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Name: Aveil

Age: 9(ish)

Race: Gerudo (on her mum's side)

Home: Gang of Thieves

Aveil is a young Gerudo girl, born of a Gerudo Warrior and a man from a neighboring country other than Hyrule. Her mother, however, was cast out from Gerudo society for defying orders before Aveil was born, and went back to Aveil's Father. Her father disliked the Gerudo for leaving him, and didn't want to raise Aveil. The Gerudo died giving birth to Aveil in the other country. Through a sequence of events, Aveil eventually ended up working for a traveling merchant, who fed her in return for her labor. She traveled with him everywhere, and one day, they came to Hyrule Town. There, the merchant struck a lucky deal with a man in the rich part of town, and was offered a great job in the rich man's shop. This meant the merchant couldn't keep Aveil with him. The merchant gave Aveil money to return to their country by ship, and took the job.

Aveil, however, had no desire to return to the land where she'd been abandoned so many times. She made friends with the kids in the poor part of town, and eventually started living with Link's gang. She has natural Gerudo agility, so is a pretty good thief (most kids in the gang are pretty good thieves). Farin suspected she was a Gerudo, and was more inclined to take her under his wing. However, Aveil has no idea of her heritage, having been raised by a merchant in a foreign land.

As one of the few girls, Aveil acts very tough to earn the boys' respect. She never crys when she gets hurt, and can fight just as well as any of the boys. She shuns any frills or pink clothes to prove how well she fits in. But secretly, Aveil wants nothing more than to wear a beautiful dress and go to a ball one night. And then come back home and get back to kicking ass and stealing food.

Although he acted callously initially, the merchant secretly regrets this decision, and feels terrible about abandoning Aveil. Aveil has no idea of this, and the merchant has no idea that Aveil is still in the city, as he never goes to the poor side. They never meet.