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Blind Jr. is the First boss that Link will run into within The Forest Cavern.


Boss Fight

Blind Jr., just like his counterpart in LTTP, runs rampant within the room, however, attacks constantly without fail. He cannot be seen unless the player aids LEafosa light up the torches within the room.


Hp: Varies

Def: 15

Str: .05


MP: Varies



Fireballs Blind Jr. constantly sends a number of fireballs your way, they cannot deflected, however, they can light up torches in the room. The fireball is capable of slowing the player down briefly.

Floating Head Blind head is capable of ramming into the player once it starts to float about. The player is able to slash at Blind, however, must be careful, for Blind will not flinch or bounce back when hit, but will remain in sight of target, the player.


Blind will remain stationary after the cut-scene and will not be seen at all. The player will have a set amount of time (4 minutes) to destroy the triggers in order to unlock the cage-like objects covering the unlit torches. Once the triggers are hit in a specific order, the cages will then be destroyed by Leafosa, who will shoot them open, giving the player access to the unlit torches. At this point, if not already, Blind will use his fireball attack to slow down and harm the player. Once he is visible, he can can be attacked using a sword, once he is somewhat defeated, his cloak will drop to the ground and his head will be present.

The next phase, Blind will be unseen again, but this time moving about in the room, using fireballs once again. The player must direct Blind's shots in the direction of the unlit torches in order to light them up. Leafosa will shoot at Blind, stunning him, giving the player the chance to slash him once again.

The final phase, Blind will play it smart and not use fireballs, and chase you, this time being somewhat visible. but cannot be attacked. Leafosa will then process to use Sol based attacks to slow down Blind. As soon as Blind becomes somewhat visible, the player is able to end him using the sword, defeating him once and for all.

Upon defeat, Blind will appear again, however, battered and beaten. The player can and must hit him once with the sword, only to miss, depending on the side-quest being completed or not, Blind will make a snarky comment before apparently dying, dropping the pendant, which regain some of it's power due to Leafosa's Sol based attacks. It is unknown if Blind had died or not, even if the player re-enters the dungeon, his corpse (within the dungeon) can still be found. Later on, guards take over the cavern, and Blind's body could be found once again, but this time covered in wrappings, the player cannot interact with it during the event.


Blind Jr's back-story had drastically change from what it was originally, also the dungeon itself had a recent makeover. The Blind boss battle now has a few phases on its own instead of being a straight-forward slash boss tactic. The dungeon item no longer has an effect on him, however, it will be used to aid the player enable a set of triggers to help defeat this boss. Blind also does not make comments throughout the dungeon, even when the mini-boss is defeated. Blind will not be vulnerable this time around, unless you use the triggers to enable him to be visible. Blind's fireballs do not send the player flying and it can no longer be deflected, they do little damage and slow down the player, so in a sense, it is sort of like an ice beam attack.


  • Originally, Blind wanted to lure Link in hopes of possessing him, to escape the cavern. What was also changed is when Blind lure Link from the very beginning, even posing as people he knew such as Sara or Zelda,whereas Link snapped out of it when he was confronted by Mobo. His story had been change for he had remain/died in the cavern, eventually finding the pendant and has gone mad. He also considers the cavern has his hideout and or kingdom and anyone trying to steal his pendant will either be trapped in the cavern, anyone attempting to harm him will be killed.
  • Blind had stolen The Hero's Bow, the only reason that it is in the dungeon to begin with. That is why when Link retrieves it, Blind retaliates against Link.
  • Blind is called Blind Jr. because in life, he was a young man, mid 20s, who was a thief who had injured many people to get what he wants. He also fought with Korri, who chased him out of the abandon house into the woods. The fight had ended when Blind was allegedly died when being crush by a boulder, in Korri's eyes, however, Blind eventually jumped out of the way into the cavern.
  • Blind most likely died of starvation since he was indeed trapped inside the cavern/former stronghold for Dekus and Gorons. He ended up being trapped in a room, which was the reason why he didn't live off of vegetation, Octoroks, Chuchus and Keese (Bats) being food source, and he had no water.
  • In life, Blind was fond of riches and women, the only reason he became the greedy thief that he still is.
  • In the originally Game Over scenes, Blind, who won against Link (if the player loses the fight), actually takes over Link's body, having pale white skin and glowing eyes. He is also giggling, holding Leafosa's wooden gun. The comments he makes in his new appearance is that he wants to seek revenge on Korri, posing as Link. His new Game over scenes now only show him has himself, standing next to his former self, mocking the player.
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