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Big Joe is an optional Boss, which can be encounter randomly if Cole is ends up either badly injured or killed.

Big Joe is one of the convicts who escaped with and joined Dasum, and he acts as a high ranked chief among the bandits. He has doubts about many who joined Dasum and often find himself arguing with the brainwashed bandits, including Slick.


Big Joe can be seen/encountered inside of the Bandit's hideout. He is more aggressive and hits harder than the other bandits and has his on distinctive color, green. The player is able to fight him head on, or avoid him altogether, he can no longer be encounter again if the player leaves the room immediate after getting pass cracked floor area.

He also cannot be encounter if Cole doesn't go try to help Link and the others, instead, Broga & Malus can be fought within the tunnel network of the old cave, and they cannot be skipped.


HP - 200.30

Str - .99

Def - 199.21

MP - N/A


He functions as a normal Fleeter (Red Bandit), however, he is more faster than the others and is capable of stealing more rupees from you, even resources if rupees isn't available. He is also able to deal more damage compared than the other bandits and has more defenses and hp than the others.

Defeating him unlocks a secret later on in the game.

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