Jason Grant Cladd

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Nationality: American (Possibly Korean background)

Origin: New York

Height: 5.5

Weight: 160 lbs

Age/DoB: 22XX (age 12)

Group: Team Emerald

One of the youngest swordsman within Garret's academy. He is gifted and is quite talented with not use a sword, but other weapons as well. Jason looks similar to James and is often refereed to as American the kid, non-Dragni version of James. He remains only within the New York area, for Garret doe not want to move him away from friends and family for other missions. Jason joined Team Emerald to prove himself, not letting his relatives know about it. Serious mission in the New York area, Jason accompanies Caveboy with communication with the team instead of physically being there, however, a few times he shows up unnoticed to help his friends, mainly against villains like Andrew, Happy Family, Walkner and even Karvner himself.