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Name: Gumbo

Age: 35 years old

Race: Goron

Location: Goron Mountains/Canyon

Description: Gumbo is a young and upcoming goron. He is always cheerful and likes to play around, which sometimes annoys his fellow gorons. His most favorite past time is to ride the minecarts in Goron valley. Even though his race is plagued by a terrible dissease, he continues to ride his coaster, trying to improve his own personal record.

For a fee he would also allow others to ride his coaster. For the one who can beat his record for going around to the finish through the maze of minecart tracks (think yoshi's valley on MK64), there awaits a special price.

Because of his obsession with the minecarts also keeps the carts and tracks that lead up to Goron Mountain. Link will need his permission to use the tracks into and up Goron mountain. However there is one track that Link can only use once he has the permission of the Goron elders. This track no one is allowed to ride, even Gumbo. He envies Link once he gets the permission to ride this track to the area of the Earth Temple entrance.