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Broga and Malus are toon troublesome goons that were hired by Dasum to help him out with various operations. Eventually these two lead Dasum to BellBrooke specially due to having a vendetta against someone whom they stalked there before even getting hired.

Malus, the brother of Galus, earns the trust of the Gorons, however, they see him as greedy, but helps him anyway, eventually being tricked by Malus. They take cover in the underground tunnel networks once BellBrooke guards and allies push them out of the forest. After the events of the bandit situation and Dasum's defeat, these two vanished and return back under the radar, causing everyone to finally realize that these two helped the convict known as Dasum, assuming to be one of his alleged allies.


Boss Fight


These two can only be encounter if the player talks to Cole, even getting the guards to watch the exit going back into the forest. Cole isn't captured, forcing these two back to the tunnel network. Link is able to encounter them and fight them.

Phase I

BnM2.png BnM2-2.png

Broga and a few bandits will fight the player, however, Broga cannot be defeated until the other bandits are taken care of. After this, Broga can be downed with all means of attack.

Phase II


Once Broga is defeated, Malus joins the fight and targets the player (Z-Target Sound) and rolls towards the player. He can be damaged either way, however it is best to damage him when he isn't rolling, once the sound can be heard, the best course of action is to run and avoid his attack until he stops again. Once his defenses are reduced, Malus will randomly roll towards the player longer than usually and his damage is increased.

Phase III (Final)

Similar to Phase I, but this time both Broga and Malus must be fought at the same time. Broga does not go down unless Malus goes down first, so keeping a good distance away from Broga, long enough to down Malus. After Malus is defeated, Broga can be taken care of easily for the second time.


Broga Stats

phase 1st 2nd

Hp - 50.00/no change;same

Def - 40.00/no change;same

Str - 00.15/no change;same

Force - W

Malus Stats

phase 1st 2nd

Hp - 80.00/25.00

Def - 50.00/12.00

Str - 00.30/00.35

Force - M


Broga mimics that of normal bandits.

Malus is capable of rolling to the player's location for a few seconds.


  • If you fight Broga and Malus at the same time and fail to defeat them, one of the game over taunts is a reference the MLG (Major League Gaming)
  • Malus and Galus are brothers due to the names sounding similar. They both do not know that they are in the same province during the Dasum side-quest.
  • Malus making the Z-Target sound is a joke for when he locks on to the player.
  • Both Broga and Malus die at some point when the player progress in the game, for they were found out and were on the run back to Blackrock Mountain.
  • Broga and Malus can be avoid completely an alternative way if the player prevents Cole from getting kidnapped by Bandits. In order to avoid them, the player has to defeat all enemies before accessing the old blackrock cave. Doing so will cause both Broga and Malus to not be encountered.
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