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Name: Hunters Shop owner

Age: 25

Race: Hylian

Location: Hyrule Castle Town Rich Side

Description: Runs the Hunter's Shop in Hyrule Castle Town. He's the only resident of the rich side who doesn't mind the poor side. Actually, he encourages their visits to the rich side because they're his main customers. He finds the rich to be snobbish, but has no choice but to work where he is due to contracts and trade law. Later in the game, Link can come here to purchase projectile ammo such as arrows. In addition, he runs a shooting gallery behind the shop for those interested in practicing their skills for a small fee. Prizes such as a quiver upgrade, piece of heart, and rupees can be won here.

He has almost 2 personalities. On one hand, when working with the rich he takes on the role of a very happy go lucky jolly business man. Very similar to the Happy Mask Salesman. When working with the poor, he shows his true personality, which is that of a rich-hating poor-loving hunter working hard to make his living. About a year or two before the game, he takes on offer from a noble in Hyrule Castle Town to set up shop. He takes it without hesitation. After all, who would pass up a chance to work in the most successful town in all of Hyrule? After being bound by a very limiting and greedy contract, he began to hate the rich for they way they treated him and got closer with the poor folk.

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