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Name: Abigail

Age: 25

Race: Gerudo

Description: Abigail is the head of the Gerudo Fortress. She's ruthless, unforgiving, and as cold as the desert's winds at night. She's run the fortress since she came of age, 20. Since then, she's had the Gerudo keep a careful watch on the Shiekah, watching and waiting for an opportunity to strike. Her priority is to invade all of the Shiekah strongholds and their temple in order to gain their knowledge of the world. She's primarily interested in their secret library, which is thought to contain information on all of their fighting tactics, their history, and all of their research on magic artifacts.

She does not tolerate incompetence. She's been known to actually have killed a few of her own who failed mission assignments. When she first came to power, a group of soldiers that failed to retrieve an item from the destroyed spirit grounds were her first victims. They were tied together, dropped off a cliff and then stormed with fire arrows (note: not magic based, they weren't rediscovered at the time) by archers as an example to future failures.

When Link manages to meet with her and tells her he wants to get into the Shiekah Temple, she is nothing short of ecstatic. She gives him permission to enter the training grounds in an attempt to prove himself. When he does, she presents him with the only tool they've been able to acquire from the Shiekah to open their Temple: Fire and Ice arrows.