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Name: Fructo

Age: 38

Race: Hylian

Description: Fructo is an enormous man who lives in rich Hyrule Town and works as a bookkeeper to a supplies buyer for an assistant accountant manager for a bookkeeper to the Head Butler of the Royal Household. This doesn't keep him particularly busy, but pays very well. He often brags about his connections with Royalty, and occasionally, he gets invited to Royal Fancy Parties.

He lives with his mother, Demi, in his family's house, which he inherited from his father along with the family fortune. He only eats sweets and has 3 chefs on staff at his house. One is dedicated to pastries, one to candy, and one to desserts. He has candy cane columns in the foyer of his house. They're actually candy canes. He made his mother get rid of her dog because it kept licking the candy cane columns and endangering the structural stability of the house, which was already fairly endangered with Fructo's massive weight walking upstairs.