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Among the characters in game, gang members in the future are still present, some being joined with villains, while others changed their ways to do good. Some gangs have wanna-bes, who try really hard to be notice and accepted to either of the primary gangs as well.

The Sweets Gang

This group had been formed a few months after the defeat of The Animal Pack. The leader had been a gang member who had been recruited by The Animal Pack and his genius nearly caused the group to destroy a part of Chicago with a bomb. Hector V. Sweets the 3rd lead the group and performed operations behind the scenes. Hector was good at manipulating and lying to those who cared to listen, and often those people serves as a human shield for Hector, for example, J-Mayre, who fought James Konta substituted for Hector as he makes his daring escape. Hector isn’t a superhuman or strong like his enemies, but he is very, very smart and cunning and makes up for that in most encounters.

Hong Kong Triads

Old Japan’s corruption started to spread through other countries, including Hong Kong. Triads at the time were gang members until they took a turn to save their people instead of harming it, after seeing how crazed their government had went, not addressing serious crimes going on by their own party. The Triads were jailed by officials of Hong Kong; however, their young children and or other followers formed a resistance to stop the corruption of Hong Kong.

The Animal Pack

A group formed by a rogue CIA agent, they consist of convicts of high charges and wore animal masks and or suits to commit crimes. Their first action was shooting a United Kingdom philanthropist, apparently killing him; the shooter was a British convict who hated any well-known figures of the country. Months down the road, as the Old Japan crisis is being dealt with, CIA, FBI and other officials were sent into Chicago after people were being killed there by this group. The group was feared by many, that they were forced to stay indoors, and other gang members who didn’t join them were killed.

The Yakyuza Wanting to seek new life away from the corruption, chaos and politics of Japan; the clan went to a new landmass located far away from Japan (far southeast, almost entering the pacific) and called it New Japan. Because of some rivalry among the few, the group had broken up into clans and spread throughout the continent and claimed lands. Because they were at peace, they lived as if they lived in 19th century Japan and remained on the misty landmass permanently. Original Japan called this land New Japan and wanted to claim it, however, officials stopped protesters and riots broke out. The officials told people of Japan that all of the Yakyuza members and their families and close friends moved there, and they are to have them stay there, they didn’t want gang members looming over them. Saying that they are able to start anew since they are all gone. As Old Japan has continued to fall into corruption and falsehood, the people of New Japan and the Yakyuza lived in peace and prosperity.

The Black Shadow

The slowly dying Gang that was in power for a little bit. They were secretly funded by a man they called The Englishmen, and because of his influence, most officials received threats if they were to try to stop Black Shadow, this caused police and anyone else to ignore their actions. The people, who were unaware of who Black Shadow is tried to defend themselves and their people from these shadowy figures. The group was created by an Japanese man ages ago and recently revived by Borojei, a had fled Old Japan and had become survived a brutal injection that killed other soldiers like him. Black Shadow had eventually been disbanded when Bianca Ariesus, also known as The Steel Maiden, when she had broken out of her captive by her friends and went on a rampage, eventually killing the spectators who were in the process of bidding on kidnapped women. Bianca had been paralyzed by Borojei, but her remaining strength after being disabled, she was able to assassinate Borojei with some acid toxin she forced down his throat while she was pinning him down. A follower of Borojei, Kane, attacked Bianca with multiple type 5 EMPs that her armor isn't capable of defending against and before he could put a bullet in her head, she was shot and supposedly killed. Borojei and Kane's death mark the end of Black Shadow's reign in China and Hong Kong for good.

The White Dragon

The current gang in power during the Cybernetic Threat story-line. They originated after the creator had went insane after he was accused of killing his wife and unborn child. The man broke down heavily and this caused him go into coma for a span of years, during this time the formation of New Japan and other things make to erupt. When he woke up, he realized his family fame and riches have been spoiled, and he was as pale as a ghost and had white hair. Because he had nowhere to go to and decided to return to his business and underwent into a life of crime, forming The White Dragon. During a situation, Japanese SWAT teams assume he was being held hostage, along with a few others, but it turns out the man wasn’t the hostage. The random shootout in the dark caused the man to be hit with a tech weapons, such as a plasma shot, a weapon that was used to burn through strong metals at the time, had also been used as weapons. The man, who thinks he had lost everything, had created a powerful android as a reminder of the good that he still had left. He died, and everything at the high-rise was sent to B-0, an HQ under the sea that is supposed to destroy stuff found inside the Kyushu High-Rise, even the android. Years later, the group emerged only as an unheard of entity, and slowly rose to the top. They were only known by Old Japan when the virus broke out causing not just machines and technology to go haywire, but because some people to go crazy, start looting and so forth. To keep an eye on the people, White Dragon recruited talented individuals to aid them, notably Zegma and DJ Nadi who sued the virus as a source of mind control over the people, and the two were promised lands and riches of their own. The virus began to spread, and this caught the attention of Dark Skull, and soon his friends to investigate, they are automatically marked as White Dragon members and interrogated due to their alleged actions. It is unknown of who the current leader of White Dragon is during the story and James and company are to investigate in behalf of Dark Skull.


A trio of women, who are also assassins. The group is led by Ms. Sheer. Leila Sheer led the group and worked for David Francois, who wanted to use the women to assassinate his enemies in France. This came to a stop when a young adult pyro-chemist known as Mage foiled David Francois plans by going after him first. This caused the group to be broken, with Leila leading after David. Now, the group is allied with Sheer Society and act according to how Leila wants the group to be. They managed to confront Mage only to be nearly killed by him, resulting in everyone in the group expect Leila to suffer from burns from fire and electricity Mage uses in combat.

The Neo Clan

This group is led by Neo x Ninja, a rival of James Konta. The group sports a tradition ninja costume, with a few technical additions to the suit, making them lighter and a bit faster and durable than a normal person. A special suit was made just for Jenji, the leader, to survive from his injuries. The group currently resides in most of the United States.

The Steel Maiden Society

The group had been in question before Black Shadow had been defeated and became a reality after Bianca ended Black Shadow by assassinating Borojei. The group mainly consists of females whereas a few to little members are male (Brain, Yashki). They operate in Asia/European countries, in Bianca's absence, Momoko, Tala, and May-Li hold the group together.

The Establishment (UK Crime Family)

A group of gangs forming the most Powerful and yet, fearful crime family in the united Kingdom. After sending in a few of their agents into the US, in which the agents had failed, lead the group into constant run ins with James Konta and Company. The group is known for acting as an entity behind political affairs. Before the events of Old Japan, the military spotted unknown ships off coast of England, mistaken to be British warships, unknown to them, agents of the group had secretly taken over and conducted business there. Months after Old Japan, soldiers investigated the ship only to be ambushed, and among them a solider named Sai, a British-American soldier, who aided in the investigation went MIA when they discovered a robot impersonating Karvner on broad, who caused the ship to sink, killing a few soldiers and Establishment members who chose to die for their cause instead of escaping. They want to seek world peace by experimenting anyone who disagree, and will do this by mass genocide, which had been postponed many times due to people trying to stop them, mainly in the US. It came to a point where they seek for more allies to rid of their enemies and make the world they dream of in their own image.

The Dragni Clan

A group of Dragnis with White Eyes, who consider themselves as perfect, among their own kind and among the humans. The groups are completely anonymous and they only join together in a cult like fashion. Soon the group leader wanted his followers to get rid other Dragnis, forcing James to ally with other Dragnis who were his enemies (Andrew, Kai, Jenji, etc.) to fight. Soon James’ older twin brother joins them to break down the Dragni clan and the man who brainwashed them, Kataro Sinn. During another encounter, Kataro Sinn made a comeback and is allied with Darius of the Shadowstep Clan and wanted revenge of the Dragnis he called “imperfect”.

  • Shadowstep Clan

Unlike the Dragni Clan, the Shadowstep Dragni are the most perfect of the bunch, are superior to all other Dragnis. Anyone from Shadowstep has purple reptilian-like eyes, revealing the fact that they’re Dragnis. The group there location of welling is a bit south off of New Zealand. They see the humans of their land as infidels and only corral with them because they know the things outside of the island. They are led by a man named Cheng Hirada, who is a Dragni, who sports Dragon like features on his face and clothes, he has this because he went to Old Japan to find someone to cure his father and went there to have these features surgically placed on his face. He is also the head master of the Dojo he owns after his father. They show little respect to humans until a man was able to wow Hinata Hirada, Cheng’s sister. Among the Dragni was a jealous student at the dojo and he attempted to kill Cheng and pinned the attempted on this man, causing him to escape, the attack caused Cheng to go insane and in order to regain his sanity, he went into a state of hibernation. The son of Cheng took over for his father as he sleeps and had been persuaded by a visitor known as The Englishman to help him, this is where Kataro Sinn comes in and the 3 of them joined forces, despite Kataro's disgust of The Englishman, who promised him the death of the people who defeated him, but in secret, this bought The Englishman time to plan something else.