her more resources to use while fighting. Bianca’s actions started to get the attention of Black Shadow, for their nearly invisible forces and allies are getting picked off by her. They think of Bianca as an android, built to stop criminals, thinking it is from the Chinese government. But all of this was just speculations for they didn’t know when said android was deployed, and who made it, having many questions with no answers to them. Borojei communicated with his group from a luxurious building in Kowloon City, Hong Kong. He too was not only bothered by the android, but was also intrigued, wanting to know more about it. He then turns to a figure, asking that he wants in on the criminal empire that is in the United Kingdom, adding that his business will surely help them. The white-haired individual smiled, telling him that after their long conversation about interesting things and experiences, that Borojei will have a place among them, and as a token of this man’s respect, he gives Borojei a briefcase of unlisted credits (money) to use for his operations in China.

Hours later, Borojei sent out some of his best fighters to deal with Bianca, but unsure of how strong Bianca is, he had them remain in specific areas and to prepare if she should arrive, so his followers went about in areas of China.

Confronting Black Shadow’s Rolon


China had a bad rep for being a country with high human trafficking rates whereas any kidnapped is sold off as slaves to forced labor, sex, and to become brainwashed soldiers. Black Shadow had profited off young ones, for a while now, most of the ones kidnapped had been children. Since Bianca’s run as The Steel Maiden, she was able to thwart most kidnappings and find those who had been sold off and or in the process of being sold, reducing the kidnapping rates in the troubled country, as well as crime rates connected to this group; cutting kidnapping and crime from 89% to 65%, and she is continuing to bring it even lower.

Outside of the crime fighting work, China had some sense of relief that Bianca, whom they called The Steel Maiden, was dealing with a problem they had for years, still holding on to hope that their loved ones are alive. In her educational career, Bianca had been interviewed by many schools in the area, including some M.I.T of Europe graduates who had been visiting these universities, for she was the youngest student to soon have a major in robotics and engineering. Despite how smart she was, Bianca was more focused on dealing with bad guys, and tells these people that she wants to help her people in Asia, and nothing more. Knowing that going for educational pursuits now will stop her from helping China, and in doing so, will bring regret and sorrow, for Bianca was someone to put her friends first. She was very smart anyways and having a piece of paper will not do her anything good. Bianca did accept the educational feeds via hologram, but didn’t really pay it any mind, for she was more focused on other things and she already knew the material well.

Eventually there was news about a school bus, with 15 children in it, suddenly vanishing. This caused Bianca to go start her own investigation, with Brian guiding her via communication. Bianca was able to track down the bus from where it vanished. After a few an hours, she was able to find the bus, abandon in the northwestern part of the city. She found the kids, who were bounded with ropes and located away in cages within the area the bus was parked next to. The count was only 14 kids, for one of them was missing.

Bianca managed to beat down the thugs who rushed her while Brian, who was nearby managed to go and get the 14 kids, having them remain near the bus outside, guarding them. Meanwhile inside, Rolon, along with a few Black Shadow members were conducting business with an Asian Man, who wanted one of the children, pushing to Black Shadow that he is willing to pay them extra. As this was going on, Rolon is telling them to hurry it up because there is trouble on the first floor, since he didn’t hear anything, he then tells the Asian Man to go hide somewhere because they need to deal with something, as for the little girl, the 15th child, she was placed in a worn down room.

Bianca began scanning the building, but since Black Shadow stepped up their game, they were able to mask themselves from the long distance scans and heat signatures due to the armor they’re wearing, that it was possible that some of the stolen tech is able to reduce detection of any heat signatures using metalized mylar, built in the armor; coming to the conclusion this same method was used to keep the girl hidden from infrared. Bianca eventually confronted Rolon and the others and tells them where is the child is hidden, only for one of them men to cut her off, telling her that the little girl is now property, property to be sold to those who wish to do whatever with said property. At this, Bianca rushed in, only to be stopped by Rolon, who appeared out of nowhere. He jokes at Bianca, saying she is way too slow to react to his movements.

As Rolon tried to hold down Bianca and the others rushing in to attack her, Bianca discharged the energy resources of the suit to shock and stun them, leaving herself temporarily down, but since the suit is able to take in energy at an accelerated rate, she was back on her feet in a matter of seconds. Rolon was able to recover himself, applauding Bianca’s attempt to stop them. He then rushed into Bianca at super speed and threw her into wall, and proceeded to land a barrage of punches at her. Brian radioed, telling Bianca that this guy is a meta-human and his ability is probably super speed, to which Bianca stated she noticed.

Rolon stated that for an android, it will be tough for him to break through the armor, and continues to fight. Rolon was able to get most hits in on Bianca and he was just too fast, causing Bianca to miss her hits. Rolon came at her, shot after shot, and then she notices that Rolon was still premature in his abilities, for he can only move at high speeds for a few seconds at a time. Knowing she is unable to take him down normally, she decided to use another ability to stop him.

So she used a smoke pellet, and proceeded to try a new ability she now calls nano-storm. Small nano partials forming balls of steel came off her suit and began swirling around her in a cyclone-like fashion. This move caught Rolon off guard and Bianca was able to get her hands on him. Rolon was shocked, only for Bianca nearly hit him, but caused him to flinch instead, meanwhile, the desperate Asian Man who was hiding, made his way to where the little girl was kept and tried to take her by force.


As that was taking place, Bianca began to question Rolon, preventing him from moving for he was bounded in magnetic-chains. Rolon said Black Shadow will prevail and that she won’t be able to stop it, adding that Bianca will just be sent to the trash heap to rust. She then knocks him out, only to hear a young girl screaming from somewhere in the building. She made her way to where the screams were coming from, in order to get there faster, Bianca purposely rushed into and breaking through wall after wall eventually making it to the room where the girl was being held. She witnessed an Asian Man trying to drag the girl out of the room, and she stops the man by punching his arm, injuring him, then she kicked him aside causing him to be tossed into the wall by the force of her kick, while this was happening, Rolon had since escaped while bounded. She then turns to the little girl and offers out her hand, telling her everything will be okay, that there is nothing that will harm her, in order to gain the girl’s trust; she pulls back her visor, revealing herself to the girl. Bianca carries out the girl on her back, and the girl asked her if she is a superhero, only for Bianca to tell her, something like that, at this the girl says to Bianca that she is her hero. Bianca makes it to Brian, who was watching the kids. He tells Bianca they should leave soon, let the police cover everything, saying the kids will be safe for the next 5 minutes while they leave. When the kids saw Bianca, they began to recognize her as The Steel Maiden, thanking her and Brian for saving them.

Police soon went to this area to recover the children, but did not see Bianca or Brian anywhere, but the kids stated heroes saved them, when truly Bianca had cloaked herself and Brian who were not too far from the scene. Since Rolon was not apprehended by the police, Bianca knows that somehow Rolon escaped, wanting to go after him, to which Brian stated, they know who he is now and will get him next time, as for the remaining Black Shadow members, their gear is disabled and they had been arrested, along with the perverted man who tried to escape with the girl. The police interrogated the men, despite trying to get some answers from the men, they had no memory of what they’re doing, and the only information that was pulled is that these men were convicts from different prisons in China, ones who had escaped many years ago during a prison mass break. It is unknown as to how they immediately forget everything they had done with Black Shadow, but what was known they had consumed a drug that caused them to act differently when question at that moment. As for the Asian Man, he was a bank teller from Western China (Zhangjiakou), who had been trying to buy the little girl from Black Shadow, who was going to use the kids for human trafficking. A Chinese officer stated, knowing TSM was there, that if it wasn’t for TSM, these kids would have been long gone, even the kids told the police that TSM was indeed the one who saved them along with her unknown sidekick, at this the police chuckled saying they probably have the Chinese versions of Batman and Robin.

Later that day, Bianca spoke with Brian saying that Black Shadow will pay for what they’re doing, for she has opened her mind about what is truly going on. Bianca began researching about Human Trafficking and how these kidnappers think, the more she learned about it and how the captured is being dealt with, the angrier she grew, but she was quickly comforted by the presence of Trex. After taking in this knowledge, she made her mission as an act of vengeance, to liberate those who had been captured and or killed. Afterwards the more fights she got into, the more ruthless she became, at times, beating criminals to a severely beaten state this time around.

During her run as The Steel Maiden, she was able to rescue some children and prevent further kidnappings, which had slowed down due to Rolon being out of the picture. Some of her fights leave her foes broken and or nearly killed and she had also exposed those who walk among others as participates in this human trafficking ring.

All of her actions are causing Borojei to become more interested and frustrated about the situation, and Master Yuk as well, who decided to help out. As Borojei spoke about how he felt about the situation to his followers, a ghostly looking girl stood by him, hearing everything word for word; for this guard was one of Borojei’s top fighters. Bianca’s actions also caused a group known as The Triad, to take a stance against corruption in parts of China, especially in Hong Kong.

Dealing with The Triads of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Corruption

The corruption in Hong Kong was the result many political crimes and corruption done in the area, as well as Black Shadow influence. For some time now the Triad had been fighting against this, even when new members continued what the older members of the Triad left off. Despite the new leaders of the 3 groups, and the head of all 3 groups combined, they needed to fight harder to show the people of Hong Kong Island, which good can come out of what they’re trying to accomplish. This resolve led to Hong Kong officials to not only go against the Triad, but also slander them, reminding people of what the Triad use to be many decades ago, a group of murderous goons. The police were also deployed to take into custody some members, but when Black Shadow agents loom around, some of the Triad members who are arrested are supposedly rumored to have been deported, and instead they were sent to Black Shadow locations to be subjected to torture and slave labor. Others began handpicked victims for the Human Trafficking Ring since Sun Lee Yuk is in the area.

The Steel Maiden had saved many people from the clutches of Black Shadow for a while now, even finding those that had been captured long before, as well as those who passed away while under the watch of Black Shadow. Bianca continued to push her fight against this relentless gang who still put up en effort. Bianca has become stronger and wiser, and when she encountered Rolon again, she was able to make an example of him by preventing him from using his abilities and injuring him badly, even though he would heal from this, he now holds a grudge against Bianca, in addition, to now knowing he can’t really do anything to stop The Steel Maiden.

Her actions caused Black Shadow to slow down their operations even more, forcing some of their connections to cover for them, beginning with Hong Kong. Regardless of how things are going, Black Shadow will soon be holding an auction of the lives of many, putting their allies and buyers on alert in Hong Kong. They began using drugs to control and suppress the captive, the remainder of what Elrina had given to them before she had been defeated. Meanwhile, a group known as The Triads, a new generation to the former organized group, which change heavily over several decades, with the young members of the group working to maintain and preserve peace and protecting their hometown and city.

The Triads, despite having 3 groups, is currently led by their chosen leader, Tonz. With all that is taking place in China, The Triad had been on the case involving both Hong Kong police and notable officials due to the heavy corruption and crimes selected anonymous individuals have commit against the people. In turn, those in power have slandered members of the Triads, making the citizens of Hon Kong view the young members of the group as rebels, troublemakers and criminals, adding that even though the groups have changed since the 21th century, that there is a chance they can go back to old roots. This has caused a divide in the community, those siding with The Triad members, and those against them. There are some good people in the police force, The Triad has also admit this, stated that since the kidnappings took place near Beijing and nearby areas, Hong Kong did it’s best to try and prevent some kidnappings from happening, adding that Hong Kong is somewhat safe, or there could have been an explanation as to why Hong Kong was not really hit by the kidnapping crisis.

Bianca and Brian had known about the Triads, but have not been to Hong Kong to see what was up until now, so they went, along with Trex, to find answers; as well as Black Shadow information that led them to Hong Kong. Bianca and Brian had witness how the police react to the Triad, for the police had been calling the Triad members criminals, which led to the aggressive attack of a Russian girl whom the police cornered near a food stand, in an attempt to arrest her. Brian stated that the girl didn’t do anything, for the police are just saying she is a Triad criminal when all she was doing is buying food. Bianca would go in using her armor, but this will cause the police to see her as an enemy, so instead, she confronted the police as she is, with casual clothing and glasses.

Bianca tells the police all she saw was the girl buying some food, which the cook on the stand saying the same thing. But the police weren’t having it. They through the girl to the floor and told Bianca and the cook that the girl is a criminal scum, anything bearing anything to do with Triad is a bomb waiting to explode, adding that for all they know the girl would have beaten the cook for money if she wanted.

The girl, who was on the floor, cuffed, said she was hungry and she wasn’t doing anything, saying to the police you just attacked her, causing the police to make a remark about the girl’s accent. As she kept talking to clear her name, one of the policemen grew angry and took out his baton, he was about to strike the girl, but Bianca caught the man’s hand. The policemen glared at Bianca, telling her what she thinks she’s doing. Brian told the policemen to back off because what they’re doing is a crime, with Bianca saying that he is right. This made the policemen angry and they started to attack both Brian and Bianca, but they were easily defeated. The Russian girl thanked them, and since the cook witnessed all of this, he gave them all extra food free of charge, telling them that the police have been acting up for a while now, that he sides with hat the Triad were saying about the corruption in Hong Kong, he then tells them to run off quickly because the policemen could wake up anytime soon or reinforcements will come, as he was rushing to close up his food stand.

Brian and Bianca walked with the girl, taking a shortcut away from most police presence. The girl tells them if they are from around here, only for Brian to say they are from Beijing. The Russian girl was shocked, stating that Beijing was a dangerous place to be for months compared to Hong Kong until the android came along. Bianca asked the girl, if it has always been this safe in Hong Kong, only for the Russian girl to say the kidnappings were not as big as it as in Beijing, it was mostly deportation, labor facilities and so forth, adding that some of their members have been sent to labor camps, other times sent elsewhere to some place unknown. The girl than stopped talking, rubbing her hair, saying she is sorry, resulting in Brian saying sorry for what, and the girl said to them she forgot to introduce herself, telling the both of them her name is Lydia Khrushchev and she is with the Triad.

Lydia stated that they are not the enemy, as the policemen were trying to say, adding that since the leader exposes bits of corruption among the police force, the ones who are to protect and serve grew hostile. She added that she and a few others are in Hong Kong illegally and trying to get papers to live here is difficult because the police control everything, so she joined the Triad who has been protecting her and many others until the corruption ends. Then Lydia looked at the both of them, saying if it is possible if they can help their cause, before they could give an obvious answer, Lydia gave Bianca and Brian the coordinates to her she resides, stated it is a hideout. She tells them when they get there, to mention her, and they will know because she will inform them about the two who saved her. She then asked for their names. Brian said his name was Whall, and Bianca stated her name is Xian, like lady Ch'iao Kuo. Lydia told them she will remember their names and inform her friends about them coming to meet with them soon, with that being said, Brian and Bianca were pretty much undercover to see what is going on in Hong Kong.

The next day, Brian, Bianca, and Trex went to the Triads hideout in Causeway Bay. Bianca was confused as to the coordinates have led them to a market strip, with the final destination being a food restaurant. The store owner asked the both of them what do they want, adding that pets aren’t really allowed in a place that serves food. With that being said, Bianca stated she has her dog with her for reasons, tilting her glasses, saying it is important for her to have her dog with her. The man leaned back on his desk and crossed his arms, telling her what does she want, is she here for pick up or order, then he looked at Brian.

Bianca then asked a friend of theirs, a Russian girl, Lydia, gave the coordinates to this place. The man still wasn’t buying it, until Bianca stated if it is possible if the girl is here, but the man cuts her off, saying he is just messing with them, he knows why they are here. He got up and showed them around the restaurant, and tells them that they maintain some of the shops, restaurants and more around the market strip, adding that they have supports that know what the Triads. As he walked them deeper inside the restaurant’s hidden areas, the man began to explain who they are to Brian and Bianca.

Current Formation of this generation of The Hong Kong Triad group:::

The Water Boys (水壺) led by the big man himself, Taso Chu aka Big Swim (BS), they operate near docks and water areas around the northern parts of Hong Kong, they have others among them who reside elsewhere around Hong Kong, which prompted the group to have captains to cover those areas. They respond to anything near the coast and even rescue people if the police or coast guards are unable to get to them on time.

The City Flight Crew (城市飛行員) led by the short haired, mummified wannabe named Johnny Kwong aka Johnny on the Spot (JOTS), the majority of this faction are often found in cities throughout Hong Kong. Unlike the other factions, they have been hit hard by the corruption that has engulfed Hong Kong, with some of their members captured by Hong Kong police. Johnny was also responsible for getting protesters to go against the Hong Kong police in the wake of their corruption, putting herself in harm’s way in order to get it done. This branch of the Triad is where Lydia resides in. Johnny is also a female, despite the name and semi-mummified appearance.

Neon Cyber (霓虹網) led by self proclaimed Techno-Wizard, Samuel Yen aka Hacker Jack, this part of the Triad functions in all things information and technology. A majority of their crew consist of hackers and tech hijackers who use their abilities for the greater good of Hong Kong, wanting to expand throughout China. This branch of the Triad was responsible in aiding the whole Triad expose some information regarding the corruption and cover ups that took place in Hong Kong.

Each of the groups has a leader, but the main lead of the entire Triad is Tonz, real name being Zain Wu. The Triads had been defected and messed up for years until Zain’s father, a former Special Forces officer, took over and remolded what the Triad should be, to help better Hong Kong. Zain effectively took over for his father and had continued what his father started, attempting to bring all good to Hong Kong. The Triad’s actions caused them to have enemies among police figures and police, for everything they publish to cover things up, members of the Triad, work together to expose falsehood among Hong Kong Media.

This resulted in crimes committed by the politicians and police force that were exposed for it; however some who were not uncovered yet devised plans to rid of the Triad by slandering them and attempting to arrest them, in doing so they effectively caused a divide in Hong Kong whereas some are for the Triads, and some are against them. Another attempt was having fake members infiltrate the group and make lies about them, trying to bring down their members in the process.

After explaining all of this to the both of them, the conversation had been cut short when members from The City Flight Crew and The Water Boys, who were in the building, stated they have a situation downtown, involving Lydia’s brother. Lydia was with them, spotting Brian and Bianca to come and help. Lydia talked about her brother, Yashki Khrushchev, who was with the City Flight Crew, but ran into trouble when they were coming back from their week long investigation in Southern Hong Kong. They got to where the situation was taking place downtown Causeway Bay City, eventually teaming up with the other leaders from the Triad, including Tonz.

The police had tricked Yashki and those with him into a trap, a crime they committed and pinned on Yashki and company who fell for the bait. The crime was that Yashki and company had stolen several items from a store they had visited, but the truth is that the police had watched them, stolen the merchandise themselves and pinned it on members of the Triad. Thinking they have an upper hand on the situation, other members of the Triad showed up, and the bystanders began cheering. Without hesitation, the police armed themselves with pepper spray, teasers, and batons. Brian was with the Water boys, who were tasked to save half of the captured members from the police, while the City Flight Crew, with Bianca, confronted the police.

Bianca then told off police that what they’re doing is not justice, is accusing people of something they didn’t do, and adding she had seen what they’ve done several hours ago already. The policemen got angry with Bianca, calling her scum, a fight ensued. As the other members struggled with the police, Bianca was able to take care of the police, evaded teasers and pepper spray attacks, removing these tools from the police before putting them down. She freed the other half of the Triads, including Yashki.

After this was done, the fight continues. Bianca took down effortlessly the remaining policemen who were beating down on some Triad members who were defending themselves as they try to direct the freed members out of the area. Brian and the Water Boys managed to secure all those who had been freed and they rushed back to the hideout, as for the City Flight members, they began to escape, and however, one of the policemen grabbed Yashki and started to beat down on him, yelling in his face as he was doing it. The policemen also grabbed Bianca from behind and pinned her down, calling her bad names and using slurs to insult her, not only because she was with the Triad, but she was female.

Bianca laughed, saying if he thinks he can hold her, as the policemen attempted to handcuff her, Bianca was able to flip the cop, handcuffing him. She then picked him up and threw him at the other policeman who was attempting to handcuff Yashki for a second time. Since the other members had fled with those who are now free, this left only Yashki and Bianca to deal with the police. Despite fighting alongside Bianca, Yashki was shocked to see that the girl was able to deal with the police with ease, taking down 13 policemen at once, in addition to the 8 she handled before. With the police down and the people cheering, this gave Bianca and Yashki and opportunity to escape when Yashki made a remark that they should be out.

As they fled, they met up with the leaders of the Triads, with them stating they had distracted some of the police to by them time to escape. As they ran through the city markets and business, Yashki questioned the leaders of who the girl is, and then he asked Bianca for her name. Johnny stated that they will tell him who she is when they are clear from the area.

At the hideout, Bianca went to Lydia and explained everything that took place, and she left Trex with her to comfort her, as she was being treated from yesterday’s police attack near a food stand. As Bianca went out of the room, she ran into Yashki, who introduced him. He tells her that he is thankful for what she had done, saving his sister. Adding, if she had been taken, he won’t ever see his baby sister again. Bianca told Yashki that it was no problem, and Yashki went into the room to see his sister. He talked to her and began crying, telling Lydia wouldn’t know what to do if she were to be captured and possibly disappear like the many before them. Meanwhile, Brian had received a call from a friend of his in the CIA. This young man is named Noah Twillinger. Brian had sent information about events that had been happening in Hong Kong, revealing to Brian that there had been some wealth individuals in droves going into and out of Hong Kong, joking that they are probably not there for vacations either. Noah stated that it may be nothing, but it would probably be something of interest to Brian, in addition, he added that some known individuals came in from of European and Middle Eastern countries.

The next day, Brian explained this information to Bianca, which led to the conclusion that this may probably have something to do with Black Shadow, for unique individuals to come in and out of the country, present day, and occasionally before Bianca became the Steel Maiden. With this information in mind, the both of them had been called to go to the Hideout, this time to properly meet the leaders of The Triad. They met and greeted each other, with Tonz welcoming the two of them properly to the crew to finally put an end to the Hong Kong corruption. As Tons talked about what they’re planning, the leader of Neon Cyber, Hacker Jack (Samuel Yen) spoke.

Even though he was hooded and masked, he was still able to get his word out there clearly, telling that they are going to strike during a special event the police department is holding soon in the Western District of Hong Kong, Sai Ying Pun, also where one of their police station server rooms are located. Hacker Jack continued, saying they know about the other corrupt members in the police force, but this time they will go in, seize their information and expose it to all in Hong Kong, as he rubs his hands together, causing his gloves to light up, he states that this will also expose those who are on the chain, members of the political party in all of Hong Kong. Hacker Jack added that the police have other departments, but they’re harder to crack into compared to the less secured one located in Western Hong Kong, adding that they have only one shot to pull this off, failing would resulting in the police upping security there.

Later that night, Yashki was with his sister, who was sound asleep, as Yashki was sitting next to her bed, meditating. Bianca was with Trex at the time and knocked to enter the room, only for Yashki to open the door, telling Bianca to have a seat. Bianca showed up because Yashki, after the Triad leader meeting, told her he wanted to talk.

He asked Bianca where she came from originally, and she explained. However, Yashki was speaking in a concerning way as if he wanted to say something, Bianca who already saw his body language, told him if he wanted to ask her something very important. Then Yashki answered. He said he never seen someone such as a teenager as herself fighting in such a way, he continued saying that she how she looked when fighting the policemen, the fear in the policemen as they confronted her. He added if she had any connection to the android in Beijing. Before Bianca could answer, Yashki said that he really wants to know if there is any connection.

At this Bianca revealed to Yashki, who sort of deduced her identity, saying that it wasn’t an android. She says to him that she fights to liberate people who have been oppressed, abused, and a number of things, and then she said she keeps her identity a secret to, with Yashki saying it at the same time as her, to protect her loved ones. Adding that she have already loved ones she must save from a human trafficking gang known as The Black Shadow as well as their influence among people. With that in mind, Yashki stated that not many know about the news because of how Hong Kong’s media is completely separate from most of China, then he added, saying if Bianca was the mysterious girl who had escaped Black Shadow, and Bianca nodded to this. With this in mind, Yashki said that it is only fair he shares his story with Bianca, since he now knows who Bianca is and what she stands for.

The Story of Yashki & Lydia Khruschev

Yashki begins explaining to Bianca as to why they’re in Hong Kong for some time now. They left Russia because of how their only relative treat them, resulting in the both of them becoming runaways. The time spent on the streets with others in Russia led them to a chance to get to China, eventually to Hong Kong, with Yashki stating it wasn’t easy, the little money they had left and the smart talking they had to do to get on shuttles and carriers to get this far.

Bianca asked him how he and his sister came to Hong Kong, and he explained: In Russia, they had family members who were greedy with money and didn’t care for their well being of others in the family, and at this, Yashki and his sister ran away the situation from their relatives came to a melting point. He knew that their family will never change their ways nor will they come looking for them. Yashki and his sister took the chance of traveling to Hong Kong via sneaking into one of the transport carriers, for the carrier was taking the common everyday workers, tourist, and other people to the country at the time, this would not have been done if it weren’t for some of the homeless in Russia, and the smart talking they had to do to get this far. Yashki explains that right now in Hong Kong, they are somewhat homeless, but had been taken in by the Triads, who treated them like brothers and sisters, treated them like family; shielding them from the corruption that is taking place. He states that they taught them things, on to act in Hong Kong, how to live, and how to stay safe by making the right decisions.

Yashki continued, he said he was immediately greeted by the Triads, for they were on patrol 24/7 and helped them out when they were found, for they didn’t know anyone in Hong Kong, and that he and his sister were homeless aliens in the country. It didn’t take long for them to take them both in and explained the situation going on, corruption in the police force, kidnappings people of young ages, vanishing without a trace; either deported to their country of origin or taken elsewhere. Yashki added he is willing to get documents to live here, but the police have a hold on everything and it is difficult to go when there is corruption in the country.

After he told Bianca this story, he tells her that the corruption of the police here needs to be exposed, knowing some actions aren’t the best actions to take, but it is all for the greater good of exposing what is going on in Hong Kong. As he rubs his hand on his sister head as she sleeps, he said to Bianca that he is grateful someone like her is on their side to see this through.

Hack Attack, and a little bit of Electricity (Vs. Shoky)


Hacker Jack an explained to everyone of what is to go down and they cannot afford any mistakes to go down because this will be something big, and if successful, could live a huge load off their shoulders. Tonz added that as soon as the protesting is organized, those who will participate in order to aid the Triad, giving Hacker Jack and some from his crew time to infiltrate the server room, locating the police force’s systems and retrieve the following information on: Corruption among their members and of the city of Hong Kong, where they have sent members of the Triad or the ones that disappeared, etc. Vital information that will save people and expose the ongoing corruption in Hong Kong to the public, stopping all the bad that has been going on for good. Meanwhile, a man named Sonny Wu, a high profile attorney and aggressive critic of the Triad, will be attending this event. Sonny has been marked as a suspect by members of the Triad for ages now when he was normally present when some of their members went missing. This man is also an interviewer who talks to very important people, revealing this man has somewhat of an interest in production and recording companies, and possible connections with them. Sonny is also accompanied by a rich man who had came to Hong Kong 3 days ago, this man is named Punjab Shikark, a wealthy Indian Philanthropist, who is a good friend of Sonny.

Tonz had been using an RC car to map out the area, providing this information to Hacker Jack, who was busy with preparations for the big event. With only a day and a few hours left, with the majority going to Western Hong Kong, Lydia talked to Bianca if after all this is over, will she stay to help out. Bianca added it depends on how things go once everything is said and done; at this Yashki stated that Bianca (referring to Bianca as Xian) has more important things to do after everything is done. 9pm on a breezy night, members of the Triad and their leaders positioned themselves, as the protesters get final preparations ready. They are to move in when the commissioner begins talking to those in attendance as well as the random citizens who are nearby the area who could listen in. After 15 minutes, the commissioner began to speak, prompting the protesters to come out and protest. The commissioner seeing this, continued to talk regardless, however, Sonny Wu and a few people he hired were watching as this was happening. 2 minutes later, Sonny had commanded two of his henchmen to pretend they’re part of the Triad and attack the commissioner on stage, prompting the police, as well as the corrupted ones, to fight back, and attack both the protesters and the Triad members among them. Sonny then sent in someone to aid in the fight, and to specifically target Tonz, who was among the crowd.

Meanwhile, Bianca, Brian, Hacker Jack and the members of Neon Cyber infiltrated the facility. They broke through the back, took out some of the guards who were unaware of what was going on, and they entered. Hacker Jack used his tech to break the doors, making a gesture and bowing, telling everyone they could go in first. This gave time for Hacker Jack to seal the door to prevent anyone from entering. They continued to beat down some guards and managed to get to the server room, where they had to locate the server linked with the police departments of Hong Kong. Members of Neon Cyber were in awe at the tech inside the server room, stating that some of the items here are worth thousands of credits and bit coins. They eventually find the server linked with the police department and Hacker Jack took out his computer to go to work on breaking the security of the server to pull the information, he motioned to Bianca and the others to guard and keep watch, after they’re done, they will have to escape through the window.

Outside of the facility, the police clashed with the protesters and the Triad, but also shocked at who came to fight against members of the Triad, some of the Triads were defeated, and some of the policemen were disarmed of their teasers and batons and defeated as well. As Tonz yelled stating the men who attacked the commissioner was not with them, only for the corrupt police to yell back saying the young man is lying. As this was going on, the woman who is shrouded with electricity agreed with what the police said, and stated that thee Triads are the real criminals. With this going on, the commissioner was confused on what is taking place, and the police seeing this woman light up, they were scared of what they are seeing. The woman rushed at Tonz, giggling at him that she is going to enjoy playing with him. The woman then shouted that the Triad is a menace to Hong Kong, and should not be continued to walk the same roads as they do, adding that she is Hong Kong’s savior. As she continues to rant and fabricate false claims about Tonz and the others, Tonz tried to get the people’s attention, but he was pushed into the brawl among police and protesters by the woman, forcing Tonz to fight the woman in one on one combat. She pushed herself into Tonz, but Tonz was able to hold her back. She talked to Tonz, calling him Hombre estúpido, that after tonight he will be made an example of and the rest of his followers will cease. Tonz tells her that he won’t give up on Hong Kong, saying that she is going to be the one to answer for crimes, with the woman chuckling; saying about the two men who attacked the commissioner, in addition to telling Tonz no one will believe him. Then she shocked him, forcing Tonz to stumble. Tonz picked himself up and readied himself for whatever the woman is about to do, he tells her he heard about people like her, but has never seen one with his eyes. The woman added that he is getting the full experience at this very moment and she stated her name to Tonz, La Shoky, before lunging into him.

Inside of the facility, Hacker Jack was almost done with getting the information from the server, but began complain when the extraction was sitting at 99%, and patting himself on the back when he figured out the password of the subfolders, which was “Password01”. Bianca and the others held off some guards as they continue to wait, she then tells him if he’s almost done, and as soon as Hacker Jack’s computer showed 100%, he copied the information twice so if they were to lose it, they have a backup on a separate holo-drive, giving it to one of the members in his crew. As they made their escape, but police bombarded the area as everyone attempt to leave through the window, but the police manage to grab Hacker Jack. Bianca seeing this, didn’t want to leave Hacker Jack behind, so she and Brian went back through the window, chased the policemen who were dragging Hacker Jack, and took them down, saving the young man, and the three of them escaped.

Hacker Jack received a transmission from Johnny, stating that Tonz and the others are having a bit of trouble, that they have to go get the others or somehow stop the fighting. Johnny also said there is a woman, a Spanish woman who is projecting electricity from her body when she is near a source, and she is targeting Tonz. Hearing this, Bianca stated they have to go help him, Hacker Jack said that the major threat has to be taken down first, the woman, and the police, adding that if they take out the woman only, probably the fighting would stop. As they were circling back around, they met with Lydia and Yashki, who already have been told about the situation. As they made it to the front of the facility, they witnessed the major brawl taking place, and the woman attacking Tonz. Yashki stated that this woman convinced the people that she is the good guy, but with what Tonz told them via transmission, with proof, that the woman was behind the attack of the commissioner. Hacker Jack stated that he will head back to the hideout to upload what they’ve found, telling Yashki and everyone to be careful.

Tonz was ultimately defeated, and was thrown into a lamp post. Shoky told Tonz that he is nothing but a small boy, who should have stayed in school instead of the streets, adding no matter how heroic he try to be, tonight will be the night everyone will see him as the man who orchestrated an attack on the commissioner, and she smiles. She picked him up and leaned into his ear, whispering in his ear that everything “they” have done, those among the shadows, was to frame Tonz and his crew, which provoked Tonz. Tonz said she will pay for what she did, only for Shoky to lick him on his cheek, which shocked him a bit, and then she throws him back down at the lamp post, and began dragging him after he was knocked unconscious. Some members of the Traid saw Tonz being dragged by the woman, but they were quickly defeated.

Bianca saw Shoky from a distance, and she recognized her, prompting Bianca to sprint to Shoky hile her armor begins to form on to her body. Shoky, thinking it was another Triad member, said she will bring Tonz to the commissioner and the stupid run up attacks against her is useless. She looked and saw it was The Steel Maiden, and she shot a bolt of static in Bianca’s direction out of being shocked, but Bianca dodges it, rushes in close to Shoky, jumping and landing a swift punch into Shoky’s face. As Shoky was punched away, the crowd Triad shouted for The Steel Maiden. This caused the police and protesters to stop going at it, and the commissioner is confused as to attack both of them or let them fight it out. Shoky taunted Bianca, telling her that, thinking she’s an android, that she could fry the circuits, shutting down the enemy of her master for good. Bianca rushed into Shoky, side-stepping with finesse, dodging Shoky’s lighting based projectiles. She was able to get in a good kick on Shoky, who grabbed Bianca’s leg, quickly using this opportunity to shock Bianca. She was able to temporarily put Bianca down, for her suit was trying to adapt to a new danger, she tried to attack Bianca again, laughing and telling herself how is it no one was able to put down a walking can of steel. She moved in closer, giving Bianca a chance to uppercut Shoky, a hit that caused Shoky’s nose to bleed a bit. Shoky recovered seconds later, taunting Bianca for such a cheap move, only for Bianca to get into fighting pose, telling her to bring it. Shoky said to her that she will have to go all out, Shoky removed the conductors that were on her black suit, for these conductors suppressed Shoky’s power to the point where she was able to control it. She stated with these off, she will fry Bianca, adding that it has been a while since she was able to tap into her abilities and the electricity around her without the conductors. Bianca knew that her armor could not withstand something that it needs to adapt to, for the armor is still early in its course. In the fight, Shoky was able to overpower Bianca, forcing her suit to return to its passive state, however, some of the nano-tech was able to cause her arm wrappings become something similar to gauntlets, as a false-safe if the suit were to revert back. Shoky managed to hit a disabled Bianca a few feet away, but this also caused a big reveal. Shoky let her guard down and was shocked to see what she is seeing, bueno, estaré condenado, she said.

Everyone saw that The Steel Maiden was not an android, but a girl, but some stated that a Triad gangster was The Steel Maiden all this time, which in turn, kept Bianca’s identity safe even when her suit was off her. Shoky told her all this time, she thought Bianca was an android design to fight against criminals, not expecting a female gangster among the Triad, at this, Bianca smiled and said she is full of surprise, telling Shoky if she is going to keep talking or continue fighting. Shoky took this as a threat and stated she does not give a damn whether she is a human or some robot, she is and will neutralize her once and for all. Without being in the armor, Bianca is agile and quite the fighter due to the serum inside her body and years of training with various fighting styles. She was able to go head to head with Shoky, even dodging her lighting attacks up close and at mid-range. Bianca was relentless, she seduced Shoky by critically injuring her arm, which caused Shoky to discharge lighting while she was screaming in pain, causing a black out in the area. This also knocked out most of the police for they were close to the fight while this happened. Shoky was defeated. Shoky said she still got a bit of fight in her, only for her words to make no sense as she was in the process of blacking out, collapsing to the ground. The power came back on slightly, and the police, protesters, everyone were dead silent. Then someone in the crowd shouted Valkyrie, Steel Maiden, and Xian (for no one knew Bianca’s identity).

The police began to arrest Shoky and this time helped up the protesters, the corrupt ones only stood and watched. As for the commissioner, he walked to Bianca, telling her he has hear some things about her in Beijing, adding that stories don’t really get oug ot Beijing like it use to. He added he thanks her for what she did, but it still doesn’t make the Triad any innocent. At this, Johnny and an injured Tonz confronted the commissioner. Tonz stated he was not of his intention to attack him, but the men who attack the commissioner were not part of his crew. Tonz gave recorded evidence to Commissioner to hear what Shoky said, pushing the commissioner to say with Tonz and his friends. Tonz also stated that one bad thing they had to do was hack their server, at this the commissioner stated why did they do something of the sort, Tonz smiled, telling him, something very important will be revealed to him tomorrow, adding as we speak, unknown persons soon to be revealed probably wiped the information we took, as well as any of our devices we left behind, but he joked, we got backups.

Later that night, the leaders and members of the Triad celebrated their victory, those who were not in the area attended the celebration via hologram while holding their victory parties throughout Hong Kong. Everyone thanked both Brian (Whall) and Bianca (Xian) for helping out. Tonz made a joke that since Lyia told them about how she was saved, how the situation was described and how Yashki was rescued, some members was thinking if Bianca had any link with The Steel Maiden, but didn’t think Bianca was in fact her. Tonz then began to talk about when he was fighting Shoky, he felt out-classes, that if they had to face someone like that ever again, and they should be prepared. As this was going on, members in the Triad asked where are Yashki, adding he loves celebrations.

Later that night, Bianca and Brian worked together to figure out Black Shadow connections in Hong Kong, since Bianca recognized Shoky from a few years ago. As they were going through data, Brian joked if it is necessary for her to still remain as she is now; with the whole get up she is wearing. Bianca, removing glasses she doesn’t really have a need for, joked stating that probably she will stick to the whole glasses wearing thing, adding she doesn’t need it, but the style of glasses and what she is wearing seems to grow on her. Meanwhile, Yashki stayed up the whole night, roaming the streets, looking for his sister, who vanished during the blackout. His guilt of not being with his sister when she whether she needed him or not resulted in him going it alone to look for her around Hong Kong, without anyone’s help. Unknown to everyone, Lydia was part of the fight, her whole was tending to anyone injured prior to Bianca’s fight with Shoky, but during the 4 minute black out, she was taken by Black Shadow members and corrupt policemen, who tried to pick off some of the Triad gangsters.

Human Trafficking Auction in Western District

Brian and Bianca met with Hacker Jack and Johnny, who were about to expose detail information to the commissioner, as well as sharing this information with the two of them. Johnny, now removing her head wrappings and mask revealed to everyone he was in fact a she, surprising both Brian and Bianca who thought she was a guy, finding the opportunity to joke, Hacker Jack said how they didn’t see that or if anyone ever told them. He made gestures with his hands, pretending to touch his chest, jokingly saying if they didn’t notice, before he could finish what he was saying, he put his hands down back on his keyboard and uttered, right, with Johnny face palming at Hacker Jack, but laughs about it afterwards. When Brian asked why she conceals herself and covered up like she did, Johnny responded that she looks goo now, but a portion of her body had been injured badly from fire burns, she added she made some cream from herbs to cover and heal her body, then wrapped herself up, joking she mummified herself every other day, despite being healed, this method becomes second nature to her. As Hacker Jack is typing away, she stated that the wrappings are pretty tight, giving a vibe off to some that I am a dude.

After the jokes, Hacker Jack sent off a broadcast message to the commissioner, and he heads over a copy of information to Bianca. He stated he now knows who Bianca is and what she stands for. He added that with the information taken from the server, they are able to pin point key elements as to where the corruption police and politicians were keeping those they have captured. He continued, they are being kept somewhere in Western Hong Kong, with Hacker Jack offering some more help, however, Bianca stated she will deal with this personally, for Shoky was among those she was hunting for some time now. Bianca tells him that she will probably have them come with the police when she is finished in finding out these locations and stopping them. At this, Hacker Jack nodded, and tells Bianca more information, about an orphanage that had been ransacked and the kids there ended up missing, adding that the enemies Bianca speaks of is probably in Hong Kong somewhere, but their identities are unknown. Bianca tells him if Black Shadow rings any bells, to which Hacker Jack states he or any of the Triad members heard of such a name, as he closes his computer, he states Black Shadow seems like a lame name to begin with.

Brian informs Bianca about some information he got checked out by a friend of his who still works in the CIA, to which Bianca asked him she thought all of his team members were discharged and or fired, to which Brian stated, not all of them, whomever was the rat inside the CIA doesn’t know everyone from his team, and he smiles, saying when Black Shadow has been dealt with, he will go back to America and help his former teammates figure out who the rat is. Soon, Bianca and Brian confronts Yashki, who they found wandering Hong Kong. Bianca grabbed a hold of him, asking him where he has been, only for Yashki to burst out in tears, saying his sister, Lydia, someone has taken her. He said he has been searching for her, but has not found anything connected to her disappeared. Bianca tells him that Hacker Jack has sent data over to the Commissioner of Hong Kong and soon whoever is keeping any member of the Triad will be exposed, as well as the corrupt inside the police force. Bianca made a promise to Yashki that he will find his sister, and she hugs him, telling him to return to safety, and to tell Tonz and the others of what happen and to remain on standby because she is going to get to the bottom of this. Hacker Jack’s information, the appearance of Shoky in Hong Kong and the Intel from Brian’s friend from the CIA was the information used to help Bianca and Brian pin point where Black Shadow is supposedly operating from in Hong Kong. Bianca was concern for the group does not attack as much in Hong Kong and somehow they knew about Tonz, along with many unanswered questions Bianca was thinking about. There investigation has brought to an upcoming auction that will be taking place soon in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, located between both Causeway Bay and Sun Ying Pun. As Bianca and Brian were preparing, Bianca called her uncle and then her father, as she always have, to speak to them about how she is doing, for they think she is residing somewhere in Beijing, until she tells them she went to Hong Kong for a week to see something, despite being in Hong Kong for almost 2 weeks now.

Meanwhile, the commissioner was interrogated several members from the police department, Shoky and some political figures. Shoky did not speak, but some of those being interrogated said one name: Sonny Wu, whose location and whereabouts are currently unknown. Eventually the two of them made it to Wan Chai, and watched how lively the city was, even more colorful and open now since Hacker Jack sent out information to the commissioner of Hong Kong Police. AS things were starting to get back to normal, Bianca’s focus was on Black Shadow presence in the area. They were able to track the Indian Philanthropist, but were not able to confront him directly, for this man was heavily protected, despite it being an easy victory to take down the man, it will also result in jeopardize any further information they could get their hands on. Brian stated that this man was not only among the rich people who came into Hong Kong, but also was close to Sonny Wu, the man the Triad is trying to locate. Yachts have been going in and out of Hong Kong, as well as ships and cargo boats, with most coming in and out of Kowloon Bay in Northern Hong Kong. After some more investigation, they found out that Punjab was on his way to a meeting that will be taking place in one of the most luxurious Yachts near in the area, more specifically, a super yacht. Brian continued saying that this time we will have to do things a different way, causing him to reminisce about his CIA days before he was put on a break. With the event happening in just a day, Bianca contacted Hacker Jack and the others to come to the location and just be ready for anything.

So they got ready, going undercover in order to infiltrate the alleged Black Shadow event on a Yacht. While the police began more of their detective work in Hong Kong, Bianca, Brian and members of the Triad will be dealing with a bigger fish before the police finds out what is going on, giving Bianca and company time to possibly save people before they vanish. Brian and Bianca were dressed up, Brian being in a white tuxedo, while Bianca was in an elegant blue dress. As Brian was driving to the destination, he told Bianca that sooner or later her uncle and father will have to know about what she has been up to for some time now, that people like Hanz and a few members of the Triad knows who she is, let alone people of Hong Kong now knowing that she isn’t an android, but an actual person, he made a face, and said that luckily because of how you were dressed up during the fight with Shoky, nobody knew who she was really. Bianca tells him that soon she will, but she wants to see Black Shadow crumble first, as well as finding out what happen to her friend. She looked down at her hands, and thought to herself about her friend, May Li.

Then she began thinking about the day they had been kidnapped, how she was not able to save May Li or herself, how things would have been if they didn’t get off at the wrong stop, if they actually escaped Sun Lee Yuk and his men, they she thought of the negatives, she had died at some point or had not escaped, how would things be, as Bianca meditated on this, she began to see an brief image about a peaceful cemetery and a girl by a tree, looking at the cemetery and the town next to it, confused at this, Bianca snapped back to reality and Brian tells her if she is alright because they are there, with Trex lightly barking at the both of them from the backseat.

As they got out of the car, they contacted Hacker Jack; Hacker Jack at the time was enjoying himself with a VR game he was playing until he heard the voice of Bianca and Brian. He stopped what he was doing and tells her them to give him a second, in doing so, he connected all leaders of the Triad to the call. Big Swim made a funny comment at how the both of them looked, causing Hacker Jack and the others to giggle, however Tonz stated we that they need to focus right now. Bianca tells them all if they are on standby near their location, to which Tonz said they’re ready. Big Swim said that he has his crew near the docks, some of his members are actual dock workers and will jump into action if need be, ending with saying Water Boys got their backs. With that being said, Bianca told them on what Brian and her will do.

They will infiltrate the Yacht, find information, send it to Hacker Jack, if there is indeed Black Shadow presence and captives on the ship, she have them contact the police as she deals with the threat, afterwards, those who are captive will be released, and any further information will be sent to Hacker Jack to mess around with, as she said this, Hacker Jack mentioned what if the information is unable to be broken into and it is physically, Bianca made a joke that she will just have to take it and delivery it to him, with Hacker Jack saying that is also a good idea. After they were done talking, Brian and Bianca made their way to the Yacht, Trex remained with members of the Water Boys who were nearby, waiting for Bianca and Brian to finish up. Unknown to all of them, a cargo boat, that was carrying seafood went passed them, the boat stopped at one of the Northern Hong Kong docks, away from the island, and changed course to an unmarked location near Hong Kong.

Eventually they made it near the yacht, with many people near or boarding the massive boat, making Brian say he has never been in a yacht before, but jokes that military boats don’t count. There was quite a line to get inside the yacht, and guards were all over the place. Brian started to feel a bit nervous, only for Bianca to tap his shoulder, asking him that it must’ve been a while since he was undercover in a serious setting, to which Brian said yes, that he was the more of the action type in the CIA, only had undercover missions briefly. They managed to get to the main guard at the entrance. The man appeared to be from Saudi Arabia due to his appearance and the keffiyeh on his head.

He looked both Brian and Bianca up and down; he took another look at Bianca, only for Bianca to give him a cold gaze. The man welcomes them, shaking the hand of Brian and kissing Bianca on her hand. The man scanned them and took the invitation they had, which they had taken off of a random fellow in the line, and gave them entry inside. As they walked inside, the man who allowed them to enter gave Brian a compliment, saying for such a young looking European man, that Brian was able to find a good-looking woman. Brian chuckled and gave thumbs up, as Bianca while Bianca clearly was unhappy with that comment.

As they got inside, they saw how vast the place is, they overheard a woman speaking to a man, the woman, who was an obvious gold digger, was explaining to the man that this yacht is on par with expensive carriers that have 3 large floors, with the basement of the yacht being the first floor. As Bianca and Brian went around, they notice somewhat of a popular drink that was being served, Brian stated a place of such luxury people who go for some juice instead of some good wine, with Bianca telling him she has no idea why people would drink any of that stuff, and Brian joking patting Bianca on the head, saying when she gets older she will know what he means. An auction was taking place, however, it wasn’t anything to do with human trafficking, just priceless antiques. Bianca was convinced that Punjab was here and that he was here for a different reason, so this prompted Bianca to go look for clues while Brian will act as her cover.

Bianca pretended to make her way to the bathroom as she evades conversation with others on the yacht, either saying she is rushing to the bathroom, hat someone is waiting for her, or the fact she does not speak English, since the majority of people present spoke English and not any of the Asian languages. She thought to herself that cloaking would be far easier approach; however, she notices that there are mini stealth drones in the room that are able to detect cloaked heat signatures, in addition to not knowing what tech is being used by the drones, for it could be anything unknown to her. She made her way to the bathroom, after avoiding some men who were hitting on her. Before she could actually get into the bathroom, with her hand on the handle, she noticed 4 men in black who are supposedly armed, escorting 4 girls, 3 dressed in nightgown like clothing and the 4th dressed casual blue and green clothing, leading with the men to stop. In the direction they were going, they were escorting the girls to the second floor of the yacht, with people passing by, not even noticing or hearing the girls. She came to the conclusion that the “drink” either renders these guards invisible to those influenced by the contents of the drink, as well as not being able to see the girls, for they couldn’t scream due to the collar-like object on their neck or that the victim of the drink had been passively drugged to the point where they are completely clueless, resulting in Bianca thinking that some of the rugs used by The Bear in the past must have been taken and or supplied to Black Shadow at some point.

After witnessing this, she pretended she didn’t see a thing, eventually entering the bathroom into a stall. She used a device to scan the yacht for anything important, with the scan picking him a mini super computer located on the second floor of the yacht, and the scan was able to find what kind of yacht this is and map it out for Bianca to know where she is going. She then continued to the second floor, pretending to be friendly to the men she passes by. She contacted Brian that she is about to check out the second floor of the yacht that was supposedly sealed off, sending a picture of the men and the girls with that being said, Brian urges Bianca to be careful. The same picture was also sent to the Triads. Hacker Jack reacted to the picture because he recognize nice the girls that were in the picture, for they were the missing girls from the orphanage that had burned down. The girls were taken to the second floor, a huge private penthouse on the yacht. The girl continued to pleaded with the armed men, but nothing was done, however, one of the armed men stated that the girls should be kept elsewhere, only for the other armed men to tell the man, revealed to Gardano, that he is just a grunt and they do not take orders from him, continuing by saying, the guest of honor demanded 8 girls, that they’re instructed to bring him the rest. The girl tried to reach out to Gardano, but he was pushed aside by the other armed men as they continue to walk. Gardano watched as the girls were taken to the new room, and he said one for the girl’s name under his breath, Momoko.


The guards took Momoko and the girls to the room and they were greeted by Sonny Wu, who walked them into the next door inside the room. Sonny opened the door and Punjab could be seen sitting with his arms crossed, on his bed, inside the room, 4 other girls were chained up and were seated on the floor, clearly in fear of what is going on. He looked at Sonny and smiled, saying that he is happy with Sonny’s connections, and then he looked at the girls and tells the men to place them with the others. Punjab pats Sonny on the shoulder, telling him that he will pay his contact 650,000 credits, and give Sonny himself a 200,000 tip in credits. As the two men talked, Momoko yelled at the both of them, calling them monsters for what they’re doing, she then started yelling in Chinese. At this Punjab stated that this girl is full of energy, saying he might start with her, placing her on the bed and telling Sonny to interview the girl.

Sonny started recording her, asking her basic questions, specially her name, for he wanted the girl to look at him and say her name. Momoko did not respond, saying she won’t listen to a monster like him, as she was struggling with the chains that bind her hands and feet. Sonny laughed saying that if she won’t say her name, he will say her name for her, Momoko, who was apparently killed in a fire at an orphanage in China, at this Momoko called him a liar, that he and whomever he works for attacked the orphanage, made it look like a freak accident, as she continue to rant, Sonny laughs, saying he will edit this part out. The armed guards that walked the girls to the room, and Gardano who followed, were told to leave the room, Gardano walked helplessly, knowing he was unable to buy the girls more time. Meanwhile, since no drones were present in the second floor, Bianca was able to cloak and make her way until the second floor penthouses of the yacht. She used stealth to take out some of the guards who roam the second floor, mimicking their suits using her nano-tech. She managed to tag 3 other guards; the last one standing was Gardano, who she was able to disarm, putting him in a headlock. Gardano surrendered, putting both his hands in the area, with Bianca noticing that one of his hands is a robotic prosthetic. Bianca demanded two things, the super computer located on the yacht and the location of the girls, gripping Gardano even more.

Gardano then complied, saying the super computer is located at the end of hallway in a locked room, stating only trusted Black Shadow members are able to use it. He then told her that the girls were taken to a room on the opposite side of where they are on second floor, in addition, to several other girls that were being kept in the basement levels of the yacht. Bianca thanked him and she was about to choke him out, only for Gardano to tell her wait, he has a request, with Bianca telling him to make it quick. She let’s go of Gardano and he dropped to his knees. He pleaded with Bianca that there isn’t much time that she needs to save the girls taken by Punjab and Sonny. Adding that their intention is to abuse them and possibly kill them or take them far, far away from China. Bianca told him if Sonny is really on the yacht, with Gardano saying yes, that after tonight, he will go off the grid since he knows what happened in Hong Kong. She questioned him, as to why he revealed so much to her that easily, mocking Black shadow in the process, Gardano responded that, taking a deep breath, that he has had a change of heart for a while, and wanted out of Black Shadow, then he raised his robotic hand, saying trying to leave only leads to consequences. He then asked Bianca to knock him out, but instead, she tells him to stay put until this is all over, and she rushes off.

The chained up girls watched helplessly from the open door of a bathroom, seeing Momoko verbally attack the men. The girls know they couldn’t escape so they didn’t bother screaming because of the collar chains placed on them, and they were scared to their core. Punjab was annoyed with Momoko, rolling his eyes, and pushes her to the bed. Despite knowing her name, he urges her to say her name, but she didn’t answer, Sonny told her that ignoring Punjab will not benefit her, that a born star needs to say her name to everyone, including the camera. Momoko got angry as Sonny began taunting her.

Punjab stated that she will be a hassle to deal with because her collar is malfunctioned, at this, Sunny told him to start working his magic on the girl. As Punjab approached, Momoko began to attack the large man, only to be strangled slightly. She began screaming, punching and kicking. Bianca, who was looking for the girls, was able to hear which door the screams were coming from. Punjab stated that he doesn’t mind his girls being unconscious, being unfazed by the pinned down Momoko’s jabs and kicks. Momoko turned her head and she struggled to fight off the large man, she looked at her friends, who hid in the small bathroom out of fear.

Momoko’s struggle became sluggish and slow, feeling as if she failed to protect her friends, Punjab smiled saying that wasting her energy is actually a good thing. Sunny began recording, only to get a video call from the Black Shadow boss himself regarding the transaction from Punjab, wanting to know if the recent buyer is satisfied. Momoko slowed down her attack on Punjab, who was besides her, pinning her down. She turned to her friends and uttered that she is sorry, tearing up and as her vision got blurry, halting her own attacks against the laughing Punjab who had pinned her on the bed. Momoko was on the verge of passing out, hearing Punjab threaten her that after tonight, he will take her to India, lock her up in an isolated place to be nothing but a servant to him, that no one will ever come looking for her because the news in Hong Kong sees the orphanage fire as it is, with no survivors. Punjab pulled the unconscious Momoko to him and was about to remove her clothing, until Bianca broke into the room by charging into it. Bianca saw what was about to happen to Momoko, with both Punjab and Sonny looking at her (assuming she was one of the armed men); since Bianca was still mimicking the guards, Punjab told her to get lost or he will have her punished. Bianca revealed herself to the men and didn’t waste time, for she immediately attacked Sonny by picking him up and throwing him against the wall with such force that the impact cracked the wall, she turned her attention to Punjab, who pulled out a sharp object, saying if she comes any closer, he will cut Momoko’s throat. Nano machines from Bianca’s suit projected itself into the weapon Punjab was holding, and came back to Bianca like a boomerang, where she obtained Punjab’s weapon and she broke it.

Leaped off the bed and attempted to lunge at Bianca, only for Bianca to stop him with one hand to the face, then she roundhouse kicked him to the ground. He got back up, but was hit several times by Bianca, causing the large man to cough up spit and a little blood. Knowing he has no other option, he yelled at Bianca, resulting in a random guard to enter the room to help Punjab, as Bianca was dealing with the guard, Punjab was going through the dressers on the side of the bed for his gun. Bianca through the guard at his direction, only to see Punjab was loading a gun. Bianca grabbed a pillow and rushes him as Punjab attempted to shoot her. Before he was able to pull the trigger, Bianca used the pillow to disarm him.

The guard she threw was not entirely defeated, and came back for some more. He hit Bianca on the side of her abdomen, resulting in her becoming angrier. Bianca was stunned for about a second, with the guard thinking he put her down, telling her goodnight. But she was not going to go down that easily form a basic hit. She stood up in front of the guard and landed 3 powerful and consecutive hits, secondary apart from each other. She hit him on the head, with a follow up jab to the stomach, and a 3rd jab to the upper leg.

As the guard was stunned by the hits, she took him down for good by grabbing his head, and slamming him into the wall, who blacked out from the final attack. She grabbed the now unconscious guard, and threw him once again at Punjab who was attempting to escape, with the hard coverings of the guard’s armor hitting Punjab. Punjab tried to surrender, but Bianca picked him up and then she tore off a metal rod off the bed. She tells him that he should have not been involved with Human trafficking, saying he should have stayed in India. Punjab pleaded with her some more, saying he will pay her money, give her weapons, anything she wants.

Then Bianca tells him, as she readies the rod, that he is seriously trying to tempt her with things she as no care for after he tried to kill her. She began hitting Punjab a few times until he started bleeding, telling him that after tonight, he will be arrested and sent back to India and imprisoned, adding that what he has learned about him, someone with a family who was involved with such things on his numerous trips to Hong Kong, saying that he is a major disappointment since he has a family. Punjab kept pleading with Bianca only to try and grab a piece of broken furniture in an attempt to bring down Bianca. Punjab tells her to stop this, but Bianca countered him saying the young girls and women, including Momoko who said no, did you stop, you didn’t. He began laughing saying that the girls he has been with, those now, the ones who were killed, the ones who were auctioned off like cattle, saying that their no’s and stops was really them saying yes. He lunged at Bianca with a broken piece of furniture in hand, as Bianca stood there, prepared to hit him, instead, the girls who witnessed the whole thing saw this and used this opportunity to stop Punjab by disarming him and kicking him aiding Bianca in the process. Punjab began to cuss at the girls as he forces them away, finally the girls moved back and Bianca walked to Punjab, stomping down his manhood by performing an axe kick, as he cried out in agony, she knocks him unconscious with a jab to the face. As Punjab was down, Bianca removed the chains from the girls, including Momoko, and placed a few on Punjab, as well as Sonny Wu.

Sonny woke up as Bianca was placing the chains on him; Sonny said that she will never get away with what she is doing, that even if he goes to prison he will get out. However, Bianca stated that he was the final piece to the puzzle, as she signaled the Triads, she continued to tell Sonny that with all of the corrupt rooted out of Hong Kong, and Sonny’s arrest will open up a door to more information. Then she asked him about Black Shadow, but Sonny said he will not answer her, only for her to hurt Sonny, pressuring him into answering. He started to talk, saying he was in this for the power and the profit, he gets Black Shadow protection in Hong Kong and let’s them do what they do quietly in Hong Kong, adding that not all whom the police captured were jailed, but were sent to a place they called a slave labor camp, hinting that it isn’t really a labor area, but a bigger holding area for those captive. He continued to say that since Black Shadow started to attack parts of China, he wanted in on the deal to fit his sick habits, saying that is how he first met them before he gave them power in Hong Kong as well as revealing that the drugs used by Black Shadow is the remainder of what The Bear left behind. Bianca crossed her arms, telling Sonny a monster like him should not be running wild, for there is bound to be someone hunting him down, and she smiled wickedly at him. She tells him his career is over and he will spend his life behind bars. She contacted that Brian to be on standby for the Triad and the police will be on their way soon, telling him to make way to the basement, since the clash in the second floor caused people to flee the yacht, this gave Brian, and members of the Triad to infiltrate the basement of the yacht. After this, she looks at Sonny, and Sonny looked at her, telling her to wait, as she raised her fist, regardless of what he says, she tells him confession time is over, and knocks him out by elbowing him his head into the wall. Bianca went to Momoko, and tried to wake her up. She was already beginning to wake up before Bianca got to her. The remaining chains that bind the girls together, Bianca was about to destroy, effectively freeing them. She tells Momoko and the other girls to hide and remain here for a few minutes, as makes her way to find the super computer. Momoko asked the girls what happen, for she was somewhat dazed or knocked out when Punjab strangled her, then one of the girls said a girl, with weird metal that moves like liquid on her body, saved them.

Since Bianca was wrapping up her mission on the second floor by successfully taking the small super computer, Brian, accompanied by Trex and some from The Water Boys, was able to clear out the basement with minimum effort thanks to RC cars with sleep pellets Bianca crafted for them, freeing several more girls, making the grand total of 22 saved. Bianca and Brian regrouped as the Triad members were escorting people away from the yacht, escorting the girls outside of the yacht while some went inside to apprehend those defeated by Bianca and Brian. Some Black Shadow guards managed to escape via jumping ship and swimming away before anyone noticed them, as for those left behind, they were captured and arrested.

After this was over, Bianca had been confronted by Yashki, aided in the escorting of the rescued girls. He was happy, but showed a bit of sadness and tears, that his sister is nowhere to be found, that they must find her. Bianca knowing what was wrong with Yashki, tells him she is not done yet, she will see to it that she finds Lydia before the sun rises. Hacker Jack was at the scene with his tech; Bianca asked him how fast he can decrypt the small super computer, only for Hacker Jack to tell her he can do it in 10-15 minutes. As he was doing this, Hacker Jack tells her he is thankful, for what she did. Bianca thanked him for the complement, but Hacker Jack went on by saying, after doing some reason, he read about a girl who was kidnapped, but escaped her captors, he asks if that is really her that escaped that day, the name and image of the girl remained anonymous. Bianca stated that she was the girl who escaped that day, and in doing so, it made her what she is now. Hacker Jack, while decrypting the super computer, used his free hand to hug Bianca, saying if she never escaped that day, known of this would have been possible, adding that probably the Triad would have ended if the corrupted actually won. Hacker Jack managed to finally break the code on the super computer, and there was lacking information, but routes to some off Coast Island near Hong Kong and other parts of China. He explained that there are a few names that could be alias, and as he read out the names he read a name that Bianca recalls, Master Yuk. She tells Hacker Jack to upload and send this information to her. The tone of Bianca changed with Hacker Jack stating if there is going to be another mission, to whom Bianca said yes, but she tells him that this one is personally, telling him that she will work on this information now and to wait for her friend Brian to tell them what is up, then Bianca leaves the scene.

As everyone celebrates this victory troubling news is that Shoky had escaped from the jail, leaving 4 dead from her escape. As for Lydia, she, and a few others were taken to a small island via cargo boat, with a mansion on it, hidden away on the island, before Bianca and the others were able to deal with Punjab. As for the video call Sunny with Borojei, the head of Black Shadow himself witnessed Bianca in action from the room Punjab was in, putting two and two together from the information Shoky sent before her defeat, that Bianca is the not only the Steel Maiden, but the girl who had escaped a long time ago, changing Borojei’s originally plan to deal with the Steel Maiden completely. After Bianca left the room, Borojei collected his thoughts, stating all this time, he had someone, possibly his equal, right under his nose, and he remains in his main headquarters, collecting his thoughts as his hackers hack into Sonny’s phone, wiping Borojei’s existence from the device before the police got to it.

The Demented Girl

While Bianca and the others were preparing to deal with Punjab, Lydia had been kidnapped at some point and taken to a mansion owned by Sun Lee Yuk. Lydia was placed with other girls inside the area and forced to dress like them, some dressed elegantly, some inappropriate, and some are left with suit that is able to shock them if they fall out of line, for the others inside called it the punishment suit. There she met a few people, among them, being a girl named Terrai Hong, who normally kept to herself. Terrai Hong is a rich girl with mental issues who had been missing for a long time; for before she had been living in Thailand and eventually Shanghai. A night out with someone who she sees as a friend turned out to be a nightmare whereas her so-called friend was actually a girl used by Black Shadow to lure others to be kidnapped, as for Terrai, her so-called friend brought her to a cardinal in Hong Kong, only to led Terrai into a Black Shadow kidnapping, as she remembers it, that it was like being abducted by ghosts.

Her parents tried to look for her, only to hear about the random kidnapping that was taking place in China, but ultimately stopped, succumbing to the realization that Terrai’s bad habits on being disobedient, not listening to her parents at times, the people she sees as friends, led her to being kidnapped, in addition, they assume that Terrai is dead when a piece of clothing with some of her blood was found (she was beaten up by her so called friend without notice resulted in the blood and a piece of clothing being found). In their mind, all there are supposedly trying to find is a body. Lydia met Terrai by randomly bumping into her, only for Terrai to respond that she has never seen a girl, a Russian girl like her here before. The more Lydia stayed with Terrai and found out more about her, the more she realizes that Terrai is mentally unstable, despite her being cunning and clever when she tries to trick Lydia on a few occasions as Terrai was trying to get inside Lydia’s head for her to escape by making false riddles on how to leave the island, but Lydia was no fool, for she spoke to the others here knowing what happens when you try to escape. Terrai was able to open up more to Lydia, saying that the master considers her as his trophy girl, for he gives her anything she wants as long as she remains obedient, adding, she is tasked to watch over the other captives in the mission because Master Yuk trust her that much. Terrai tries to make Lydia comfortable, adding that she seems like a beautiful young girl that someone will come to take and care for her too. Thinking about what Terrai just said, Lydia shook her head and said no, that she won’t be here for long, that there is a girl, who surprisingly looks identical to Terrai, who is coming to get her out. She explains to Terrai that she was helping to stop a big fight in Hong Kong, only to be taken, waking up only to find out she is far from Hong Kong Island. Terrai smiled told Lydia, no one is coming, for no one knows this mansion exist, that sooner or later the only people who come through here is those who seek comfort, those who want to take someone from among them far away, with Terrai pretending to believe that they will have a good life. Lydia told Terrai to wake up, to look around her, there are people in fear, crying, they know what live they will experience. But Terrai didn’t care, she kept thinking Lydia is trying to outsmart her or get her to thinking about something, doubting what Yuk is trying to accomplish.

Despite Terrai’s creepy and crazed nature, she begins to see Lydia as a potential friend after spending some time with her, regardless of what she thinks. She helps out the other girls and boys, calling them siblings and such, even feeding those in high security chambers such as defeated Tala, who had been moved to the mansion after aiding in Pulpert’s daughter escape, as for Tala. When asked about Tala, Terrai simply stated that her Master’s friends will be here soon to pick her up, adding that Tala’s friends from Africa, copying what Yuk told her, are dying to meet her again and take her back to the motherland.

When Terrai went to give Tala some food, Lydia followed Terrai to Tala’s chamber, as soon as Terrai left, Lydia spoke to Tala, who explained that it is not friends of hers who are coming, but enemies, stating that before she was a bodyguard, she was just a huntress from her village who had ran into the wrong type of people, for all the right reasons, adding this action alone, the 2 weeks she spent on bringing down her enemies earn her the position and title of a bodyguard. Lydia wanted to know more, specially about what happen in China a few years ago, only for Terrai to appear out of nowhere, grabbing Lydia out of the room, telling her Tala is crazy, she says things that do not make any sense. Since Terrai was quite strong when she gripped Lydia, Lydia submitted to Terrai and agreed with her just so Terrai wouldn’t accidentally hurt her or get frustrated with her. Lydia tells her if they’re still friends, and Terrai, who was gripping Lydia’s hand hard as she walked her away from the chamber, turned her head and having a big grin and her eyes wide open, yes we are still best friends.

Infiltrating Master Yuk’s HQ

Before Bianca could do anything with the information she has, she calls her father, which she has been doing whenever she has free time, to let him know that she is alright living on her own, stating that she feels she is safer. With this in mind, it made her father Wei happy that his grown up daughter is doing well, adding that soon they will have to meet again, with Trex being heard barking joyfully in the background. After Hacker Jack’s help on breaking the super computer’s information, Bianca travels alone, to head out to the island and finally deal with one of her enemies, Sun Lee Yuk. Momoko joins the Team

Bianca didn’t know she was being followed, before she turned her head to see who it was, she stated who was following her. It turns out it was the girl Bianca saved on the yacht, Momoko. Momoko said that she is thankful for what Bianca did, and she hugs her. She tells her if she had not shown up that she could have been, cutting herself off as she tears up, at this Bianca comforts her, telling her it is okay now, that she is able to be free from those who tried to abuser her.

Bianca didn’t want to be rude, so she politely tells her she is on her way to deal with something personal. As Bianca says bye and walks away, Momoko continued to follow, telling her she is able to help, she really wants to help. Bianca stated that it is far too dangerous; adding they just now meeting each other and someone like her will be in harm’s way if she continues to follow.

As Bianca continues to walk, Momoko stated that she knows, who she is, what she is doing. Bianca still continues to walk, but slowly just to try and intercept what Momoko was saying. Then she tells Bianca that she was the girl who got away from her kidnappers, and then finally she said, he looked you in the eyes, allowed you to escape because he knew you would be able to save people, put an end to Black Shadow. Immediately, Bianca had a flashback about that night. After she was shot and scarred, she remembered surfacing from the pond to see a man pointing a gun at her from across the pond. After this brief flashback, Bianca turned around, who is this man she speaks of. Momoko walked towards Bianca, telling him that this man was trying to prevent us from getting hurt by risking his life. That he was forced to work for Black Shadow because he had no choice, saying he lost his child and his arm already, then Bianca had another flashback from the recent mission on the yacht, telling herself, the man with the arm, the one who surrendered. Bianca was thinking to herself that this man has been arrested, with that in mind; she tells Momoko that she now knows who she speaks of, but doesn’t know his name, only for Momoko to tell her his name, Gardano. Momoko continues saying that Gardano knew about what a man named Yuk was doing, as well as others from Black Shadow, she tells her Gardano knew what would become of them and has given her hidden coordinates to Yuk’s island.

Bianca told Momoko she was about to go check every area around Eastern Hong Kong, but said that with these coordinates, she will be able to get things done faster. Since Momoko gave her this vital information, Bianca allows her to help, but from a non-risky approach. She tells her to go and find her partner, Brian, someone who is like a brother to her, giving her an extra comm. Momoko thanks her for invited her to her group, calling her Xian. Bianca giggled, saying that is just one of her false alias, she tells Momoko to call her Bianca Airesus, her real name. Bianca then tells her after she be able to really help out in the morning, but tonight she will have to remain by the comms and not in the battlefield, she then motioned Trex to escort Momoko to Brian, who is unaware of what Bianca is attempting to do. With the coordinates of the exact location to the mysterious island, Bianca heads out by using her suit to swiftly traverse through the sea.

Yuk being warned about Bianca

As for the members of Black Shadow who had escaped the yacht, they manage to make it back to dry land, soon they were picked up by Yuk’s men. They were brought to his hideout for mission report, despite it being a failure. They were given a warning and immediately put to work at the hideout. While this was happening, Yuk was testing out special weapons Borojei had him test out, which he sent to Yuk, when word on The Steel Maiden began to surface. Borojei even called Yuk, informing him that Rolon and Shoky are out of commission for the time being and in the process of recovering, so he will send over one of the strongest meta-humans within the Black Shadow Gang, The Japanese geisha ghost-like villain known as Jallen. As Yuk’s servant girls came to caress him, he continued to talk to Borojei. He was telling Yuk that the android from Beijing is destroying his business, causing him to pay big money in the black market for items to destroy high-tech weapons, dubbing the byproduct Necro-Bots. Borojei stated this byproduct of nanotechnologies is extremely potent and acts as a virus to both machine and humans, adding that small dosages of it is enough to incapacitate someone whereas higher dosages can put someone in a coma-like state and or death.

After the call, another girl came to Yuk, Terrai. She wanted attention from Yuk because she stated it has been sometime since Yuk was with her, with a creepy smile on her face and a twitching eye. Yuk went over to hug Terrai, but thinks of her nothing more than a trophy, he kisses her on the cheek and stated that she should be careful, for he doesn’t want his prize girl to hurt herself, for not only he was busy, he treated Terrai like an object, picking her up and carrying her back to her chamber. As for the other girls, they were sent back to their chambers like cattle. Yuk had already made preparations for traffickers to come in and pick up some girls in exchange for 800k+ credits for the number of girls and boys that go out, including Lydia, due to a Chinese political figure wanting the girl when Yuk advertised her after kidnapping her in Western Hong Kong. Lydia was slapped in the face hard by one of the guards because she didn’t go back to her chamber on time, as for Tala, those who want to kill, The Frust Kongo Fighters from Africa, have arrived on the island.

As all this was happening, Bianca had already made it to the island by having followed the African Fighter’s boat while she was cruising to the destination. Her armor was able to pull off a change in color, which made the armor into different colors this time, in black and dark red. Bianca joked to herself that she now feels like a chameleon.

The Frust Kongo Fighters

It is a terroristic rebel group who had targeted various villages and towns in Africa, namely Uganda surrounding areas. They used salvaged technology to build mechanical sentries that appear as metallic animals. They soon used the robotic monsters to hold some lands ransom by making money of poaching, reducing the food and water supply to towns and villages, who were pressured to pay them, exploiting the people while poached animal parts were sold in illegal markets. This caught the attention of Tala, a seasoned huntress from a Ugandan village who was hit the hardest from the famine Frust Kongo caused, resulting in her going out of her way to fight against the group, who nearly defeated the girl when they released a large metallic Anaconda into the White Nile River. Tala defeated the large metal snake and used its parts, mainly the stingers, to form her signature weapon. After several weeks, Tala was able to defeat Frust Kongo, with a majority of its members being arrested while the leader, who is said to have killed himself while trying to defeat Tala, escaped. When Talal became a bodyguard, and was said to go to China with the African Diplomat, The Frust Kongo leader sent a messenger to seek out some help in China, eventually meeting with Borojei, who directed him to Sun Lee Yuk. The Frust Kongo leader wanted Tala alive so he could torture, and kill her as revenge, and as a bonus, wants Palpert’s daughter in order to use her as ransom to take billions of credits from the diplomat in exchange for his daughter’s life; which most likely he would exploit.

Enter Cyberpunk, Fight against Black Shadow grunts and African Rebel Militants

Sun Lee Yuk appointed his toughest henchmen, Cyberpunk, a disabled man who’s bathed in cyber prosthetics, enabling him to walk and move in addition to a third metallic hand that is connected to his back, to watch over outside of the Estate, he began his watch by using his drones and armed men who were convicted killers used by Black Shadow. Bianca was able to spot some of the drones as she made progress on to Yuk’s HQ on the island. She was able to override one of the drones in order to detect the other ones scanning outside of the main Estate, she also found out that cloaking will not be possible due to these drones using powerful heat detection signatures, similar to the ones found on the yacht, seeing this as one of her disadvantages, she reminds herself to tweak her armor in order to hide her heat signature after she is done here. Brian spoke to Bianca through the comms, telling why go it alone for it could be a risky move made by her, only for Bianca to tell Brian that this is a personal matter, with that being said, Brian tells her to be careful, for they will come if she needs the help, with Momoko, and a worried Yashki watching Brian talk to Bianca as well as some screen linked to Bianca’s visor. Yashki tells Brian why is it Bianca chooses to do this alone, only for Brian to tell him that is a personal and private matter of hers, that this Master Yuk baddie is an enemy from her childhood, he also tells Yashki that there is a possibility that his sister may be on that mysterious island.

Meanwhile on the island, Cyberpunk is no fool, as Bianca downs each of his drones on the island, he is able to detect that his drones are being tampered with or disabled. He let Bianca continue to do such for he has a plan B, involving a trap, wanting Bianca to come to him because he felt that he will be a handsomely rewarded if he brought the intruder, thinking she’s an android, to Yuk, destroyed. As Bianca traversed into the island, she was getting closer to the Estate; however, an event caused her to stop. She witnessed a girl, appearing to be in her mid-late 20s, who was being forced into small bushes near the beach by one of the alleged killers hired by Black Shadow.

Bianca scanned the situation, being able to find out, from the super computer information, to find out the identities of both targets. The man had been in prison for life due to killing helpless people for fun before attempting to and failing to kill himself, adding that Yuk must’ve cleaned his information when he broke him out. As for the girl, she was a 24 year old Taiwanese woman who had been missing for 3 weeks now. The man only forced the girl out only to try and rape her, for he even stated that ever since Yuk brought her here, no one was trying to buy her out yet, so he stated he took this chance to give the girl a test ride for himself, laughing at the helpless girl as he pushed her into the bushes causing her to be hit against a tree. She couldn’t escape because she had chains on her nor could she scream because of the collar object on her neck.

The man slowly reeled her in and tried to force her on a tree by force. Before he could do anything to the girl, he felt hands going around his waist, confused at the very moment, Bianca was able to grab and lift him up, performing a suplex on the 270 lb. man. Once the man got back up he was angered, and pulled out an energy-based dagger. He tried to stab Bianca, who managed to disarm the man on his 4th attempt to stab her. Bianca took the knife and discharged it in the man’s face, which burnt up his face, before he could let out a scream; he was hit in the throat, and punched in the face, falling to the ground, unconscious. The girl who was about to be raped ran to Bianca and thanked her for saving her.

Bianca then told the girl to go hide, adding that it is safer now because all the drones are down. Bianca continued to make her way into the woodland area in order to get to the Estate, taking out a few armed men in her way, even managing to kill some who nearly brought her down. Bianca was a bit shocked she managed to pull something like that off, but she came to her senses saying that with her Intel, the man was a killer anyways, his record proves that he will not change his ways, but with the thought of taking a life, he caused Bianca to feel some type of way. AS she continues, Cyberpunk waits for her. Eventually Bianca made it to the Estate and tried to sneak to the side of the building, only to be hit by a net, followed by a robot dog sent out by Cyberpunk to attack her. Bianca was able to put the dog down from the net before cutting herself free, but this surprise attack damaged her because the dog was laced with Necro-bots, causing her parts of suit to weaken and revert back to a soft cloth-like state, as well as her visor disabling, forcing her to use her goggles instead.

As Bianca tried to recover, Cyberpunk and a few African fighters confronted Bianca. Cyberpunk, without hesitation, rushed at her, picking her up by the head as he was running, gaining enough momentum to throw her. As this was happening, Yuk knew his island had been infiltrated, but he has confidence in the Necro-Bots to get the job done.

Bianca was slightly dazed, but she manages to recover and confronted Cyberpunk, revealing to everyone that she is not a robot, but she is just an ordinary girl. This caused Cyberpunk to not only be surprised, but to feel that he was cheated for he wanted to destroy The Steel Maiden, only for Bianca to state that if he wants to do this so badly, she is standing right there, spitting at the ground as she said that. In fits of anger, he told the fighters to start shooting at Bianca, who quickly rushed behind a tree, having no choice but to return gunfire from a gun she held on to from one of the guards she took down, taking down a few men, injuring two. One man who ran out of ammo took out an energy dagger ran to the tree where Bianca hiding behind, stabbing at the tree, missing Bianca’s head by a foot. After dodging an almost fatal blow, she quickly ran around the tree, grabbing the man’s hand, disarming him, discharging the dagger in front of him, following up with a takedown. This left only Cyberpunk and Bianca to fight each other.

Vs. Cyberpunk


Cyberpunk stated that if he will not fight an android tonight, he will fight and kill a girl instead, telling Bianca that he will beat her until she starts begging for him to stop. Bianca got in a pose and waited for Cyberpunk to attack, however, she was still weakened by the Necro-Bots used against her. Cyberpunk’s prosthetics makes him a fast opponent and he nearly cut down Bianca. Cyberpunk was quite a touch opponent, for was fighting more defensively as he came in close, however, Bianca was able to use some gadgets to destroy the metal parts on Cyberpunk’s body as soon as she got behind him, rendering him nothing more but body without prosthetics, whereas he has no legs or arms after the fight and left there unconscious. Bianca was able to check the parts broken off his body and told Brian via comms that the fighters on this island is using some weird nanotechnology weapon that is able to weaken her and her suit, adding her suit reverted to a soft recovering state until it regains more energy.

Yuk had his men go in and deal with the intruder, however, he was happy as well because he seen the fight that Cyberpunk lost, and know it was “his girl” that has returned to her, he was loud about this that Terrai and the others heard this. More of Tala’s enemies also aided in the fight against Bianca, with most of them being armed with energy based weapons. Brian told Bianca what happen to stealth, to which Bianca stated that the she had a plan B, stating it is her go-guns-blazing plan before she cut the comms again. Bianca was too quick for them despite her still being weakened, but eventually her armor had recovered part by part, slowly becoming a threat to her enemies. Bianca was able to overpower them due to her foes using mostly energy based weapons, she was able to discharge and destroy them at will when she gets in close. She was able to takedown, kill, and injure 10 of Yuk’s men and the remaining 19 Frust Kongo Fighters, making her way into the lobby, to the second floor, taking down 6 more of Yuk’s men in order to get to the 3rd floor where Yuk is waiting for her, and at this point, Bianca grew careless and cared only for vengeance, no matter how tired, injured and weak she is, she wanted to hurt Black Shadow where it hurts.

Yuk was companied by his other follower, who aided him in kidnapping Bianca a long time ago. This man was dubbed as The Clerk, and had been visiting Yuk’s Estate from time to time. He told Yuk that they can escape now, and wait for Jallen to come and deal with the intruder, however, Yuk was confident that he could stop Bianca with his new gadgets, knowing well who the Steel Maiden is now after witnessing Cyberpunk’s fight with her. Bianca eventually clear out the mansion and headed straight to the chamber where Yuk supposedly hiding in, not knowing that Yuk was actually waiting for her arrival. Bianca was armed with a gun, and her suit had fully recovered. Brian tried to contact her a few times, however, Bianca wanted to make this fight personal, making sure her comms are closed, in doing so, Momoko suggested that they could get the police on Bianca’s location, however Brian stated the area has to be cleared first, or else Yuk’s men could retaliate and kill any of their captive if provoked by police, adding they should wait on Bianca, knowing she will prevail.

Bianca eventually got to the chamber, breaking down the door, with her gun in hand. She was immediately greeted by The Clerk. He was stunned because he’d never seen the Steel Maiden up close, being intimidated easily. Before anything could happen, Yuk intervened by making himself know by talking. Yuk, in a charismatic fashion, introduced Bianca to his home, joking of how she caused such a mess, that she now has blood on her hands, laughing as he said this. Bianca told Yuk that his reign is over, that once she is done with him, she’s going for Borojei. Yuk laughed and told her that she won’t be seeing Borojei anything soon; mocking her of her older claims by saying, over his dead body, Yuk activated a security measure for the room, with a metal door closing over where Bianca broke the chamber doors. Bianca said that sealing her inside the room with him is living being in the lion’s den, but remarks to herself as the lion.

Bianca vs. Sun Lee Yuk (Master Yuk)


Bianca didn’t hesitate to rush the both of them; however, Yuk was one step ahead of her. Yuk triggered a trapped that nearly killed Bianca, with her armor taking the brunt of the attack, rendering her to a weaken state, revealing herself to the both of them. Yuk chuckled and The Clerk was in shock, stating it was the girl they kidnapped long time ago, only for Yuk to mock him, telling him how he didn’t see this coming. Bianca struggled to get up after the attack, The Clerk walked over to her and smiled, before he could grab a hold of her, he was shot in the back by Yuk, stating that Bianca is HIS trophy that had been found and it will be him to deal with her, at this the Clerk said ouch and blacked out.

Bianca struggled to pick the gun back up, but was weak, trying to recover. Yuk told her that Borojei doesn’t have to know, that Bianca will finally be his. He commented on how beautiful Bianca looks now that she is a bit older, and wishes her to be his, with Bianca refusing him. Yuk walked up to her, throwing his gun to the side, telling her there is no need to fight anymore, he reached down at Bianca stepped on her hand as soon as she grabbed the gun, and he kicked it away from her. He whispered in her ear, telling her he and Borojei knew that she is the Steel Maiden, and had received the very tools capable of temporarily putting her armor in a weaken state. He added that the primary tool they use is Necro-Bots, a byproduct of nanotechnologies from the same substance that made Bianca’s suit and the serum inside of her. She asked how were they able to find out, only for Yuk to cut her off, Black Shadow knows of the original, the one who was suppose to use her armor.

She struggled to grab Yuk’s foot; however, Yuk was able to use a syringe on her. Using the same drug that was used in the yacht Momoko and a few others were held at, but it was modified. Yuk stated that it is okay for her to stop fighting for she will becoming his once again, Yuk had in mind that he could use the drug to subdue and torture Bianca in hopes of making her lose her mind, however, unknown to him, Bianca does not need the suit to be a strong fighter, nor does Yuk know about the serum used on Bianca, for he only planned the trap to attack her armor. Yuk held Bianca down and put his head against her head, telling her to submit to him, for her to call him Master. Bianca responded by telling him never. Yuk said it is a shame and kiss her on the cheek, in an attempt to provoke into submitting, however, this time, Bianca head-butted Yuk, causing him to stumble back. Yuk laughed it off, saying she is playing hard to get, using his second gun to pistol-whip her in the face, saying he’s trying to be nice to her. Bianca got her gun and both Yuk and Bianca pointed their guns at each other.

She asked him before she kills him where are the other girls, to whom Yuk used this opportunity to taunt her, stating he has no idea, that he will never tell her, dropping his gun, and laughing, which pissed Bianca off. Bianca dropped her gun, and insisted she will beat the answers out of him with her bare hands, with Yuk making a gesture for her to come to him, taunting her again by saying “come to me, baby”. Yuk and Bianca engaged in combat, Yuk having the edge due to the gadgets from Borojei, prototype gauntlets made of metallic rubber to absorb and discharge kinetic energy.

Bianca, who was still weak, fought Yuk out of rage and anger, making her careless, giving Yuk the upper hand when he tried to drug her again whenever he has her pinned. Bianca’s body is able to fight the drug, but it is unable to adapt to constant uses of it due to her current state and first time exposure to it. Yuk taunted her again, telling Bianca if she was going to kill him, she should have done it sooner, and he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her in close, telling her if she is ready to submit, Bianca spits in his face, with Yuk telling her that wasn’t the response he wanted this time, and he throws her across the room into a wall. Bianca was dazed and saw multiple Yuk’s at once, only to be punched in the in the stomach, getting stunned, seeing this, Yuk put his hand in her face, and pushed her.

As the fight continues, 2 of Yuk’s guards, who were drug, walked past the room where Bianca and Yuk were fighting. One guard wanted to go in and see if the master was alright, however, the other guard stopped him, telling the other drunkard that Master Yuk is probably getting it on with one his trophy girls, both of them put their ears to the wall to hear and they began chuckling and making weird gestures before walking away in laughter. Meanwhile, the remainders of the African fighters were searching the estate for Tala without Yuk’s permission, they were going to take her by force without making giving Yuk his money for capturing her, but they were stopped by one of Yuk’s men, however, it turned out to be Gardano.

He used the security measures in the hallway to prevent them from accessing Tala’s chamber and he went to free Tala, telling her that the people who came for her he managed to block them off temporarily. Tala asked why he is helping her, and Gardano said he wants redemption for the years of slavery Black Shadow put him through and what they did to him while he looked at his arm. Gardano also stated that the girl returned to help. Tala question him, as she is now free, telling him what girl, then she began to think about what took place in Beijing, already knowing, as she thinks about it, Gardano tells her that it is the same girl who she helped escape from the abandon warehouse in Beijing. Tala smiled, and tells him that they will have to help out the others. Gardano and Tala managed to get back into the Hallway; however, Gardano pretended that Tala was his prisoner. The African fighters saw the both of them and demanded Tala, telling them that they already made a deal with Yuk about the matter, this resulted in the 3 of them letting their guard down. As Gardano walks Tala towards them, the man continued to speak, that Yuk is a good man, that they wish to conduct business with him after Tala is sent back to their boss. When they got halfway to the 3 men, Tala rushed towards them, cracking 2 of them in the face since they were close to each other while Gardano used his arm to knock out the 3rd man. Tala began to disarm the unconscious men, and then she tells Gardano that if that is all of them, only for Gardano to tell her the girl, who they captured, defeated the rest of them before she confronted Yuk. Hearing this, Tala was shocked, asking Gardano if the girl literally took down kongo fighters so easily, Gardano said if she doesn’t believe him, she has to take a look outside. Tala got up shaking her head as she smiles. As they began to search the building for the others, Tala tells Gardano the girl has a name, her name is Bianca Airesus.

Back upstairs, Yuk nearly knocked out Bianca, and he had pinned her down, this time trying to cause her to pass out by putting her in a headlock, and he used the syringe for the 3rd time, stating that this time she will not recover from this. Bianca nearly blacked out; however, Bianca had a surge of adrenaline as her body fights the drug Yuk kept using in an attempt to render her unconscious. This went hand in hand with Bianca’s willpower and determination to end the gang for their crimes as she imagines a younger version of herself trying to save May Li. The hand wrappings on her hand began to harden; becoming gauntlet-like, harder titanium and heavy, but Bianca was strong enough to carry them, as her armor adapted and became stronger after the period of recovery.

She broke free from the headlock, grabbing Yuk by the arm, swinging him about until she launched him a few feet away. Yuk tried to run into her with a punch, and Bianca was able to block and counter him. The fight got close and intense, this time with Bianca being above Yuk. She grabbed Yuk’s hands with both of hers, and crushed the gauntlets he was using with such force that the metal parts from the gauntlets nearly pierced his fingers. The gauntlets he wore had Necro-Bots oozing and dissolving from it, seeing this, Bianca quickly rolled to the side; Yuk struggled to roll on his stomach and had suffered from the burning sensation of the dissolving Necro-Bots on his hands, leaving parts of his hands and arms scarred. Then it was over, Yuk surrendered, and Bianca won the fight.

Yuk sat up, trying to endure the pain from the scars, and he laughed, telling Bianca it won’t free the others, at this Bianca marched into his face and started punching him a few times out of anger. Then he began to mock May Li and the things that happened to her, insulting her, forcing Bianca to get down and beat up Yuk, who is provoking her. Bianca hit him so far he was laid out on the ground on his back, she got to his side and kneeled down, pinning him. She tells him she could just kill him right now, even though she is angry she was pulling her punches adding her gauntlets could crack his skull like a coconut, hesitating to enable her gauntlets to harden again. He pressed her elbow to his neck until Yuk passed out.

Right then and there she could kill Yuk, contemplating that recently she was able to kill criminals that she could do the same with Yuk, but she restrains herself. She took a deep breath and felt relieved that this mission is over; she opens her comms to let everyone know she is alright, Yuk is down and she will go rescue the others within the Estate and on the island. The security doors had been disabled from Yuk’s room and Bianca sees Tala, along with one of Yuk’s men, now knowing of Gardano because of Momoko. Gardano tells her he isn’t an enemy, only for Bianca to say to him she knows, Momoko told her. Tala smiled at Bianca and Bianca returned a smile, with a tired look on her face. As she looked at Tala, within seconds, Tala’s reaction changed as if she is shocked, before Bianca could react or say a word, with a gunshot, Yuk manage to hit Bianca from behind, hitting her in arm on her triceps/bicep. Bianca went down after the hit reacting to the pain she never felt before. Yuk became deranged, smiling with spit and bits of blood running down his face, he completely lost his mind, saying he didn’t really black out, he only faked it, saying if he goes down, he is taking his trophy with him. Tala and Gardano were shocked and unarmed so they couldn’t do anything but stand there; already assuming what will happen next, putting their hands up. He tells them to get on their knees and put their hands behind their heads and to keep their head down. He laughs, saying HE’s the man with the gun, while keeping his focus on Bianca, who was obviously in pain. Yuk began to yell, the persistent little Asian girl, THE STEEL MAIDEN, that he and Bianca will be one, he cocks his gun and aimed at Bianca’s head, telling her after he busts a cap in her skull; he will do the same with his. Bianca seeing Yuk with the gun, she puts her other able hand in the way of Yuk’s gun, then he fires, only for Bianca to deflect the bullet with the palm of her hand, causing the bullet to ricochet into Yuk’s stomach.

He stumbled backwards, dropping his gun and started to place his hands on his stomach as he began bleeding out. He stumbled back aimlessly, as Tala, Gardano and an injured Bianca watched, into the curtains near his balcony, getting tangled in them until he fell off into the cables that was near the edges of the balcony, with the cables holding him there until he died from his wounds, even though he appeared to be strangled but the cables when on his way down, the confirmation of his death marks the end of this human trafficker’s life.

Bianca fell back to the ground on her back in pain, but she felt relieved one weight had been lifted off her shoulder. Gardano sighed, saying it is finally over; the human trafficking that Yuk was in control of for Black Shadow, adding that now Borojei remains. Tala felt relieved and she went to embrace Bianca, as tough as Tala is, she cried a little as she hugged and picked up Bianca, who was hurt and currently weaken, from the fight with Yuk and his followers and the fight that took place on the yacht.

The girls who were freed by Tala and Gardano went to see what was going on, Lydia being among them, as well as one of Bianca’s old childhood friends, Sara Chun. Lydia was in tears, saying if she is going to make it, Bianca, who was still in pain, hearing Lydia, with her battered arm, she struggled to give thumbs up. Gardano stated that if it wasn’t for the Steel Maiden’s actions, Yuk’s defeat would not have been possible and known of them would not be standing in Yuk’s chamber. He then removed his helmet, telling everyone not all of Black Shadow’s members are bad, adding that some, including him, were forced to work for the gang, adding that those who were forced ended up punished, jailed on this island, or killed by Borojei and his followers.

He continued to speak, as a confused Terrai peeked through the door, that he lost his arm and his son because of Borojei. With that being said, the injured Bianca instructed them to search the island for anymore captives, any remnants of Yuk’s men should be dealt with, so she will go while she tasks Tala and Gardano to protect the Estate since the girls hid there after they were freed. Lydia and Sara helped Bianca stand, and she began to march out of the room, passing Terrai, who was silent while she stared at Bianca. Before Bianca even left, Tala told her about her injuries, only for Bianca to tell her she has been through many trial and error since they met, stating she can recover, she was able to force out the bullet quickly using her tech before she took off with her armor forming on to her as the moon illuminates off of her. Terrai then rushed into the room asking for Yuk, but they held her back, specifically Lydia, telling Terrai that he is gone, Tala began restraining unconscious clerk, telling Lydia and the others to prevent Terrai from seeing Yuk and it may cause her to become more unstable. They didn’t bother holding her back for Terrai ran out the room anyways. Tala began talking to herself about how Bianca looked in that armor, that she looks like a metallic warrior, a Valkyrie.

Aftermath of Yuk’s Death

Everyone sat on the beach, waiting for police to arrive, a total of 117 girls had been freed from the island, 8 guards who opposed Yuk, including Gardano, in addition to 60 elite guards, who were convicts of murderous crimes, being critically injured and or killed by Bianca. As for the Frust Kongo from Africa, all 20 of them were critically injured during the fight, barely surviving the ordeal fight against Bianca with 6 of their members being killed. As they sat there, waiting, everyone could see the balcony where the late Yuk could be seen hanging, despite the grim sight, the now freed boys and girls were happy to be free and didn’t care about him due to all the atrocities he did as well as Black Shadow did to them. Some of the girls cried about being abused, raped, beaten, etc. by the convicts and customers of Yuk and Black Shadow, and they tried to calm each other down. Terrai Hong herself was horrified about that happen to Yuk, but she did not cry, she was laughing while scared and sad. As this was going on, Bianca was meditating by the shore in front of the Estate, with Tala, Lydia and Sara coming to her, as well as a curious and frightened Terrai Hong.

Bianca knew they were nearby and told Tala what happened to May Li, even questioning if she was killed, to which Tala stated when she freed Palpert’s daughter by risking her life; she overheard Black Shadow members talking about Shanghai, but was unsure if that is where they really took her, then she face the ground, crossing her arms, saying that May Li was the favored of those who came to her, and she was abused and exploited more than the others, adding that is all she know. Sara tells Tala she doesn’t have to say much, she was with May Li half the time, and said there are things that couldn’t describe what was done to her. Sara, who was obviously distressed when she thinks of May Li, stated that Black Shadow could be anywhere in China, if anything they could be outside of China as well. Since Bianca was armored up and her visor was covering her face, no one could see Bianca’s sadden expression, but Tala and Sara only knew how she felt when she remain silent and wasn’t moving.

Police, along with news anchors and journalist came via helicopter, recording all the freed captives on the beach and the late Sun Lee Yuk hanging from his balcony. Then they saw her among the girls, The Steel Maiden, since this was breaking news, most of China was able to see this coverage live. Bianca wanted to be alone for a bit, that she had to go. She informs Tala and Sara to follow Lydia after all this is over, for following her will help them located her again, and then they will talk once she clears her mind. Before Tala could react, Bianca vanished before them, with anchors recording the whole ordeal. Bianca simply cloaked and uses the energy from her armor to hover away to the sea.

Bianca simply drifted away to until she made it to Cha Kwo Ling, Hong Kong. She went into an alley between two buildings and began crying to herself. She was happy that she saved some of her friends and ending Yuk, however, she cried because she felt she crossed a line she had just crossed, forcing herself to embrace it. Out of nowhere, a little girl who was passing by heard Bianca crying, witnessing Bianca without the covering armor on her face. She ran to Bianca and hugged her. Bianca thanks her, only to realize the girl sees her face, but the girl said she sees Bianca as a hero and that her secret is safe with her. Bianca hugs the girl and then she went off on her way to regroup with the others. The girl watches Bianca leave, only for the little girl’s parents, who were nearby, calling for her. She ran back to her parents with a smile on her face.

Ever since news coverage began on the small island on Kowloon Bay, Borojei witnessed Yuk’s corpse via news and sees the highlight of Bianca briefly standing with those who he sees as traitors, along with his human products, the girls and boys kept at Yuk’s Estate. Borojei’s ally in Africa was pissed off when Borojei told him about his men who were killed or beaten, detained and deported back and cancels all connections with Borojei since Tala is now free.

Jallen, who was supposed to go aid Yuk, was too late to meet with Yuk due to running a few jobs for Borojei regarding his other connections. She was near Tai Wan Shan Park on a motorcycle, and then she removed her helmet and enabled her visor to see the highlights of what happened as she looks at the island from miles away. She began talking to herself, Yuk incompetent and unworthy, carelessly taking on The Steel Maiden, as she walked to the edge to sit down. She got up seconds later and went back to her motorcycle and disappears, riding away as the sun began to shine. Borojei knew that Bianca has become a bigger threat and decides to take matters into his own hands, plotting against those who made her stronger, just as they had made him stronger in the past, contacting Jallen for another mission.

Jallen received her mission detail while she was riding her cycle on the highway, cutting through both road and hover vehicles. With her mission in mind, she uttered in Japanese that she will be the one to break The Steel Maiden, and eventually kill her; unaware of what Borojei has in mind for Bianca. Since that day, Bianca thought to herself how she crossed the line she thought she’d never cross. She took the life of someone who tried to kill her and possibly kill someone else. The thought haunted her, however, after a bit of meditation and focus, she convinced herself that criminals with a past of atrocities should be punished, taken down for good for the greater good; that taking a life of a vicious criminal that is beyond repentant should bt put down to save many more innocents.

Confession, Jallen’s Mission

The island Yuk inhabits was in the process of being cleared out, many of his living followers and those of Frust Congo had been arrested; some sent to prison again, members from Frust Kongo had been deported and imprisoned in South Africa. The men that Black Shadow marked as traitors, wanted redemption and they followed Gardano. Gardano, Tala, and Sara accompanied Lydia, who led to the Triads with Lydia. With Sonny Wu in custody, Tonz and the others felt happy that things are going their way, as with Yashki he was extremely happy that his sister is back.

Black Shadow use to be a gang that was unknown to many, some even called it a ghost who kidnapped children and adults alike in the past, but since Bianca and friends meddling with the gang, people are able to open their eyes and see Black Shadow was using technology to trick people, having connections and bribing them to provide cover, and the use of meta-humans, along with more things. Sun Lee Yuk’s death also crippled the whole human trafficking underworld altogether, for he as the big man when it came to these things. Cyberpunk, who was alive, had been sent to a prison where he was treated and interrogated, but they were unable to get answers from him for Cyberpunk pretending that he was used, since this information was in fact true, however, he was jailed for his previous crimes involving murder.

Yuk’s right hand man, The Clerk, was also jailed with Cyberpunk. He admitted into helping Yuk kidnap people for years, as well as taking part in the killing of a orphanage house owner, along with Cyberpunk; both of them having offensive stacked upon them for they made the orphanage fire look like an accident, and the people who were part of the orphanage were able to bring their case against them. Yuk’s corpse was taken to a morgue in Hong Kong, but the corpse was vaporized once the Chinese forensic teams were done with it, as well as the team wrapping up at the late man’s Estate.

Bianca was nowhere to be seen until later that day, she returned to the Triad hideout. Yashki thanked Bianca and friends for saving his sister, and Tonz told Bianca that if she is going to take down the remainder of Black Shadow, that everyone from the Triad will join her to the very end. Later that night, Bianca was just done talking to her uncle and father via hologram face time and Gardano confronted her, with Momoko and Lydia. Gardano confessed to Bianca, telling her he is sorry for all that he has done, adding that when they first met a long time ago, he took risks to make sure those who were kidnapped by Black Shadow did not suffer, trying his best to prevent it, including having Bianca flee when she as young. He stated if Bianca had never escaped probably all of them would not be here right now. Momoko and Lydia told Bianca the risks Gardano took to help them, but Bianca knew. She went over to Gardano and hugged him, stating that the Black shadow will not hurt him or anyone else when justice is taken to Borojei’s doorstep.

Days later, Brian and Bianca went to visit Shen. Bianca’s uncle was not oblivious to what was going on, and explained that he knows, that he had a feeling. He knew Bianca was The Steel Maiden, and he said to her when will she tell Wei, her father about what is going on, stating if anything happens to her it will be obvious to him and everyone else. Then she talked with Brian alone, and Brian knew what had to gone down at Yuk’s Estate.

Bianca told Brian even though the men she killed were criminals, she still had blood on her hands, and that taking a life changed her. Brian stated when he was doing missions for the CIA, many unexpected things happen, adding that just like her, he was training with the CIA because he was chosen for a program they had, that accepting it is also accepting what must be done. He stated that before his team separated, he had seen and done things himself, hence why when he was on break he moved to Thailand. Brian tried to cheer her up by telling Bianca she is saving lives and she is to keep doing just that, to not let such things bother her. Bianca then stated that if something has to be done for the greater good, she is now willing to do what it takes as long as she is walks the earth.

Meanwhile, Jallen had been given a mission by Borojei sometime ago. She went to Beijing during the evening hours as it was drizzling outside. She infiltrated the location she was told to go to and kill all those who knew about the nanotechnology program that enhanced Bianca and Borojei, the only two to survive this secret project, since Borojei suspected that all the scientists knew, but truly there was only one mastermind behind the resources for the projects.

No one knew who Jallen was until a random guard saw a woman in a lab coat, who kept her head down as she walked. When the guard went to check for authorization, Jallen looked up at the man, causing the man to be stunned in fear, for seeing someone, a geisha of all place at random spooked him, Jallen nearly killed the man and she forced him into a room, slashing away at him, leaving him to die, then she shambled her way deeper into the facility, using the information that Borojei had given her. Jallen burst into the main research and development room on the floor, before anyone could react; she began killing people with shadowy construct claws stemming from her hands. Jallen nearly killed Hanz, thinking he is dead, she moves on to the next target, killing the rest as she chants her own name in Japanese repeatedly and blaming the victims for actions of an unknown event that is only known to Jallen herself. Jallen’s actions caused Beijing officials to be on high alert, and suspected that this was retaliation to Yuk’s death in Hong Kong days ago, that it is a message that was to be seen by everyone. Hanz, who survived the attack, was not a fighter, but he was able to play dead until officials started to swarm the area, but Jallen escaped being disguised as a security guard while getting out of a window which she busted open. When the coast was clear, she took off her the disguise and officially fled the scene. Hanz knew he had to go find Bianca immediately. Ashe tried to leave the area, he saw a Chinese woman lying on the ground, who had gone into shock from bleeding out. Hanz walked up to her to see if he could help, but the woman had already died, causing Hanz mourns her death, as well as his colleagues. Hours later, Hanz, who was shaken by the ordeal, managed to use first aid resources from his car to patch up some of his injuries. He kept thinking about what just happen and several minutes later, he contacted Brian, who was about to leave to Hong Kong with Bianca, causing the duo to change plans and go seek out Hanz. Bianca and Brian were unaware of what took place, but later were informed about it via news and hologram feeds, in addition to what Hanz had told them when they located him.

Training Day

Prior to when Gardano made his confession to Bianca, him, along with the others who choose to help Bianca began training, knowing that Borojei is not just an elite fighter, but a cunning and powerful opponent, for Gardano heard stories and had seen the man, but never had he seen Borojei in action. As for the Triad, since Tala was with them, she decided to teach the members some fighting moves, requested by Tonz, joking that they only know basic stuff. Momoko joined them, wanting to learn how to defend herself. They began training a day after Yuk’s defeat, and have been for some time now until Brian and Bianca returned from Beijing, this time alongside Hanz. Hanz began telling Bianca’s allies about what went down in Beijing, adding even though he survived; Black Shadow’s message was recognized. Bianca sees everyone training and informs them that all of them need to be ready because Borojei is no easy target. As Bianca was being up-to-date on the events caused by Black Shadow’s actions, Bianca trained those who share her goal. Hanz was recovering from his injuries, when he was able to move again, he worked on preparations for Bianca’s armor, to improve it some more with the resources that was available to him.

Bianca focused on Momoko more when it came to training. Momoko used what she learned from Tala and Brian, as well as Bianca to prove herself, for she wanted to take a shot at Black Shadow as well for what they did. Since Bianca had her own codename, she decided to call herself Ninja Girl, telling Bianca it was a name she used to use when she was young while she played with friends. When it came to fighting, Momoko was below Bianca, but Bianca sees that the girl is improving and encourage her to continue to make progress.

The Triad showed some people parkour and how to use some of the gadgets they have, which Momoko took advantage of to improve her skills. After some time, Momoko sparred with Bianca again, during the fight, Bianca talked about how she learned to be strong, in addition, how her father had trained her, for she wants to teach people in the same way her father did. She motivated Momoko and everyone else to train every day, physically and mentally, at a moderate rate in order to achieve success.

Later that day, Bianca, Brian and Tala spoke with Hanz. Hanz explained that the assassin was so out-worldly when she attacked. He added that the assassin was a woman, most likely Japanese. That she wore all black. Her face was visible and it was ghostly and geisha-like appearance, with pitch black eyes, at times shimmering white. Hanz went on to say that the woman was chanting as she fought, chanting possibly her name, and uttering Jallen over and over again, in addition to blaming him and the others for unknown accusations she kept accusing them with. Hanz fixed his glasses and took a breather, saying if this was indeed the work of Black Shadow, they need to be stopped. Bianca told Hanz that this woman he speaks of is a meta-human. She stated she seen the woman before and probably Tala, Sara and Gardano has seen her too. With that being said, this caused Tala to remember, that she had seen the woman a long time ago, but didn’t think of her as a meta-human, for Tala just thought it was just another minion of Black Shadow, but with face paint and nothing more. Bianca stated that she is one of Borojei’s high ranking members, higher up than Yuk. Hanz chimed in and described this woman’s abilities even further, that when she is present or when her abilities take form, it chills the air in the area. Saying her arms and hands form shadowy constructs that resemble large claws or knives, controlling them with her fingers.

Borojei’s Agenda (Jallen’s mission Summary)

After Jallen had assassinated the scientists allegedly involved with Bianca’s newfound abilities, she supposedly didn’t see if Hanz was dead or not, for she was too busy rushing off to the next target, being as brutal with each of them after every kill. During the killings, she stabbed people in her path, slashing at Hanz. She managed to graze Hanz who blacked out due to his injuries, and she went about killing the rest of his team as well as destroying any projects, resources, blueprints and such in her path, those deemed important she took as spoils for Black Shadow to offer to her boss. Borojei had ordered Jallen to do this because he wanted all ties to the nanotechnology project to be severed for good, with their knowledge on the creation of this program ending in their deaths, as well as sending a message to everyone about who they are messing with. Jallen had already escaped before she could check the bodies again, but in her mind, she knew and is positive she had slain all those inside the R&D room within the facility, however, Hanz was among two survivors, but ends up being the only one, for the second survivor, a Chinese woman who was in shock, died from critically injuries shortly after she was discovered by Hanz.

After this was done, a forensics team and police had arrived at the scene to investigate. How the news was present was that Black Shadow, since they know the gang now, was trying to send a message due to this tragedy. This caused Palpert to return to Beijing with his team to help put an end to the gang since Bianca had exposed some of their members and connections, as well as Yuk’s death causing human trafficking to cease in the parts of Asia. Androids personnel were deployed to assist in the cause as well. Shen had also caught wind of this and knew Black shadow wanted Bianca to see this message, as for Wei, Bianca’s father, he wanted to go to Beijing, but deemed it too dangerous for now, since Bangkok had already began to recover from the situation The Bear had put them through, as he works day and night to help in research to help people who were given the drug, to recover. As for Hanz, he was able to escape before police had arrived, thinking that if they were to help him, he’d be exposed by the assassin, who might go for him or his family next. He was able to get out from a nearby exit, while using his coat to prevent his bloody wound from dripping on the floor. He used a first aid kit in his car and used an auto injector. He was able to contact Bianca and Brian later that night and informed them of the matter and they were able to get to his location and bring him to Hong Kong where he is under the protection of Bianca, Brian, and the rest of the Triad Freedom Fighters.

Hanz, who was the true genius behind the Nanotechnology projects, was still traumatized by the whole event and urged Bianca that the Black shadow is now sending out a super-powered assassin, stating somehow they knew what was going on inside the robotic engineering firm R&D department. Hanz, still a bit shaken by Jallen’s sudden attack, aided Bianca in helping her upgrade her suits capabilities, making it stronger and more resistance to attacks, despite this upgrades, Necro-Bots was still an issue because it is a type of nano-tech that is extremely harmful to humans, anything living, inanimate objects and machines alike. Bianca knew this substance was harmful, but didn’t know the official name of it until it was revealed to her t some point. Hanz also stated Black Shadow must’ve stolen resources the firm storage locations. Then he froze, and remembers about reports of the first serum project, before he could say anything, Momoko and Gardano informs the group about a possible location of Borojei’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Sara contacted her family members to let her know she is safe. They pleaded for her to come home, but she tells them she will return soon, for she is aiding friends of hers to take down those who kidnapped her to begin with. Still her parents pleaded for her to come and worry about her safety, but came to the conclusion that if it is what they’re daughter wants to do, then so be it.

Underground Fight Club in Shanghai

After about 3 days, Bianca and her team made preparations before heading to Shanghai, while the Triad overlooked areas in Hong Kong, even sending their own to Beijing to help out. Tonz and the other leaders converse with Bianca and the others for the last time, with Tonz putting his hands on Bianca’s shoulders, saying if there is anything that needs to be done, to contact them, he dabs up Bianca then made a fist, and placed it on his chest, the other leaders did the same out of respect for Bianca leaving Hong Kong, as for Yashki and Lydia, they chose to go with Bianca to help her in Shanghai. In Shanghai, Black Shadow nowhere to be found, however, the city has been having crimes conducted by a petty gang ran by Koreans. Bianca and her team were able to easily track and shut down the Korean gang, which led them to information regarding an underground fight club. The former Korean gang leader have other information who anonymous people who attend these clubs, people of other nations such as from Russia, Asia, North Korea and The United Kingdom, along with a few others.

They did not find Borojei Imai, but found Kane Takano, a rich playboy of the Black Market in China, who ran the underground fight club; it is also possible that he is a high ranked member of Black Shadow. Kane was unaware of The Steel Maiden’s presence in Shanghai, he is aware about Yuk’s death, and the failed operations by The Bear and of his team in Beijing as well as the recent Korean gang who has always offered him money; what he doesn’t know is that it is a girl under the armor, and he still assumes that Bianca is an android, for no one has told him about anything involving the one trying to stop Black Shadow. Kane’s main source of power lies in his suppliers, contacts and close friends, who are seemingly branched off members to the gang because they sell and buy to Black Shadow in private markets and trades, with Kane being the go to man for anything related to the Illegal Black Market in Northern China. Meanwhile, Bianca’s team was able to pinpoint Kane’s hideout when they spent a good few hours disbanding the Korean gangsters in their main hideout when the minions of the gang literally led Bianca and her team to their leader’s whereabouts. Yashki, who was with Bianca and the others stated that Kane’s underground fights was private, but he didn’t know Kane had links to Black Shadow, at this Bianca stated they will have to investigate in order to expose Kane. The team had to dress up differently before actually going to the fight club, in a sense, they went undercover again, each of them having their own alias. Gardano and Hanz remained nearby and had comms stationed in a truck, thanks to a friend of Johnny in Shanghai. There information pointed to the Suzhou, China (Jiangsu province).

We Want You To Fight!

Shanghai is a big city, everyday and every night there is activity in every corner of the city. After Black Shadow’s exposure in Beijing and other parts of China, the city had changed drastically, even after Bianca had crippled Black Shadow, and since the recent defeat of the Korean gang, this were a bit peaceful. Kane himself has luxurious buildings in his name and has a business among central Shanghai, which circulates in other parts of Shanghai as well as China. He has a network within the prisons so he could exploit those who have changed their lives, those hoping to have a second chance, where forced into Black Shadow, unable to leave it, hence the numerous Black Shadow grunts used by the gang, with hundreds of members. He is also in charge of a fight club, carting to those who want to see a good, gritty fight in a private space. Kane had used some of those kidnapped by Black Shadow to fill his brackets, as well as exploiting those who want money, forcing them into the fight club, in order for them to not be recognized, he had the fighters wear makeup and used the remnant of Elrina’s drug to prevent his victims, being of different nationalities and backgrounds, from getting out of line, and painkillers to get them fighting every other day or week. The fights bring him money, as well as spectators paying big money for wanting to participate in the fights themselves, even though they know they will lose. Kane also have some bodyguards and workers, whom he persuaded into working for him, for they do not suspect a thing of what their boss is doing or what he partook in, often trying to keep his workers in check by paying them good, even tipping them himself. Just recently, there has been a woman, who had been observing the fight club for some time now, she has been plotting against Kane for some time, but has yet to make any move on her own. The woman was shrouded in a dark grey hooded, and had a visor that covered a good portion of her face, leaving everything below her eyes visible.

Meanwhile, Bianca, Lydia and Yashki were able to gain access into the fight club for two reasons. The bouncer was aware of both Lydia and Yashki being Russian, and he was able to converse with them, telling them that the other day someone won a bet and this bet allowed people to come in the next day for half the price. Since he was nice, he allowed the 3 of them in, calling Yashki his comrade. Bianca asked Yashki how he was able to get the bouncer to let them in, Yashki chuckled, telling Bianca that in Russia, some people tend to be friendly, especially if they run into someone of their own nationality outside of Russia. As they walked around the corridor, following others inside, they made it to the central room, which is the main one, with 3 fighting cages at the center. They saw a variety of people, well-dressed people of the higher class. Bianca made a remark, saying if only these people knew what is really going on. They saw two fighters fighting in one of the cages, two female fighters. As they saw them fight, a mysterious girl in grey told Bianca and friends, the fighters in the cage; one being a spectator, the other being one of the fighters for this fight club, making a remark that this fight club is illegal. She tells the name of the famous fighter DoR. When Bianca asked what does DoR mean, and the woman responded, it represents “Daughter of Russia”. She continues to say that DoR is like a wild animal, she is as strong as an Ox and enjoys fighting, hearing this, Bianca looked back at the fight with her hands in her hoodie pockets, “interesting” she said. As the woman continues to talk to Bianca and friends, an announcement was broadcasted inside the fight club, for a prize for rookie fighters who sign up for the fights will have a chance to win 400,000 credits.

One by one people were selected, while this was happening, the woman question Bianca as to why she is here. The woman stated she isn’t here to alarm Bianca and friends, so she took the opportunity to ask Bianca and friends for their help, directing them to a table so they could speak. After a bit of taking, the woman asked if she could get any of them something to drink or eat, they didn’t say anything, then she looks at Bianca, and Lydia, saying she was being sarcastic, knowing they are not old enough for drinks, but points as Yashki, who said no thank you. Bianca deduced the woman due to her accent, telling her if she is Arabic, or any of those nationalities, and the woman tells her she was born in Iran, soon, her family moved to the United Kingdom, however, some of her relatives have moved to other areas, such as Shanghai. At this, Bianca asked her what brought her all the way out of the United Kingdom, then the woman put her hands together, adding that if she manages to read up on what took place in United Kingdom, specially, London, the event that took place there changed her, adding that her grey clothing and the covering of her face is a symbolic reminder of what happen that day. She looks at Bianca and friends, telling them that they will soon find out for themselves of what she is talking about.

As they continue to talk, she asked Bianca if she is a capable fighter, to which Bianca joked with her, telling her what makes her thing that she is a fighter, at this she stated she had some friends who were fighters, commenting that they were heroes in their own right, for Bianca reminds them of her friends in London. She stated she came to Shanghai at the request of a family member because their daughter had been missing for some time now, adding she found her belongings nearby this area that she found and not the police.

Iranian girl.png

The woman, who is dubbed the Iranian Girl, tells Bianca she had been hearing news about kidnappings years ago in areas like Beijing, Hong Kong, etc by a group known as Black Shadow. Bianca leaned in closer, telling her if she knows more about Black Shadow, then the woman smiled, saying the name of the gang interests her so much, to which Bianca tells her she has been helping out trying to stop them. The Iranian girl asked Bianca and out of nowhere question regarding Yuk in Hong Kong, asking if she had anything to do with his death, Bianca didn’t see the question coming and was stumbling to answer for a second, saying maybe. Right then and there, the woman deduced Bianca’s identity, adding that there was news about a girl who fought in Western parts of Hong Kong Island, but her actual identity was unknown, adding that she now knows the face, but not the name. With Bianca somewhat speechless, as well as Yashki and his sister, the woman tells them right now they have to deal with this illegal fight club, beginning to tell the story about the one she is looking for.

The woman begins to tell the story of the one she seeks

She tells Bianca and the others that a portion of her cousins have moved from Tehran, Iran to Shanghai, one of them being an exchange student who is working to specialize in medicine and scientist. She said since she was in the UK, she has kept contact with her cousin, Nazanin Sadaf, who is now living in Shanghai for almost 2 years. She continues saying Nazanin grew paranoid about the things that are taking place in China involving the kidnappings and drug crimes, as well as for the safety of her family members in the UK. Nazanin was the type of girl who was always paying attention to her surroundings. The woman began to say that Nazanin had been tricked somehow and kidnapped by the owner of this establishment, Kane; to become one of is fighters. Adding that Nazanin was also someone who took orders from people in order that she would not be harmed, saying, that fear probably drove her to remain with Kane in hopes, to avoid putting her family’s lives at risk.

The woman said she came to Shanghai to comfort her relatives and helped the police try to find her, but they were unsuccessful. She stated she is part of a group known as The Faceless, with some of their members being in China. She says that one of them was able to pin point Nazanin last location with just her picture, with the woman stating that she was able to find Nazanin’s belongings near disposal bins on the side of the fight club location. She then went on to say that she had been attending the fight club to see if her theory is true, she did see Nazanin among the fighters, but it seems she had been drugged to not recognize anyone or anything, in addition, the woman said she cannot remove her visor in public because of what it represents for members of Faceless, adding that yelling Nazanin’s favorite things in their native languages was not enough to bring her back. The woman stated that she was not able to do it alone, but now Bianca and friends are here, she feels that it is time to bring down the fight club for good by exposing Kane for who he really is. Bianca accepted in helping the woman after she heard the story, at this, the woman was relived, saying she is not much of a fighter, saying she is more of a techie and tactician. She tells Bianca that she did win a spot to fight among the other fighters, giving the ticket to Bianca. She tells Bianca she will have to fight, get into the ring to see if she could get a hold of Nazanin for her. She also states that once Nazanin is free, they will attempt to expose by getting information detail from the backstage area behind the cages. The woman knew Bianca’s name, but marked her name as Byianko on the ticket. Bianca was caught off guard with the ticket, which was already evaluated by one of the robots who was passing by them, then she asked for the woman’s name, only for the woman to smile, telling Bianca, members of The Faceless are not too keen on revealing their faces or their name in public, unless in a private setting. Once the robots evaluated all the tickets, Kane, who was masked, read out all the names and the light was shining down at those chosen for the fight, with Bianca obviously being disturbed by the sudden bright light that hit her face after being in the dark for so long. Bianca asked the woman if the fights will start immediately, but the woman told her to come back in the next 3 days, then the fights will start, adding she will reveal more of the plan to her when they meet up again.

Meanwhile, Borojei, Jallen and the others celebrated that the scientists were killed; not knowing Hanz is still alive. AS Borojei sat with his followers, Jallen entered and sat on top of the table in front of him with her arms crossed. Jallen spoke to Borojei in his native tongue, Japanese, telling him what about the robot girl, to which Borojei stated that he will deal with her when he is done conducting business with some new friends of his over in The United Kingdom. Jallen being angered because she wants to destroy Bianca, she stood up on the table in front of everyone there, walked to the other end as Borojei, his followers and connections watched, she hopped off the other end of the table and exited the room. His followers and connections looked back at him, one of the non-Asian men there asking if she does this normally, only for Borojei to tell them that she is one of a kind, the assassin is known for making a good entrance and a good exit, telling them that it is now time to get back to business.

Biyan-KO (Byianko) Vs. Everyone

The time finally came for Bianca to start in the participating in the fight club by means of undercover work and helping a member of the Faceless out. The fights take place for a span of a week, for the fights itself it will be 3-4 fights a night, and since this was underground, there is no rules, if the fighter is able, they’re to continue going for the next day. Before the coming days, Brian did some investigation on the Iranian woman who said she was part of a group called Faceless, to which he stated the group originated in The United Kingdom 1-3 years ago, but the actual time and date of their appearance is unknown, saying they could have been around longer.

Bianca was called a rookie or the scrawny Asian girl who will be knocked out with ease. Bianca’s first opponent was a North Korean girl, who, as the Iranian woman stated, appears to be drugged. The girl went by the stage name BnB (Beaten n’ Broken). She had a blonde Mohawk, and had a tan complexion with negative colored eye contacts. She hyped up the crowd and she made her way to Bianca, who was standing there, fearless with her arms crossed. She got in Bianca’s face huffing and puffing under her own breathe, waiting for the ref to tell them to start. As the ref was making preparations, BnB stated that she will make Bianca bleed red just like the Chinese Flag, however, Bianca remained positioned, unfazed by the threat, pissing off BnB even more. The fight started, and BnB did her best to hit Bianca. Bianca herself was agile and was able to evade every incoming attack from BnB, Bianca was able to KO BnB on the 25 second mark. This made the crowd boo at Bianca saying she cheated, but she won fairly by knock out.

Bianca was put in more fights against other female combatants, only to knock them out as well, a British fighter swung at Bianca twice, knowing she couldn’t win, she forfeited the fight. Bianca also discovered she had developed an unknown form of healing capabilities in order to recover from some hits over time, a bit faster than previously. After these fights, it caused people to like Bianca more, with Russian spectators calling her by her stage name Biyanko. The masked Kane took notice in this and Bianca winning is causing him to lose some money, so he had stronger fighters go for Bianca the next day, eventually Bianca came face to face with DoR. With Bianca doing the fighting, the Iranian woman used this opportunity to further her investigation, eventually with Lydia helping her.

Bianca and DoR were about to fight, and DoR stated that Bianca will be destroyed today, and the ref started the fight without giving a small talk. Lydia and the woman discovered that some fighters who never got a chance to fight were caged up, some who were sober, but weaken, others with malnutrition. They eventually found the girl, the one the Iranian woman was looking for; however, they didn’t stay back stage long because a large man in a green coat had been spotted guarding the place, forcing Lydia and the woman to retreat. Brian, Hacker Jack via hologram, and the others started their investigation by attempting to get into on Kane by hacking the sensitive networks in the underground facility by trying to get camera footage, but in order to get more accurate info, they had to get inside.

Bianca was able to beat DoR, and she ahd taken her down, putting her in a lock position whereas Bianca could easily break DoR’s leg if she wanted, causing DoR to tap out. The fight was indeed brutal, but Bianca helped DoR up on her feet, shaking her hand, something the crowd had never seen before. Even though she won the prize money, she casted it aside to the spectators, who did not question or hesitate, but collected Bianca’s winning credits from the floor. Kane was clapping, but under his mask he was angry, he had been angry since Bianca started winning against both rookie fighters and his fighters, causing him to lose his money, not thinking Bianca would get this far. This even promoted him to surprise his guests with a deluxe show where Bianca will be forced to fight the remaining male combatants. Behind the scenes, Kane had ordered his guards to partake in the fight posing as fighters, especially with one of his guards, Treen, the one who doesn’t really trust him that much. Kane knew he was losing a fortune and doesn’t want to lose any more money, thinking that if any of the male combatants can defeat and possibly cripple Bianca, it would be in the clear of not losing his fortune. On the first day of new week, Monday evening, Bianca fought against the remaining 2 combatants and ended them, leaving Kane’s big bodyguard left to fight.

Bianca vs. Mr. Treen


Interpretation of character

Bianca wanted to fight Kane and the crowded demanded it, she herself wanted this so she could expose Kane after she beats him, however, the plan had changed. Kane after clearly showing how angry he is through his body language, he sent on of his guards in his place, he sent out the former FSB, Mr. Treen. The large Russian man entered the ring in all his equipment, including his iconic green trench coat that covered his half his face now to his knees. As he stood before Bianca, he towers right over her, standing high at the height of 7.8 feet tall (237cm), weighting 455 lbs. As Kane, who appears as a hologram, could be heard crackling from his studio within the fight club, Treen crossed his arms behind his back and looked down at Bianca, who was in a fighting pose, but amazed at how tall her opponent is, for this is the first time she has seen someone like Treen; seeing this as both a firs time thing and a challenge.


The crowd was raving because they knew Treen looked like the type of guy to easily send the champion to the nearest Hospital. The Russian spectators in the crowd began talking with their Asian counterparts, asking them about the history of this man. The Russian stated that Treen was part of the FSB in Russia and is said to be the goliath of the special forces until some of the units had been laid off due to revenue issues, they do not know what took place after that, but said that Treen had been working as a bouncer or a guard in these parts of Asia, telling their Asian counterparts that it is great to see someone of such mystery work in Shanghai as well as to represent Russia. With that being said, the three Asian men who spoke to the Russians who sat on the table next to them, giggled and drank, in Chinese they joking that their so called champion may be going home in a body bag, saying this Treen guy looks like he has nothing to lose, no remorse probably. The ref got into the cage, and he himself had been scared of Treen for a while now and didn’t even do an opening talk, and the fight began when he motion his hand, at this the crowd chanted, anything goes as the woman with the sign “round 1” walked past the cage.

Treen continued to stand there, seeing if Bianca will either forfeit or attempt to strike at him. Bianca got in her boxing pose and moved around for a bit, she tells Treen, with a smirk on her face, why Kane can’t fight his own battles, but Treen didn’t respond, he stood there, emotionless, unfazed and unmoving, making the moment not only awkward, but a bit ominous. Bianca got close in fighting position, and Treen still remain as he is, so Bianca landed some hits anyway, knowing she hit Treen, but nothing happen. She stood there and looked at his face; his eyes cannot be seen due to his goggles and his lower face is covered by his coat, so Bianca is unable to recognize any expression from him, yet he continues to look at her.

Bianca punched him again, but this time she looked him dead in his face, and was thinking in her mind that this will not end too well, and the crowd saw Bianca’s expression, with a man in the crowd stating she is so screwed. Lydia and Yashki, alongside the Iranian woman, who is plotting to give the backstage run another go since Treen is not there, felt as though Bianca will get hurt badly if this guy strikes her. Lydia, who was holding Trex, says Bianca will find a way, as she prepares to go with the woman for another attempt to the backstage area.

Eventually, Treen grabbed Bianca by the face, as she beats into his hand; Treen threw her, and moved slowly towards her when she began to get up after being through on to the cage. Treen grabbed Bianca multiple times and threw her about like she is a ragdoll, throwing her face first on to the cage, other times she through with her back against the cage as well. When she came at Treen another time, Treen simply pushed her into the cage again, with Bianca’s face hitting the cage wall once again. As her face was still on the cage wall, Bianca was able to face the crowd when she, seeing them chanting that she will lose the fight or to give up. It is true that Bianca is trying to figure out some way to takedown Treen, but at the same time, she is buying her friends time to go to the back of the fight club and continue their search since Treen, the only guard that was there originally, is in the ring with her. Prior to the fight, Brian and Tala waited for Bianca to enter the fight club and when there is little activity going on outside of the club, the both of them were able to take out the bouncers. They went around the back, contacting Hacker Jack that they will get a device over to Kane’s network. Tala took the device from Bianca and proceeded to get to a secured hallway window, she is unable to get in, but she will toss the device to Lydia and the woman that Bianca had told Brian and the others about. Tala was able to get the device to Lydia and the woman and she climbed back down. Lydia contacted them saying that the woman has a vehicle nearby, a truck, which she will be using to free the captives inside the fight club. Brian asked if they could somehow unlock the exit door next to them on the outside, with Hacker Jack telling them that as soon as the device connects with Kane’s computers, he should be able to unlock the secured door, rubbing his hands together as he says this.

The both of them were able to get into the secured area that Treen had been guarding. Lydia spotted cameras watching them, only for the woman to say that the cameras are offline, telling Lydia she is able to see this because the small blinker next to the cameras are going on and off way to fast, meaning the cameras are out of service and in need of repairs. AS they continue, they saw the fighters locked out in the back, some of them have been recovering from the drugs that was given to them, one of them, BnB, could be seen in tears not wanting to do this anymore, for the drugs had wore off of her at some point rendering her normal. Then the Iranian woman saw her, Nazanin. She went to her cage as Lydia went for the computer in the next room to connect the device.

She tries to speak to Nazanin, but she was suffering from a bit of amnesia due to the drugs that was used on her when she fought one of the spectators who had their tickets. Nazanin was injured too because she had lost that fight. As this was going on, Lydia contacts Hacker Jack to start, but Hacker Jack joked with her, saying he jumped the gun as soon as she connected. Hacker Jack, being one of the most talented hackers in Hong Kong blazed through Kane’s network, mocking the rich man’s network, saying it is child’s play. He completed everything, but needed to confirm, he spun around in his hover chair, then he hit “Enter”. All the cages had been opened in both hallways, freeing the captive fighters. The secured doors around the building had been opened as well, at this, Tala and Brian tells Lydia and the woman that they will be waiting, after this was said, Brian, being overjoyed, said high-five to Tala, but left him hanging, not knowing what he met by that only after a few seconds to realize it, saying she is sorry as she toys with her dreads while smiling, giving him a high-five afterwards. One of the fighters was hopped up on drugs and stopped the Iranian woman taking weary Nazanin from her cage and she began charging at her. Seeing this, she said “oh boy” in Arabic. Before she was tackled, DoR stopped the woman by grabbing the fighter, telling the fighter to snap out of it, since she did not listen, DoR punched the fighter with one hit, rendering her unconscious. She then looked at Nazanin and the woman, and said to them she had to do it. With the fighters freed, DoR, BnB helped out the others, carrying those who are weak and weary, other fighters went after those who were unconscious. Yashki, who was outside, motioned his hand for the fighters and the others to see him, telling them this is the exit. As they ran through the hallway, the woman who was carrying her cousin, Nazanin, kept trying to talk to her, this time, with Nazanin trying to remember, the woman began telling Nazanin about her family and history, causing Nazanin to somewhat come to her senses, only to put her hand on her hand, saying she has a headache and that she is very hungry, hearing this, the woman smiled, saying she will be okay once they get out.

The mission was a success and Yashki made his way into the main area of the fight club. He erected his hand in the air, giving thumbs up. Bianca, still fighting Treen, looked into the crowd for Yashki and she knew what was done is completed. Hacker Jack was able to briefly activate the cameras, waiting on Bianca to give him a signal to expose Kane on the big screens and holograms inside the main fighting room. Bianca now realizing she has to win this fight, decides to even the odds against Treen, she needed something to punch through Treen’s trench coat, which is revealed to be of special fabric to absorb a good amount of incoming attacks.

She tried to get inside Treen’s head, telling him why is Kane having him do this, how much is he paying him, Treen responded she does not know Kane and tried to punch her, actually hitting Bianca in the gut, nearly causing her to black out. Treen stated if he hits a bit harder, he would have put Bianca down for the fight, telling her to just pass out and lose, telling her she has nothing to prove here. Bianca tried to attack him, even hitting him in the groin, which didn’t work, giving Treen the chance to pick her up by the waist with both of his hands, telling her that he can easily break her, and attempts to do so in hopes Bianca gives up. Bianca struggled a bit and she eventually broke free from both of Treen’s hands. None of her attacks were even working on Treen, but she had her hand wrappings, that can form and harden. She uses this to her advantage, and this time clean successful hits on Treen caused him some pain, and he stumbled a few steps back. He tried to swing a few times at Bianca, knocking her towards the cage, but she recovered and remained there, with her hands on the cage as if she is attempting to do something. She pushes herself from the cage and began sprinting at Treen. Treen started running a bit nearly hitting Bianca, but she was able to evade him by sliding right past his legs at an angle so Treen didn’t step on her. Treen was a big guy, but was slow when it came to stopping due to all the equipment that was on him. He charged right into the cage, destroying a portion of it. Treen rolled onto the spectator floor as the spectators rushed out of the way, with Bianca hopping out of the cage, but the fight didn’t stop, they continued on the spectator floor. Kane’s hologram was present and he screams at Kane to really hurt Bianca while trying to not give off the vibe of wanting Treen to kill his opponent, he paused for a second, covering his hand on the mouth of his mask, and he said that money is on the line to whom wins this fight, saying 1 million credits, with that said, this pushed Treen to fight even harder.

Bianca tells Treen he doesn’t have to fight anymore, that it is pointless, Treen throw some punches at Bianca, who was armored with gauntlets, blocking and holding Treen’s attacks. Treen landed a hit, only for Bianca to block it, the force from the hit caused Bianca to be pushed back,, before she could fall, she did a back flip, landing on a table with spectators on it. Treen tried to grab Bianca, but the spectators kept getting in his way, as they tried to run in fear. Bianca tells Treen that those who come to watch the fight are nothing more than rich men and women who through their money at a man who they know nothing of. Treen smashes the table, telling Bianca she has no idea, Bianca somersaulted over Treen’s hand, gaining air by using her hand on Treen’s head as for momentum. She continues to tell Treen to stop, but he refused, with Kane pressuring Kane, who was called up by Borojei about the fights, when Kane mentioned a skilled girl. Kane began to contemplate on what he received, and turned off his hologram broadcast, and made his way to the fight club floor with a metal suitcase.

Meanwhile, Lydia, who was with Trex, talked with the Iranian woman, thanking Lydia and her friends. Lydia asked if there is a chance they will meet again, and the woman stated with how this are going in the world, The Faceless will be present, as well as her being where she needs to be and possibly meet with Bianca and friends again. She tells Lydia she is going bring the girls to a shelter area to get food, water and proper clothing, eventually getting Nazanin home. She pats Trex on the head and hugged Lydia, saying it is a shame she has to leave so soon, but is confident they’ll all meet up again. As she started the truck, she said to Lydia “Afef, my name is Afef”. She joked with Lydia, telling her that since they were in private, she has revealed her name, but not the face, with Lydia smiling at her as Trex barked a few times. Lydia watched as drove off, while Tala and Brian made their way inside the front entrance of the fight club when Hacker Jack informs them that it is almost show time. After they went in, a black limousine was making its way to the fight club. Treen continues to fight as the angered Kane himself came out to witness the ordeal. He tells Treen to fight harder, that he will add on to his earnings if he breaks her legs. Kane starts to utter a bit of history about his late friend, Sun Lee Yuk, revealing to Bianca that he truly is with Black Shadow. Kane then removed his mask and smiles, that he knows the person who did it, but doesn’t know the name, adding that soon it will be all history. Bianca then uttered Hacker Jack’s name, in doing so, sensitive information from Kane’s in house network had been exposed, especially his comments about how he really things of Treen and how he lied to him about ever paying him the money he really needs, as well as comments made about how he is able to easily manipulate those who come to his club by giving them entertainment.

All this had been exposed on the screens and holograms. Treen, who was mid-way in an attack on Bianca, stopped. He stood up and looked at Kane. Kane, shocked began to say all of this is fabricated lies; he is being set up, asking everyone to be on his side. Treen called Kane a traitor in Russian. Treen was someone who really needed money and the revealed information caused him to be extremely pissed off. More information was cycled through when Hacker Jack clicked another button while connected to Kane’s network: Kane’s connection to Black Shadow, lying to concern guards, including Treen about his fighters; stating they were convicts from prison or from outside of China, his connection with a Russian drug-lord and some from the criminal underground as well as the Korean ones.

Kane was embarrassed as Bianca smiled at him, telling him the real loser of tonight’s fight was him, mocking him at how he is nothing more than a common criminal, below a criminal due to his activity in kidnapping people to fight for him. An angry Treen wanted to hurt Kane, wanting to make him beg for mercy. Kane was indeed angry; he was grinding his teeth and sweating. He was thinking he could easily shoot both Bianca and Treen if he lands his shot carefully, but hesitated, thinking if he messes up it is over. Then he remembers his suitcase. He tells Treen that he wins, and slides the suitcase in front of both him and Bianca. Before they could react, sentries began swarming the room, about 8 of them. What they didn’t see is that Kane pushed a button on the suitcase, causing the sentries to engage in hurting anyone they get close to. As the crowd panicked, Yashki was about to directed and led the spectators out an alternative exit, as Kane slipped through another corridor to a second another hallway, the one that Lydia and the woman had went through from the backstage, once he gets there, he enabled a lock for the fight club main area only, trapping Bianca, Treen and several spectators inside. As Bianca fought with the sentries, Treen tells her that something isn’t right; he then looked at the suitcase. Then Treen knew what it was. He tells Bianca that it is a bomb inside the suitcase, forcing Bianca to trade places with Treen in order for her to disarm the bomb. There was 2 minutes on the timer, Bianca was able to stop it by disabling a few of the mechanism inside the bomb, even increasing the timer, giving her enough time to disarming it completely. With the bomb disabled, Treen and Bianca destroyed the secured doors, making a way for them as well as the spectators to get out.

Kane was no fool, knowing about the Bianca, he had some of his men stay behind, they were tasked to look for bodies after the bomb went off, buut it didn’t, causing them to go in to shoot and kill Treen and Bianca. Brian and Tala, who was temporarily trapped when the doors shut, managed to help Treen and Bianca fight the armed men. Moments before they teamed up, Kane had escaped through another route, out of anger he had summoned his men to deal with any evidence once the bomb went off when he called them. As soon as he closed his phone, he saw Yashki at the other end of the alleyway. He was so pissed, he took out his gun and was about to shoot Yashki, who was several feet away, until he heard a girl behind him shouting “NO!” He turned his head and saw Lydia, with Trex guarding her, recognizing the girl for she was sitting with Bianca and was the only one the dog was next to every time she went to the fight club. Kane smiled, saying The Steel Maiden can’t save everyone; he aimed at Lydia, who held her head and closed her eyes, whimpering in fear. He cocked his gun and took 2 shots at Lydia. Trex managed to hop in the way, blocking both shots. Kane taunted his actions saying that his victims will be pushing daisies now, thinking he hit both the girl and the dog.

He began running as his men called him from the limousine. Yashki who witnessed this, thinking Lydia is dead, he rushed at Kane, who was also running in Yashki’s direction. He aimed his gun at Yashki, who stopped, but Kane was out of bullets. He tucked his gun away and slams into Yashki as he ran, pushing him to the side. Kane escaped, and Yashki was able to get up, he went to his sister, who was alright, however, Trex was not because he was hit by the gunfire and is in critically condition. Lydia began saying no over and over again, she removed jacket and tried to suppress Trex’s wounds, but he still kept bleeding.

After the fight club was cleared, Treen vanished without notice, parting ways with Bianca and her team. Tala and Brian heard Yashki and Lydia, who were still in the alleyway on the side of the fight club. The both of them were in shock, and then Bianca showed up. She saw her friends stand there, but wasn’t able to see what they were looking at. She called to them, but they did not answer, giving her the idea something is very wrong. She pushed passed Tala and Brian and saw the situation. Bianca was stunned, with her eyes wide open, as she approached Lydia, who was trying to help Trex. Lydia was crying as she explained the situation, and Bianca began crying, but sees that Trex is still alive. She went in front of Lydia and got on her knees in front of Trex and began crying, the first time Bianca had shown emotion at such a level. When she asked who did this, and she said it was Kane, when he was making his escape. She puts her head next to Trex, then she picks him up and her armor began forming around her.

Saving Trex

Bianca was armored up while holding Trex and began hovering away quickly, eventually using her thrusters for flight, leaving the alleyway and the others behind. Bianca pinpointed animal hospitals in the area, marking the closest as her destination. As she was crying, she began having flashbacks about when her father retrieved Trex from a shelter in order for her to cope with the losses in their family. She looked at Trex, despite being in such a state that she may lose her dog, she kept telling herself that she will save Trex no matter what, and that she can’t lose him. As Bianca, actually managing to briefly fly in her armor, Brian and the others went around to start looking for her while informing the others about what happened at the fight club in Shuzou. AS they left, the police began to rush to the area to figure out what was going on, as well as to mark the contact information of the spectators who were still near the club, while others went to investigate Kane’s Estate.

Bianca managed to get to an animal hospital, however it was closed since it is 3:50AM in the morning. She shot the hinges off the metal door in order to gain access into the building. She rushed into one of the operating tables, putting the wounded Trex down. She kept telling him to be calm and she began to perform surgery on the dog by using her armor, unaware that there was a veterinarian inside, who witness what Bianca is attempting, but didn’t try to stop her. She was able to form tools using her armor to remove both bullets, one from the shoulder and the other from the lower back on the side. At this point, the veterinarian made himself known, only for Bianca to tell him that she knew he was there, and to help her if he could, to which he, calling Bianca Ms. Steel, that he will find some medication. She was able to use the energy source from her armor to stop the bleeding since the energy collected by the armor while the veterinarian was able to stitch up where the dog was shot. All this took about an hour and several minutes to do, Trex had been saved, but she realized that the bullets had paralyzed 2 of the dog’s legs, one in the front and the other in the back. The veterinarian who was present came back with medication and supplies when Bianca told him about the situation, which he used on the dog as soon as he brought it. After the medication was given, he tells Bianca, referring to her as Ms. Steel, that the dog will need to rest, in addition, tells her that the building will be closed today, so she has the freedom to use anything in the building if she wishes and he will be present for several hours to aid her. AS soon as he went away, she began to do something extreme. She took apart one of the steel operating tables and was able to destroy it with her armor, liquefying the metals in order to form a prosthetic parts for the dog, which is met to enable him to walk and be better protected, as well as some protective covering that is to run along Trex’s back.

She uses the energy from her armor again to weld the pieces together and made sure it fit around Trex’s body and his paralyzed legs, she made it in a way that the metals can bend and move with Trex when he moves. Now knowing her dog will be okay, Bianca was as happy as she cried. The helmet part of her armor removed itself, revealing Bianca’s expression, happiness as she is crying, as Trex, still recovering, began licking Bianca’s face as she hugs him. Bianca was so tired that she blacked out, falling asleep next to the table where Trex was. Trex being able to move slightly was able to get off the table, and he sat next to Bianca, eventually falling asleep himself. The veterinarian checked up on the two of them, and sees Trex and an unmasked Bianca sleeping, so he went to get blanks and pillow. He placed the pillow under Bianca’s head and put the blankets on her and Trex. Bianca was so tired that she slept for hours. While she slept, the veterinarian was able to care for Trex and get the door to the building exit during that time. Bianca had a nightmare about Black Shadow, this time with the thought that after May Li had been abused, she was killed, with Bianca seeing this, but unable to stop it or do anything, resulting in her freaking out, waking up screaming, as she screamed, her armored formed completely, covering her face and it’s defensive and offensive capabilities were enabled. She paused and saw the veterinarian looking at her, then he tells her she may have had some crazy nightmare, and Bianca sat back down on the floor, with one of her hands on her head, as her helmet was removed, saying it was one of those nightmares that felt so real. Telling the man that she felt like a ghost witnessing a murder, she could scream and try to do something, but was unable to. The veterinarian tells Bianca that she may be hungry, and he tells her if she likes cheese steaks and fries, Bianca didn’t know what that is, but says she is hungry so she will eat whatever it is.

Bianca attempted to pay the veterinarian fr helping him, as well as the door she destroyed and the expensive steel operating table, but the veterinarian tells her it is cool, saying she has been saving people in China, that he knows about the Steel Maiden’s activities, but never suspect it was a kid behind all the super hero stuff. He tells Bianca to be careful, and Bianca left the building with Trex. She returned to Brian and the others that evening. Brian stated they knew she’d be back, saying they wanted to give her some time. Then they all saw Trex and were amazed that he is alright. Bianca made sure Trex went to sleep to recover some more. Hanz asked her how she was able to make the prosthetics. Bianca tells Hanz that she was able to use the armor to attempt to mimic tools and the energy stored in the majority of nano machines on her armor to melt and cool steel, then she was able to model out the metal as if she is knitting a sweater, forming the prosthetics that is on Trex right now. She says if she had a chance, she’d do it again, but at the time her emotion were pushing her to thinking of things she didn’t think she could do. Eventually Tonz contacted Brian and everyone with information Hacker Jack picked up on Kane’s network. He tells them that Hacker Jack will contact them in a few days, for since Hong Kong is doing well right now, and that Hacker Jack went to visit his cousins. He asks if Bianca is alright, for Lydia had told them what happen, then Bianca made herself known everything is good, Trex is recovering and she is doing well too. One night, Bianca was having a dream, but it was not like the random nightmares she had. This time, it is different and quite surreal as if she is literally in this dream world.

The girl of Dragon Diary

In this surreal dream, Bianca found herself without her armor, gadgets or any of her equipment. She looked at what she was wearing and was confused, thinking to herself that the white blouse with small flowers on it is a vintage America dress that use to be worn in the 2030s (equivalent to 1980s blouses) for she had seen historical logs about how people dress back then in comparison to the present day. After analyzing what she was wearing, she stood up, being a bit uncomfortable about the skirt she is wearing, which was part of and matching with the blouse. She was standing on top of a small flower grove with a lake nearby, questing herself of what this all means or how beautiful the place is, free from the flying cars, tech, etc and the air was crisp and clean.

Bianca had been wandering the large grassy grove for several minutes and she went on to a hill side, finding a place called Commonwealth Cemetery, which caused her to be curious if this has anything to do with anyone she has lost or if it met something, still confused, she continues. Bianca entered the area and began saying if anyone was here, yelling hello, realizing she can’t speak any other language, but her birth language, Thai, even if she forced herself to speak Chinese or English, all her words came out as her birth language and is somehow prevented to speak the other languages. Still confused, she wanders about the peaceful area, still unable to find anyone or anything, regardless, physically and mentally, she felt good, she had a strong sense of peace as a crisp wind blows. She saw a lone tree on a hill within the Cemetery and went to see if that too met something. As she got there, she didn’t find anything or anyone, still confused on what she is doing here, she sat down nest to the tree and attempted to wake up from the dream, but she is unable to. As she keeps on attempting, she hears footsteps, and a voice telling her “Good day and salutations” in English. Bianca got up, peeked around the tree behind her to see nothing, but after she blinked, she saw a 4 foot tall little girl with blonde hair and pale white eyes looking at her, curiously smiling, who appeared out of nowhere.

Bianca attempted to ready herself, speaking in Thai only, asking if the girl is a monster, some kind of phantom. The girl tells yes, she is a monster, as Bianca was about to get into a fighting pose, the girl told her she is kidding. Bianca asks her again the same question, the girl understood Thai and responded in English, telling Bianca she has the ability to manipulated dreams, stating she has manipulated Bianca’s dreams in order to meet her, saying everything she sees, the flowers, the cemetery, etc is from her own dreams and or mind and those things have meaning. The girl tells Bianca she comes in peace, and tells her she seems like the person to be part of her figurative puzzle. She tells Bianca that she goes by the nickname Chrono, not wanting to reveal her real name. When Bianca blinked again, the girl appeared behind her this time, starling Bianca, seeing Bianca act this way caused the girl to giggle. Bianca tells her why she could only speak Thai, and the girl said she has rules set up her for the main dream world of hers, and with a snap of her fingers, Bianca is able to speak her other languages. Now being able to speak English again, Bianca asks the girl why she is unable to wake up and the Chrono tells her she needs a moment with her, telling Bianca she too is also still a bit of a noob with her meta-human abilities, so it will not take her long to leave and Bianca to wake up.

She then pulls out her book, telling Bianca she calls this the Dragon Diary, saying she calls it that because of a Japanese woman, who becomes a strong warrior, gave her the idea. She reveals that she’s trying to prevent some things from happening, insisting that Bianca is a key player in her the cause and effect of what she knows. Bianca was confused, only for Chrono to state that she has many key players, androids, samurais from the past and future, and many allies to help her, including those in the present day, pointing her book at Bianca. Bianca stated if its help she needs, she’ll have to tell her more, however, Chrono stated that despite Bianca being a key player, she is not ready yet. Bianca assuming Chrono is wasting her time for the both of them have been with each other for what seems like hours, only for Chrono to tell Bianca that it feels like hours in the dream world, but comparing it to the time in the real world it is mere minutes. She continues, telling Bianca she is only here to make herself known for she has an expansive memory of everyone she meets, pointing at the tombstones, telling Bianca those are not literally graves of people, but they are to represent memories, all of them having engraved information logs when one interacts with them, saying that in the real world it is like interacting with a hologram or history logs. She then pointed into the distance, activating one of the memories from the tombstones, which caused a silhouette of a girl to appear on top of the tombstone. She tells Bianca that another girl will help her find her path, that she is to befriend the girl. Bianca asked if this is someone she will meet in Asia, but Chrono shook her head as she said no, telling Bianca that this girl she will meet when she is to go overseas after her goals have been met, joking that some girls like to play ninja and others like to play samurai, hinting to Bianca of who this girl would be. Bianca still doesn’t understand what Chrono was trying to say, but Chrono stated that the girl in the distance is in her Dragon Diary too, just that she doesn’t know it yet, adding her things could get a bit confusing with her, that she is to meet this girl soon anyways, but the end result is the same.

Chrono stopped the hologram image and reminds Bianca that she just wanted Bianca to know she is present, but tells her when she wakes up; all that has happened in the dream will probably be forgotten and or scrabbled, telling Bianca she does not know the full grasp of her dream manipulating powers herself, for she is dealing with a struggle of her own. She causes the dream world to shimmer as if it was about to vanish. Bianca asked what is going on now, then Chrono tells her it is time for her to wake up, telling Bianca that she has to try and recall things because when she does wake up what she had seen or heard will be like scrambled eggs, with everything she knows will be difficult to remember. Chrono tells Bianca good luck and have a wonderful day, and suddenly Bianca begins falling through the ground, with Chrono yelling that this is the only way for people to wake up quickly, especially after continuing her dream world with someone else’s. She was falling in an area with clouds and a blue sky, passing by rows of clouds until some of the clouds became distorted and the sky had darken. She continued falling until a city shimmered into existence, a random city in America, possibly New York. She saw holograms and billboards having 6 letters “SAK.KAT”. She falls until she supposedly falls to her death when she made contact with the ground, causing Bianca to wake up immediately from the dream. Waking up shouting as if she was shouting a battle cry, she had looked at her hands, seeing her palms were sweaty and she was slightly sweating from head to toe.

Bianca had no recollection about what was seen or heard, since Chrono even stated that coming to contact with her in the dream world will make it difficult for someone to recall things making the person have a scrambled memory of the dream or not recall anything at all, making it somewhat unknown unless the person really tries to remember.

Bianca didn’t recall anything at all, however she thinks of billboards and the wording on it. Just so she wouldn’t forget, she wrote what was on the billboards down as a note. The dream to her felt like 12+ hours, but the reality is she was only asleep for about 2 hours. Brian, who was just coming from the bathroom knocked on Bianca’s door, telling her if everything is alright, that if it was a nightmare again, Bianca tells him she is fine, she didn’t want to say it was a nightmare, so she said she thought a spider was clawing on her, face palming herself for saying that. Brian chuckled as he walked back to his room, saying to Bianca that a spider manage to spook her, knowing Bianca is practically not afraid of anything. With this in mind, Bianca continued to do what she does; somewhat unaware of what just happened, with that word/name meaning something, but she tells herself she will find out what it all means one day.

Telling Daddy the Truth

Bianca and her team traveled to Beijing, which is completely different now since Black Shadow activity had ceased. As they were making preparations on their next move, Bianca told everyone there is something she has to do and she went alone, for prior before going Beijing, she had contacted her uncle to make agreements for her father to come visit, for it has been a while since the both of them had physically send Wei instead of using hologram communications.

Bianca’s father, was delighted and happy to see his little girl, all grown up, strong and independent, and accepted the invitation because right now things are a bit calm in Thailand, that he has some time off to go to China, hearing this Bianca looked at Shen, who nodded at her with a smile. Meanwhile, Sara herself went to go see her family, who had only gotten a message from her, but had never seen her since the day she had been kidnapped, telling Bianca and the others she will be away for a day or two, and will contact them when she is coming back.

When Wei arrived, he was greeted by Brian, Shen and Bianca, and Bianca told her father how he was, for him to say that Thailand has gotten a bit better now since the drug-lords have been removed, for people think after what has happened, the Thailand Ninja had since retired. He also stated that the engineering branch in Thailand has been prosperous since Japan has started to help them out in joint projects. Then Wei stated that he had heard about what happen to the Engineering firm in Beijing. They had dinner afterwards and talked, after the dinner they were outside chatting. Bianca took a deep breath and went to her father; she put one hand on her father’s shoulder, looking into his eyes. Wei asked if there was something wrong, and Bianca looked down slightly and sighed.

Bianca then went on to say that ever since the family had been hit with tragedies, she had always wanted to be strong and protect those who remain, friends and family. She continued to say that when she began living in China, the kidnappings, everything had changed her into something completely different. She then revealed to her father by stating her full codename, is The Steel Maiden of Beijing, of China, as well as being the Ninja of Thailand. Wei was confused and stated that it cannot be, only for Bianca to tell him the fighting styles from footage about her is mixed, how she handles things and such, stopping criminals and doing what is right, stating she has mirrored her late brother in every way, that Kenneth had always talked to her about how to be strong, to stand up for those who can’t defend themselves. This shocked Wei, who still didn’t believe what he was hearing. So Bianca’s suit of armor that appears from her clothing like liquid, forming onto her body and forming the visor, which went from blue to red in a few seconds. Wei was shocked by this revelation, and was also sadden.

He was not happy for this big reveal, tells Bianca that she is putting her life at risk and since she has been doing this for a while now, wouldn’t she be worried if the bad guys found those connected to her and hurt them. He put his hands on his head, telling her he saw the footage from when she was in Thailand, even though she defeated the criminals, at times, they nearly got the upper hand on her, that she would have been killed or something bad could have happened. He then put his frustration on Brian, his pupil and chosen guardian for his daughter. Brian admitted to Wei that he was like him when Bianca decided to go down this path, skeptical about Bianca’s decision. For the attempts at trying to stop her from doing this, she continued anyways, risking her life as well as nearly dying to become strong. He continued to say it is something that known of us want to be a part of at first, but eventually Bianca made up for it and because of her people had been saved, cold cases have been closed with 100% proofs, illegal drugs moving throughout parts of Thailand and China has been declining and so forth. Shen chimed in that it took a while for him to figure it out; he was able to put two and two together. Wei was crying because he didn’t want his daughter to risk her life when someone else qualified could do this. He puts his hands on the side of Bianca’s face, as the visor reacts from her. He continued to say that people in China’s Engineering firm were slaughtered because of Black Shadow as well as other crimes and murders committed by them, he continued to say that Hanz, a good friend of his, was killed along with everyone else by this gang. At this, Brian tells Wei that there is something he should know, and then Hanz and the others emerged from the other room after they heard Brian say that.

Wei was shocked to see Hanz was alive and hugs him, telling him that when was in Malaysia; he heard the news and assumes the worse. Hanz tells him that he’s alright, he was injured badly and was lucky to survive, but because of Bianca and the others they were able to help him recover and offer protection. He continue to reveal that for some time he was helping Bianca, teaching her and contributing to her goals, including hidden solider program using nanotechnology, for when she was a little girl, she had interest in what the Engineering firm had been doing. He joked saying that the things it take some kids to learn in 12 years, including university education, Bianca was able to cram it all in within a few days of study and research. The others who were present told a bit of their story to Wei. Sara came with her family, with her father and mother thanking Bianca for what she had done. After this, Momoko tells Wei that they will help Bianca put an end to Black Shadow, with Bianca telling her father to trust her and her friends.

Wei started to realize what they’re saying, and he went to his daughter and hugged her. Bianca hugged him back, as her suit retracted from her body. Wei told her that he doesn’t want to lose another one of his children, his only child left, only for Bianca to tell him she is strong and she will do what she has to do, for her, there is no turning back. She comforts her father, telling him it will be alright. After the hug, Wei stated where she is to go next, saying this with worry in his eyes. Then Bianca tells him their next destination will be Russia, for the root of the cause is stationed there, for a man named Borojei Imai is the head of Black Shadow. She stated not only she will end Black Shadow, but she will save childhood friend, her sister, May Li, who is probably in captivity in Russia. Wei told her to be careful, Shen walked over to them and they began to group hug. Wei himself did not go back to Thailand after the reveal; instead, he remained by his brother’s side in Beijing. Bianca kissed her father on the cheek, telling him that she will be okay; the rest of the team prepared themselves. Brian started up the car, telling Bianca what will be the first thing they’ll do before going to Russia, and Bianca tells everyone that the first thing they will do is seek out someone who could help them, Kane’s former bodyguard, Mr. Treen.

Confronting Treen

After the fight with Kane, Treen had supposedly parted ways from the Black Shadow member who lied about issues regarding payment as well as a list of other things that triggered the former bodyguard. Treen was already pissed and was in a bar somewhere in Shanghai. The bartender didn’t mind giving Treen some drinks, because the reality was Treen was extremely intimidating to the bartender, his workers and people who were at the bar. While Treen was minding his own business, Bianca, Brian, Momoko and Tala confronted him for they returned to Shanghai in order to seek him out, but this time, they were dressed in a way so Treen wouldn’t recognize them. Bianca herself appeared to Treen like the day she first met him, in the ring; dressed up in a Muay-Thai outfit while sporting a grey hoodie.

Treen asked why is she here, and threatens Bianca that this time he will hurt her badly, that because she helped with dealing with Kane, he doesn’t see her as a friend or an alley, for he wants that part of his recent past to be nothing but a memory. Despite Treen’s semi-hostile attitude, Bianca tells him that she isn’t here to fight, she actually needs his help. Treen put his drink now, got up and crossed his arms, telling her how is a small shrimp like her is going to get any sort of help a former FSB operative such as himself. Bianca took out a small box, and tells him that Kane, his former employer, was actually keeping the money away from him on purpose, and stated that she is giving to him what is rightfully his. This caused Treen to calm down and actually speak without threats to Bianca, and then he walks in forward to an unfazed Bianca, asking her, what it she needs from him, and Bianca asks him they’ll need a way to get to Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Treen asks Bianca what is it she needs in Russia, and her eagerness of going there quickly, and she smiles, saying some of her friends have pinpointed Kane’s contacts isn’t hat area, saying not only Kane’s sensitive info has been leaked the night they met, but extra information they took from his network are in their possession, and it leds to the area mentioned in Russia. As much as a brute Treen is, he decides to help Bianca and her friends.

As they got outside, Treen tells them he has a fast hover craft vehicle that could carry them, mocking Brian for not having any hover car or vehicle, that he still sticks to the retro stuff, only for Brian to cross his arms and sighing, that he is a guy who loves retro things. On the way there, Treen began to ask questions about Black Shadow, for he never heard Kane speak about them as much, and Bianca started to explain everything, shedding some light on the situation for Treen, at this Treen decided to tell the group he will be willing to help out because he has young ones in Russia he doesn’t want to see them get hurt by the gang, adding that he did hear a story about a former punk band girl who was nearly influenced by an unknown Asian gang. Bianca tells him once the leader is cut off, the others wills scramble, making it easier for them to clean up.

Meanwhile, Kane had since escaped and made his way to Borojei, along with the remainder of his men. Borojei and his crew had attempted to round up more girls in Russia, tricking the teens into helping Black Shadow in order to kidnap them afterwards, which almost worked, admitting that without Yuk, it is difficult to get things going, saying that they have to rely on primitive ways of kidnapping; but they weren’t able to kidnap as much people as they wanted. Jallen told Borojei if she could go and end their lives of those girls, only for Borojei to tell her that the teens will never find them again, unlike how things turned out in China. Kane was given another chance, but to remain in Russia until Borojei’s biggest show is completed, unknown to everyone, Kane doesn’t realize he had a tracker on him; this tracker was placed on him by an individual in Shanghai.

--- Lydia, who helped the Iranian girl was given an encrypted USB and a tracking device that was linked to a VIP, Kane, but she doesn’t tell Lydia the rest of the information. Lydia handed this important USB over to Brian, who was able to gain the coordinates on Kane who is the VIP, with this information leading them straight into Borojei himself, right before the tracker expired, the final information on the location was Krasnoyarsk. This gave the team a clear idea of where to start looking, eventually gaining help from Treen to hasten their efforts. Unknown to everyone else, including his own team, Borojei was no fool and he is very smart. He thought a few steps ahead of Bianca and placed a trap designed especially for her, but he wants her alive because he has plans for her.

Russian Excursion

Treen drops the group off in their chosen location, telling them he will be visiting old friends of his that he will not be too far away if they need him, giving Bianca his contact module in case she needs him. As much of a brute Treen is, with little words left to say to the group, he apologies to Bianca and friends, adding that Kane kept playing with his head because he really needed the money. Bianca had already added Treen’s contact module to her comms, so that she is to contact him if things get dicey, for he wants to see what Black Shadow really is and wishes to fight against them as well when the time is right. Gardano, who had been in the group for a while now, was close to Momoko, due to passively saving her during the many weeks of captivity she was in, for Momoko reminded him of his son, who had been allegedly assassinated by Borojei’s men when he disobeyed them. Momoko told Gardano after this is all over, she will be his daughter, for she had no recollection of her parents, which she assumes to be death during her time at the orphanage. This made Gardano tear up a little bit, adding that after all this is set and done they’ll move to Japan, for he has relatives there she could meet. The rest of the team received word on this as they were preparing, and applauded the good news; for Bianca, even though she was holding back feelings, she’s happy that her team, her family, made her open up a bit more since the death of her mother and brothers, the kidnapping of May Li, to the point where Bianca almost crying to herself in happiest. Later that day, Bianca’s suit had improved when she was making some tests on it; the suit gives her ability to teleport, moving in quick burst of speed, making her completely unseen. Despite this, Bianca knows that there is more to this power suit, that it itself is limitless, and could gain abilities and resistance over time.

Jallen, Past and Present

Jallen had since gone back to Russia, residing in her headquarters, not too far from Borojei’s HQ. She removed her leather suit to bathe herself, sitting in a bubble bath, thinking to herself in anger. Seeing herself in the glass as this was all happening, seeing herself as a monster and nothing more, but brushes it off, liking what she has become, a fighter, a criminal, a killer, one that is to be feared. Jallen knows that Borojei didn’t want to go hard on The Steel Maiden, even insisting they take her in alive and had seen the interest in the Maiden since Hong Kong. She, thinking of what Shoky told her, began talking to herself in Japanese, trying to figure out who the Steel Maiden is. She knew the girl was human after what Shoky said, but couldn’t make out who the person was. He activated news logs via voice command and went through history of kidnappings and other crimes that have been committed, including one to where she was present before she joined Black Shadow. Then Jallen began to think about her past, of how she moved to China, and taking a trip to Thailand. Then she remembered. Jallen’s real name is Ayuki Tenshi-Daraku. She had moved from Japan to Thailand, for things in Japan had suddenly, but slowly became hectic. Before the move, Ayuki’s parents wanted her to become a Geisha, and continue her dance and gymnastics as well. The reason they said this was because Ayuki suffers from an extreme form of albinism that made her skin tone become lighter as she ages, making her appear a bit pale, eventually having a skin tone as white as snow. Ayuki, herself, was always a rebel at the age of 16 and used her skills to do bad things until she discovered her abilities, the trigger for her bad deed was the face that she was often made fun of, bashed for how she looked, to the point where the other kids called her a monster, which enraged her. One night, she came home late only to start an argument with her mother and father, only for her abilities to manifest once again, with Ayuki baring an eerie appearance and black eyes, she let out a slash like ability, that nearly killed her father, leaving him battered and bloody on the living room floor after one uncontrollable use of her abilities. Ayuki was shocked, and reverted back to normal, while her mother started screaming and wailing while tending to her husband, who was bleeding out, then looking at her daughter, calling her a monster over and over, this caused Ayuki to start crying a bit, as her pitch black eyes reverted back to normal. This moment caused Ayuki to run away from her home, never to be seen again. Since some has seen Ayuki without her hoodie, people ended up calling her The Fallen Angel, an urban legend. But since her disappearance, the urban legend faded. Her parents eventually moved to Thailand without her, however, she was able to sneak on to a carrier that was going to Thailand. After a few weeks in Thailand, Ayuki had eventually joined a group of thieves, who had been a problem in Thailand during that time. Seeing how they too were runaways with different backgrounds, she related with them, and they did not fear her for how she looked or what she could do. Eventually her friends were short on resources and money and decided to do a spree of robberies in the area. Some of them were caught, others had been killed, but the push to survive was great, one of the runaways Ayuki considers her brother, someone who was suffering from depression, whom Ayuki kept around in order to prevent him from doing anything crazy. Soon, they confronted a young man by the name of Kenneth Airesus, a neighborhood favored, who did everything he could to help his community.

Ayuki herself heard about him because she had seen him fight in tournament, but she didn’t like him messing around with her friends, saying he doesn’t understand them or know who they are, but Ayuki and the rest of them are completely oblivious to Kenneth contribution to helping people like them get off the streets, some of the runaways had their lives changed because of Kenneth and the activist that supported the program. When they tried to rob a store, Kenneth was trying to stop them, even trying to speak to them to change their ways, but the runaways were acting as if Kenneth was playing around, resulting in them fighting with Kenneth in the store, as Ayuki and a few more of them awaited outside to act as the lookouts. The fight was then taken outside with the runaways trying to get away from Kenneth who was overpowering them, telling them to stop, but someone had a gun on them, shooting Kenneth who was defending the store and the area. The one who shot was one of the lookouts, Ayuki’s surrogate brother. After Kenneth dropped to the ground, bleeding out, the one who took the shot stood there, confused, shocked, and the depression started to take hold of him as the others, including Ayuki telling him to flee. As the police started to rush in, the witnesses being shocked by the ordeal, the young man looked around as his head started to hurt him, and then he shot himself, committing suicide. Ayuki was shocked and started screaming, only for the other runaways to grab her, telling her that the police will see them as an enemy and that they need to get out of here. So they fled the scene, carrying Ayuki who was still sad and angered about the whole thing.

Ayuki pins the blame on Kenneth for starting the whole thing, which got the others to agree with her, but the ones who were in the store debated with her, but she wouldn’t Ayuki, saying family was to suppose to help each other, that her brother was depressed, telling them where he even got the gun. No one knew, nor could they say anything because the young man who was always with Ayuki had never revealed to everyone that he was depressed, and they assume he had found an old gun somewhere, since it wasn’t a plasma or energy based weapon, it was an old school gun that was laying around somewhere. Ayuki never got over it, and held a grudge on Kenneth, even after his death, so she took it upon herself to do something, using her powers to go to the programs, which he helped, built and destroying them as well as injuring those inside the facilities. This caused people to say that a ghost-like woman covered in black shadows attacked the place, after this action was done, Ayuki ran off, disappearing from everything and everyone she once knew, still not wanting to believe in truth, and blames Kenneth for what took place.

When Black Shadow started to gain power, Ayuki had been recruited at some point, but she was older, and more relentless than she was before, for her profile says that she has murdered people for small timers who were willing to pay. She embraced her abilities, making her the most haunting member of the group. She went by the alias Jallen, meaning the Japanese fallen angel, embracing her abilities, forming her to the most intimidating metas of Black Shadow. Her skin was completely pale white and her body gives off a chill whenever someone is near. When Bianca had escaped from Black Shadow, Jallen had thought she’d be a threat, however, she was told that Bianca would just be traumatized and flees, or end up being captured again. Jallen believed this until Terrai Hong had been captured, thinking she was Bianca, giving Jallen the chance to mentally torturing and taunting the girl, which contributed to Terrai’s insanity, who was already being abused by Yuk, for Jallen led to Terrai being kidnapped. However, when The Steel Maiden slowly became a threat, Jallen was binding her time, and did everything she could to help Borojei, since Shoky and Rolon were injured badly multiple times.

Present day, Jallen kept reminiscing about the late Kenneth Ariesus, figuring out he had a sister who was also into fighting and did exactly what Kenneth had done, deducing Bianca’s identity as the Steel Maiden, bringing Jallen same to the conclusion with the Beijing and Hong Kong incident, for at the time, Terrai, Bianca’s look-a-like, had been in captivity before Yuk’s death while Bianca herself was progressing as a hero. In Jallen’s head she now knows that Terrai wasn’t doing anything since she was in captivity. Jallen knows that Bianca will eventually show up, and since Borojei gave her the plan, Jallen will do her best to make sure Bianca is defeated and captured, despite how much she wants to kill her. Borojei wanted Bianca alive, which Jallen almost disagreed to, so she will beat Bianca to near death and pry the armor from her body, keeping it as a trophy. She snapped her figures and a small burst of darkness shattered the glass mirror in front of her, as she smiles wickedly.

Battle against the Metas, Jallen captures Bianca


4 days have passed, and Borojei had already started making preparations for his biggest auction yet. Feeling confident that this time that Bianca will be defeated if she dares attempt to stop him. He had Jallen, Rolon, and Shoky be stationed elsewhere, for they are set up as not only as a distraction, but also by means of a trap, which Borojei had set for Bianca. Meanwhile, Bianca, who is driven by vengeance, felt that this time she will put an end to Black Shadow, that she will save her beloved friend May Li and take-down Borojei in the most vicious way possible.

Bianca and company were able to use their Intel that brought them to a large compound, supposedly Borojei’s base, but they were unaware that Borojei had cleared out of the area days ago, making him a step further ahead of Bianca and friends. Instead of the Black Shadow leader, they were immediately confronted by both Shoky and Rolon, both still recovering with a bit of fight in them. This led to a struggle, this time the two meta-humans were with high ranking fighters from the Black Shadow to help them out. As they fought, Jallen watched from the rooftop of a small watchtower near the compound, she kept her focus on Bianca and her alone, and then she made her move.

While Bianca was leading the team to fight, they didn’t know that Shoky and Rolon were buying time for Jallen. Jallen sprinted into the fight as she activated smoke pellets that blinded both groups, rushes past everyone and into Bianca, picking her off with her hands and constructs. She rushed Bianca inside the compound. Seeing Bianca was about to break free from her grasp, she throws Bianca into a wall, causing her to be tossed in the room with a parking garage.

Jallen smiled as Bianca shook her head as she got up, telling her she knows she isn’t an android that all this time she was thinking of turning her into scrap metal. Bianca ignored what Jallen said and got into a fighting pose, telling Jallen fighting her is a big mistake, only for Jallen to tell Bianca she has no idea who she is up against. Jallen made a fist and her pitch black eyes began to faintly show her white pupils, she tells Bianca that she will enjoy prying the metals of her suit from her body once Borojei is done with her.

Both of them went at each other in hand to hand combat, both of them countering each other’s blows. Jallen laughed, telling Bianca she knows who she is, she grabbed Bianca by the arm, and flips her, slamming her so hard to the ground, that both of them fell to the basement level of the hideout, meanwhile, Rolon and Shoky kept going at Bianca’s team, taking the fight outside of the hideout, distracting them.

Bianca and Jallen continued to trade blows, then Jallen uttered Bianca’s real full name. As she pinned Bianca down and started beating away at her, she started to tell Bianca about her late brother, Kenneth Ariesus, taunting Bianca. Bianca took the hits from Jallen, picking herself up as she is being beaten; she stopped Jallen, slamming her to the ground. She pressed her arm on Jallen’s neck, telling her insulting her late brother is the last mistake she will ever make, at this, Jallen kept taunting Bianca, laughing afterwards. Bianca, who still has Jallen pinned, was about to punch Jallen, square in the face, however, Jallen started to use her abilities, an unforeseen attack that launched Bianca several feet into the air, causing her to hit the wall. Jallen tells Bianca she is someone that she has never face, for her abilities is forming constructs such as hands and large knives to destroy her opponents, adding that she is quite the assassin.

Jallen began to speak as she rose up, continuing to speak, saying she saw Bianca’s brother no hero, that he was a fool who is really a villain, relentlessly focusing this verbal attack on Bianca in hopes of pissing her off. Bianca yelled in anger and punched the ground as her armor lit up, she took aim at Jallen, wasting away a barrage of energy based gunfire at Jallen, only for Jallen to take cover by using her knife constructs to block and take the hits in her behalf, seconds later the men who were sent to aid Jallen and the others made their way inside the compound, avoiding the fights taking place. As Rolon and Shoky, and a few men lured Bianca’s team away from the compound, making Trex concern, was causing him to bark. Momoko realized that something was up with Trex, and through his new device, he was able to make out a few words. Momoko was shocked Trex had a device that could make him speak, but she was able to figure out what was up with him. Eventually, Brian and the others began to think if Bianca had been dealing with any stray fighters from Black Shadow, not realizing she was about to be defeated.

As an enraged Bianca was supposedly winning against Jallen, Borojei’s men peeked into the basement through the broken floor and tagging Bianca with an EMP device that was laced with Necro-Bots. Bianca knew the EMP was useless, but began to actual feel as if she is stunned, when her armor’s system detected Necro-Bots. Despite the EMP and the Necro-Bots, she literally defeated Jallen and several of Borojei’s men (30 of them) who had already went into the basement, until the effects began to kick in, then she was overwhelmed to the point she fell defeated. Bianca got down on one knee with her fists on the ground, she tried force herself to stand up but the Necro-Bots once again prove to be her downfall, now fully stunned while more of Borojei’s men got down into the basement, and placed magnetic rope like devices on Bianca to haul her up. Before they pull her up, a defeated Jallen walked to Bianca as she dusted off her leather suit, eyeing Bianca down with distaste in her eyes. Since Bianca’s visor and helmet were affected by the Necro-Bots, her face became visible for all to see, as she got close, Jallen forcefully pulled Bianca’s hair, forcing her to make eye contact with her. Jallen then mocked her, saying she is no hero, continued to bash Bianca’s brother, who she held a grudge against, adding she has pin all the hate for Kenneth on her, that someone who acts similar to him in every way possible has to pay the price in defeat and humiliation, grinding her teeth with a grin as she said it. She then tells her that if it was up to her and her alone, she’d kill her right on the spot, stated it is an act of revenge for what her brother had done.

Bianca tells Jallen that Kenneth has done nothing wrong, with her stating she doesn’t know much, but she does know that Kenneth has done good until his death, telling Jallen what took place after his death is all on her. She smirks, and said the ghost girl known as the Fallen Angel who ran around unseen causing trouble for all the wrong reasons. Jallen claims that she didn't do what she did on purpose, that what drove her was Kenneth, that all she sees in Bianca is him and it enrages her, as she spoke about a possible fate, Bianca just grins to provoke Jallen. Seeing this, Jallen was obviously angered by this. She pats Bianca gentlely on the cheek and tells her if he really thinks her anger is a joke to her. She though to herself that she could do it, she could do it right now, but Jallen is 100% loyal to Borojei, who shielded her from being caught when she was an inexperienced assassin. She restrains herself and hit Bianca so hard in the face that it knocks Bianca out cold, resulting in Jallen shaking her hand a bit because she didn't form a fist correctly before she took the punch. One of the men who were hauling up Bianca afterwards stated if that EMP didn’t work, Bianca would have been a danger to them, Jallen and to herself; saying this is one of the reasons why Borojei wants the girl alive. Bianca’s armor locked up on her, since it cannot really be removed by anyone else, they had to put her in stasis using the Necro-Bot technology they have.

Bianca, despite winning against Jallen, eventually was defeated and removed from the equation. Momoko and Tex witnessed this, as for the others who were fighting Rolon, Shoky and some of Borojei’s men, both sides were weary, only for Rolon to tell Shoky how long can they keep this up, and right on cue, Jallen contacted the team. This caused drones to immediately appear at their location and use a blinding attack to stun Bianca’s team. Rolon laughed saying they’d finish them, but the boss don’t want you to miss the show, and Rolon and the others made their escape. Momoko, on a hover board with Trex following, decides to track the truck taking Bianca away. Trex tells Momoko that Bianca’s COMMs went dead during the fight that something must’ve caused her armor and gadgets to temporarily be disabled. Meanwhile, Bianca’s team didn’t know what happen, only for a remainder of Borojei’s men coming back to the fight because they personally wanted to beat the team badly this time. Brian stated before they could figure out what just happen, they’ll have to deal with several of Borojei’s men first, but this time, Tala stated that she has had enough of fighting the cowards.

When Shoky and Rolon returned to Jallen, she scolds them on how foolish they are, for Jallen began to see herself above everyone else due to effectively defeating Bianca, with a bit of help. Thinking what she has done will please Borojei. Meanwhile, Kane realizes he had a tracker on him, but Borojei comforts him that he has a plan if their guests do arrive. Elsewhere, Tonz and the Triads had already been in Russia in order to help out, with Lydia, who has a contact in the country, The Iranian Girl. Lydia’s contact already knew of what was going now, giving the Triads Intel as she is on pursuit.

Return of the Iranian Girl, Bianca in Stasis

As Momoko continue to give chase, she realized someone else was present. She tells Momoko to hop on her car. Momoko realized the girl is going after the truck as well, and tells her if she got something on Black Shadow. The girl tells her she witnessed what was going on last minute because she was attempting to follow Bianca and the group, but she was too late. Momoko ask her name, but the girl didn’t respond, telling her all she is to anyone is someone without a face, that she is part of the anonymous group known as The Faceless.

She informs Momoko that there is a big auction, the biggest yet taking place in the real Black Shadow HQ. Momoko asked that they just hit the HQ, only for the girl to tell her where they went was just a trap to get Bianca out of the game, adding she knows who Bianca is. The Iranian girl tells Momoko it is best to contact her friends, to tell them what is going on, adding, while they wait, they’re going to have to go save Bianca. The truck they were following stopped in an old city inside Krasnoyarsk, a small city that seems old for its time, a ghost town whereas the majority on the street is people of the lower class or in poverty. As they got out of the car, Momoko asked if this place have any UIDN (Unique Identifier Number), only for the Iranian girl to tell her there isn’t any, making tracking individuals harder than it has to be, especially bad guys. Momoko had contacted Brian and the others about the situation, and they were on their way there, they also contacted someone who could help them, Mr. Treen.

Bianca was taken to a hidden facility in Krasnoyarsk where Borojei was hosting his private auction. Bianca could not move or do anything; she was too weak to even talk. She was placed in a room, and chained up from head to toe on a titanium beam. After several minutes, it was there, a man with long black hair and a black suit walked into the room, having his hands behind his back; the man began to say a short poem in Japanese as he walked, as he came closer to Bianca, standing about 4 feet in front of her, she also started to wake up, regaining consciousness. Bianca, looked, and then uttered the man’s name, Borojei Imai.

Borojei stepped forward about a feet so the light shows a bit more of his face, and he was looking at Bianca who was chained and captured. The demented Japanese man applauded Bianca, joking if it was too obvious that it was him, only for Bianca to say she he knows the voice and the messed up face, so it was not a surprise, saying this with an angry expression on her face. As Borojei, arms crossed, his men pointed their guns at Bianca, only for Borojei to stop them with a gesture, telling them that Bianca is no longer a threat resulting in the men lowering their guns. Bianca saw this and tells him it is better to end her now or she will end him if she breaks free from the chains and stasis fields, for she has something planned for him. Borojei got close to Bianca, and touched her face with the back on his hand only for Bianca to shake her head in a struggle that stopped him from continuing. He stated how such a subject like her was not killed by a procedure that made him look like a monster, making Bianca confused, adding to how does he knows about it, however, Borojei he knows, joking her revolutionary set of battle armor would have been for him, he continued to talk about the liquefied nanotechnology that runs through every vessel in her body, how it is one with the body and cannot be removed by any means necessary.

He continued to talk, saying that she is the essence of a real super solider, just like him. Bianca stated that keeping her alive will not do him any good, for either she will get him or her friends will. Borojei was confident that no one will be able to find Bianca at all, for this place is impossible to locate. He explains that he and Bianca are the only known survivors of the procedure, and that it is only right for both of them to be one, hence why he killed off most of the nano-tech scientist in Beijing. He added he didn’t realize who and what Bianca is and what she was capable of until he saw footage of her in Hong Kong, adding that he saw the fight with Pujab in a live feed, as well as other information and a bit of investigation on his part.

He continue to say that despite losing Yuk, his operation needs to come to a close for this final auction will be his final curtain call and that he will pass off the gang to his apprentice. He then tells Bianca what he is going to do to her. He states he and her will disappear and he will use her to produce offspring, who will 100% inherit what makes Bianca strong, stating that when the time eventually comes, a forced donation will be in place, especially when it comes to a soon to be New World Order.

Bianca stated she will never be with someone such as him, for she has burning hatred for him, wanting vengeance for the things he had done to those captured by him. Borojei stated he doesn’t have to force her, for he prepared one of the strongest drugs produced by The Bear before they were disbanded. Stating that as long as she is in stasis, this drug will easily be able to consume her, making her nothing more than a submissive puppet when the drug floods her body, in addition to the harmful effects of Necro-Bot scaled tech that will keep her in place, adding it it best for her not to move, for Necro-Bots can be quite damaging, as he glares at Bianca, showing more of his face.

Borojei tells her that in one hour it will take effect, and he uses half of the dosage on Bianca, who started to feel dazed as the drug was injected into her arm, something her body is having a hard time adapting to because Borojei used a small amount of Necro-Bots in the drug. Before Borojei left, he stated the stasis device is using remnants of Necro-Bots, the only thing that could really harm both her and him to a great deal. He kisses her forehead, only for Bianca to resist him by shaking her head, with the effects of the drug continues to daze her, hearing Borojei afterwards; he says that soon she will just be a slave to him, for they are heirs of real power stemming from the nano machines that flow within them.

Infiltration, Borojei’s Human Trafficking Auction

Bianca remains in captivity while Borojei begins to prep his auction. Jallen was sent to cut some loose-ends who opt’d out of the auction as Rolon and Shoky remain at the facility to keep on the watch. Brian continues to led the team, with the addition of Mr. Treen and his good friend and apprentice, Rusko Tarkov, a young Russian KGB rookie who knows Treen well. The Triad began to mobilize and regroup with Brian, with Tonz informing him about what Lydia knows and where to find Bianca who is missing. Lydia chimed in, telling them her contact is with Momoko and Trex and they’re about to infiltrate a private facility that is hidden within a bought out luxurious hotel known as The Grand Garden in Krasnoyarsk. With that being said, Rusko said that the despite some buildings not having IDs, some buildings were being used, even bought out for days, weeks, or months with a large sum of money. At this, Brian sated that Black Shadow is rich off of human lives, and that tonight will be the night that they put an end to it, after this was said, he tells everyone to move out, that he will explain the plan when on their way there. Once this was said, Johnny shouted that they’re going to take the fight to the big boys, with Hacker Jack shouting let’s be out fam.

Meanwhile, Momoko, Trex and the Iranian Girl infiltrated the location to where Bianca was taken, but it seems like an ordinary hotel, a big and luxurious one. Trex’s devices cause him to detect any drones who could track heat signatures, prompting Momoko to cloak herself, Trex and The Iranian Girl. The girl tells Momoko if there is a specific way this device was able to cloak them too, only for Momoko to tell her that the item she is using, The Ghost Belt, is able to cloak those tethered to the user, saying she placed a small object on them for the device to cloak them within a 45 yard radius. They made their way deeper inside the facility lower areas, taking out the guards they followed while cloaked. The Iranian Girl stated they should strip the men of their tech and equipment and use it as a disguise, with Momoko saying it may not work, but they did this always while hiding the men they robbed in a towel closet.

Trex was still cloaked, but both the girl and Momoko were posing as Black Shadow guards, the tech taken were weapons, gadgets and voice changing gas masks. They were confronted by a random guard, who told them if they’re going to the auction rooms or to the lower closed off areas. Momoko didn’t want to say anything, so the girl did, saying they’re going to guard the prisoner, at this the man paused, but points to the direction where Bianca is being held, stating that the boss wants to wrap this show up for good, so all possible help counts; he says the “b---h” that caused them so much trouble is being kept in room B36 only for the Iranian girl to say to the man that they will watch over the “b---h”, just to make sure the guard doesn’t find anything suspicious about them.

They continued to look for room B36,and they realized they needed a code to access it. So they waited about 4 minutes, and some random guard came out of the room and looked at them. The guard giggles calling them rookies, and he tells them to code to access the room and says that he is going to the auction room to guard, and for them to cover. So the guard walked only to bump into a cloaked Trex, prompting the man to say, what the hell was that. This caused an awkward moment for all of them, and the guard scratched his head, saying to himself he has to lay off the cigarettes, then he walks away as Momoko and the girl started breathing heavily because their cover was almost blown. As Momoko went to put in the code she says to herself that this is it, that Black Shadow will come to an end tonight.

They went into the room, closing and blocking the door. They saw Bianca bonded to a beam, and was partially dazed. Momoko, happy to see her friend, tries to speak to her, with Bianca struggling to say something, muttering about a device, with Momoko figuring out the stasis device holding her in place. The girl tells Momoko while she figures this out, she will guard the door if anyone tries to come inside. Momoko manage to destroy the device, shutting down the Stasis beams around Bianca, and then she began to pull on the chains keeping Bianca there. Meanwhile, The Iranian girl manage to contact Lydia while guarding the door. She tells her that they need to be posted up near the hotel before until Bianca is freed, for there is no way they could attack from the outside, for an internal attack is necessary. Bianca eventually freed herself and she puts her hands on Momoko’s face then hugs her, telling her that they need to confront Borojei. The girl guarding the door gets ran up on by two guards, resulting in her rushing back into the room, telling Bianca and Momoko that there is 3 armed men trying to enter, adding that the guy they saw earlier who bumped into Trex grew suspicious and returned. Eventually they broke through the doo, ready to attack, but Bianca armed up and stopped them. One of them was about to sound the alarm, only for Bianca to shoot several times at the wall near the man, causing him to surrender.

She questions him on where the auction is taking place, stating that it is starting right now on the 8th floor (high-rise of the hotel) of the building. Momoko was talking to the Iranian girl stating that any second now Bianca will knock him out, and it did happen, and she jokes saying she knew it was going to happen. With Bianca now free, all comms were open and the team began to talk about how they should do this attack, in addition, Bianca managed to contact Palpert about the situation and what will happen, resulting in Palpert contacting his friends and co-workers in Russia to aid The Steel Maiden and her allies in this fight, to finally arrest the last remnants of Black Shadow members and their leader. On the 8th floor, the auction was beginning, with a ceremony as the wealth took their seats in the luxurious circular hall. In one of the rooms on the floor, a guard threats the girls with a gun, he hit one of the girls with the butt of the gun because she was trying to comfort a Chinese girl who mentally unstable from the years of abuse. He threatens them again, saying he will gladly put a bullet in one of their heads if they fall out of line, joking that there has been many who fell out of line and were killed for it. He then focused on the Chinese girl, even saying her name, May Li, he tells her things she doesn’t want to hear, things about her abuse and how she was treated, to the point where May Li was crying silently again and her nose began bleeding a little bit and the man took a roll of paper and through it at her head, and he began to laugh as he crossed his arms and leaned on the wall, with his gun in hand.

Bianca and friends vs. Rolon & Shoky

Bianca, Trex, Momoko, and the girl began to clear out the lower areas hotel. They broke open a trap door that led to a ladder that continued to the outside part of the hotel, allowing Brian, Tonz, Johnny, Rusko, Treen, and a few others to enter. Hacker Jack, who was outside and several feet away from the building, used a drones to view the building from above, informing the team he has visuals and he will link the map of the building live via comms feed; he is also accompanied by Sara and Hanz who helped him by using more drones to survey the area. Big Swim remained outside as watch and if there are captives down there, him and his crew will direct them outside, but unknown to him, members of the Faceless were present, and without hesitation offered their help to those trying to stop Black Shadow.

The basement level of the compound held abused young men, women and even children, which have been freed by Bianca and company. Eventually this causes the attention of both Shoky and Rolon, who sent around 20 guards to neutralize the threat. While the others were fighting, Bianca noticed the men coming thanks to Hacker Jack’s live map feed. So what she did was cause the men to chase her down the hallway, she threw a device on the ground that had a hologram mimicking her running down the hallway as she cut into the shadows and used camo. The guards thinking it is Bianca, continued to chase and fired their guns, only for Bianca to emerge using a force-field based attack that disabled all lethal weapons the guards carried, resulting in the rest of her team, along with the freed captives, to attack the guards while attempting to cross the hallway themselves, with Treen leading the charge. Big Swim and member of The Faceless aided the captives get out.

Bianca and company came face to face with more men of the gang, and Shoky and Rolon. Without hesitation, they began to fight within the lobby of the hotel. Rolon was fast, but he was easily incapacitated by Rusko who manage to defeat him in hand to hand combat, Tonz, Gardano, and Tala took on Shoky, and eventually defeated her, not without sustaining some injuries from her electrical abilities. Enraged, Shoky was about to discharge, only for Tonz to tackle her into Rolon and the Black Shadow henchmen, resulting into them being knocked out by the electrical blast.

Borojei knew something was up, so he had his high ranking guards seal the doors and check out what is going on downstairs, after this he went on to address the opening talk to his auction, as girls in veils that partially masked their faces, and nightgowns showing the only pieces of clothing they’re wearing underneath being a bra and panties only as well as the marks and bruises that were on their bodies. He continues to promote and speak and buyers in the crowd began to place their credits by bidding for the girls. Hacker Jack informs everyone that a large number of bulky dudes are making their way to them right now, that they formed a blockade on the 2nd and 3rd floor, as well as the roof, some of them going to the 1st floor. Before he could say a word, the high ranked guards at already stormed the 1st floor and began shooting down below as they were on the stairs above Bianca and company. Bianca left her suit to block off the gunfire, and then a bigger guard with a machine gun showed up. Despite Bianca’s armor shielding everyone at full energy from the gunfire, Treen was hit twice by gunfire before the shield went up.

Bianca rushed to the stairway and beat down the guards one by one, even managed to kill a few of them when she used one of their own guns against them. When she confronted the man with the machine gun, she yanked out the clip from the machine gun and smashed it into the big man’s face, causing him to fall down over the stairway railing. Her armor connects back with her and she continues to make her way to the second floor, with Brian, Rusko and Tala right before her. Before the others could continue, Kane and his men flanked the group from the side, and Kane had an exo-skeleton on him, targeting a weaken Treen, but the two began to fight.

Bianca stormed through the second floor by breaking through from one of the hotel rooms, since all the guards had their guns pointed at the main entrance to the second floor, not thinking about how Bianca got in from the room whereas she went from a window and accessed a room on the second floor, breaking through the walls to the hallway and began fighting. She took them down before her friends got through the second floor entrance, saving them of what could have been their end. She pushed through to the 3rd floor, with her and her friends fighting through the blockade. Brian stated that they’ll finally end Borojei by arresting him, however, Bianca herself was heavily driven by vengeance, blood lusted, and insist that Borojei must be killed, only for Brian to tell her they may need answers so he has to be kept alive, but Bianca ignored him, saying monsters like him needs to pay for the years of abuse, murder, rape, kidnapping, and much more against the people who cannot defend themselves. So she took off from window and proceeded to access the auction via rooftop. She brutally beat down the high ranking guards on the roof, and she kills those who have a list of murderous and lethal crimes charges under their names. After killing the last guard on the rooftop, she views the large circular room from a glass ceiling, eyeing down the auction buyers, the girls in lewd clothing, and Borojei, who was front and center on the stage floor. Then she heard a voice behind her, a familiar one, it was Jallen, who was standing on a nearby rooftop as well several feet away across the building Bianca is on.

Bianca vs. Jallen (Final Encounter)


She summersaults off the rooftop, gracefully landing on the building Bianca was on, staring her down. She then tells Bianca that it amazes her that she has more blood on her hands, telling her that whatever she does, she will not lay a hand on Borojei, and that she will have to get past her in order to even get to him. Bianca, still angry, tells Jallen it is unwise to fight her or even try to stop her now, to which Jallen makes a rude remark, telling Bianca if she is willing to kill her to get to Borojei, threatening Bianca to do it. Bianca tells her to back off, and then she clams herself, reasoning with Jallen that Borojei is nothing more than an evil man who changed everyone’s lives including hers. Jallen stated it does amazes her that she has gotten this far, and decides to fight Bianca honorably, mocking Bianca that she is nothing without her armor, only for Bianca to throw back an insult saying to Jallen she is nothing without her outlandish constructs, hearing this, Jallen said touché.

Jallen began to make a remark about Japanese’s variation of an honorable duel, Bushido, after giving a brief summary of what is, despite Bianca already knowing this, she issued a challenge to Bianca so by way of Bushido, but in form of hand to hand combat, as they circle each other, Jallen shrugs her arms saying it is the warrior’s way, adding that despite her nature, she respects her Japanese culture, wanting to end Bianca in a way she sees fit, taunting her when she is knocked out, she will personally give her broken body to Borojei. Bianca removes her armor, still battle scarred from the earlier fights, she eyes down Jallen, telling her if she ever asked Borojei why he wants her alive, Jallen stated all she cares about is another Ariesus that will lose. Mocking Bianca she will take pleasure in seeing her family suffer in agony for losing yet another child, giggling as she said it. Bianca remained unfazed when Jallen literally knows or real identity as well as members of her family, all she did was eye down Jallen, with Jallen doing the same to her, both of them looking at each other in the eyes with a dead stare. They continued to circle each other until they got closer each time, and when they are really close to each other, Jallen yelled and begins the fight by striking first.

As they fought, Brian, Rusko, and Tala manage to fight off more of Borojei’s guards; soon others came to help, resulting in Kane using his men to fight back. As this was going on, Russian operatives and police began to storm the basement and first floor of the building. They couldn’t get through to the 3rd floor because it has become a warzone, with Momoko informing the police that since they do not know who is good or bad, it is best that they wait until her team wins. Outside, some of the Russian police decided to scale the building by using a magnetic device to help them climb faster, covering ground on nearby buildings in order to focus their target on the main building. They made it to the top, but were severally injured by triggering Jallen’s traps, those who weren’t hit stood back and waited, thinking someone from the inside will help them out, and they were told to wait. They saw Bianca and Jallen fight, and were about to shoot them both, but they changed their minds and lowered their guns, as Hacker Jack and Hanz informed them about the situation, via communication, when they moved the drones they were using near the police. Unknown to them, a member of Faceless was able to evade Jallen’s traps because the individual was able to detect it, and managed to sneak on by to get closer to Bianca and Jallen.

Bianca and Jallen traded tons of blows and the both of them have sustained cuts, bruises and partially bleeding Jallen was able to lean back, dodging one of Bianca’s palm strikes, returning a swift elbow jab to Bianca’s face, before she could make another move, Bianca fell back and performed a sweep kick, causing Jallen to trip, ending up on one knee in a squatted position, before she could even get back him, Bianca forced herself up with her hands and kicks her, causing Jallen to stumbled backwards, nearly falling to the ground, before she hit the ground, Bianca rushed in and kneed her in the chest, with Jallen slightly dazed, nearly being knocked off the rooftop, but Bianca pulled her arm so she is reeled back on to the rooftop, then she pushed Jallen to the side causing her to fall to the ground. Jallen regain composure and slammed the ground with her fist a few times out of angry, saying to herself that she is way stronger than this, she got up fast and charged at Bianca and the fighting continues. The fight lasted for 8 brutal minutes and Jallen was finally defeated, toppling to the ground trying to catch her breathe.

Bianca tells Jallen to stay down and not get up, triggering Jallen and she constructed her claws preparing for an attack after giving in to being provoked. Bianca, as she prepares herself, stated is this the second round where they could use their abilities, and Jallen said no words, only grunting in anger. She attempted to strike Bianca, but Bianca blocks the attack because her gauntlets immediately formed, and before Jallen could slash away at Bianca, more of Bianca’s armor was able to form on her. Seeing how Bianca’s armor forms like liquid as if someone was bathe in water, Jallen gasping a bit cried out that that what Bianca did was pure BS, to which Bianca made a remark, questioning Jallen’s attempted killing blows. After about a minute into round 2, someone yelled "stop". Bianca, Jallen, and the police who are on standby looked to the direction the voice was coming from, and it was a hooded member of the Faceless who yelled.

Seeing him coming closer, Jallen stated if whatever he/she is, if harming Borojei is the goal, the end result is dying by her hands. Jallen's eye begin to briefly normalize as if she was trying to restrain her abilities. She pushes Bianca to the side, causing her to stumble so she doesn’t save this unknown figure. Jallen leaps at the hooded Faceless member, with her claws. Before she could land a lethal blow, the Faceless member called Jallen by her real first name, Ayuki. Hearing this, Jallen, landed behind the figure instead of on top of him, the intended killing blow only injured the person. She tells questions the person's identity, telling him who he is, a spy, government figure, or perhaps one of her adversaries she didn't kill completely, then she kicks him in the the chest in the direction of Bianca, who catches him. The unknown man than began to tell Jallen a story, about an event in her past, as this was going on, the police began tampering with Jallen’s traps since Hanz via remote drone took the time to analyze the device and find out how to disable them, informing the police on how to disable them.

The unknown man tells Jallen the story of what really happen and her actions in the past, including that of her family. This reveal caused Jallen to go nuts, whereas she attempted to kill the Faceless member a second time, slashing him once again resulting in him being injured badly from a direct blow, Bianca seeing this, tried to push Jallen, only for her to flip away, but the man tells the both of them to stop fighting as he held his hand up on an approaching Jallen. She got closer and closer to him, with his free hand, he then he revealed himself to her, someone she grew up with before and after the robberies, someone who was there for her before and after when they confronted Kennteh. Jallen's eyes started to become completely normal as she is trying to process what she has done for she never ever harms people she is close with, those whom she doesn't consider an enemy.

The police eventually showed up, but were told not fire, as the Faceless member spoke in Russian in order to get them listen. Jallen was confused, didn’t know what to do. In a confused state, she blames Kennteh, but the man tells her that it wasn't Kenneth who did them wrong, for her blind hate on the death of her friend, someone who is like a brother to her, blinded her in rage. When the man tells her to return to the family, to come home, she paused, confused on what to do next, sort of losing herself in the moment. She succumbs to flashbacks about her past, regretful things and false ideas she made by herself; to hate others around here. She then thinks about when she destroyed facilities that Kenneth was connected to in anger, since it wasn't enough, her move to become an assassin to one day slay a member of the Airesus family who mirrors Kenneth.

The man kept calling to her by name, but she refused. She was close to the edge of the rooftop as she was lost in her memories and then she jumps off the building, seemingly committing suicide, mirroring that of the one she called a brother. Bianca saw this coming and attempted to save her but she was just a second too slow. Bianca had listened to everything going on had pity for Jallen for she was nothing more but a pawn to Borojei, thinking to herself that sometimes even the most vicious people like Jallen can change too.

The man’s face revealed and the things he said got to her, even the man acknowledged this. Bianca clenched her fist, saying that Borojei has ruined everyone’s lives and that he will pay, that Jallen was also manipulated by him because he took advantage of her emotions. The Faceless man tells Bianca whatever she has to do, that she needs to do it, but make sure it is the right thing to do. Accepting what just took place and not being able to do anything, she continues to make her way to the glass ceiling of the building, and prepares herself while the police tend to the injured man, preparing to move him off the roof.

Borojei began to show case May Li, who was walking awkwardly on the show floor, seeing this, he takes her by the arm and forces her to walk straight. When her information was displayed, multiple buyers placed high number of credits for her because she was marked as genuine and was quite healthy for her young age, despite being already abused. At this Borojei joked the girl was used property, but quite submissive to anyone willing to take her. One buyer who was rich, had several of his men, buy out almost all the girls there, and the man eventually bought May Li as well.

Borojei addressed the buyer, and tells everyone of tonight auction, the victor for the final show seems to be the men from Saudi Arabia. May Li hearing this, snaps, and breaks down again, getting on her knees begging not to go there, crying under her veil, the crowd was just simply laughing at her, as Borojei stated that she has no choice, that she is no longer his property. May Li was causing a scene as similar fashion to how a child acts when they didn’t get something, but to a sense, May Li was still a child, with her childhood being nothing but abuse by Black Shadow and those who support the gang. Bianca breaks through the glass ceiling, and had a destroyed plasma pistol, which she picked up earlier from previous fights, in her hand. The shattered glass hit some of the buyers in the auction room as if fell on top of them, Bianca herself pounces on Borojei, clinging on to him with the broken weapon jammed into his mouth.

The Steel Maiden vs. The Leader of Black Shadow (Borojei Imai)


Bianca was well prepared to takedown Borojei right then and there, but the jammed weapon didn’t do anything, as she was still trying to force the weapon thus having the clear opening to assassinate Borojei, the plasma gun failed at the worse time, as she was forcing the weapon, Borojei used his freehand to take out the Necro-Bot Drug and tried to inject Bianca again. Before he could do this, Bianca saw this coming, and she said not this time, she grabs Borojei’s hand, taking the syringe, and she jams it into the Borojei’s shoulder. Borojei, who is now suffering from such effects he never felt in a while, pushed Bianca off of him, only for Bianca to rolling backwards, standing up right into a fighting pose. She tells Borojei how it feels, but the man only laughed. He tells her that yes Necro-Bots are dangerous, but when he underwent his procedure a bit differently from hers, the pain temporarily makes him stronger, despite being in such pain, he is attempting to resist it.

The both of them engaged in combat, and finally grapple each other’s arms. Borojei tells Bianca he doesn’t want to kill her, telling her to give up, but an angered Bianca tells him she won’t give up because of what has has done, adding that he basically created her into a fighting machine that will put an end to up. She attacked Borojei several times, but Borojei was able to block her. Bianca was so angry; she chose to fight Borojei without her visor, just so the man can see how much damage he has caused her and the people she cares for. She attempts to hit Borojei with a roundhouse kick, only for him to catch her, twirling her in place so that she hits the ground.

As he stands there, grinning, Bianca tries to trip him to the ground, but he dodges it by jumping from both attempts, then he kicks her, telling her that he is the original one, for Bianca is just an inexperienced, he made a fist, saying that her armor should have been his, he tries to punch her, but he misses, hitting the ground instead. Bianca stood up and the both of them began to circle each other, all this while a woman on the show floor watches them, as the police began to storm the room to fight the other high ranked Black Shadow guards. Borojei’s activated a device on himself, the same prototype gauntlets used by Yuk, but an improved one. Bianca activated her visor to detect the device, seeing that it is connected to an enhanced exo-skeleton hidden under Borojei’s suit and coat. Bianca begins to attack again, only with Borojei to explain how she must go with him in order for more that are like them to make their own society and be part of something new that will happen soon. Bianca tells Borojei he will not go with a sick man like him, that he is just another crazy criminal, in addition to managing to get a really heavy hit on Borojei, causing him to bleed slightly on his face. Borojei now frustrated, saying if she will not come willing, he has no choice to do plan B, to defeat and preserve her for extraction, to some degree experimental extraction. He overpowers Bianca because of the gauntlet laced Necro-Bots, forcing her to the ground on her stomach. She tries to get up, only for Borojei to pin her down in a way that he could break her spinal cord easily. He used his other hand to grab her hair so she could lift her head to hear him speak. He tells her she could go easily or be in stasis again for Plan B, and then he threatens her more as she looked around. All she saw was people fighting, the police and her friends against Borojei and Kane’s men. Then she saw a girl, looking at her, she then recognizes her, but couldn’t really say a word. As this was going on, Borojei tells Bianca if she wishes, he can kill her friends if she will not comply.

Brian sees Bianca in trouble, and tries to fight his way to her, however, the center part of the room was blocked by a force field, he yells for Bianca, however, two met pulled him back into the fight. Borojei then sees the girl, who is within the force field looking at Bianca, and then he nods, saying of course. He explains that the girl seems to know Bianca since she is looking at her in such a way. Borojei had a gun on him, and aims at the girl while pinning down Bianca.

He tells Bianca that his helicopter will be here shortly, if she wants the girl to not be killed, she is to come with him. He fires two warning shots in the air, and then said the 3rd will hit the girl. At this, the girl put her hands on her heart and screamed Bianca’s name because she knows her, the girl yells for Bianca to get up, to stop Borojei. At this, Bianca says the girl’s name under her breathe, May Li. The helicopter arrived, dropping cords and a ladder, Borojei was about to take Bianca by force on his own by strapping magnetic cords on her, only for May Li to grab him by his legs, preventing him from going up the ladder, this gave Bianca enough time, and she managed to break free, enraged and struggled the cords off of her to the point whereas the helicopter had to detach the ladder. They fell back down on to the center stage of the room, and Borojei was angered by Bianca once again.

He tries to shoot May Li, who was still on the ground after the fall, who was crying and screaming Bianca’s name, but Bianca got in the way of the gunfire, surviving, but taking the hit for May Li. After stopping the bullet, she rushes to Borojei and Borojei yelled that he just might have to kill her and salvage whatever is left, cursing Bianca because of her persistence to stop him. Bianca was once again on a no morale stance and through everything she got at Borojei.

Meanwhile, some auction buyers tried to escape the building, but were stopped on the 6th floor by Yashki, Trex, Momoko and some members of the Triad. Those who tried fighting back had to deal with Johnny and Tonz. On the auction floor, Brian and Tala tried to fight as many Black Shadow men as they can, but more keep on coming, soon, a protocol was activated since the force-field was up for some time now, with droid robots entering the room. Tala gave the Russian police some cover by trying to destroy the droids that came into the room. Brian yelled to everyone they have to find a way to shut down the force field blocking the stage floor. Bianca and Borojei continued the fight in a very brutal fashion, both of the battered and beaten because in strength, they are almost equal and they’re able to feel almost every blow and power from consecutive hits they through at each other. At times during the fight, Borojei tries to use May Li as a target on multiple occasions in order to get Bianca to shift her focus, however, Bianca managed to save May Li every attempt Borojei made, trying to distract the both of them with the months of abuse May Li under, which bothered May Li the most, leaving herself open to a possible killing blow by Borojei.

Brian, Rusko, and Tala took out the force field thanks to Hacker Jack’s new scan of the building, revealing the generates for the force field within the walls of the room they are fighting in. AS more droids begin to enter the room, the team tries to survive before helping Bianca, and since the force field is down, it enabled May Li to escape from the stage floor. Bianca savagely beats down Borojei, who now has his gauntlet’s retract metallic blades, mirroring a weapon known as the Tekko Kagi. They continue to fight until Bianca was pinned down on her back by Borojei. He tells her that probably it would be best to take her as a corpse, saying having her alive would have been better and it is a shame. He readies holds Bianca by the neck, strangling her, and readies his other hand with blades out. Brian and Tala sees this, but they were stopped when more droids came to fight confused on how these droids keep coming back realizing the heads must be destroyed.

Before Borojei could impale Bianca in the face with his blades, she fires off a few energy based attacks from her wrist rifle, which formed just in time to deal the attack, with several hits. Borojei is hit by the surprise attack, letting go of Bianca and he is in pain. The helicopter that was supposed to get them was shot down moments after. Borojei apparently dies on the stage floor as everyone witnessed this, before Bianca could finally take a breather, Kane appears, and fired a few rounds, injuring 4 Russian officers, but he was shot in the back by Brian. Shocking Borojei, with the small bit of energy he has left, rushes into Bianca, who dodges, but he wanted her to move out of the way, taking May Li instead and crashes out the window in order to kill himself and May Li. Bianca quickly rushes too them, but Borojei was falling with May Li in a headlock, having a knife in hand as he laughs menacingly, constantly yelling he will end what this big fight was all about.

Bianca took aim with her wrist cannon, and fires off plasma into Borojei’s head, killing him. She lunges into May Li, grabbing her, then she propels herself and May Li in order to prevent colliding with the pavement below, landing into a nearby water fountain. Bianca began crying, embracing her friend, smiling for she has never since her since that day. Bianca’s armor retracted so she is in her casual clothing, then she kissed her on her forehead. May Li hugs her, crying that it still hurts, what they did to her for all the time she was in captivity. She put her head into Bianca’s arms, saying she will never be the same because such a thing will always haunt her, adding she was thinking of committing suicide on multiple occasions because of the abuse. Hearing this, Bianca hugs May Li, who head is on Bianca’s shoulders; saying to not say such a thing, that everything will be alright.

An Empire Destroyed

The apparent death of Borojei caused both his remaining men and Kane’s, to surrender, the auction buyers were cornered while trying to escape. Police clears up the area while Bianca and friends are considered heroes. It was said the building housed at least 150 girls, ranging from ages 11 to 31, all different nationalities, and the majority being Asian. There were also other buildings in the area housing hundred more girls, and boys, who were segregated, making the total amount of boys, girls, men and women saved 2,675. The media refers to Bianca and friends as The Steel Alliance, a group of people who worked together to end a big time criminal who has now been revealed to all of Russia.

Borojei’s body was recovered by a forensics team, but they felt something was way off about the corpse, but they removed the mangled body from the area in a body bag. Russian police weren’t able to find the body of Jallen, who apparently committed suicide off a high rise building; no traces indicate she is still alive. Rolon was captured, but escaped, most likely fled the country as Shoky marked to be sent back Dominican Republic for rehabilitation, since she was recruited when Borojei manipulated her, Rolon and the others. The human trafficking buyers were questioned an imprison in Russia without a chance of getting sent to prison in their countries, their information was taken, including members of the Triad, who sent Bianca this information.

Kane and Borojei’s men surrendered, like what Gardano did, and have been arrested, but won’t be in prison for long for they were also victims in this as well now being free from the hold they were in while actual convicts who were given high ranking positions in The Black Shadow, have been arrested for charges involving murder, rape, and a list of other crimes as well as prison break when Black Shadow came into power. The remaining drugs from the group known as The Bear have been confiscated from the building and examined, Palpert and Chinese officials chimed in on a joint operation to see what these gangs were using. Kane survived after being shot in the back and is treated and sent to prison, most likely for life over many charges held against him. During the raid, many people were injured by the fighting, but there were no casualties. Treen survived his wounds, with the others being treated by EMTs and mobile hospital carriers. Brian tells Treen that after tonight, if they’ll ever meet again, only for Treen to tell him to call him by his first name, Rektorov. He then tells him if they ever need him, just contact him, Rusko says he is willing to help out to if they need him. Some of the Russian police and operative members recognized Treen, insisting he should come out of retirement, only to tell them he is thinking about it, lamenting on an unintentional mission that resulted in him leaving (Operation Ice Drive).

Tonz and his Triad were talking with The Faceless. Despite the victory, a bigger threat looms over each and every one of them, a worldwide crisis that will soon come. Tonz asked what is it, and if they could help out, only for the Iranian girl among them, telling them that this danger is something they need years to prepare for, they need all the help they could get, but they have to be secretive about it since the criminal underworld has hands in many places. Lydia tells the girl and the other Faceless after tonight they’ll train up their skills to prepare, as Hacker Jack, Sara and Hanz showed up after turning off the drones they were controlling.

Bianca had Tala contact Palpert, who in turn contacted May Li’s family, with use of hologram messaging, revealing to the family that their daughter, May Li is alive and well. Bianca then talked with May Li, who is still shaken up by the whole ordeal, for seeing Bianca gives her flashbacks of the things that happened to her. Bianca wanted to start anew, to hang out with May Li again since it was cut short at a younger age, however, May Li tells Bianca she loves her, she is like the protective sister she never had, then she tells her that for now it is best if they can be apart until she recovers. Bianca becomes sadden by this, but she accepts, knowing May Li’s traumatic condition. May Li also pointed out that all this time she knew Bianca would come back, and seeing those who helped her get this far, they will continue to do good. He put her hand on Bianca’s arm; she looked into her eyes, telling her there is more people out there who needs a hero like her. Insisting Bianca do what she does to help others get out of captivity, to liberate them. With the cleanup completed, everyone was preparing to go home. The Triad, Treen, Bianca and friends went to Treen’s aircraft vehicle and on the way there they spoke.

Gardano stated he will return to Japan, with his newly adoptive daughter, Momoko, hearing this, Momoko said she will do a bit of crime fighting in Japan if it comes to it, also getting the police involve to do more, high fiving Johnny who agreed to this. Sara stated she will train herself and join the police force, saying that her former chose of major, being an artist, will not do her much, since she now has a drive to help people. Hanz himself says he will remain where he is now, but will transfer all his work to Thailand, in order to work closely with Bianca’s father and his team. Tala says she will go back to Africa to deal with the Frust Kongo Fighters once and for all, adding the scars she have is from the first wave of robotic horrors the group has cause to run rampant in the country. Tonz stated his Triad will prepare for any possible threats, adding that the group known as The Faceless talked about something that would happen, and he wants to help defend Hong Kong from the threat. Lydia and Yashki stated they’ll be preparing themselves so they can better protect themselves and others. At this Hacker Jack says he will work to improve his intellect in hacking higher graded systems.

Rusko states he and Treen will go back to the usual, adding he will help Treen get a job, revealing that he is Treen’s younger cousin. Brian says he will remain on standby until the CIA calls for him again, saying he is going back to his home in Thailand for some R&R. Momoko then asked Bianca what she will do, only for Bianca to tell her she doesn’t know yet. Momoko tells Bianca she is a hero, if it weren’t for her every escaping, none of them would be in Treen’s aircraft heading out right now, that things would be a lot different. Bianca puts a blanket on May Li who is sleeping, saying she is still undecided on what to do next, saying university is out of the question because she knows a lot.

Days later, in Bangkok, Bianca, Brian, Hanz, and Sara were at a restaurant by the beach. Bianca took Sara to the women’s bathroom after they ate, in order to talk to her. She tells Sara since she will return to China soon, to lookout for May Li for her, telling Sara what May Li said to her. Sara agrees to watch out for May Li, stating she will do everything in her power to make sure her friend, her sister recovers, ending the conversation by saying we are The Steel Maiden Society, that they stick together. The both of them hugged before they left. Later that day, Bianca and Brian talked about what they must do now, only for Brian to say the world is still dangerous, and there is probably more people like Borojei out there, he then felt that Bianca might try to do something to leave Thailand again, at this, Brian tells her to speak with her father about it. Eventually Bianca talked to her father, who seems to be somewhat okay since Black Shadow was indeed defeated for good. Bianca is her own woman and she is capable of doing anything and defending herself, so her father didn’t try to stop her at all, but he tells her to come visit from time to time and to call, even joking if she ever finds someone who likes her, to introduce the young man into the family, then they hugged.

Two months have passed, and Palpert’s daughter, Isabis Oladele, started up and funded an organization called New Light, which will help missing and exploited children and or victims of abuse in the European and Asian countries, adding she will expand it, worldwide when she receives more support. She says she wants to use technology to help locate these people and those who abuse them. Isabis was also aiding some activist and organizations with other projects in Africa, even after Tala was officially defeated Frust Kongo Fighters for good things time by taking them into custody. Elsewhere, somewhere in Russia, a young woman had stolen technology from one of Borojei’s hide-a-way facilities that was dubbed a haunted warehouse by some of the locales due to hearing eerie sounds. The young woman discovered the sound was coming from a prototype weapon that feeds off of energy, hence the sound, but when it needs to recover, it stops; deep inside the basement labyrinth of the warehouse. The woman also found information on how to produce nanotechnology in its basic form, and the caution of Necro-Bots.

The Steel Maiden Returns

Bianca has been doing missions of her own, along with her dog Trex. She is technically a self-employed mercenary who took the law into her own hands. Somewhere in Saudi Arabia, there has been an underground ring in one huge location. The underground had young people as sex slaves and were abused by their captures for a long period of time now. One night, a young Saudi Arabian journalist was kidnapped and bounded; being quickly rushed off to this underground area, not realizing someone was watching the whole ordeal. The journalist name was Lezim Arlon.

She was questioned by her captors, who were going to rape and kill her anyways, but she tried to escape, only to be dragged back into her room. The lights were flickering inside the underground and before the men would do anything, they were swiftly killed. Lezim didn’t see what happen, but she did see 4 corpses, the corpses of the men who tried to rape her, each of them suffered from a fatal energy based weapon attack. Then she looks across the room, a cloaked figure. The figure tells her to hide in this room until she is done. At this Lezim questioned her, who or what is she, but the cloaked figure did not listen. Minutes later the figure leaves, and most of the human traffickers, by attacking them upfront or ambushing them, 99% (38 men) of them ended up being killed, leaving only the leader alive. Lezim managed to escape, but not without helping the other slaves escape to the surface too. As they got outside, the figure carried the injured leader to the surface.

She then tells Lezim to record and take note of what happened here, saying there is a nearby village of good people not too far from here, throwing her a bag of all rations and water from the underground area. Lezim asked again, who she is, if he or she is the ghostly figure that has been attacking these traffickers. The figure than shoots the leader of the underground, then reveals herself to be The Steel Maiden, enabling a broadcast for Saudi Arabian soldiers to come to her location. At this, Lezim knew now what is taking place, and thanks Bianca before leaving with the slaves. Lezim made her report and dubbed Bianca as the Steel Valkyre who said more than 100 people, including her. In a matter of a week, Bianca had dismantled human traffickers in Saudi Arabia and Yemen while remaining unknown to everyone; for she is described as a cloaked ghost that preys on those who do bad things, killing them, to those who cannot defend themselves.

Since the events of Black Shadow had ended, Bianca and her dog Trex travel to stop any remnants of human trafficking, in turn, destroying the root being Saudi Arabia and its links in the surrounding countries. They also went to areas such as India and Ukraine, causing a massive dent in crime, which also made people, fears her because she could not be taken down regardless. For Ukrainian criminals attempted to kill Bianca when they rigged a whole building with explosives, but it did not do anything to harm her.

Several weeks have gone by until the lands were relatively safe, resulting in Bianca training small groups of people to continue her work in the country, to work as a team to stop bad people in turn, the skills they learned they taught others over time. She soon set her sights on The United States of America and prepared herself to travel to the Western world.

Meanwhile, while members of The Faceless were still looking for Jallen to this day, they were also trying to contact one of the people who they looked up to, Mersia Clou, who had disappeared from the United Kingdom, and was supposedly seen with a young child in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. Brian had contacted Bianca at some point, knowing of what she has done and where she is headed next. He tells Bianca if she is really going to America, he has everything setup for her, sending her an address, access information, etc. Brian also tells her not to use her suit of armor in the states because he knows a few guys in the states and the CIA who knows about some baddies looking for trouble when they see someone as competition. Bianca tells Brian she can easily beat them, but he then tells her if news came out that she is far away from the Eastern part of the world, it may cause some enemies to react, adding, he is still training some people, but they won’t be ready for surprise attack if the enemy knows she isn’t near Europe or parts of Asia. With this in mind, Bianca decided to refrain from using her armor’s full power until all enemies are dealt with, in addition, she wishes to recruit more allies and train others as she did in the Indian and Arab countries.

Coming to America

After Bianca was done wrapping up in various countries that had deep roots with human trafficking, she eventually traveled to The United States of America with her destination being Ditmars Steinway in Queens New York. During this time, Bianca was about to be 17 years old, and she talked with her father about the move. Wei told her that several of her friends began training with him, and tells his daughter to be good because the western world is vastly different. Bianca traveled to the US with her dog Trex and she took residence in Brian’s home in Upper Manhattan, which Brian had told Bianca it is a large studio condo home that has been given to him, bought and paid by the CIA. The day after, she went to walk Trex at Astoria Park, when she made her way back, she took another route, while she was walking, she kept hearing whistling and guys calling her baby, etc, which irritated her, and she kept telling herself to keep it together while Trex voiced in saying in America what these men are doing is “Cat Calling”, and he provides to give a summarized version of the term. Bianca stopped at a burger spot nearby because she always never tried the food in America and wants to give it a try; she bought a lot of food, packed it up to bring it home.

While walking back, she sees a woman being Cat-Called by a big strong man, who had been following her for several minutes trying to hit on the girl, seeing this, Bianca, had an annoyed facial expression on her face, and wanted to do something about it. The man that was cat-calling told the girl he’s “just a baby looking for some candy, don’t’ be shy” and he slapped the girl on the bum, and laughed about it as she shrieked and started to nag at him. A moment later, the man was on the floor, saying what happened that he didn’t realize he was thrown or flipped. Bianca stood by the girl with her arm on her hip and bag of food on the other smiling, and the girl told the man that he just got his butt handed to him, pointing out that Bianca got the drop on him and flipped him while he was laughing. The other guys were laughing at the situation, and the girl looked at Bianca, saying “you go girl”, high fiving her. As Bianca walked away, the girl said that even though some parts of the city has heroes running around, there are still some nut jobs like the ones on the street, hearing this, Bianca was thinking if there are others like her or the meta humans she faced before.

When she was home, Bianca 100 push-ups, 100 chin ups, and briefly meditated afterwards she began eating her food, but before she eats she always tells herself “Be Humble, for what you have.”, something her mother and family members have always been doing because not everyone an opportunity to eat, so she is being thankful.

She tuned in to watch some television, but nothing really interested her, then she turned to the news, which showed some interesting highlights. The news station in NY was talking about the fall of a group known as The Black Foot, that had been operating in Queens for some time now, stated that the fall of the group must have been an internal struggle, but bring up the theory of Ninjas, jokingly saying Ninjas fight Ninjas and do Ninja things, which got Bianca interested in a possible group of Ninjas in the city. The news than turned to so called Heroes who run around Manhattan area of New York, saying The Green-Hooded Vigilante and his friends took down jewelry store robbers, then they began to remind people who the The Green-Hooded Vigilante first appearance at a club brawl, despite stopping it he is still considered a vigilante that needs to be taken in, while many see him as a hero. Bianca began to do some research on events of these possible heroes, information about the The Green-Hooded Vigilante is everywhere, but information on Ninjas seem nearly impossible to find, except for those who claim to see them and the war they had with Black Foot Clan. This led to Bianca finding a duo by the street name Base-Wave Twins, a rollerblading duo who is actually siblings.

Bianca tracked the twin teenagers at a skate park, Flushing Meadows plaza’s Maloof Park skate in Queens and wanted to question them because she is curious about the ninjas. The twins began to joke with Bianca saying she’s whack and they don’t know what she’s talking about, saying they don’t talk with strangers, but Bianca was persistent then she tells them she is a hero herself, but chooses to lay low for a bit, but the twins were not buying. Irritated, Bianca tells them what they want from her so she can get this information, at this Jasmine tells Bianca if anything, they want to race, then they can talk. Bianca says if they’re serious, and the twins randomly blasted some hip-hop jingle from their digital gloves and yelled YES at the same time. The twins introduced themselves as they played their randomly changing hip-hop jingles as their gloves light up, Miguelo and Jasmine Reyes are their names.

Bianca vs. The Base-Wave Twins (Skating n’ Blading for Charity)

Miguelo tells Bianca that tomorrow morning there will be a race hosted by MC Vector. He smiles and crossed his arms, swaying his hips as he stands with Jasmine giggling. Bianca, confused, tells him if there is a catch, and Migeulo said BINGO as he caused another hip-hop jingle to play, with Jasmine briefly dancing. He tells Bianca the race will not just be against him, but against his sister, and Bianca says ok she will have to race the both of them, then he shook his head, saying it won’t just be with them, but with skaters coming from around New York to race, saying it is for a massive charity event whereas the goal is to raise 300,000 credits for “youngins” (young ones) at the hospital. The goal of the event isn’t to race, but it still doesn’t hurt to be first place, telling Bianca out of everyone attending, if she can stay ahead of them until the timer goes off, he and his sister will reveal their BFFs to her. Jasmine still mildly dancing as she skates in reserve, says to Bianca if she isn’t some Black Foot spy, at this, Bianca says no she isn’t. Then Miguelo shrugged, saying who she is really, and Bianca tells them, as she forms her gauntlets, she is The Steel Maiden. The twins dropped their jaw for a brief second, and then giggled, saying they never heard of her. At this Bianca says to them most likely because not a lot of news goes out of the Western world to Asia or parts of Europe. They asked her if she has rollerblades that can hover off the ground, and she was about to say no, but said yes.

In the morning around 10:30 AM, Bianca came to the venue with Trex to where she entered herself to be among the roller bladders and skaters. Since her armor can shape-shift, she was sporting unique rollerblades that are capable of hovering, when asked by the other skaters where she about them, she tells them she got them as a gift, that it was made in China. The venue was packed, had music playing so loud with hip-hop, street and really classic 21 century tunes playing (1970s-21XX music), as well as current ones. Bianca saw some people had regular skateboards and roll blades, others with skates capable of hovering, and hover boards. She look around the area they were going to skate around via hologram map that was displayed, and sees there are no hover craft vehicles in the area because the area was closed off for this event. She saw the twins with 3 individuals who are spectators, and she went to them. Both of the boys (one of them who appears to be injured) didn’t introduce themselves, however, the girl did, she said her name is Sakura Katsumi. Sakura offered to watch over Trex, who quickly befriended her, while participates in the event, moments later the skaters had to line up for the charity skating even to start.

A civilian android in disco attire, named DAD (Disco Ain’t Dead) was on a hover board rolled up on a mic, telling everyone how Queens is so lively and crisp today since the fall of Black Foot Clan, and that it was actually really good because this event is packed and it shows that the people of Queens are still the most hype peeps out of all New York, and the crowds cheered. DAD then tells the skaters to get ready to rumble, saying that the 4k skating n’ blading event will run for 30 minutes and they’ll see how much they raise until the time is up, as well as the bonus donations from various companies and other sources are accepted. Since Bianca was in shorts and a muscle shirt, she decided to ponytail her hair and use part of her armor as sun glasses. So once the clock hit 11:25 AM on the dot, the race began when DAD tells the participants to GO, the current champions were indeed the Base Wave Twins and they plan on being first again. Despite everyone going without any form of competition in mind, The Base Wave Twins were trying to keep ahead of Bianca, only for Bianca to get in front of them. Half way in to the event race, Jasmine jokes with her brother saying if Bianca straight up hustled them, only for Miguelo to say that the girl has slick moves, but they can still keeps up. What everyone didn’t realize is that the credits have been stolen, the secret amount that had been donated by companies and other sources. The money holder wanted to get the police involved, but was told by two individuals that they will get the money back for them before the race is over.

Charity Robbery

While the event was taking place, the money holder had been robbed when putting the credits into the system. Before he could react, two individuals who were hunting the man down tell the man that they’ll get the money back before the event race is over. As they spoke, the skaters passed by and Bianca glanced them in the crowd, for it was a tall masked man in black, and a young boy with messy hair who can be seen behind the glass door, seeing them caused the twins to pass her, yelling to Bianca if she got weak for a moment. The tall man is Dark Skull, who had come from Dakota to seek out a man by the name of Rashad Rose, a rapper who formerly went by the stage name Goo Boi, who had turned to burglary and has been robbing places for some time now, which led Dark Skull to the boy, James Konta, who wanted to help him catch the criminal. The continued to track Rose, who managed to break into a building into building, causing Dark Skull and James to give chase. James was able to get ahead, and then Rashad Rose panicked, and shot at James with his gun directly into his chest, causing James to be sent back, laying on his back. Dark Skull throw some projectiles at Rashad, but he got away, to Dark Skull’s surprise, James was alright, saying that James is tough, for the bullet hit him, damaging his clothing, but was stopped by his body, not inflicting any damage, at this James stated he didn’t know he was bullet proof. Minutes before the event ends, James, Dark Skull had been contacted by one of Dark Skull’s friends, Jared Strike, who informed the police about Rose. Rose was eventually cornered in by the duo when he rushed into an open laboratory, pushing people out of the way as he ran. He made it into an unauthorized room, dropping the booklet containing the credits, running into a huge shelf of chemicals. Dark Skull saw Rose and urges him into get out of the way, only for Rose to open fire, saying all he wants is the credits.

Meanwhile, the time passed for the race, but The Base Wave twins and Bianca continued for another 10 minutes, hoping that their enduring attitude would cause more donations to be made, and the race between them is something important, as James and Dark Skull had to deal with Rashad Rose. The shelf he caused to fall over had some chemicals glasses fall on him, burning him, and one hit part of his face, injuring him. Damn it man, said Dark Skull, but it was too late, Rose who was in pain by the burning chemicals, noticed a large shadow above around him, and it was the large shelf that was about to fall on him. The booklet was near James, and he managed to grab it, but he tried to save Rose, only for Dark Skull to pull him back, saying that he’ll probably die from being crushed to dead by the shelves holding chemicals, glasses, boxes, etc. It fell on Rose who was frozen, and unable to move, crushing him. The falling shelves forced Dark Skull and James out of the room. Eventually the police came, Dark Skull told James he will return the credits, telling him that they can’t save everyone, even someone who is in the same situation like Rashad Rose, informing him that Jared and him give thanks for James’ help, and he can either enjoy the event or go home to rest.

Meanwhile, Miguelo, while keeping up with Bianca, tells her that she won, hearing this, Bianca says she isn’t first yet, then Miguelo confessed that he and his sister just wanted to race Bianca, but tells her that either way the race went, he was going to talk to her about the Ninjas, The twins applauded Bianca, and rolled out of the race, Bianca finished the final lap of the race, and the extra 10 minutes generated tons of credits, combined with the credits, that has been returned, added into the mix, surpassing the goal, reaching 1.5 million credits. DAD and the others cheered Bianca and The Base Wave twins and briefly interviewed them as well as getting a chance to take a picture with the others who participated and some children from the hospital. The twins began to walk to where Sakura was, as they walked, the twins began talking about the other two boys with Sakura, stating they know more about the ninjas than they do. As they continue to speak, the twin informs Bianca about the two others and went more in depth about Sakura: Jasmine begins to blush and hold her hands with her hands, saying that the “Guapo trozo de hombre” is Kai’Talos Martinez, a Puerto-Rican kick-boxer who is experienced in Brazilian Jujitsu and Capoeira, saying did she mention that Kai’Talos plays football and that he is a model. Jasmine was in awe, and she tells Bianca that isn’t the young man such a beauty, Bianca’s only response, while scratching her head, looking away with a slight grin on her face, saying he seems handsome, but she isn’t the type of person that is seeking companionship right now. Seeing Bianca’s reaction, Miguelo started chuckling, as he puts his hands behind his head, with Bianca saying she’s being honest right now with a slight blush on her face. Jasmine continued, saying Sakura Katsumi is Kai’Talos’ adoptive sister. She is rumored be on par with Kai’Talos when it comes being a fighter and an athlete. She says that her biological parents are from Japan, but due to wanting Sakura to leave for some unknown reason, she is now living with her parent’s good friend, Kai’Talos’ father, who is an archeologist, in addition, Kai and his “homeboy” seems to be extremely protective of her. Bianca nods and made a mental note of what Jasmine was saying, then she asked the twins who is the other one that is injured, the friend who is called the “homeboy”. Miguelo says that the 3rd individual’s name is Yamato Jenji Takeru, the badass who is like the head honcho of the trio. He continues, saying that he so intimidating and they don’t know much about him despite seeing him for some time now, adding he’s cool and chill. Miguelo says that Yamato was present during the big Ninja fight and was caught in the crossfire, hence his injuries. Hearing his name, Bianca began to think about her late younger brother, who never had a chance at life, Jenji Airesus.

Eventually they meet, with Trex being reunited with Bianca and only Sakura greeting them, however, there was a brief moment of awkwardness. Kai began speaking in Spanish, telling Miguelo who is the girl, as he spoke Sakura began talking with Bianca, with Yamato staring at her. Sakura tells Bianca where she is from, and Bianca tells her that she has come from China, adding she came to America for a fresh start on things. Sakura tells her if she is familiar with any fighting styles, telling Bianca she knows a few, hearing this, Bianca says she knows a good deal of fighting herself. Yamato smirk under his breath and Kai tells Bianca how many styles she knows. Bianca says she knows about a dozen, each of them she learned the basics and advanced techniques, which she mixes around to perform her own ”on the spot” attacks. Hearing this, Sakura says maybe Bianca could come and hang with them, maybe have some breakfast and hang out. Then Bianca tells them if they heard about the ninjas who were on the news. Yamato tells Bianca that now isn’t the place and time to speak such things, saying if she wants to learn about them, she needs to meet with them some other time, saying it is getting late. Jasmine cut him off saying that it is only like 3pm, and Yamato says that to him, it is late, and he needs his rest, adding that he only came to the event because it has been a while since he enjoyed things like this. Yamato and Kai introduced themselves anyways, telling Bianca she can refer to them as Jenji and Kai. He then tells Sakura to give Bianca her contact information, making a grumpy face that he left his cell at home and Kai’s battery is literally at 1%. As they departure, Bianca and Trex went home that day.

During the evening, Bianca spent a day relaxing at home, for the first time in her life; she enjoyed a bubble bath, something that May Li told her about in one of their random conversations when they were younger. She didn’t have any food to eat besides leftovers, with the only thing drink available being filtered water. She attempted to use her money to order a service so that fresh whole foods can be delivered to her home every other day so she can try to cook food herself. She did some crunches and went to watch the news on the hologram-television. Today’s new mentioned that during the event she partook in, credits have been stolen by a thief, but was returned by unknown vigilantes, with witnesses seeing them say that a tall man in black and some guy in a hooded was the ones seen chasing the criminal, adding a blunt lie saying that probably those two set up the whole thing to make themselves look good. Bianca crossed her arms, thinking why anyone isn’t dealing with these guys.

Warehouse Riot

On that same day, it was 2AM, Bianca couldn’t sleep because the thought of Sakura Katsumi kept going through her mind, as if she is suppose to speak with her or something. She got up and couldn’t sleep, Trex himself was sleeping, and since she is awake, she decided to see how the nightlife is like in New York. Brian Whall had 2 cars and 2 motorcycles; she used one of the motorcycles and went out for a ride. She went around the Western parts of Queens, and decided to go take a ride into Manhattan, since she was close. On her way there, she began to think about suiting up. She thought to herself that if she were to suit up, perhaps someone would recognize her, but seeing how she is far away, what if any enemies of hers were present, they could easily signal for an attack on her friends and family. Due to this, she strictly used her armor to be an extra barrier on her clothing, but she kept the hand wrappings to use her gauntlet abilities, telling herself that it is nice to not use her 100% of her armor for once. She turned on the radio while she was halfway through into Lower Manhattan and she heard about 2 unknown individuals having been spotted after stealing money from an armored truck, and the radio announcer continues, that the truck drivers were traumatized, and their hovering truck got EMP’d and cut opening from the back like food can. Hearing this, Bianca thinks the enemies mush have used a hovering vehicle to pull that off instead of using the road vehicles. As she got into the city, she saw a figure running, but he or she was too dark to see, and the figure glanced back, seeing Bianca looking. At this, the figure smiled and took off really fast. Bianca tried to scan the individual, but she was up able to tag the person because they cut the corner, this forced Bianca to park the bike and give chase on foot, eventually turning part of her armor into thrusters on her feet as she did during the skating event.

Elsewhere in the city, 2 individuals chased a large figure into the scrap metal facilities on Wards Island. The large figure yelled that they don’t know when to quit, the figure was so fast, and briefly he could crawl on the walls of the buildings and objects he was on. He tore out a small pole from the walls as he ran and flipped, as he was flipping, he threw the broken pole at the two figures, causing one of them, James Konta, to cut the pole in two, saving the other individual running with him. The second individual tells James she could kiss him for that if they weren’t in a rush, only for James to blush saying he isn’t like that, and the girl with him said she’s joking. They then cornered the large reptilian man who was holding a stolen stash of credits, gold and other items from the armored truck. Kitty, the girl with James, tells Lizard-Man to give it up, which caused him to chuckle, saying if they want the bag so badly, they have to reveal their identities to him. James tells him that such a thing will only be a dream to him. The large Lizard says that’s cute, then he jumps down the railings and broke into the window into a building, and he chuckles. A police officer was in the area, and heard the noise, but didn’t know where in the area it came from because the area was large and then he encountered a young blond boy in the area, who has a cane. The cop tells the boy why the hell is he in the area, but the boy, pretending to be fearful and lost, tells the police officer that violent vigilantes are chasing him, saying this as he got closer to the cop. The police man says everything will be alright, and tells him to hide, but he noticed something was off, and in a blink of his eye, the boy turned into a monstrous shadow, and his accent changed. He tells the officer how was his Western accent, but the cop was so scared he couldn’t move, and he reached for his gun. The shadow tells the cop if he is going to shoot him, then he laughs saying, he will put him to sleep first before he could even pull the trigger, and without hesitation, he attacks cop.

Eventually Bianca looks for the one she was chasing, and ends up finding the boy instead, meanwhile, James and Kitty were lured into a scrap metal area that destroys metal objects, they witnessed old tech in the area that are deemed useless until the Lizard dropped from the ceiling when they were distracted, where he was waiting for a chance to strike, down right behind them, knocking them deeper into the room with his tail and sealed the door. James tells the Lizard to let them out or he will break down the door, and the Lizard stated that the building is quite old and any nonsense he tries to do will probably result in this place going down. He licked his face saying he’d like to humiliate them, but the boss has a gift for them since they stupidly followed him into the trap. Since James and Kitty were no longer a threat, Lizard-Man went to a different room to count all the stolen items from today, telling himself it is a shame that Rashad Rose, the man he hired failed to collect the credits in Queens, as he continues to count the money. James and Kitty were attacked by a robot, assuming it is one of their other enemies (Walkner Vile), but they were wrong, it was someone else, who was controlling the robot. Before the robot was able to fully stand up, Kitty sees a vent, saying they got a shot at escaping, however, James tells her that she can go, but he needs to stop that robot, if it actually went into the city, saying Vile is known to letting remote controlled robots to cause havoc. So she makes her way to the vents, telling James not to die here, that he still owes her.

James thought to himself that the large robot was that of Vile, but when it spoke, it was clearly someone else who was controlling it. After a the fight, James had been briefly pushed into a chamber before breaking out, which took particles from his hair and blood, and had his exact age and D.O.B. The fight continued resulting in James attempting to escape, but the robot self-destructed, causing wires to spark and fuel to leak within the facility. Miranda trying to escape, only to be knocked off the small building as the robot went BOOM, resulting in her getting knocked out due to falling into a nearby dumpster.

Bianca herself didn’t know the area well, and went to look at where the explosion came from, she eventually found the police officer, who was out cold, but still alive. As for James was out for a bit due to the blast, but managed to escape, finding Kitty, and tried to wake her up. As James pulled Kitty into his arms and out of the dumpster, he is spotted by Bianca. As suspected that James was the one who attacked the officer, got his accomplice injured, and tells him that he harmed a lost child. She scans the both of them as, seeing that only one of them was armed with swords, and that was James. She wasn’t able to find out their identities because she has no pool of information on the individuals in the US. James tells her that he isn’t the enemy, the boy was lying because he is the real villain, then Bianca marches to him, saying then why does the boy have sword like cuts on his body and blood everywhere. Hearing this James yelled “WHAT”, saying the boy is nothing more than a, but he was grabbed by Bianca and pushed into the building he escaped from.

Fighting The Vigilante (The Green Hooded Vigilante)


The explosion that went off caused the police of New York to react by making their way there, including James’ cousin. James’ other allies didn’t James was at the warehouse area, but they packed up to go investigate. Meanwhile, James and Bianca went at it, with James trying to talk instead of fighting. Bianca didn’t listen to him, and only thought about the boy she thinks James hurt, along with the cop. Bianca was able to lay down a beating on James, but he was able to hold his own defensively, saying he doesn’t want to fight, but if it is a fight she wants, a fight she will get. Bianca tried to elbow James, but hit a weak beam when James evaded the attack, and since she didn’t really prepare herself, she busted her arm badly, but she continued to fight despite the injury. James was quite decent in hand to hand combat himself, but was not superior to Bianca. He managed to hold his own until he saw Kaddak enter the room in his shadow form, since James knows how Kaddak is and he was able to pinpoint the glimmering eyes and ominous smile in the distance, waving at James. Bianca pinned James down, with James saying that he’s getting away, Kaddak is going to escape and the Lizard too. Bianca was thinking the boy was messing with her so he can try to counter, but tells him that she will unmask him and reveal him to the police when they get here. Before she could remove his hood and goggles, another explosion went off due to a leak and broken wires that were sparking, this time in the second part of the building, where James and Bianca were fighting. Bianca seeing this, and her guard was down, James was easily able to overpower her, and escaped with her through an opening water tunnel under the floor before the explosion could touch them.

Meanwhile, Kaddak and The Lizard went back to collect the remainder of the luxurious items because they needed it. Kaddak went in one room, while Lizard-Man went in another, only to confront what he believes is James Konta, but it was his clone, who proceeded to obliterate Lizard-Man, leaving him with an inch of his life before running away himself as the fires continue to grow. Moments later, Kaddak witnessed a bloody and battered Lizard-Man, being shocked that the one he refers to as “Swordsman” managed unleash such an attack on his comrade, so instead of collecting the remaining credits, Kaddak went to save Lizard-Man as well, taking him out of the area using his abilities.

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Kitty, who was helping the cop, cried out for James using his nickname, thinking the worse has happened to him. Bianca, who was dazed from the ordeal, sees that James was actually helping her, as he runs through the water tunnels with her in his hands. They eventually made it to the surface, however, Bianca tells James who he is and his name, but all he says is that he was telling the truth, he isn’t the bad guy. Bianca confused and angered rushes off because if the police are nearby they may think she is an accomplice, leaving James alone, who later regroups with Kitty and the police officer. Bianca managed to get back to her bike, only to see it moved further up the street, confused, she went to check it out, and notice a small beat up robot that had been guarding it. She was confused about what the robot is doing here, and prepares to drive off. But the small robot was following her as she slowly moves the bike away, eventually driving off, saying to the robot she has to go. Bianca was exhausted when she got home, and just went to sleep as soon as she saw the bed.

Meeting The Ninjas of Queens, NY


Bianca had dreams about events that took place recently and randomly started to dream that she was using her armor to fly over the city of China during a beautiful day. When she got up, the first thing she realized was that she isn’t wearing the clothing she was wearing last night, instead, she is wearing Brian’s clothing that doesn’t even fit her. She looks at a confused Trex, shaking his head, saying that the small metal follow was likely the cause of this. She stood up and realizes she has an arm cast made from towels on her arm. She then goes to the bathroom, which was a mess due to the robot attempt at cleaning Bianca’s clothing from last night. The robot waves at Bianca, and seeing this, Trex states the robot sees you as its new owner, adding it pay be a small android that is self aware with robot parts clothing its body. Bianca then tells the small mute robot that it is okay, she can clean the mess herself, and the small android went on to sit next to Trex. As it took a command it only makes beeping sounds, which prompted Bianca to call the small android Beepz with a Z. Bianca got herself ready, as she heard more events about what happen last night when she confronted the alleged hooded criminal and his cat friend.

3 days later, Bianca got herself ready to meet with Sakura and the others, and took Trex and Beepz along with her to the address Sakura sent to her early in the morning. On her way there, she saw news on hologram billboards regarding the event that took place last night, and still the news seem to pin the blame on the young man she fought and his friend, however, the police that was there on the scene stated that the two individuals helped him, adding that he was taken down by some shadowy ghost looking figure that posed as a child, and then turns to the screen and thanks the unknown heroes. Bianca began to think about if she did use her armor, how things would have played out, but then she thought about possible or recurring enemies that will try to hurt those close to her, that now it will be a while before she could reveal herself to everyone.

Bianca eventually gets to her destination, which is a large building that also has a dojo the estate. It was a beautiful site, and she was greeted by those who attend the dojo, eventually confronting Jenji himself. Jenji welcomes Bianca in a monotone fashion, they he explained that this building they’re in is his father’s masterpiece, adding that his father had to leave to go to New Japan 2 weeks ago, adding that most likely he will be out for a year, and he is to watch the place, he also added that his father knows a lot about Ninjitsu and other forms, making a variation of his own, which he teaches here. Bianca asked if it is possible for her to see the students in training one day, only for Jenji to look at her, saying she is a complete stranger, plus she isn’t even enrolled here. At this Bianca didn’t know what to say, but Jenji chuckles, saying she is free to join anytime she pleases, but she needs to be enrolled no matter what. He then directs Bianca to Sakura, who was outside sitting near a fountain, relaxing. Before he leaves them to speak, Jenji states that Kai is doing business for his father, so he will be back to pick up Sakura soon.

Sakura waves at Bianca and greets her, Trex and Beepz, adding she didn’t know she had a small android has a companion too, only for Bianca to say she wasn’t surprised too when they met. Sakura tells Bianca there is black tea near the fountain, that it is still hot if she wants some, and Bianca gladly accepted. Both the girls spoke for some time, as they spoke, Bianca began to think about her dream she had several months ago, thinking to herself is this the girl she was to meet, and what role does she play in her life. Bianca then tells Sakura portions of her dream, saying meeting her in a setting like this is like a daja vu moment. At this, Sakura tells her it must be for something important. They had been talking for several meetings and getting along, Jenji appears again, but leaned near the door, looking at them, telling himself the both of them reminds him of how he met his good friend. Bianca then tells Sakura how did she ever get to America if she was in Japan, when she asked this, Sakura stated that she had been suffering from some form of memory loss, as if she bumped her head badly as a child, and what took place sometime ago. She tells Bianca all she knows is she is from New Japan, and her family made arrangements for her to come to America through their close friend, Kai’Talos’ father, who acts as Sakura’s adoptive father. Hearing this, Bianca tells Sakura if others can leave through New Japan, for she heard about the lands, but didn’t know how things are there. She says it is rather peaceful there, but there was an event that took place, but she can’t remember what it is; only her parents knew. Then Sakura said she met this boy in Manhattan, who reminds her about the country.

Bianca says what boy, a friend of hers, only for Sakura to blush a little bit, saying the boy is Japanese himself, but her being around him when there is a chance causes Jenji to be somewhat jealous and Kai overly protective, before she could say more, Jenji and Kai shows up. With the 3 of them here, Jenji tells Bianca if she wants to meet with these so-called Ninjas, and Bianca tells him if they’re here, and he replied by saying yes. At this, Bianca was ready to walk away saying they should go, and then she hears Sakura giggle, and Jenji whistling. She turns and looks at them, saying what are they waiting for, at this Kai says there is no need to go anywhere, with Jenji saying that the 3 of them, are the Ninjas she was looking for, the only ones. He said they’re called The Neo Foot Clan, them including a few selected others from the dojo, in addition, he adds that Neo goes better with an “X”, adding that he himself is NeoxNinja, Sakura being NeoxRose while Kai is the NeoxBrawler, then he smiles saying Bianca can refer to them as Neo, Rose and Brawler if she likes.

Bianca’s jaws dropped, saying she thought the Ninjas as something completely different compared to them, and she didn’t suspect anything. Jenji laughs and pats Bianca on the back, saying how she didn’t guess this from the start, adding that the Twins from the other day didn’t know this either, but regardless if they won or lost the race, they’d introduce us to her anyways. Now knowing this, Bianca had questions and wanted to talk with them more. Then she talks about the boy vigilante and his cat hooded friend, and she looks at Sakura, who pretends to act like she doesn’t know anything, assuming she knows something. Jenji flared up, saying the vigilante that they call The Green Samurai nowadays is nothing more but a wannabe, adding the swordsman got famous due to a coward of NYU students hyping him up from one event that took place at a Manhattan club. Jenji continues to rant, admitting he sees The Green Samurai nothing more than a rival that needs to be put in his place, at this, Kai agrees while Sakura lightly nods with a cheesy smile on her face. Bianca states why such rivalry against another person doing well, at this Jenji says one confrontation with him gave me reasons to consider the Samurai as a rival, adding, he is stronger than he was almost a month ago when the two first met. Kai adds they are still trying to figure out his identity, adding it is beneficial to them so the guy is easier to track down if he decides to screw up and go bad. With that being said, Kai tell Sakura in 10 minutes they’ll be going, and Kai and Jenji went off to discuss things in private.

Bianca and Sakura spoke, with Sakura telling Bianca that Jenji’s only confrontation with The Samurai ended up in him losing, adding Jenji was in the area looking to pick a fight after some teenager in a robot was defeated. She sighed saying that Jenji fighting the Samurai led to the juvenile robotic engineer to get away, stating the criminal’s name, Walkner Vile. Bianca tells her that if it is possible, she will try to find the Green Samurai herself and see what kind of person he is, adding she briefly underestimated the boy, as she puts her hand on her healed arm. Sakura also kind of hinted who Bianca is, and tells her if she is The Steel Maiden from China, adding that news like this doesn’t really come out of those countries, and at this Bianca says she is, but she cannot go running around in a full suit of armor. She says any enemy in China or Thailand are in fear of practically every female girl that they might choose to attack thinking it come be her. Then she says that since the fall of a massive criminal group, criminals tend to go into hiding. Sakura took this all in and says that Bianca is truly a hero for what she did for those in the countries she fought in, adding, they’re trying to do the same here, that some fights nearly cost them their lives or the lives of others at times, but not as brutal as the things Bianca faced. The both of them shook hands, and they departed with Kai calling for Sakura.

As Bianca left the Neo Ninja’s Estate, she contemplated on the idea of The Green Samurai, even going as far as finding recent highlights regarding him, finding out there are others who fight alongside him and don his colors as well as a NYPD saying the young man must be unmasked for all of NY to see. Then she had an idea, perhaps she can help the young man be a better fighter, suspecting he is a meta-human, adding that if others can see the good in people like The Green Samurai and the Ninjas if they see all the consecutive deeds they do to help people instead of being in secret, to a sense, Bianca wants to become the boy’s rival in a fri-enemy type of way to help him and his friends improve.

End of Bianca Story Arc Thus beginning the Dragon Diarys Main Storyline


  • Bianca is the second survivor of the Tri-Serum procedure, and is the only person to be injected with the serum in it's purest form.
  • Bianca is not only a skilled fighter, but she is also enhanced, making her stronger than she already is.
  • Bianca’s main storyline and origin is about taking down Human and Child Traffickers in China, and other parts, mainly the Middle East where is more dominant.
  • Bianca uses 100% of her armor during her conquest to stop Human Trafficking, however, when she reaches the United States, she refrains from using 100% of her armor, using only 10% of the armor’s capabilities narrowing down to her gauntlets and leg straps. The reason being is she doesn’t want news of her being outside of the Asian countries while her partners are keep a watching in those counties, in addition, to some of her enemies may find out who she is because of some witnesses. While she is away, she is considered an entity.
  • Bianca has a bit of pain tolerance because she is able to pull through some tough injuries she has gotten over the years, especially when she was young in her teenager years.
  • When Bianca met with Chrono in the dream world, she is told about a girl she will meet later on referring to the girl in acronyms, SAK/KAT. The girl in question is Sakura Katsumi, Bianca's future friend, ally, and partner.
  • Bianca knows different fighting styles, but her main ones are Muay Thai and Karv Maga due to her primary stance being the Muay Thai Stance. She is able to use a mix of fighting styles, free-flowing into any move, offensively and defensively.
  • Surprising Bianca carries a gun, The M1911. It is unknown as to where she acquired it, but most likely she took it from one of her enemies. The gun is one of the many weapons still used in 22XX whereas most weapons are powered by energy and or plasma, which can easily be disabled. The gun is filled with rubber bullets, met to stun or incapacitate opponents instead of killing them.
  • Bianca considers herself way to intelligent for going to school. Technically she never attended back to her Middle School and or transition to High School. Bianca is very smart and regardless if she went or not, she would still being surpassing others in her school.
  • Bianca’s trademark appearance is a white tang top, black kung fu sweatpants and kung fu slippers. Rare times she sports any under armor-like uniforms (black and white) and or a Kung Fu Grand Master uniform in all black. During the Skating N’ Blading event in Queens, she wore all black athletic shorts, shoes and Training Bra, as well as black training gloves and glasses.
  • While in America, Bianca spends more time observing fights than getting into them due to how the NYPD views vigilante Justice, siding with the same stance as the Neo-X Ninjas. However, when it comes to it, she acts out on her own without any presence of the police, meta-humans or other vigilantes; at times the victim who is saved is unaware they are event aided by Bianca.
  • Bianca is considered a Self-Employed Mercenary after the events regarding Black Shadow. Even with this title, she does not worry about currency because her only concern is helping people. She considered lives saved as payment; rewarding.
  • Bianca is capable of killing her opponents and does so when it is necessary, especially when she is able to pull up data feed on her target and or multiple targets before she acts out such. She considers repeated offenders who are not so repentant are the ones that should be taken down, those who do not feel any remorse for their actions and crimes. While in America, she is unable to do this because she cannot pull up data on enemies until later on, but at the time she is influenced by her rival, James Konta, who pushes her to not be a killer.
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