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Name: Dokoi

Age: 23

Location: Hyrule Castle Town, Hyrule Field

Race: Deku

Description: The head master of the traveling Deku Circus (yes, we have a circus now!). Much less paranoid than your typical Deku Scrub with a screw or two loose. He travels around the world with his band of Deku Scrubs putting on shows and setting up carnival games - for a fee of course! Very energetic, dramatic and easily excitable, especially at the site of rupees. His group comes to the castle town once a year for a carnival event, open only to the rich, although the poor are typically seen working it behind the scenes. Other than this event, he travels to other places throughout the year, setting up camp in between to take breaks and party it up. His personal favorite game is the cannon game, where a player is launched out of a cannon through a series of obstacles to see how far they can get before crashing into something - a game of timing, similar to the bombchu bowling alley in OoT. He'll give his most valued possession to the first person who can make it all the way to the end of the path (some side quest item? Haven't quite thought of it yet).

The circus appears in random locations throughout Hyrule Field once you've acquired the moon pearl (I'll need to create a sub section for new items like this). Prior to this, they'll be found doing business in Hyrule Castle Town. The circus appears in random locations on the field based on the lunar cycle, which is shown by the moon pearl. In some locations, they'll be resting while in others they'll be working. When out of town, they're always looking for help running their games since they don't have the poor folk to assist. They may even pay you a bit to help them run a few rounds of a game! In one location, helping a particular member of the circus will open up a side quest.

Although they work independently, they trade a lot with Hyrule Castle Town and so the use of the River Valley is very important to them. You may find yourself delivering items to the Castle for them throughout your quest. As you do more deliveries for them, more mini games will become available to you.