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Name: James Martin Santos

Age: 21

Race: Hylian

Description: Jimi is a guitarist that plays on the restaurant "The Musical Triforce". However, his salary isn't very high, and he can't afford to live in the Rich side. He was hired by the owner when he saw Jimi playing the guitar for some rupees on the street. He thought that he was a talented musician and that he could get shows every night, and people would go and eat while they heard his music.

Even though Jimi plays Jazz and Blues styled music in the restaurant, in the Poor side he plays Heavy Metal and Rock. He's a recognised musician in Hyrule, and he has been many times interviewed by the media to know about his life. At the age of 10, his parents were murdered by a pair of robbers. His parents died while trying to protect him. With nothing else in his life, he visited the Kokiri Woods, where he met the Kokiri Spirits. He heard how the Kokiri sang, and he wanted to make music as beautiful as theirs. He gathered some wood lying around and shaped a guitar. Then, he chopped down some vines and pulled them to make them strings. Until he was 16, he lived with the Kokiri, improving his playing in every way.

He went back to Hyrule without a single Ruppe, but with his guitar on his back. He played every day for rupees until the owner of the restaurant hired him in a contract of 10 years.