Dreadmire, Monster of Shiru Swamp

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Dreadmire is the boss of the Shiru Swampland that Link must defeat to obtain the first official piece of the Dark Artifact.


Boss Fight

Dreadmire will remain in the waters, to attack Link and will only appear if the Link gets too close to the center, straying away from him will result in him regenerating his health, unlike other bosses, the player can flee from the battle temportaily to either regain HP and or think of a different strategy to defeat Dreadmire.


Hp: 120

Def: 100

Str: .29



WoP=Water Objects


Swamp beasts

Dreadmire can split itself and or summon mud beasts to attack the player. The beast will be alive shortly, but will disappear after a few seconds, they cause a decent amount of damage to the player when they collide into the player.

Mud Throw

Dreadmire is capable of throwing watery mud at the player, which results in moderate damage.

Murky Waters

This ability is passive and is active once the player enters the swamp. It causes the player to become fatigue faster. It is best to not swim as must in Shiru Swamp in order to prevent an increase from enemy attacks done to the player.


Dreadmire can only be summon or appear to face Link, once all the spores (mutated Babas) are destroyed. Once that is completed, going to the center of the lake will cause Dreadmire to appear. The fight takes place on the water only and the player can make use of the lily pads as grounding.


Dreadmire can be saved if the Spores (mutated Babas) are defeated in a certain way. Doing so will not just save Dreadmire, but the swamp will revert back to normal, minus the former temple being there. If Dreadmire isn't saved, the place will remain a swamp with no hostile enemies in the area at all, with exception of bugs flying around.


  • Dreadmire was human once, resulting in the dark power from the dark fragment in his possession, it resulted the warrior turning into this monster, merging itself with the swamp.
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