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Name: Dimitri

Age: ??

Location: Goron Mountain

Race: Dodongo

Description: The one, and only red talking Dodongo. He spends everyday just chilling somewhere on Goron Mountain, and doesn't care where it is. He runs a little roving shop on Goron Mountain. It sells arrows, bombs, hearts, red potions, and replacement shields(After you first get the respected shield, he may occasionally have deals or limited time rare items. You will be able to steal from his shop but, you'll have to deal with a very angry dodongo, and he will do great harm or even kill you, if he sees you after you have stolen from him. He could be the one who sends link on a sidequest to eliminate the Unique Rock Wasp Hive, that's been either plaguing him or the gorons(Haven't decided yet).

Some of the rare items could include:

-crude maps that have a hint(Or a crude drawing of the area surrounding) for special places to bomb for a hole to appear, and a small room would be below, there would be a chest with either rupees or a piece of heart depending on the location of it. There would be a warp tile that would warp you back to the entrance above.