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Name: Ingo

Age: late 30's, early 40's

Race: Hylian

Location: Hyrule Castle Town

Description: Ingo is a shady little character that sees himself as a service provider. The service he provides is "the continuous cycle of Hyrule's economy". He is a character that can switch emotions really fast, especially when he talks about his wish for Eugene to get an excruciating and horrific end. So that he can do his "legit" business undisturbed. He is a really unlikable character as he only cares about making money even if he has to use and abuse rich and poor people. His greed and absolute hatred towards Eugene are only outmatched by his sense for selfpreservation.

His shop is partially situated in the rich part of town, where he sells goods to those that can afford his steep prices. And sometimes you can find a valuable item there. His shop is also partially situated in the poor part of the town. Here Ingo buys items that his customers bring in for ridiculous cheap fees. When people are in need of money they can sell stuff at Ingo's pawn shop for some quick cash and no questions asked. He can jump between both places through a magical set of Sheikiah mirrors, which serve as a magical passage and is stored in back rooms.

Link would later steal the magic mirrors in order to return them to the Sheikiah woman who created them, and Ingo conned them from in the first place. Once this pathway between shops is closed Ingo has to find a new means of travel. Ingo has bombed the walls in the cellar of his shop to gain access to the sewer system underneath Castle Town for moving his merchandise.

Link later comes in the possession of the Pawn Shop's finance books, through a trade quest or something. And the player has the choice to give this to either Ingo or Eugene.

Ingo: If Link gives this to Ingo, he is safe from Eugene's prosecution. But Ingo has to promise that he raises the fees for the items that the poor bring in. Ingo promises this reluctantly. Link can also buy items cheaper (half price) in the rich side of the pawn shop for his silence. Ingo does request of Link to brutaly murder Eugene. However one sharp look from Link and Ingo retracts his request.

Eugene: If Link gives the evidence to Eugene, he will thank Link and walk off to get some soldiers to arrest Ingo. Once Link will visit the Pawn Shop in the Rich part of town for the first time, Eugene will enter with some soldiers to arrest Ingo. However at the sight of Eugene Ingo scurries to the back room and the cellar to escape. Eugene and the soldiers follow. An explosion can be heard. As Link follows Eugene he sees that Ingo has collapsed the wall again to a bombable wall. Eugene says that by the time the rubble has cleared Ingo would have escaped any way and it would be to difficult to track him through the sewers. But they have the evidence now and Ingo can be arrested on sight. Later the rich side of the Pawn shop will be taken over by someone else who absolutely hates poor people and fully ignores Link when he wants to by something. Ingo still continues his pawn shop in the poor side of town, but he now also sells his products for cheap. He also reluctantly gives higher fees to the poor people when they sell their stuff to Ingo. All in order to insure himself that he won't be ratted out.

To stimulate the young thieves in town to imporve their skills he ocasionally organizes the Thieves Race. Each contestant is given a list of things to steal. And the one that completes his list and brings it back to Ingo the first is declared the winner. Only the winner gets a prize, which can range from ruppees or some object that Ingo doesn't think sellable enough, such as bombs, arrows, a thief's pounch (upgrade) and a gem which can ease the use of the Thieves braces. For the person that wins X number of consecutive races (in increasing difficulty) there is a very special price: A piece of heart (or full heart container).

Ingame behavior: When Link enters one of the Pawn shop parts Ingo can already be there, he immediatly enters from the back room, or he will enter the store from the back room after a random time period.