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Name: Finney

Age: 11 years old

Race: Hylian girl

Location: Hyrule Castle Town poor side

Description: She is a a quiet little hylian girl who joined the gang of thieves. She lives with her parents in the poor side of town. Finney is physically not strong or fast and even a bit clumsy. She never joins the others when they go pickpocketing again. She is afraid that she will be caught or hurt and that would worry her parents. She watches them from afar. Which Sykes often considers annoying. However the gang includes Finney, because she is really smart. Finney is good with numbers and is very aware of the value of treasures and collectables. This is also noticed by Ingo and he employs her to run his shop in the poor side of town, once his mirrors get stolen. Finney is kinder and more caring about the people in the poor side of town and thus offers more money than Ingo for items. Finney's deepest wish is to have some books to read and learn from.