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Appear in watery areas such as Lake Hylia and its dungeon. They are a semi-rare creature at the lake, and more common within the dungeon.



A crab-like enemy that is a bit larger than an Octoroc. It has 2 large pincers of equal size and 4 legs. Its outer shell is spiky and brown, but its inner body is smooth and pink.


Armored Crabs normally scuttle side to side within a small area, stopping for a second when reaching the end of their path. When Link draws near, they will become much more aggressive, actively pursuing Link as long as he stays within their comfort zone. Contact with one deals .5 HP and pushes Link back mildly, but it often leaves him within their range of attack.

The other ability Armored Crabs employ is to spit explosive rocks a short distance, which they do after pursuing Link for 4 seconds. The crab pauses for a brief moment before spitting, giving Link a chance to evade or get out of the crab's range of attack. These will explode after 5 seconds on their own, but Link may also carry and throw these rocks, in which case they will explode on impact.

Like many armored enemies, Link has to first destroy the outer shell by using explosives, either with the Armored Crab's explosive rocks or with bombs. It only takes a single explosion to destroy the shell, but it can be difficult to land a hit on one that is already chasing Link. After getting rid of its shell, Link can defeat the Armored Crab with a single hit from any weapon.

If Link has the Roc's cape, he can use a down thrust to flip over a crab, stunning it for several seconds. However, this only works if he lands next to it using the shockwave, as the hard shell will protect it from a direct attack. When the shell is destroyed, both a direct hit and the shockwave will defeat the crab outright.

Armored Crabs normally drop a small heart when defeated, but after Link has acquired bombs, they will always drop bombs if Link has not maximized his supply.


Explosive Rock

A longed ranged explosive rock that deals 1.5HP. The explosions are the same size as a bomb's