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Here on ZFGCpedia, we deploy use of some custom-written templates. This page is to provide documentation on those templates.

A Note on templates: You do NOT need to satisfy each attribute in order for certain templates to draw. Click here to see examples

Game Template

Template:Game The game template is used to create a metadata info "badge" of sorts detailing information on the given title. You MUST fill in all of the attributes for this template to draw properly.


In a wiki article, to employ the user of the game template, the following has to be entered:

  • title - For specifying the title of the game.

Ex: |title=Legend of Zelda

  • release - For sepcifying the release date. Append a <br /> should you want to add a line break for additional release date information(this applies to any entry here).

Ex: |release=NA: July 1, 1999

  • genre - For specifying the genre of the title.
  • developer - Who are the developer(s) working on the game
  • ESRB - ESRB rating, if applicable.
  • platform - Platform(s) the title was published on.


Game Information
About Skyward Sword:
Date Released: EU Nov 18, 2011

NA Nov 20, 2011
JP Nov 23, 2011
AU Nov 24, 2011

Genre: Action-Adventure
Developer: Nintendo EAD

Nintendo SPD
Monolith Soft

Publisher: Nintendo
ESRB Rating: E10+
Platform(s): Wii

|title=Skyward Sword
|release=EU Nov 18, 2011<br />
NA Nov 20, 2011<br />
JP Nov 23, 2011<br />
AU Nov 24, 2011 |genre=Action-Adventure |developer=Nintendo EAD<br />
Nintendo SPD<br />
Monolith Soft |publisher=Nintendo |ESRB=E10+ |platform=Wii }}

User Badge Templates

I will use my own user badge as an example here. Mediawiki gives each user a personal page associated with their user account.

NOTE: You DO NOT need to satisfy each attribute for this template to draw properly.




User Information
About CustomTemplates:
Gm112 avatar.png
Profile: Profile Stats
Gender: Male
Location: Ohio
Notes: gm112 smellz
|notes=gm112 smellz

King Of Thieves Item Template

This is the template for drawing ONLY ITEM information. Should there be content in King of Thieves using this template, it must be replaced with a proper template for said content.

NOTE: Not ALL attributes have to be met for this template



Sea Cog
Obtained Lake Hylia Temple
|title = Sea Cog
|img1 = 
|obtained = Lake Hylia Temple