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Name: Eugene Marcus Collumbo Adelle van Justihoven the Fourth

Age: early 20's.

Race: Hylian

Location: Hyrule Castle Town Rich part.

Description: Born as a nobleman and a young upcoming judicial clerk, Eugene has sworn to serve and protect those who have been done a serious injustice. He is obsessed with upholding the law, but not afraid to bend it a little to catch bigger fish. His high sense of justice has unfortunately turned into an obsession to arrest Ingo the Pawn shop owner. He wants to arrest Ingo, but fails due to the lack of hard evidence. Eugene does not know how Ingo gets his merchandise, nor who would sell it to him, because the people of Castle Town do not seem to sell at his place and only buy. Eugene needs someone not bound by the law to collect the evidence he needs to put Ingo behind bars and close his shop forever.