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Name: Boken the Slayer

Age: 17

Race: Deku

Description: The musician of the circus *cue heavy metal guitar riff* Ever see a headbanging Deku? Well, now you will! He runs a rhythm based mini-game where the player will have to use specially timed sticky deku nuts to destroy targets (more on this later when I figure out how to accept mini game submissions). The world of Hyrule actually doesn't take kindly to his music. This is mainly because he just wants to play as fast and as obnoxious as possible, while every other musician in Hyrule just wants to get the ladies. He use to be in another band that was getting quite popular. Due to personal problems and arguments with the other band members, he was kicked out and sent back to the Swamp on the closest canoe ride down the river. He can be a bit immature, but is generally pretty nice towards those who like his music. Luckily for him, the circus is more than accepting. They love his musical talent because it's such a rare site in Hyrule.