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Dragonolas (Dragnis) History

Dragnis, short for Dragonolas are humans beings with reptilian-like features, despite being somewhat human. They have originated in Japan back between the 1400-1500, with the first infected with this rare reptilian disease being a Japanese woman, and the effect is permanent, it wasn't determined if she was Half/Full but seeing as she died in a war, it is likely she was a Half-Dragni. In the 1800s, during the Edo period, Dragni were not segregated at the time. What was noticed was when a Dragni was born, they bare a strange dragon-like birth mark on their lower abdomen and or back area, it was taboo for them to state that if the birth mark was facing, from the subject's prospective, left from their body, it represents Light, good, if pointing right, it presents dark, bad. It soon came to a point where Dragni soon segregated themselves from their own kind, going with those of their eye color, however a small group of them joined The Tekiya (的屋 or テキ屋).

Years later, the Dragni were in their own zone, and after all these years, no one ahd seen one, and people that know of them suspected them of being extinct, however a handful of them were unknowingly within the ranks of The Yakuza, and they prohibit themselves from baring children, not wanting a Dragni child to live in a place as corrupt as Japan. When Japan's Government started to take a fall into a colossal dark age in 2025, they kept away from the public eye. One day a volcano shook Japan, but it was reveal this event took place miles away from Japan. Around 2030, people noticed the land mass created by the volcano, which prompted Japan to take the land for themselves before anyone else could, however, due to the efforts of protesters, the government had to deal with the people before making any such move. After hearing this, a few members of The Yakuza, departed to this land and claim it as their own, calling it New Japan and they turned over a new leaf, after word had broken out that the land was taken by the Yakuza, the government thought it was good for they did not have to deal with gang members that they see as scum of Japan, however, Old Japan has continued its path into an age of Darkness.

Over the years a some Dragnis were born in New Japan and lived their in peace, the young Dragni were unaware of their own abilities, the only difference now is that Full Dragnis were being born now, notably people James and Jason Konta being one. Outside of New Japan there are Dragnis both Half and Full that walk the earth, some unaware of their potential.

It also takes A Full Dragni can be identified if there are small patches of scales on their skin, also a darker skin tone. Dragnis are classified and segregated by clan via eye color: Orange, Red, Blue, Green, White, with Purple, being the superior of the bunch and White in second.

Segregation of Clan by Eye Color

Whether the Dragni is Half or Full, no matter the race, language (Most Dragni originated from Asian countries) color or sex, Dragnis segregate themselves and stay with Dragnis of the own eye color, this was the start of Dragni Clans during the Edo Period. Dragni's are determined by clan, due to their eye color, for example, a Red Dragni and a Blue Dragni can be identified by their eye color, this image people is an example: Red and Blue Eyes Green Eyes White Eyes Purple Eyes

Half/Full Dragni differences

Despite them being part of the their clan, they are often looked upon as inferior, however, are still dwelling among other Dragnis of their clan. Unlike a Full Dragni, they share half to little traits of their Full counterpart, the main abilities such as an accelerated healing factor is just one of a number of random traits. Half Dragnis can easily be killed as if they were a normal human, however, it takes a bit more fire power to down one.

If a Full Dragni were to mate with a normal human, the chances of the baby being a Full/Half Dragni is very low, other times the baby just comes out as a normal human. If a Full Dragni were to mate with a Half Dragni, the baby's Dragni heritage varies, other times a Half-Dragni could have more traits due to the Full Dragni parent.

Feats of Power

Due to the Dragni disease embedded in the host's DNA, they can be rendered to superhuman status and or even unkillable by normal to disastrous means. A powerful Dragni is capable of killing it's equal and or anyone below, Meta-Humans, androids, humans alike, even animals, however, an unkillable Dragni is rare, same could be said with a Dragni baring Meta-Human abilities.

Primary Abilities

  • Healing Factor - They are able to heal themselves from wounds that would otherwise kill them, however, with a bigger force it can temporarily halt their healing factor if hit hard enough.
  • Durability - Full Dragnis can get hurt, but it is tough to really hurt them. If a situation whereas they are stabbed and or shot, some Dragnis are capable of being unfazed as if the attack was a scratch, this was the case with Red, White and Purple Dragnis, for a killing blow to the neck unfazed them if they are durable/mature enough to withstand such an attack.
  • Strength, Agility - Some Dragnis are gifted with one or the other, sometimes both. Depending on which type of Dragni it is, they are capable of lifting
  • Aderaline (Dragni Rage) - As soon as this ability kicks in, Dragnis are temporarily in a savage state of mind


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