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Sheikah Temple



A 7-foot long, gecko-like lizard, that is pitch-black, and in some spots is purplish or reddish. It has blood red eyes, and gives off a demonic aura that is represented by a thin layer of blackish, purplish smoke.


It is usually found alone. -When it's inhaling shooting a bomb in it's mouth does 2 HP damage to it. -Boomerang stuns it. -Hookshot stuns it. -You can slash at its weak point that is its tail with a sword, Bombs damage its tail too. -You can shoot its tail with arrows to damage it. Fire arrows aren't able to inflict fire damage, and ice arrows aren't able to freeze it.



2.25 HP It backs up and then charges at you, if it misses you then it may hit a wall and stun itself. If it's charging it will break small objects and some stronger objects as well.

Fell Fire Breath

2 HP It inhales and then prepares to breath a stream of purplish-black fire.

Demonic Aura

.25 HP/s spent in aura. A passive ability that all of the advanced(Strong) fell beast have.