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Name: Boko

Age: 50 years old

Race: Bokoblin

Location: River Valley

Description: Boko is an old Bokoblin, who unlike most of his species survived to an old age. He has a red body and a long white beard. He also walks/stands a bit hunched forward with his meager body. He holds a spear, which allows him to stand upright. Boko and others of the horde were send to support some River Zola's and attack the Zora's, in order to get their cog. However due to his old age he was left behind. When he came in the River Valley he heard how the Zora had thwarted a Bokoblin attack. He than sat down and decided to retire. He enjoys watching the Zora go about their way. All he wants now is to have a house of his own at the water front where he can spend the rest of his days in peace.