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Name: Angelo the Sculptor

Age: 50s-60s

Race: Hylian

Description: Angelo is an older man who lives on the rich side of town. He makes his living through sculpting, and has a small studio on a side street. It's filled with blocks of marble and limestone, huge lumps of clay, and all sorts of sculpting tools. He does work for the castle and royal family, and sometimes private citizens in town. Besides sculptures of people, he's also done some work building pillars or arches, or other architectural features. Several years before King of Thieves, he restored the face of the fountain in market square, which had started to crumble from age.

Angelo sports a short white beard and hair, and always wears an apron to keep the dust off his clothes, often forgetting that he's wearing it when going out in public. He's a nice enough guy, but has misconceptions about his fame. Although most citizens of Hyrule Town would recognize some of the sculptures he's made around town, Angelo incorrectly assumes they would also recognize the artist. He feels like his position as a "famous" artist puts him above both the rich and poor, and expects special treatment from both when he goes out, or at least expects people to stare at him in the market. When people fail to take note of his fame, Angelo is usually disappointed in the individual and their education.

Angelo has always had a good relationship with the Gorons, as he receives his raw materials from their mines. He is one of the few in Hyrule to notice their absence recently, and he wonders what might be going on in the mountains, but doesn't travel to see what happened as long as his supply of stone holds out.