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The sword will not be given a dedicated button, but function just as any other item in its button assignment. Pressing the sword multiple times will not slash in the same way over and over, but Link's attacks will take place in three hit combos. The combo may be modified later in the game through the sword master. From the sword master, Link may learn special moves, similar to how sword techniques were taught in Twilight Princess or Minish Cap.

Roll attack

Pressing the sword button between the middle and end of a roll allows Link to use the roll attack. Link uses the momentum from the roll to slide along the ground, thrusting his sword. This may be able to penetrate some enemies defenses.

Sword Beam

Link may shoot a beam from his sword while he's at full health or less than 3 hearts. The sword beam does half the amount of damage a sword slash does.


Shield attack

Pressing R while holding the shield uses the shield attack. Knocks back most enemies, and with some specific ones, lowers their defenses.

Roc's Cape

Down Thrust

Can be learned after the Roc's cape is acquired. While in the air, Press the sword button to initiate a down thrust. Landing directly on top of an enemy will do lots of damage, and landing close will damage them as well as the attack has a very small shockwave effect. If Link misses an enemy, his sword will become lodged in the ground and take a second to remove.

Pursuit Slash

Link can learn this attack after he possesses the Roc's Cape, or maybe the shadow cloak. Immediately after an enemy has been knocked back, Link can press the cape (Roc's or Shadow, whichever we decide) to quickly maneuver behind it, dealing another attack or combo.

Thief Abilities

Barrel Ambush

When Link is sneaking around inside a barrel, he can press the sword button to shatter the barrel and jump out, surprising the enemy with an ambush attack!