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Name: Demi

Age: 77

Race: Hylian

Description: Demi lives in a house with her son, Fructo. Her late husband made a fortune as an assistant bookkeeper to an accountant to the royal Head Butler, and in their younger years they threw fancy parties all the time. They had two children, Fructo, the older, and Kale, the younger, who moved out to run a grocery store. Now she lives a quiet life bossing around the household servants. Besides 3 chefs for Fructo, there are two maids, Clara, who cooks, and Mitzy, who cleans. Demi takes great delight in telling them that their work isn't good enough, and pointing out spots that they miss or meals that aren't healthy enough. But under her criticism is actually great appreciation, and she often buys them gifts.

Demi has a strict morning regiment of reading a book before breakfast, telling Clara the toast is too dry or the coffee is too strong during breakfast, and taking a long walk after breakfast. She usually walks by her son Kale's Grocery store and picks up health food to try to get Fructo to eat. He never does.