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Lake Hylia Temple, Goron Mines, Final Dungeon



A Heavily Armored Knight, it carries a sword and shield. Each Darknut is a swordmaster with decades of training before they are given objectives or tasks. Design from MC.


-A Bomb Stuns Him. -Melee Weapons and Projectile weapons, except Bombs, can only affect the darknut by hitting it from behind or it's sides. -Fire Arrows and Ice Arrows don't need to hit it from behind in order to effect the Darknut. -Shield Bash is ineffective unless it's about to slash or stab you. -If you use your shield whaen it's about to hit you, you get pushed back 2 squares, and theres a 50% chance of it dropping it's weapon for to pick up in battle. Exceptions -A rolling stab knocks it back, When he's about to attack you can use the pursuit slash to counter it. A downward thrust knocks his helmet off allowing for you to stun it with a boomerand, and it it allows you to shoot it w/ arrows. -A Boomerang stuns him. -Hookshot stuns him. -If you stab him from behind twice his armor falls off. -If you use the magnetic gloves when he's about to shield bash you, the darknut's shield is removed; dissabling it's shield bash attack.


Unarmed Attack

1.25 HP Must be Unarmed. It uses arm thrusts or punches you.

Weapon Attack

1.5 HP Requires Weapon. It stabs or slashes at link. The Darknut pauses for a moment after this attack.

Shield Bash

1.25 HP Requires shield. If you get to close when he's facing you he'll hit you with his shield.