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WW Designs

Variations: -Blue(Usually has a single weapon.) -Green(Stronger Variation, carries a wooden shield on it.)


It will carry a randomised weapon; a boko stick, a machete, a hand axe, or a hammer. A Boko-Stick has no added effects. A Machete has a 25% chance of doing .25 hp more damage. A Hand Axe has a passive bonus of .25 hp more dameage unlike the machete's 25% chance. A hammer has a chance of knocking you back more when deflecting it with your shield. When they do this attack and it hits your shield, it has a 50% chance of knocking the weapon out of the bokoblin's hands for it to try to pick up in battle. -Runing into the Enemy does .5 damage to the player and 2 damage to the Bokoblin.


unarmed Attack

The unarmed attack is either a short range flying kick or arm thrusts

Weapon Attack

Shield Bash(Green Variation)

The Bokoblin hit's you with it's shield; if you aren't using your shield you take .25 hp, get pushed back and are stunned for a moment. Damage: -Unarmed Attacks do .25 hp to player -Armed Attacks do .5