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Goron Mines, Earth Temple, caves



A small pillar-like structure that has a rotating eye on top. The pupil of the eye is quite obvious to see, revealing it as the weak point.


When the eye sees the player, it fires a laser until the player dies, it dies, line of sight is broken, player goes out of range, or if its shielded.

The bomb cannon works best against them. One bomb explosion will take them out. A shot from a fire arrow will stun them as well as damage them, but requires 2 shots. Other projectiles such as arrows and the hookshot only stun. Other weapons have no effect.

A rare variation on this enemy can be found in the Shiekah Temple and Celestial Clock. Unlike its counterpart, this one is mobile. It can slowly hop towards the player like the Armos Knights in WW. Mobile ones are only found in the Sheikah Temple and Celestial Clock.

The range of the beam for both variations is 128-256 pixels but will need playtesting to determine a realistic value.



.5HP a continuous beam that follows the player. The Beamos will continue to fire it until the player dies or is out of range.

Ram (mobile variation only)

.25HP Rams the player by jumping into them.